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Well I must admit it is hard to top the catchy beat of UTT
Yeah this here . Why does it need to be as catchy as UTT? But also I don't think she will top that. It'd be a real challenge. But just from the title it doesn't seem like it is something to be comparing. UTT is a fun Christmassy love song. This song isn't likely to be that. It sounds more like a break up, I'm over you song. Different themes, going to connect with different people, & shouldn't be compared for that reason alone. Then catchiness shouldn't matter. You can't predict how a single will go based just on that. Right now people might want to hear something about how Christmas hasn't been cancelled, depending on what the lyrics are like. Right now people might need a song like this, you never know. Seems like a really random comment to me. But mostly - as you said - it will be hard to top UTT

you mean her hairstyle? or the font?
Neither. I was talking about the cover itself
you can have just what you gave me, you can keep the charming lines, & you can
keep your wandering hands & eyes, you'll wake up all alone & wonder why i'm not home,
& i'll let my phone ring, a dose of your kind of love & i'll let my absence show
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