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Our local news showed a clip of the fans throwing trash onto the field and players after the game….WOW!!!!

A- how terrifying for your friend. Thank goodness she is okay. Food allergies are very scary & I can’t be there all the time for my daughter so I have to rely on others to read labels and pay attention to what she puts in her mouth. She is now at an age where she reads labels herself and if she doesn’t feel comfortable with something then she knows not to eat it. The real struggle is when friends try to give her food and she takes it without thinking. That scenario keeps me up some nights.

When I was working in the ER we had a lady come in one night who had eaten some kind of seafood that she was severely allergic to and knowingly decided to eat it anyhow and had to be brought in by ambulance for an allergic reaction. She could’ve cared less that it might’ve killed her and we just stood in the room thinking she was a moron while the dr lectured her about anaphylactic shock. I just don’t think that is something you can be reckless about especially with cross contamination issues at restaurants.
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