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I think the main appeal for Mercury & Jupiter for many fans is because they are opposites in many ways so they balance each other out, that's what makes them a compatible match and also because they are very close friends. Same with Mars and Venus, they also balance each other out. Of course everyone is free to ship whichever pairing they want, it's just that Mercury & Jupiter and Mars & Venus are some of the more popular ships with fans, much more popular than Mars & Jupiter. But there is nothing wrong with shipping a pairing that is less popular.

I personally love Mercury & Jupiter, but I don't ship them, I love them as great friends nothing more, I personally prefer Ami with male characters, like her and Zoisite, they were lovers in their past lives during the Silver Millennium afterall. I also like Ami and Ryo, they were so cute together in the 90s anime. I also ship Ami with Nephrite in PGSM, they had a special connection and I really liked them together in PGSM. So I like Ami with basically every of her male love interests which is ironic considering Ami is the most awkward and disinterested in love out of all the senshis

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