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Old 11-30-2019, 05:20 PM
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[Episode Discussion] 5x8 - "The Wrath of Rama Khan" Dec 1st 2019

Season 5, Episode 8
"The Wrath of Rama Khan"
Episode Discussion
original air date, Sunday Dec 1st 2019

Supergirl's struggle against Leviathan reaches a boiling point as she faces off against Rama Khan. Meanwhile, as Lena and Hope work to launch Project Non Nocere, Hope proves to be an invaluable asset to Lena.
Basic Rules:
○ Be Respectful of other posters.
○ Discussions are encouraged, but let’s keep things civil.
○ No Character/Actor Bashing.
○ Everything is a spoiler until it has aired.
○ Any talk of Illegal Downloading should not be brought up here. Live Streams & such can be discussed through PM's.
○ Most importantly, HAVE FUN!
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Old 12-02-2019, 02:59 AM
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- Hey, J’onn? Maybe you should have given Alex a heads-up about your brother before bringing him into the DEO.

- You know you have too many costumed people in your city when Rama Khan is walking around dressed like THAT and no one bats an eye

- KARA: Could Brainy have been wrong?
ME: Brainy is never wrong (and he wasn't wrong this time either).

- Love that Brainy had faith in J’onn’s trust of Malefic and was able to talk Alex into trusting him too.

- LENA: Sometimes the good guys don’t win
ME: Umm... mind control is NOT a “good guy” thing. Just sayin'

- So Lena straight up had Hope take the fall for her? What a very LEX thing to do. I’m glad Kara & Alex realize that she’s still the one behind everything.

- Speaking of Kara, I'm really getting sick of her blaming herself for everything instead of putting the responsibility for Lena's crappy behaviour ON LENA. Can the writers please remember who the hero of the show is? It's not called "SuperLena" for goodness sake.

- Alex & Kara still don't know Lena implanted "Hope" into "Eve", do they?

- Why does the Monitor think Lex can be a hero?

- Is Nash talking to the Monitor at the end, or the ANTI-Monitor? Does he realize the difference? I think we just saw the birth of PARIAH.
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Old 12-03-2019, 06:07 AM
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^ I just agree with everything there, nothing much too add.
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Old 12-03-2019, 06:20 PM
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That was an epic episode. So much going on. Considering the title of the episode is called Wrath of Rama Khan, he wasn't in a lot of it. A large bulk of the storyline dealt with Kara's fallout with Lena.

I didn't catch his successors' name, what was it? I know the actress. She plays Mike's mom on Stranger Things.

I also realized, no Nia in this episode
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Old 12-26-2019, 03:56 PM
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I thought that Nia was in this episode & she got trapped by Rama Khan, but maybe that was the 1 previous to this & I'm wrong. I watched this episode yesterday finally. I'd guess it wasn't the first time that Malefic had guns pointed at him.

Also, According to Rama Khan, ''existence is a sin'' for humans that is. Wow. Well, at least we know where he comes from.

It was nice of Eve to take the fall for Lena I guess. If you can get friends that get arrested & perhaps will do time in prison for you then that's impressive I think.

It was nice to see that Malefic has turned over a new leaf. Finally, so J'onn passed a ''test'' & I'd guess that a lot of things that happen on this show could be considered a test for some. Glad that he passed though.
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