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I'm from Finland. We are basically just bouncing back and forth being in lockdown, and barely anyone has been vaccinated.

Oh yeah, the season finale was super traumatic, but I thought the episode was beautiful. When Jamie + co. came to save her and we saw the fight from her perspective I hope they will deal with that, and not just brush it off. An attack like that would leave it's marks on a person for a long time, and even though Claire is a strong woman, she would most likely be scared of going to her surgery alone etc.

I also definitely want more Jamie & Claire. Maybe see them struggle with something more domestic this time, they don't always have to be under attack from some side. Bad crops, almost starving, something that would make sense considering the times they are in. Also more sex scenes! The latest seasons have been a child play compared to the first season

I also really wish that Brianna and Roger will get a storyline, that will actually make me like Roger. This far I am a bit iffy with him, everything he does just seems self-centered, and I need to see the reason why Brianna loves him
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