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Originally Posted by stlavin95 (View Post)
Me neither, lol

I guess the way to describe it is Lucas and Peyton had an intellectual meeting of the minds, emotional connection...

Nathan and Haley were emotionally connected but not intellectually, not in the way that Lucas and Peyton were.

Brooke and Lucas were the anti-intellectual, anti-emotional connection. LOL.

Just seemed like they went there to justify Brooke/Lucas

YES! 100%!

The first time I saw Jake and Peyton in S1 interacting that is what I thought... okay, they will put Peyton temporarily with Jake because toxic superficial, ridiculous, Brooke and Lucas will do their thing and nauseate anyone with a clue knowing it should be Lucas and Peyton instead... but for a while Peyton will hang with Jake so Brooke and Lucas can be horrific together. Then it happened later once again when the network wanted to do Brooke and Lucas for a second time due to Chad and Sophia together for two seconds.

So yes, to me, Peyton and Jake were ALWAYS there to justify Brooke and Lucas. It was obvious. It was lame.
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