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Originally Posted by Waldfrau (View Post)
DS9 is much more serialized than TNG or VOY
TNG yes, VGR no.

VGR is actually very serialized, but it manifests that serialization in a different way than DS9 did.

VGR merges DS9's serialized approach to Star Trek with the episodic style of TOS and TNG through multi -episode stories and story arcs and the progression of its characters, and UPN airing the series the way that it did actually disrupts that flow.

Two good examples of this are the 'love triangle shenanigans' with Tom, Kes, and Neelix, and Samantha Wildman's pregnancy.

Because UPN chose not to air the episodes Projections, Elogium, Twisted, and The 37s in their correct sequential order, what was supposed to be a multi-episode arc featuring Neelix's jealousy over the growing friendship between Kes and Tom doesn't get to progress organically and ends up being rather abruptly resolved.

That same decision also screwed up the natural progression of Samantha Wildman's pregnancy and stretched it from 9 months to like 2 years and forced the writers to come up with convoluted 'handwavium' in later seasons.

With regards to DS9, my experience with A Man Alone and Past Prologue actually echoes/foreshadows/reinforces the way that VGR manifested its serialization because, on the surface, there's not actually anything in either of those episodes that overtly requires them to be viewed in the order in which they were aired rather than the order in which they were produced, but when you actually watch them and pay attention, they really don't end up working narratively if viewed in production order.

The episode Dax also falls into this same category, although in that case, there's a conflict between the narrative content of the story and the Stardate(s) given in it, and it doesn't end up working if you move it from the order in which it was produced/aired and instead try to place it where its Stardate(s) indicate that it ought to be.
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