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Originally Posted by Julie (View Post)
Yeah she did I guess that was the irony is that she was trying to help Kai and everyone who got their land stolen but ended up ruining his life and brought the family closer together and they got the stuff back
Yeah. The rich people came out on top and even stronger .

Originally Posted by desmondluverbrotha (View Post)
I think Paula was angry with Olivia and was trying to help Kai and hurt Olivia's family. But she ended up feeling bad about both. I think Paula was not very poor either, just not as well off as Olivia's family. Those two seemed a lot more like high school girls, yeah they were trying to be woke but really weren't, they were actually really annoying for most of the series.
Yes, and I think she wanted to hurt Olivia too, because someone (Kai?) told her that Olivia wanted everything she has. I don't think Paula wasn't very poor either , maybe not as rich as the Mossbachers, but definitely not middle class.
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