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Toks Olagundoye/ Hayley Shipton appreciation #10: "I Just Have Fun Doing What I Do. If It Looks Like A Good Time I'm Up For It."

Welcome to the 10th Toks/Hayley Appreciation Thread

Hayley Quotes
"Call me Hayley. I insist that anyone who has frisked me use my given name."
"Did I hang him out the window, or did I save him from falling out of said window? Hard to tell. Even harder to prove."
"I was actually looking for a Starbucks. They’re usually easy to find."

Where to Watch: Mrs. Beakley (voiceover) 2017-2019 Kemi Talbot 2019
Steven Universe the Movie...Nanefua (voice) 2019
The Death and Return of Superman (Video)...Cat Grant 2019
Carmen Sandiego (voice)...Countess Cleo on Netflix

List of Supporters

1. **Anja**
2. fragileღheart
3. SaraSidleStokes
4. hfce
5. Sandy0401
6. green eyes sparkle
7. cherrypie12345

Future Titles:

I Don't Drink Coffee But I'm A Tea Addict.

Picture of the Moment

If You Don't Believe,
In the Possibility of Magic,
You'll Never Find It.

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