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Demon in Shining Armor {Abigael Jameson Caine/Poppy Drayton} #2: "This is where I should end you. but i won't cause i'm not you. and i'm not him"

Demon in Shining Armor
+ Abigael Jameson Caine | Poppy Drayton+

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"Well, that's for the demon world to sort out, I'm afraid.
But whomever it is, I'll tell them that if they mess with witches,
I'll come back and hang them by their toes."


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"I know I've been a thorn in your side, but getting to know you,
seeing your strength, your compassion, your integrity - it made me want to
be a slightly better version of myself."

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To understand what I'm about to tell you, , you need to do something first.
You need to believe in the impossible , can you do that ?
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