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Old 06-25-2019, 09:07 PM
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Chloë / Kinley Rant

Okay, I have to say this somewhere. I'm getting FAR too invested in television relationships. Anyway, these are my opinions on the whole "Plot to send Lucifer to Hell".
First, let me say I think it was a bad writing decision, UNLESS something in Season 5 happens to exonerate Chloë and ties into her miracle status in some overarching plot. All in all, though, I *hate* the whole use of a plot to send Lucifer to Hell. I think there were plenty of other directions in which to go without hurting her image so much.

The more horrible things I hear about Chloë, the more I feel the need to defend her. First, her potential lover reveals himself to be the literal devil, in which she doesn't even believe. That's the first thing. She's left, all alone, having no idea that anybody else on Earth knows what she now knows. She's also a woman of reason and logic - she's a detective. This must be a total mind blowing experience for her, to say nothing of dealing with Lucifer himself.
In the clips we get, she did *not* go to Rome with the purpose of sending him back to Hell. Kinley found her, brought up the whole plot, and pressed the Chloë Decker "must save humanity" instinct button - the button which allowed her to pursue her own ex-fiance as a murder suspect. In a moment of vulnerability, the person who found her wasn't Maze, Linda, or Lucifer himself, but a psycho priest whom I am convinced has some supernatural role to play, based on what he seems to know. She argues constantly, says no to the plot at first, but eventually her terror and probably her sense that humanity is in danger leader her to say yes (*heartbreak*). Although she says yes, she doesn't want to do it at all, and I think the motivation crumbles the day she sees Lucifer again.

I think her terror is absolutely well founded. I may *accept* somebody has a dark past, but I don't think that's a level of dark she was ready for. Her questions about "What does that mean? Are you really that violent? Are you safe for humanity?" Although hurtful to Lucifer, are legit questions. It will take some time before she can really understand what this actual devil really does.
I love the way he speaks to her in the first couple episodes. His love for her palpable, and his concern evident. But, he chooses to believe a total stranger over his lover (because he knows something is off, and she is the one who has been absent a month). He spends so much time accusing her that he doesn't dig any deeper.

If Chloë Decker is determined to send you to Hell, you would be back there by the end of episode 1, buddy. Chloë rushes to the right cause and doesn't hesitate. In the second episode she cancels the date, all because she doesn't even want to give him the drug. She argues continuously in his favor, and if you ask me is pretty much tortured throughout. No wonder the woman is going insane - you have the devil asking you out, no idea how safe he really is, and you have this mission of giving him a sedative and a tormenting priest breathing down your neck, not to mention your own struggles- oh, and by the,way, humanity's welfare depends on your decision. No pressure.
The final night she makes a half assed attempt to give it to him and "oh, no, guess I cant!" She finds out vulnerability and you can see the Kinley switch turn off in her face. In order to protect him, she tells him to stay behind, and breaks things off with Kinley, in a speech he would need to hear. All BEFORE he found the vial. Also, what man has the right to go through a woman's purse??
I bet she either carried that bottle around (WHY,Chloë, why??)either because she forgot about it, or because her thinking is "Well, no vial, no poison" (the priest couldn't use it to orchestrate anything). But, poor Chloë, orchestrate he does, and in the most screwed up way possible. She's genuinely scared for Lucifer at this point, and gets ALL the blame.
Dude, she had a chance to banish you and consciously refused. And, yes, I think he was a jerk about it. Not to mention he was just as taken in by Kinley and, later, Eve (though Eve is far less malicious).

There's no doubt that Lucifer loves Chloë, and her reaction is the most important one. You can see his face sink as she confesses she's terrified. Instead of giving her time to adjust, he just gets defensive and demands she accept him now. Ultimately, as much as he loves her, it's a selfish move. He doesn't attempt to find out more, he isn't concerned at how scared she is, it's all about him.
Yes, it hurt to see Lucifer so hurt, but he hates his devil face as much as she is scared by it, and he projects that onto her. Unfortunately her words "You can change" aren't great, either, but Chloë always sees the good in him.
Also, he spends the rest of the season being cold and cruel to her, realizing all her fears, and I think in season 5 he owes her some apologies.

I truly hope he gets to see that she rejected Kinley's plan, and that she chose knowingly to do so, and he made unreasonable demands on her. As much as I hate her agreeing to the plot at first, she did in fact turn away from it at the crucial moment, and some of the things she said in his favour would be very meaningful things to Lucifer.
That's my rant.
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Old 06-26-2019, 01:07 AM
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I wouldn't call all that a rant, more a deep and detailed breakdown of Chloe's motivation and mental state during S4.

I agree with most of it although I don't think it was a bad writing decision to take that road. I personally think it was a believable response from her charecter,no matter how painful it was to watch. An in that vunerable moment Kinley pounced

I definitely think the only way Kinley managed to talk Chloe round was going for the 'you have to save everyone' angle but i believe he also had to throw in "best for Lucifer" option as well before she agreed to help him. Even then it took out a few days of being around lucifer again for her to realise she couldn't do it an snap out of everything Kinley had been telling her.

I like to believe that if Kinley hadn't found Decker in Rome she would have exhusted all their books on the devil, realised none of them matched up with the Lucifer she knew, come home, been causious around him for a while as she got used to her new reality, then have some tiny baby steps to them actually getting together (her still slightly scared by his nature, him scared he will scare her away again).
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Old 08-15-2020, 04:28 AM
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What is this about?
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