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Have you had a read over the first two posts in this thread to get a better idea of the process?

When a board starts the customisation process we start a thread on that board asking for suggestions, as well as a thread on the private Graphics Team board for the team to begin creating & sharing their graphics for that board with the rest of the team. After about two weeks we close the threads on your boards & then give the team a few more days to finalise their graphics based on your suggestions as best as we can. We then put up a poll on the private Graphics Team board & give the team a week to vote on which they feel will be the best graphic for the board. The winning graphic is then provided to Mel & Leif to begin designing the rest of the customisation for the board. This is the longest part of the process & can take a few months to finalise.

Due to covid we have been more flexible with the timing of the rounds so things may take longer. It may also mean that customisations may take longer to be put up.

In the case of the Leighton Meester board we began the process on your board in mid-November, & finished up the graphics around mid-December. Then we voted just before Christmas. So right now you are waiting for the customisation to be made & put up. If you take a look at the bottom of the first post of this thread you'll see a list of all the boards which are currently being (re)customised.
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