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It seems like Humbug has maybe not aged very well for today’s viewers as it doesn’t seem that popular to people watching it for the first time now, maybe just because of the shock in seeing circus sideshow performers depicted when that was already starting to die out at the time that it aired, but I find the dislike of it as an episode curious because I always thought it was clear that it was coming down on the side of the circus people and how they shouldn’t be unfairly judged. Mulder and Scully did it with the perfectly nice Sheriff as soon as as they found out about his past as the dog face boy, even the viewer did it with the opening teaser when we think that the father is a monster about to attack the children just because of his appearance, the little person at the hotel had a whole rant about being pre-judged. I thought it was an episode with a lot of interesting things to say personally
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