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You're welcome it's my pleasure

No, I haven't heard about this haha yes, it would be way better without Kevin he said in an interview what his plans were if a DC reunion would happen and honestly I'm not a fan of his ideas at all

If you search on Google you will find tons of articles that talk about it. Even Katie last year hinted that the door for a revival is still open.

Yes I also read what Kevin said about it. I really don't understand all this "magic" and endless love between PJ. But what show have we seen in six years? Then another thing that makes me angry about what he said is that Dawson is always alone ... he has problems with his job, he hasn't found love. Always unlucky. So that a revival will really happen (I hope so much) I hope that another writer DJer can finally end the story as it should have been: DJo and Pacey Andie together. It would make a lot of sense to me that they found their way back together as adults. It would be a full circle.
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