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The live premiere was a MESS!

Very awkward watching them come in and play with no audience and that tacky music. Also sucks that some of the people who won that first comp ended up as have nots? Not fair. It was the losers thats should have had to take envelopes.

Also, not getting the have not room open was so lame lol.

Cody slayed the HOH wow. I am okay with him being the first.

I remembered everyone, there are just some people that we dont know as much about.

I am excited for this season though, seems fun.

Glad Paul isn't there too lol.

eta: I might be turning around on Dani. She's been making some mean girl comments on the feeds apparently.


Also based on a lot of speculation and what the houseguests are saying on the feeds original Dan, Kaycee, Derrick, Josh and Hayden were the original picks for the show. But Kaycee and Josh tested positive for Covid and Derrick and Dan were ratted out by Nicole F for pre-gaming. I guess. Dunno how true this all is. Makes sense though seeing that their 2nd in commands, enzo, memphis and cody were their replacements lol

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