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Loved that Saru took charge. He's a great leader, giving positive reinforcement to the crew, and telling them they needed to prioritize getting things fixed, then they could figure out where they are. Also that he stood up to Georgiou.

I forgot about Paul being injured last season. the scenes between him and Hugh were sweet.

Liked the realism of having blood on the white medical uniforms in sick bay.

Georgiou about Saru taking Tilly on the away mission “Are you trying to get us all slaughtered? She has as much psychic dominance as a kitten.”
Then Saru reassuring Tilly; "You, Ensign Tilly, are a wonderful first impression"

at the people on the planet suggesting they could shave and sell Tilly's hair!

Georgiou: Did I interrupt a critical moment of diplomacy?

Who knew Saru could fight like that? That Georgiou could more than hold her own was no surprise to us, but those men certainly weren't expecting it.

Georgiou: I LIKE my weapon!

Something is definitely up with Detmer. Didn't something happen to her towards the end of last season? With the nanites invading her maybe?

Enjoyed Reno's snark. Hope we see more of her this season.

Thought it was a terrific episode. I'm really looking forward to next week.
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