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Cpy paste from the Campaign Thread

Ok the first thing I have to say is that it's even bettr than the previous. Then I have to say that MAX PINING IS THE LAST THING I HAD IMAGINED TO SEE. Really! His intimate problems were so funny to watch, him and Luna are TOP and I hope to see more of their friendship. Back on his feelings: Thomas is amazing, he played it so well, funny ( the scene with Luna), but also sweetly, the way he for the first time feels something more than just a physichal attraction. Of course I'd prefer him having feelings for Aki only, but who knows maybe in the future :crossing_fingers: and about this I hope the feelings from Aki's side we saw in the first six episodes won't be forgotten, because I didn't like that in these first two episodes it was like they never existed and now Aki just wants to have sex with him and Audrey, but his relationship with Audrey is back with that honeymoon vibe. The two of them ghosting him and excluding him after they used him to get their couple back, isn't nice. We'll see.
Safran and Thomas and everybody have been the best at keeping this as a secret developement, because Thomas were always like "oh Max loves to experiment, he take things as they come, he enjoys the feeling" and so on and then BOOM he's the one who fall in love!
Zoya was on fire this episode! AND DAVIS, WTF! I still can't believe that! He seemed such a nice person! I felt Julien's heartbreak, I'm happy she looked for Zoya's help in the end despite everything and that she remained by her side.
I don't get why Kate and jordan decided to include more teachers in this? Don't they know that the more the worse? More people who can betray you and know the secret? I don't like that they cut Kate off, true she has feelings and often is too involved, but these new are so bad, like they don't care AT ALL.
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