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Originally Posted by Wilpensix (View Post)

- Ephram is frosty with Amy while going to see Bright. He was cold. But this is Ephram/Amy... they do take turns upsetting each other while dealing with their feelings during many tough circumstances.
I thought I would like this behavior on the part of Ephram, but I really didn't!
It seems these two take one step forward and one step backward!

Ephram/Amy dancing...
The first of 3 hot dance scenes between these two.

- Colin was such a jerk to Ephram. Colin’s face did convey he understood what Amy was saying about Ephram helping them.
I think he did understand. I have to agree with Colin in that Ephram should have just left the dance and that jerky date of his. Why he sat there holding her purse for the entire thing makes no sense!
- Andy apologizing to Nina was appropriate. Love how Nina had coffee ready for Andy. Nina said Delia has her as well... total foreshadowing.
I hate the way that Andy overreacts to Nina like this! What business is it of his what Nina has stored in her attic? is it her fault that Delia found it?

- The Colin collapse was very real, and very sad.
Sad but inevitable. They took Colin's character as far as they could and they couldn't make him any more despicable, so they had to kill him!
- Edna was a hero throughout this episode, helping Andy, understanding her son’s capability, and being there for Kate.
A lot of sweetness coming from Edna this episode.....even toward her son, which is refreshing.

- Harold in church (confirming he’s 100% Catholic) was very powerful.
Yup...he's Catholic!

- Delia reading to Andy was so aww-worthy.
I loved when she told Andy he was doing a good job except for the braids.
Kate's dad was just... ridiculous. Then her mother was in conservative-land she couldn't even go to her very own mother. Her parents and Matt were all guilty of being creeps and fools. She really was clueless and scared of the wrong things. The very fact that she worried more about her mom finding out about birth control over actually protecting herself from STDs and getting pregnant says it all. She cared more about her parents and their domineering thoughts over taking care of herself. And her horrible so called boyfriend didn't help matters in the least. I'm glad Kate at least had Edna.
Mom sounds like a loon. How awful that Kate was afraid to be thrown out of the house by her own mom!

I found it profound with Harold at the end and how much he cares for Andy. To give up and sacrifice his deep moral beliefs (yes, he also took his job seriously but there was more to it) in favor of helping out Andy said something very significant about what was happening between Harold and Andy. At the beginning of the season you felt like they couldn't last more than two seconds in a room together without Harold wanting to slap Andy's mouth yet at the end of the season we clearly see how much these two have evolved. They develop a true friendship.
It's interesting that I believed that this episode was not only the beginning of a friendship between Andy and Harold, but also between Bright and Ephram. I realized that Bright needed Ephram and used him, but there was some pleasantry there: Bright: "I took a punch for you!" lol

Amy stepped up to the plate. She stands up to Colin for being a complete jackass. Sorry, but he was, and Amy didn't owe Colin an apology in the least. Colin was so out of line at the dance. He tried to literally control Amy in a very unhealthy way, it was so weird. Not to mention his sick treatment of Ephram. I was so glad that Amy stood up for herself and for Ephram. I didn't see Colin's deteriorating health as the reason why Colin was so horrible at the dance. I think it was just cocky Colin that we viewed in flashbacks. The same one that just had to race those guys due to ego. Now, he did seizure later on. I still don’t think a connection can directly be made. Not when flashback Colin was grating.
It was about time!! That took guts for Amy to do that, but she finally thought of someone other than Colin for a change! Her tunnel vision finally took a turn.
And regarding Colin and his brain injury.......this behavior toward Ephram had nothing to do with his brain injury. Colin's brain injury caused him to have violent outbursts. Behaving like a prick....being jealous....mocking someone just means that he is a jerk.
Delia seemed to have grown up in this episode alone. Her interaction with both Nina and Andy was great.
I kind of thought Delia was younger than 9.

** One issue which I hate to admit since it’s about a later storyline, not this one... I will continue to be annoyed with the fact that while they successfully revisited the Abbott side extremely well in S4, they either forgot or wanted the audience to forget Andy’s reasoning for not being able to perform the abortion in this episode, yet in S4 voluntarily taught the procedure.
I know! Brilliant writers, but definitely flawed in the continuity department! They used poetic license very liberally.

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