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They can get them here. They just want to keep it for themselves & the people in their country. (which is fair enough, but also annoying) Then I can understand us sending it to the small islands around us as they need them too but wouldn't necessarily be able to easily get them themselves (& we always look out for them). Plus it is what is considered our 'surplus AstraZeneca' since we aren't using as much as we got now. It is just frustrating when they can't figure out how to do our vaccinations & get what we need...
I think Australia's handling of the virus is fine for the most part, its the vaccine which is a mess. People just don't take it seriously over here & we may be slightly too relaxed on it. But when you have 0 cases or close to it for months it is easy to go about things as normal. Our mess also lies with the people we're letting into the country. That seems to be where most of our cases originated.

I never thought about Marty as a good boyfriend. I never really saw something there. Maybe it could've worked, I don't know.
True revival Rory was just odd. Wasn't Rory at all really.

Lovely attitude there It can also mean so much. Just because you're part time doesn't mean you're not valuable or there most days. With that attitude maybe you need to give him a day to do all the jobs at once
you can have just what you gave me, you can keep the charming lines, & you can
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