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Originally Posted by starryeyesxx (View Post)
We can point out problems with that other ship without bashing them though, right? I mean, I see that all the time on threads on FF
It's inevitable that R/R gets mentioned to some degree in this thread because they overlapped and R/R had a lot to do with the reason why R/J ended so abruptly so yeah, I don't see it as bashing at all. They were in a love triangle so it's going to get discussed. It's just part of the analysis of why we feel so under-served by the show. I wouldn't count anything we've said as bashing. I've learned my lesson about that over the years on other boards it never went well. I wouldn't engage in nastiness. But it would be boring if we kept comments short all the time; nothing wrong with some lightweight conversation regarding the ugliness of their break-up.
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