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Top 5 important clips you can think of (of skam or any remake)
1. Eskild and Isak's conversations about what it means to be a "feminine" gay man etc. Very important and eye opening.
2. Sana and Isak's conversations about religion and fear etc.
3. The scene with Mia and Alexander in drunk when she went to help him after his break down. Super sweet and intense.
4. The scenes with Even and his mental health
5. William/Noora scenes where he helps her write the paper because of what she wen thrugh and that whole SL, also the convo about her parents neglect and him saying he cant see how anyone wouldnt love her

Mostly all OG. lol. The OG was just so much more meaningful imo than any other series.

Top 5 LGBT couples or potential couples (for example megan/shay could be on the list then shay had a crush on her)
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