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Title added. Got it from an interview JLH had with TVLine.

TVLINE | I appreciate that Maddie didn’t immediately return the L-bomb when Chimney said it. The show does a great job of honoring her past.
Me too, and I think that’s important. Early on, I told [showrunner Tim Minear] that I wanted Maddie to end up in a good relationship once all the Doug stuff was over. I wanted to show that you can be with the wrong person and all the wrong things can happen, but when you find the right person, all the right things can happen. I said I wanted Maddie to be with Chimney, and even though I think Tim was a little surprised, he made this beautiful relationship. I feel indebted to him forever, not only for really hearing me, but for being on the same wavelength about this story needing a great love. What I respect most about [Maddie and Chimney’s] relationship is that the show is giving it time to grow. It feels like a relationship that should be happening between two people in their forties who have been through everything they’ve been through. Their love feels well-earned, and I like that. I think it’s different from other things we’ve seen on TV. I do think that they rush relationships a lot.

TVLINE | And now that Albert is around, it’s like they have a full-grown son.
[Laughs] Well, yes. And Buck! We’re officially raising those people on the show. And now I have Josh, too.

[interview here]
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