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Emilia's Red Keep [Keeper's List] #3: Because we all want to keep something of Emilia's



→ You can't claim Emilia or Dany herself.
→ You may only claim one thing at a time.
→ You can be a keeper of unlimited things.
→ Wait two hours between each ofa your claims (this gives time to other posters to claim things).
→ Before requesting something check the keepers list, to see if it's still available.
→ Have fun!


* Emilia's lovely smile
* Ted
* Emilia's crop top outfit
* Drogon surviving
* Emilia playing badass roles
* Emilia being cast in the MCU

* Dany's "Dracarys" moment in 3x04
* Lou Clark from Me Before You
* Emilia supporting Dany from start till end
* Her charity work
* All of Dany's titles
* Emilia's eyebrow game
* Above Suspicion being finally released in 2020
* Emilia meeting Taylor Swift
* The passionate Daenerys fandom
* Emilia releasing her own comic book
* Emilia loving Qi'ra and wanting to be back in Star Wars
* Emilia's holiday in Italy 2021 and her sharing so many pics of that

* Emilia having her puppy Ted
* Dany's dragons
* Emilia being loved by everyone
* Ted licking everyone and everything
* Emilia going skydiving
* Emilia and Sam Claflin's chemistry in 'Me Before You'
* Emilia being back on the red carpet after 14 months
*Emilia wanting Qi'ra back as much as we do

* Dany being fire resistant and walking through fire
* Dany's hair
* Qi'ra's necklace in Star Wars
* Lauren Conrad's fandom of Emilia Clarke as she has verbally stated
* Emilia's 'The Only One' perfume
* Emilia at the England Ukraine match wearing a mask
* Emilia's green bag
* Emilia sitting on an old car

* Emilia's wonderful singing voice
* Emilia being a survivor
* Emilia always finding the right hashtags
* Emilia being the Clinique ambassador
* Emilia being still close to her non celeb childhood friends

*Jorah protecting and loving Dany until the end!
*Emilia founding SameYou
*Dany & Drogo
* Emilia's performance in "Last Christmas"
* Emilia supporting and acknowledging the nurses
* Emilia staying true to herself always
* Emilia's good bye speech on her last day on set of GOT
* Emilia and Iain's friendship
* Emilia carrying Ted around in her bag
* Emilia being the big spoon for Ted
* Emilia and Jason's reunion in 2021 and them calling each other still Khaleesi, Sun and Stars and Moon of my Life!

*Jonerys in season 7
* Emilia and Ted modeling like pros
* Emilia's passion for literature and culture

*Aycia Debnam-Carey being a stan of Emilia Clarke
* Dany freeing slaves
* Me modding this board
* Emilia being a superhero and comic book nerd
* Last page of her thank you letter in the comic

"To have something that is yes, solely mine feels just incredible."

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