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JULI! Skam has taken over my life! I am well into season 2, and I am really only stopping to sleep + post here on

I am so glad that Jonas and Eva are over. I never liked Jonas, and still do not like him. I thought it was so weird how he lied about being with Ingrid, and then gets mad at her because she had ONE kiss with Penetrator Chris?? I was like, ugh -- get out of my screen! I also hated how Eva is all mad that he is dating a 3rd year. I am over them

Since the beginning, I definitely had a feeling that Isak liked Jonas, and I knew he was going to be the one to sabotage the relationship. I thought I was going to like him more, but I didn't like the fact that he went to Iden to tell her about the kiss that Penetrator Chris and Eva had. He's definitely not around as much as he was in season 1, but I hope that I get to see more of him in future seasons!

Vlide Vilde Vilde... I want to her so badly, but she is just a mess lol. The obsession with William was KILLING me... it was too much. I'm glad that Noora finally told her about her and William because really... it was a lot. I also hated how she like thought it was okay to out Eva about her stealing Jonas from Ingrid.. loved how all the other girls stood up for her!

Sana and Chris -- best duo ever, really! LOVE the prank they played on the rest of the girls when they went to the cabin.... priceless!

I freaking love WILLIAM *ahem* WILLHELM and Noora together. Their relationship has been so rocky from the start, but I am still cheering for them! I just finished the episode when Noora finds out she was s*xually assaulted by William's brother. That really just BROKE my heart. Noora definitely deserves better!
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