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This time, I decided to have my laptop with me and comment as I watch and react.

These idiots again. I'm happy to see recurring dumbasses needing our squad's help.

POKER NIGHT! Josh appears. Maddie & Buck showdown. Buck's terrible at poker. That I believe.

And they just went, "setting us up." Like, no big deal that it's two guys. Not even in a HAHA NO HOMO way. Straight (whoops) up going with it. No blinking. No hesitation. #BuckIsBisexual


Teacher jokes.... OK, but I legit laughed as the chemistry joke.

Christopher telling people that tsunamis ain't that bad.

Overprotective papa!Eddie. But he does have concern to worry. Skateboard and CP does not go hand-in-hand.

Carla is on point. Eddie needs to explain things to Christopher. You don't help him by hiding to your kid his limitations. That's how accidents happen. Especially at his age. And other kids know even less. You can't go all papa bear and then refuse to explain why you're so worried and scared.

Of course it was Christopher's idea. He is mini!Buck. You know this! We all know this.

"You always said I could do anything. You lied." OMG. Eddie's face. I WANT TO CRY AND HUG HIM SO TIGHT. And smack him. Because you need to TALK. Auntie!Carla is always right. You listen to the good woman.

Josh: His profile used actual sentences. That's definitely a plus on a dating site. If I didn't love him already...but I do.

OMG, Buck. Too much information during a call. Not needed. Also, WOW. what a call. Also, we know that Buck enjoyed knocking the door down. Baby loves a good destruction.

Buck telling Eddie his research skills and no one asked how he could know that with attidude.

Gimme that Athena/Michael attitude and playful banter. Love them.

Nope. No. No no no no. No. Josh. That's some utter bull****. Really, you gonna go on a site, talk a guy up, get him alone just to gay bash him? ****ing disgusting.

Maddie & Josh. And Maddie side-eying him for not "knowing anything."

Athena's case. Aside from something throughout the entire episode, it's the actors. She was on a great episode of Charmed and he was on an arc in The West Wing. And that makes me giddy. I like it when I know guests. Welp. Retirement is fun. Awkward!

Daddy!Eddie is . Good for them having a talk. Also, Christopher. You precious. "You know what I can't do?" "Cook." SAVAGE!

"You're not like any other kid. You're my kid." I die.

OMG, that couple. She got him a plunger. I can't.

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