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Starting it!

Simon and Daphne are so cute

Peneloise angst

Colin.. What an idiot. Poor Pen

I'm on Anthony's side on this one

Awwwww they're so happy

The sex scenes in this show are

The staff listening lmao

So sick of this marina/colin thing

That dinner was torture

Colin is so stupid ughhhhh

Marina manipulating Colin :/ this is why i can't find what Pen did later on wrong

That 'I love you' was so fake

Simon was so rude...

Daphne has such a sweet soul

Marina is so mean and selfish

It's so weird how they don't educate the women on sex, Simon made Daphne feel like an idiot by lying to her. Of course it doesn't make what she did okay

The episode started so happy and then everything went to *****

Peneloise, my heart

Thank god Colin found out the truth, finally
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