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That's true, I live in fairly small town myself and it hasn't really affected anyone I know personally and i'm not someone who was very social and outgoing(I spend most of my time in my room on my computer)to begin with, so COVID barely affected my lifestyle much at all really, so I don't really feel much in the way of despair or fear over it due to my having taken my precautions and living in a blue state where most people have common sense. So I could see the town of Everwood just kind of brushing it off until one of them dies from it and then the reality sets in.
My wife and I both like to stay at home anyway and we only go out to dinner occasionally, so this pandemic really hasn't affected us all that much either. Neither one of us is outgoing and I also spend most of my time in my den on my computer. A big plus for me is that I've mostly been able to work from home since the pandemic started, which is great, because it saves me from having a long commute and I also don't have to see the people I work with!
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