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Album #10 News and Speculation Thread #2 | We hope for a new album before thread #3!

n e w s a n d s p e c u l a t i o n t h r e a d
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News and Speculation:
• She has been doing some recording on the side during the Meaning of Life Tour
• In an interview last fall (2018?) they were still determining the direction of the album with her label.
• Apparently some superstar producers were approached.
• Kelly Clarkson mentioned a song 'Down To You' in a clip on The Voice
• Kelly has spoken about a Covers project. Different project?
• Kelly said she would finish the album in Spring 2020 (before the news of her divorce) which might have delayed the release or perhaps gave the album a new 'spin'?
River recorded something during the recording of I Dare You that might end up on a future album? Plus she teased a collab/duet with an artist she loves.
• Kelly revealed after her divorce that this might be her most personal album so far. "The whole record is basically every emotion you experience from the beginning of a relationship to the end of what it is now, and it's been very therapeutic for me."
• "I'm excited I had it as an outlet, I'm not so excited about like, you know, everyone hearing all of it. But I guess we go through things to experience them with everyone" (Kelly about songs on the new album)
• Part of a lyric of a song on the new album: "It's not living, but it'll do"
• Kelly has confirmed that she has a song called 'Rock Hudson' for her upcoming album. Some lyrics that are part of the song: "By the way piece by piece I found out my hero's me." / "Even even though my heart is broken...was worth the dance anyway".
• Brynn Cartelli wrote a song that might end up on Kelly's album. Brynn described the song as "very special, really emotional song.". The rest of the album is written by Kelly herself supposedly.
• It is possible that the next album might be a Christmas album, before her other 'non-holiday' album is released.


2 new Kelly songs have been registered on Priscilla Renea website: “Step Up” & “Something, perhaps for the new album?

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