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Alternate Universe Thread #2: Familiar people leading different lives at the exact same time.

I am reposting my chronological order of red alternate universe events from page 1, based on the clues "Fringe" gave us, for easier referencing.

In addition, I have added five more AU events not previously listed.

August 14, 1959 - New York Titans is founded. Team never changed its name to the New York Jets in the alternate universe.
Fringe Episode 418: "The Consultant" - Fringe418TheConsultant0008853 - Fringe Files

October 26, 1984 - "The Terminator" premieres in theaters.
Clue: There was an operatic adaptation of the classic action film that debuted in 2009, directed Andrew Lloyd Webber, according to William Bell's New York Post Newspaper article in the Fringe Season 2 Press Kit.
FringeS2Newspaper04.jpg (image)

Also notice that Arnold Schwarzenegger was a senator instead of a governor 'over there', and that WWE wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson is an opera singer. I wonder if he still has his wrestling and acting career in the alternate universe.

May 5, 2009 - Half of Boston in quarantined lockdown after Blight attack.
Fringe Episode 119: "The Road Not Taken" - fringe119-365 - Fringe Files

September 23, 2010 - In our universe, alternate Olivia (disguised as Olivia) tells Walter that she has not seen shoes like his Wallabees (a line of shoes from C&J Clark) "in a while," and asks if he is "bringing them back." Walter responds by asking her, "Where did they go?". This is an indication that Wallabees were also found in the alternate universe until recently (within alternate Olivia's lifetime), but have gone out of style 'over there'. ("Olivia")

2012 - Ebbets Field was apparently either rebuilt or remodeled around this time.
Fringe Episode 418: "The Consultant" - Fringe418TheConsultant0008689 - Fringe Files

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