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Nice to see Josefina again

I can't say I blame Waverly for not wanting to help Abigael. She needs to protect her daughter & their mother sounds evil

The magical ultrasound sounds cool. I still find it odd that future Mel was able to get pregnant while facing this evil & the destruction of the world. Guess I am not meant to think about that though

That is a terrible picture to put over a child's bed
Oh good, of course the blade is protected

Maggie . This episode is playing up on me Hopefully it is just this bit...

Hiding notes with lemon is cool

Yay Waverly nice she was brave to stand up to her mother & help Abigael

Why can't things be easy? Maggie is in danger but no they need to make an antidote so Mel may go into labour while trying to save Maggie... of course they had the time to do that too

Glad they could save Jordan

Abigael may be going now but her storyline appears to have reached a good ending place. She sees who she can truly be & that she is neither of her parents & doesn't have anything to prove. Now she can be with family who can love her

Glad Swan is ok too

Harry is human now. Macy & Harry can now be together

Good point about the symbols why can't it be over?
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