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did you have
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Will wait on more votes for this round
} Rose {
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Me too! Still too early for me. Lol
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Girl you need to vote
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Do you think it's the drink?
Oh it's a lot more than that
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Our beloved babies
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They are that indeed
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With 2 votes, #31 is out!



(see full slate here)

* Each round will last two days.
* One vote per person/round.
* You vote for the one you wish to eliminate.
* That's all, have fun and Sanvers on!

(from 2.03 – WELCOME TO EARTH)

ALEX: Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing on my crime scene?
MAGGIE: Anyone ever tell you all you feds sound the same? It’s like you all watch the same bad movies together at Quantico.
ALEX: Who are you?
MAGGIE: Detective Maggie Sawyer, NCPD science division. I handle all cases involving aliens and things that go bump in the night. Showed you mine. Show me yours.
ALEX: Alex Danvers, secret service. Look, I’m sure you mean well, Detective, but this is a federal crime scene. You’re contaminating my evidence.
MAGGIE: I’m contaminating it? Your lackey over there is bagging charred carpet and crispy limo into the same Ziploc. I thought the secret service would pay closer attention to detail.
ALEX: We have technology that makes your City PD lab look like an Easy Bake Oven.
MAGGIE: And us dumb local cops would never deduce that the president’s assailant was either Kryptonian or Infernian. Both species have heat vision.
ALEX: Thank you. We’ll take it from here.
MAGGIE: The airport’s within my jurisdiction.
ALEX: Your jurisdiction ends where I say it does.
MAGGIE: See you around, Danvers.

{eliminated round 5}#02. MAGGIE LEARNS ALEX IS WITH THE DEO (from 2.03 – WELCOME TO EARTH)

{eliminated round 19}#03. MAGGIE TAKES ALEX INTO THE ALIEN BAR (from 2.03 – WELCOME TO EARTH)

{eliminated round 4}#04. AT THE PRESIDENTIAL SIGNING (from 2.03 – WELCOME TO EARTH)
(from 2.03 – WELCOME TO EARTH)

MAGGIE: This place is sick, like James Bond bad guy hide out sick.
ALEX: You know, we have our moments. Minor first-degree burn and a bruised collarbone, you’ll be fine in a few days.
MAGGIE: Gee, I didn’t think you cared.
ALEX: Yeah…
MAGGIE: I’m just kidding. I owe you big, you saved my life.
ALEX: Happy to. You did something for me, too, you know, I, uh, I’ve been hunting aliens for so long that I never really stopped to consider that maybe they weren’t all hostiles to be caged.
MAGGIE: You know I don’t really do well with partners, but I think we made a pretty good team.
ALEX: Yeah, I guess we did. You should really get some rest, you know you can stay here if you want.
MAGGIE: No, I can’t.
ALEX: Why, you got a hot date or something?
MAGGIE: Actually, I do, and I don’t want to leave the lady waiting, so… See you around, Danvers.

{eliminated round 17}#06. IT’S SAWYER, WANNA SEE A DEAD BODY? (from 2.04 – SURVIVORS)
(from 2.04 – SURVIVORS)

ALEX: That was fast.
MAGGIE: (over phone) Texting you the location. Oh, and I almost forgot: wear something nice. (in person) You clean up nice.
ALEX: I do. Well, you do, too, with the shoes, and the hair, and… all the…
MAGGIE: I’m not all business.
ALEX: But this is, right? I mean, what are we doing here?
MAGGIE: Wait for it. Here,

ALEX: Who are all these people?
MAGGIE: National City’s wealthiest. I see the head of a bank, a couple hedge fund managers, and a city councilman.
ALEX: What are they all doing here?
MAGGIE: We’re about to find out.

{eliminated round 12}#08. AFTER THE TAKE DOWN (from 2.04 – SURVIVORS)

{eliminated round 10}#09. SHE DUMPED YOU? (from 2.05 – CROSSFIRE)

{eliminated round 20}#10. I THINK I READ YOU WRONG (from 2.05 – CROSSFIRE)
(from 2.05 – CROSSFIRE)

ALEX: I heard what happened. You okay?
MAGGIE: I’ve seen some crazy stuff since I joined the Science Force, but that was… that was… What are you doing here?
ALEX: I was worried about you.
MAGGIE: Look, I’m sorry if I was too forward the other day. That wasn’t my place.
ALEX: My whole life has been about being perfect. Perfect grades, perfect job and the perfect sister, taking care of Kara. But the one part of my life that I’ve never been able to make perfect… was dating. I just never really liked it, I… I… And you know, I mean, I tried, I got asked out. I just… I never liked… being intimate. I just.. I don’t know. I thought maybe that’s just not the way I was built. You know, it’s just not my thing. I never – I never thought that it was because of… you know, the other, that…. Maybe I… I mean… I don’t… I don’t know, now – now I just – I can’t stop thinking about..
MAGGIE: About what?
ALEX: That maybe… there’s… some truth to what you said.
MAGGIE: About?
ALEX: What you said. About me. I have to go. I’m glad you’re okay.
(from 2.06 – CHANGING)

MAGGIE: Danvers! You’re alive.
ALEX: Yeah. Uh… Sorry.
MAGGIE: For what?
ALEX: Well, for coming in here and dropping a bomb on you.
MAGGIE: That’s not the first bomb that’s ever been dropped on me. How you doing with all that?
ALEX: I just… I don’t know what to do now. You know, I mean, I’m almost 30. And I feel like a kid again.
MAGGIE: Well, everyone’s experience is different. I can only tell you what I did.
ALEX: Which was what?
MAGGIE: I came out to my family.
ALEX: How did they take it?
MAGGIE: Well, uh… My dad isn’t exactly known for his open-mindedness, but he was pretty good. And, so was my mom.
ALEX: Maybe it’s just a phase. You know, maybe it isn’t real.
MAGGIE: No, it’s real. You’re real. And you deserve to have a real, full, happy life. Okay? Tell your family. This is the biggest thing that’s ever happened to you, and you shouldn’t have to do it alone.
ALEX: I have you.
MAGGIE: Yeah, you do. And I’m good for a drink when you come out.
ALEX: You promise?
MAGGIE: Cross my heart.
ALEX: I have to go.
(from 2.06 – CHANGING)

ALEX: Hey, Maggie.
MAGGIE: Danvers! Hey, I was hoping you’d turn up. Any interest in a game?
ALEX: Well, actually, I was wondering if you were still good for that drink you promised me.
MAGGIE: You told Kara? Yeah, you did! I am so happy for you. I’m buying, all night. What are you having? (Alex kisses Maggie) Wow.
ALEX: I’ve been wanting to do that.
MAGGIE: Yeah, I can tell.
ALEX: Was that not okay?
MAGGIE: You didn’t do anything wrong.
ALEX: But something’s wrong.
MAGGIE: Well, we’re at really different places. And everything is changing for you. And everything is going to feel really heightened and shiny. And, mm, you should experience that for yourself. Not just to be with me. And I shouldn’t get involved with someone who’s just fresh off the boat. Those relationships never really work out. I’m here for you, but as a friend.
ALEX: Mm-mm.
MAGGIE: Are we cool?
ALEX: Yeah.
ALEX: Yeah. No, no, we’re cool.
MAGGIE: Alex, don’t go.
ALEX: I’ll see you.

{eliminated round 6}#14. AFTER THE BRUSH OFF (from 2.07 – THE DARKEST PLACES)

{eliminated round 16}#15. ALEX TELLS MAGGIE TO BACK OFF GUARDIAN (from 2.07 – THE DARKEST PLACES)
(from 2.07 – THE DARKEST PLACES)

ALEX: Hey. Mm… What are you, uh… What are you doing here?
MAGGIE: I really need to talk to you. And if you just give me two minutes of your time, I promise I’ll get out of your hair.
ALEX: Two minutes.
MAGGIE: I heard everything you said. I get it. And if you never want to talk to me again, I’ll respect that. I’ll disappear. But I don’t meet many people that I care about. And I care about you. A lot. You’ve become really important to me. And, mm, I hope that one day you and I could be friends. Because I don’t want to imagine my life without you in it.
ALEX: Pool. Tomorrow night.
MAGGIE: Wouldn’t miss it.
(from 2.08 – MEDUSA)

ALEX: Sorry, you okay?
MAGGIE: I’m okay, just a little nervous you’re not very good at this.
ALEX: Oh, well, clearly the drugs have kicked in, because you are done.
MAGGIE: Thank you.
ALEX: No, thank you.
MAGGIE: For what?
ALEX: Well, I told my mom.
MAGGIE: You did? How did she take it?
ALEX: Better than me. You know, when you first suggested that I was gay, I, uh… I denied it. And then, I thought that it was just about you. I mean, how would I not like you? But, you know, deep down, I think I still wasn’t comfortable that that was my new normal. But it is my new normal, and I’m happy that it is, because mm… I, uh… I don’t know, I finally… get me. And now I realize that it wasn’t about you, but it’s about me living my life. So, thank you.
MAGGIE: Anytime.
(from 2.08 – MEDUSA)

MAGGIE: Hey. Hungry?
ALEX: Yes. Come in, please. Ignore the pyjamas.
MAGGIE: Oh, no, they’re cute.
ALEX: You, uh… It’s late. You got a case or something? Oh god, I could really use a good old fashioned murder right now.
MAGGIE: You know, I didn’t come here for work. I just – I really needed to see you and talk to you.
ALEX: Is everything okay?
MAGGIE: Mmm… Well, here’s the thing, I… I almost died.
ALEX: Uh, yeah, no, I would not have let that happen.
MAGGIE: Wait. I know that, but, mm… It got me thinking that I… I was so stupid. I- I thought that… And I guess I was kind of right, that you came out for me. And that scared me. Mm… But mm… Life is too short. And we should be who we are. And we should kiss the girls that we want to kiss. And I really just, I… I want to kiss you.
ALEX: So, you’re saying you like me. That’s … That’s what I got.
MAGGIE: Of course. You’re not gonna go crazy on me, are you?
ALEX: Probably.
(from 2.09 – SUPERGIRL LIVES)

ALEX: You’re wearing my t-shirt.
MAGGIE: Yeah, is that okay?
ALEX: That’s amazing. I mean, like, you’re in my apartment and it’s morning and you slept in my apartment, and now you’re wearing my t-shirt and making coffee and I can’t believe this is happening and everything coming out of my mouth is very clichéd.
MAGGIE: It’s called being happy. Get used to it, Danvers.
ALEX: I think I am getting used to it.
MAGGIE: Oh, we’re late for work.
ALEX: I don’t care if I ever go to work again. I mean, can’t we just quit? And stay here in this apartment forever?
MAGGIE: I don’t know about forever, but maybe we can just settle for the morning?
ALEX: We could call in sick…
MAGGIE: Maybe.
ALEX: (“coughs”) I’ve got the black lung.
MAGGIE: (laughs) The black lung…

{eliminated round 7}#20. THIS WAS A MISTAKE (from 2.09 – SUPERGIRL LIVES)
(from 2.09 – SUPERGIRL LIVES)

ALEX: Thank you for coming.
MAGGIE: I almost didn’t. I just… I don’t… I don’t think you’re ready for this.
ALEX: No. No, no, no, I am. I am. Hey, I just… I just went kind of crazy and... I just… I feel like the universe is just magically smacking me down from being happy.
MAGGIE: That’s it? You gotta give me more than that.
ALEX: I have always felt so responsible. Like, weight of the world responsible. And my parents always relied on me to watch over my sister, so the few times that I’ve ever did anything for myself, it ended badly. And then Supergirl went missing and I just, I blew a gasket and…
MAGGIE: Because Supergirl’s your sister.
ALEX: What are you talking about?
MAGGIE: Come on. Look, I know you. The only person you get that torn up over is Kara. Plus, the glasses don’t help.
ALEX: I’ve always said that too. It’s kind of ridiculous. I’m… I’m glad that you know. Because I don’t, I don’t want there to be any secrets.
MAGGIE: Bad stuff happens. In our line of work, it happens all the time. How do I know you’re not gonna run next time it does?
ALEX: I won’t. I’m sorry. I just wanna be happy, with you.
MAGGIE: You get one, Alex.
ALEX: Understood. Thank you.

{eliminated round 13}#22. MAKING WAGES (from 2.10 – WE CAN BE HEROES)

{eliminated round 23}#23. BET REVERSED (from 2.10 – WE CAN BE HEROES)

MAGGIE: Man, the last time I saw them, I think I was in college. What about you?
ALEX: What? Oh, I don’t remember.
MAGGIE: You know, for a super fan, you are not that excited.
ALEX: No, I am, I promise.
MAGGIE: Really? Because I’ve seen your face when you defeat a blood-thirsty alien. I know what excited Alex Danvers looks like, and this isn’t quite it.
ALEX: No, this is… It’s perfect, all of it. I just… Kara… I think I hurt her feelings. That’s… so… I’m sorry.
MAGGIE: I don’t need you to be sorry, I just wanted you to have fun. And right now, something’s eating at you.
ALEX: No. No, I’m just distracted. So, now… I’ll forget about it for the rest of the evening. I promise.
MAGGIE: You know, the days of you pushing down your feelings are officially over. So, go. Go talk to your sister.
ALEX: Really?
MAGGIE: Yeah. I’ll meet you there.
ALEX: You’re best.
(from 2.13 – MR. & MRS. MXYZPLTK)

ALEX: Black coffee, a sesame seed bagel, dry, double toasted. Gross.
MAGGIE: Thanks, Danvers, you know me well.
ALEX: Yeah.
MAGGIE: Oh, what’s that?
ALEX: It’s from my mom. It’s kind of silly. She’s always made such a fuss about Valentine’s Day. Here I am, 28 years old, and she still sends me cards.
MAGGIE: I always wondered who bought those. Let me see this. “Daughter, thank you for being who you are. You will always be my star.” Oh, my god…
ALEX: I… Yeah, it’s kind of cheesy. I mean, Valentine’s Day’s kind of dumb, right?
MAGGIE: The ridiculous notion that you need a manufactured holiday to prove that you care? It just proves that people are patsies willing to throw away money on cheap chocolate and wilted roses. Makes me want to puke. I hate Valentine’s Day.
ALEX: Me, too.
MAGGIE: I knew we were right for each other, Danvers.

{eliminated round 9}#26. VALENTINE CONFESSIONS (from 2.13 – MR. & MRS. MXYZPTLK)

{eliminated round 18}#27. VALENTINE, TAKE TWO (from 2.13 – MR. & MRS. MXYZPTLK)
(from 2.14 – HOMECOMING)

ALEX: (knocking at door) Yeah.
MAGGIE: (comes in) Hey. (approaches) What’s wrong? (Alex doesn’t reply, keeps drinking) How was your dad’s first day? That good, huh? (Alex goes to pour into her glass, Maggie stops her) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, okay, hold on. Hey. I’m here, okay, you can tell me anything. (Alex nods) Hey, look at me. What happened with your dad? (Alex starts to cry) Oh. (stands to hold her, Alex cries harder)

{eliminated round 3}#29. ALEX IS DISTRACTED OVER JEREMIAH (from 2.15 – EXODUS)
(from 2.15 – EXODUS)

ALEX: I assume you agree with Kara.
MAGGIE: Actually, I don’t. You wanna protect your dad? That’s what you need to do.
ALEX: Then you’ll help me.
MAGGIE: Ride or die. Where do we start?

{eliminated round 22}#31. LOOKING FOR INFORMATION (from 2.15 – EXODUS)
(from 2.15 – EXODUS)

MAGGIE: Did you get your job back?
ALEX: Yeah, I did.
MAGGIE: Good. ‘Cause I’m not dating some unemployed slacker.
MAGGIE: Though you do make good arm candy.
ALEX: Mm… Don’t I?

{eliminated round 8}#33. MEAN COP MAGGIE VERSUS WINN (from 2.16 – STAR-CROSSED)

{eliminated round 11}#34. YOGA AND EXES (from 2.17 – DISTANT SUN)

{eliminated round 1}#35. EMILY ISN’T COMING (from 2.17 – DISTANT SUN)
(from 2.17 – DISTANT SUN)

MAGGIE: Hey. What’s so urgent?
ALEX: I went to see Emily.
MAGGIE: What… Why?
ALEX: Well, I wanted to go talk to her, after seeing how upset you were at the restaurant. I went to stick up for you.
MAGGIE: Alex… it’s not your problem to fix.
ALEX: You were never gonna really tell me that you cheated on her, were you?
MAGGIE: That was… That was a long time ago. I did a horrible thing. And I already feel bad about it. You want to bring it up, so I can feel worse?
ALEX: No, no, no. Look. This isn’t about the fact that you cheated. Okay? We have all done dumb things. This is about the fact you don’t trust me enough to tell me the truth.
MAGGIE: I wanted to.
ALEX: Listen. I’ve thought a lot about this. And you have a pattern of keeping things to yourself. You hid the truth about Emily, you made her seem like the bad guy. And then before that, you didn’t tell me what really happened when you came out to your parents, and how badly they reacted. You don’t like to talk about you.
MAGGIE: I know.
ALEX: So, I think that when your parents didn’t accept you, you stopped trusting people that are closest to you. And I totally get that. But Maggie… you don’t have to be guarded with me. Okay? I’m not here to judge you for things that happened in the past, I am here to help you heal.
MAGGIE: You don’t think I’m a bad person?
ALEX: No, actually I always thought that you were perfect. But it’s really nice to see that you have problems, too.
MAGGIE: Thank you.
ALEX: Yeah.

{eliminated round 14}#37. MAGGIE MENDS WITH EMILY (from 2.17 – DISTANT SUN)

{eliminated round 2}#38. MAGGIE’S PROBLEM WITH SUPERGIRL (from 2.19 – ALEX)
(from 2.19 – ALEX)

ALEX: Maggie?
MAGGIE: I’m right here!
ALEX: Maggie, I need to speak to you alone.
MAGGIE: (brings laptop out into the hall) Babe, everyone here is working hard and we’re going to find you.
ALEX: The water is rising fast and there are things that I need to say
MAGGIE: No. Don’t start talking like this is the end.
ALEX: I don’t want it to be, but in case that it is…
MAGGIE: It’s not! You’re a badass, Danvers. And you’re gonna figure out a way to get yourself out of there or you’re gonna hold on until I find you.
ALEX: Maggie, listen to me, please.
MAGGIE: No. We just started this, you and me, and it’s not going to end. Not today, not for a long time. We just had our first Valentine’s Day and I wanna do more with you. I want more firsts. I want to have a first vacation. We haven’t even argued about where we’re gonna go yet, or how to load the dishwasher. Or what to name our first dog. Do you want to get a dog?
ALEX: Yeah, mm… Let’s name her Gertrude.
MAGGIE: See, there’s a lifetime of firsts that we’re going to do together. So you hold on, okay? Hold on until I get to you. You promise. Promise me!
ALEX: I pr… (feed cuts out)
MAGGIE: What? Alex!
(from 2.19 – ALEX)

ALEX: Hey, you.
ALEX: You okay?
MAGGIE: Am I okay? Are you kidding? That was really clever, with the whole Navy Seal thing with your pants. What was that?
ALEX: Well, I knew I just had to buy a couple seconds. I knew you were coming. (pause) You didn’t let me finish before, but I, mm…
ALEX: I just really have to say it now. (sits up)
ALEX: Just… it’s okay, it’s okay. Okay. Those firsts that you talked about… I want to have them all with you. I never want to stop having firsts with you. I love you, Maggie Sawyer.
MAGGIE I love you, Alex Danvers.
ALEX: Yeah?
(from 2.21 – RESIST)

ALEX: Maggie… I’m so glad you’re okay.
MAGGIE: And I’m so glad that when things look their worst, we both thought to run straight to a bar.

{eliminated round 15}#42. ALEX AND MAGGIE BREAK INTO THE DEO (from 2.21 – RESIST)

MAGGIE: She’ll be okay.
ALEX: I hope so.
MAGGIE: Hey. I know the Danvers girls. You don’t break easy.
ALEX: Marry me?
MAGGIE: Excuse me?
ALEX: Seriously. Marry me. Please.
MAGGIE: (that smile like sunshine though)

} Rose {
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When its down to like top 10-20 than I may start voting TOO BIG
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Well clearly we need your votes now, Sarah
} Rose {
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Sarah - I know what you mean. I'd rather do smaller games then do a vote off amongst the winners.

I'll go with the flow ...


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This city will make you feel brand new

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Thanks guys
} Rose {
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