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Granger Geeks [ Hermione Granger ] #13 ~ "Well honestly... 'the fates have informed her'... Who sets the exam? She does!"

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→ About Hermione
Brunette, bushy-haired and formerly bucktoothed, Hermione was at first a bossy
know-it-all who irritated Ron and Harry tremendously, that is until a shared
traumatic experience with a troll. After that, she became an appreciated and vital
part of "the trio". Though often referred to as "the brain" of the outfit, she is also
"the glue" that holds the three of them together.

Hermione, an only child, was born to muggle parents who happened to be both
dentists, oblivious to the excistence of the wizarding world until the arrival of her
letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where she was later sorted
into Gryffindor. But her muggle upbringing did not hinder her from being the top of
her class, knowing charms above her level, and casting jinxes that even highly
trained witches can't counter.

As the best student Hogwarts has seen for many a year, she can be uptight about
rules and school work, she often chastised Harry and Ron's constant and often
careless rule-breaking. But although she has "loosened up" a great deal in recent
years, she has kept a gooin thd head on her shoulders. Now, she doesn't hessitate
to "bend" a few rules if she knows it's necessary for a good cause. She has also
developed a social conscience. During her fourth year she makes great humanitarian
efforts towards house elf liberation.

The years have been kind to her as well. Though often at times dismissed by Ron and
Harry as "one of the boys" by her fourth year, she has proven that she is indeed a pretty
GIRL, catching the attention of famous international Quidditch superstar, Triwizard
champion and hero of the Quidditch World Cup, Viktor Krum, Cormac McLaggen. And
her future husband, Ron Weasley who she would have two children with, Rose and Hugo.

→ Quotes

Draco talking about Hagrid: "Look at him blubber! Have you ever seen anything
quite as pathetic?" said Malfoy. "And he's supposed to be our teacher!"

Harry and Ron both made furious moves toward Malfoy, but Hermione got there first --
SMACK! She had slapped Malfoy across the face with all the strength she could muster.
Malfoy staggered. Harry, Ron, Crabbe, and Goyle stood flabbergasted as Hermione raised
her hand again.
"Hermione!" said Ron weakly, and he tried to grab her hand as she swung it back.
"Get off, Ron!"
Hermione pulled out her wand. Malfoy stepped backward.
Crabbe and Goyle looked at him for instructions, thoroughly bewildered.
"C' mon," Malfoy muttered, and in a moment, all three of them had
disappeared into the passageway to the dungeons.

Professor Lupin: "You're the cleverest witch of your age I've ever met, Hermione."

"Grawp's about sixteen feet tall, enjoys ripping up twenty-foot pine trees,
and knows me," she snorted, "as Hermy."

"Oh Harry, don't you see? If she could have done one thing to make absolutely sure that
every single person in this school will read your interview, it was banning it!"

Hermione drew herself to her full height; her eyes were narrowed and her hair seemed to
crackle with electricity. "No," she said, her voice quivering with anger, "but I will write to
your mother."

They were so busy that Hermione had stopped knitting elf hats and was fretting that she
was down to her last three. "All those poor elves I haven't set free yet, having to stay over
during Christmas because there aren't enough hats!"

"Just because you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have."

"The fates have informed me that your examination in June will concern the Orb, and I am
anxious to give you sufficient practice. Hermione snorted.
"Well honestly... 'the fates have informed her'... Who sets the exam? She does!"

"Twitchy little ferret, aren't you, Malfoy?"

"Malfoy's got detention! I could sing."

"I hope you're pleased with yourselves. We could all have been killed -
or worse, expelled. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to bed."

"At least no one on the Gryffindor team had to buy their way in.
They got in on pure talent."

"Please, Professor McGonagall--they were looking for me."
"Miss Granger!"
Hermione had managed to get to her feet at last. "I went looking for the troll because
I--I thought I could deal with it on my own--you know, because I've read all about them."

"Harry--you're a great wizard, you know."
"I'm not as good as you," said Harry, very embarrassed, as she let him go.
"Me!" said Hermione. "Books! And cleverness! There are more important things-
friendship and bravery and--oh Harry--be careful!"

"I will not calm down!"
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