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Originally Posted by Jerry D (View Post)
This was one of the best and most emotionally powerful episodes of Everwood that I’ve ever seen, and it had a surprising twist as one Doctor who had been looked on as a progressive and liberal outsider from New York couldn’t bring himself to terminate a pregnancy, and another Doctor who had been seen as a mostly unfeeling and Ultra-Conservative traditional small-town doctor was willing to do something that went against his religion and his basic moral code to fulfill a promise that he had made long ago to his deceased father.
Only Everwood could perfectly pull off such an amazing storyline. I also love how it still leaned pro-choice overall. Even Harold Sr was pro-women which was great. He might have had religious reasoning why he didn't love abortion but was still pro-women. I loved this, same with Harold Jr. Of course I loved how Andy tried to help and empower Kate and her options.

It was funny seeing Harold reluctantly take Andy to the Big Horn Lodge at the behest of Joe Morris who apparently had a high position at the Lodge, and it was hilarious when Andy said “Oh my God. Where are we, in Istanbul?” We soon found out why Joe Morris wanted to have Andy join the Big Horn Lodge: because his daughter’s affair with the Piano Teacher from an earlier episode had left her pregnant, and he turned to Andy for help because he saw him as an outsider from New York who would have no issue with performing an abortion to terminate his daughter’s pregnancy, but as we saw in this episode, Andie did have a problem performing that procedure, and we got to learn why in this episode.
How accurate was the rich and powerful portrayal? Andy immediately questions Harold on why he would remotely be interested in Andy. Typically, with the rich and powerful like Morris, there is always a self-serving reason why they interact with the others "lower" than they are. Same thing, here.

Katie and Andie’s initial conversation was so heartbreaking and Kate Mara did an excellent job of conveying the nervousness and anguish of a young girl in a situation she didn’t expect and where the man who had gotten her pregnant was gone and she had no way of contacting him (not that he would really care anyway, because her father was right when he called him a predator). You could tell how overwhelmed and scared she was as Andy tried to let her know that she had choices in this situation, but I also think that Andy was emphasizing that she had other choices because he really didn’t want to be the one to terminate her pregnancy. An unplanned pregnancy in a small and provincial town like Everwood was bound to cause malicious gossip and shame for a young girl like Katie, and that’s why her father was so determined to have her pregnancy terminated, and when Katie told her father what Andy had said, he lashed out at Andy and basically tried to force him to do what he wanted.
Absolutely. This scene was so well acted and it was just an overall amazing moment. So real to life, and Everwood shined given its portrayal.

This episode really marked a turning point for Andy and Harold’s relationship because Andy got to see a different side of Harold as after initially advising Andy to turn Katie away and go to a clinic in Denver to have her abortion, Andy went to him again after talking to Edna and he asked him for help and advice, and Harold revealed that his father had told him stories of what women had to go through to get an abortion in the days before having an abortion was legal, and how they would have to go out of the state or out of the country to get one, or worse yet go through a botched attempt to do it themselves, so his father was determined to help those women. Tom Amandes did an incredible job of conveying Harold’s very mixed feelings as he told how every town had a secret life and that there was someone that women could go to for help, and his father was that person, and he made Harold promise that he never wanted to see the horrific things that had happened to these women happen again on his watch, and so Harold indicated that he would be willing to perform the necessary procedure in honor of the promise that he made to his father, and for no other reason. At that point Harold still had a very thinly disguised contempt for Andy, but you could see that he was softening his attitude toward him as he called him a “Commie Pinko,” and he respected that Andy, after having performed an in utero surgery on an infant whose mother was close to being as far along in her pregnancy as Katie was, and that it had changed his view about abortion and I got really emotional when Andy said “I don’t know when life begins but I do know when it ends, and after this year, and after losing Julia, I just don’t think I can be the one to end it. I can’t help this girl.”

It was really jarring to see innocent Delia discovering a Penthouse Magazine, and it was funny to see Nina try to explain it away, but I felt so awful for Delia when her attempt to give that magazine away at that birthday party was greeted with horror and revulsion by the mothers at that birthday party, leaving poor Delia hurt and confused. I thought that Andy was wrong to lash out at Nina like he did, but I can’t say that I blame him because Delia was pretty traumatized by what had happened, but Nina was right to call him down on leaving Delia with her all day and not accepting the fact that Delia is growing up, and she told him he was continuing his pattern of neglectful parenting that had gone on when Julia was alive. I thought that scene really did illustrate that at that point, Andy still needed to learn a lot about being a parent, because Julia really had done all the heavy lifting as far as raising their children went and now she was gone. I was glad that Andy later apologized to Nina as he told her that there was so much that he didn’t know about helping a girl become a woman, and I was glad that Nina forgave him and offered her help to guide Delia in that journey. I loved the heart-to-heart conversation that Andy had with Delia, and I loved it when she told him that he was doing okay and she read a book to him at the end of the episode.
I did find it kind of strange Nina didn't immediately take the magazine and make sure Delia didn't grab it again. However, I liked Nina trying to talk to Delia about it. Andy did have a right to be angry/confused. Delia was so perfect in this episode. I love Vivien Cardone's nonverbal communication. Man, is she a good little actress.

I thought that this was a pivotal episode for Ephram and Amy as Amy, after refusing to cave in to Colin’s ultimatum that she ignore Ephram at that dance after he was dumped and humiliated by his date, and she went to him to offer his some support and dance with him, and I loved it when she later refused to apologize to Colin, who demanded an apology from her, and I loved it when she said that she chose Colin over Ephram a thousand times, and that Ephram stuck by her and advised her to go back to Colin when she was having doubts about their relationship, and that Ephram had been a good friend not only to her, but to them. That scene convinced me that if Colin didn’t collapse and later die, Amy would have broken up with him, because she was seeing what a jerk he really was. Yes, Colin had issues, and yes maybe his medical condition affected his mood, but to me, he was a jerk, and I think that Amy was really starting to see that.

Indeed. This was a huge turning point for Amy as a character alone. She was snapping out of fantasyland and wasn't buyingColin's stupid anger and manipulations (not brain-related). She put Ephram and his needs in front of Colin and everyone for that matter in this episode and it was beautiful.

I guess it's tough to say how much of Colin's behavior was connected to his brain deteriorating. I just don't think you can ignore his behavior pre-accident. He was cocky and loved being a leader. When you think about how pre-accident Colin might have reacted to Ephram/Amy... I think he would have had a similar reaction. He wouldn't have tolerated it. Even if Ephram was just her friend. Colin would have made fun of Ephram, to be sure.

I was glad that Andy and Katie were able to have a final conversation and she told him that she felt that she was making the best decision for everyone and for her, and we saw that after Edna kindly offered her a ride home that this decision was not an easy one for her and she was heartbroken about it.
Thankfully the decision, in the end, was her own. I disliked how initially it was all about her parents.

It was so moving to see Harold go to confession after he performed that procedure, saying “Bless me Father, for I have sinned,” because performing that abortion really went against his religion and his moral code, but his love and respect for his father and the promise he had made to him overrode all his convictions.

Overall, I thought that this was one of the best episodes of Everwood that I’ve ever watched, and the writing and acting in this episode was superb.
Tom as Harold shined. What a scene.

It was an amazing episode.

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