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Don't know if the police had body cams or if the cruisers did, but if not I am not sure I'd want to admit to them disappearing like that to superiors. The driving was amusing though.

Couldn't the Borg Queen theoretically link up with the Borg in the current timeline if given the opportunity.

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- That WTH is with the Guinan/Picard stuff, the writers have just erased stuff from TNG yet again. Even if 'Time's arrow' didn't exist in that timeline, surely Guinan would have had an inkling about Picard, like she did in 'Yesterday's Enterprise' with Tasha
That made me scratch my head, it had been awhile since I seen that episode but thought it had been a few hundred years prior to the current situation. I could blame it on time shenanigans but they made us think everything up to the current point had been the intended time line.
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