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Nothing has happened with the pizza guy. I haven't been back yet, and I haven't seen my friend to get the scoop.

My bikini days are well behind me too. I can wear a two piece but I need a little skirt but maybe that's in my head.

My family always gets into heated political/racial discussions. Last night was terrible. We were all screaming at each other. So stupid. I hate that people can't have a normal conversation.

I am getting my whole downstairs, stairway, and upstairs landing repainted whenever they get the insurance **** together. Mine is gray. I did this paint color 10 years ago and everyone thought gray was a weird color. And now everyone does it. I was ahead of my time. lol I'm going to do a gray again but a little darker. I will actually just tell my contractor that... let him pick it out. I'm excited to get all new trim too.

I've been dying to come to Texas. I want to do San Antonio and Austin mainly but I would do a whole state tour.

Hope your rash is better. Its official that I am allergic to pineapple. I had it in an acaii bowl last night and my lip swelled up. I always suspected but now it's confirmed.

I love IKEA also. I had an IKEA a mile from my house when I was married. Now it's like 35 minutes away. I haven't been in a very long time.

Nothing exciting for me this weekend. Eagles playoff game tomorrow. I'm off for MLK on Monday and we are supposed to get a big snowstorm.
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