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What have you been listening to?

Today I finished binging #WestCork as a little palate cleanser and now I’m back to binging my current favorite podcast: @natchbeaut created and hosted by the absolutely incomparable, lovely and amazing @jackiemichelejohnson! I had NO IDEA how many vegan beauty and skin products there were in the world! Thanks to this fantastic podcast, I now do and it has totally elevated my skincare routine! BUT Jackie doesn’t only talk about vegan products (although she only fully supports Cruelty-Free products and is a big supporter of women owned, indie and minority owned businesses) and she is HILARIOUS and inclusive and open minded and insanely talented (she performs a new cover song/ beauty parody in each episode (I can’t explain - you just have to listen - it’s excellent) and I cannot recommend this podcast any more without sounding like a stalker.... wait, yes I can...! It’s been my best friend while I do chores and when I’m driving to and from work. She doesn’t only interview people in the beauty or skincare world. Regardless, each and every guest makes for a wonderful and enjoyable episode! So if you want to learn more about how to be a more beautiful human inside and out you need to give #NatchBeaut a listen! And, hey, thanks Jackie Michele Johnson (with one l) for being the best friend I’ve never met! I’m proud to be a hunnie (and truly sad that I’m almost caught up to real time)! A perfect addition to a chill weekend! Oh, and remember to hydrate! It’s hot out there! Xoxo

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