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Chris 03-13-2019 04:30 PM

[Discovery] 2:09 - Project Daedalus
[Discovery] 2:09 - Project Daedalus

Directed by: Jonathan Frakes :D :D :D

crazy_diamond 03-14-2019 05:23 AM

Jonathan directed again :wiggle: :D

TFTNT Chris :high_five:

Chris 03-14-2019 12:27 PM

You're welcome.:) I probably won't be able to watch until tomorrow.

ChakotaysLover 03-14-2019 06:46 PM

I am so READY!!! O_O

Make Them Laugh 03-15-2019 07:15 AM

I'll try to watch it sometime today

Amazing episode

Love the scenes between Burnham and Spock

Shocking ending:thud:

ChakotaysLover 03-15-2019 11:42 AM


This episode was ..... I don;t have the words!

The scenes between Michael and Spock were so amazingly well done, like they were actually brother and sister! O_O

Meliana 03-15-2019 01:19 PM

Oh wow! I don't think an episode of Star Trek has ever made me cry before.... Such a powerful episode!

Some great moments between Michael and Spock.

Great character driven episode and the build up was superb.

I didn't want it to end frankly.

Make Them Laugh 03-15-2019 01:29 PM

I'm glad we got a lot of answers to this seasons questions...

how many epps are left

Chris 03-15-2019 01:45 PM

Woah, terrific eppy!

- scenes between Michael and Spock seemed very realistic
- Spock telling Stamets to trust in his ability, and giving him advice re: Hugh
- love that we're learning more about the various crew members
- Saru detecting the deceptions by noticing the heat patterns

Dave - I believe we're supposed to get 14 episodes, and this was episode 9, so 5 left. Plus it's been renewed for a third season.

crazy_diamond 03-15-2019 02:17 PM

Wow, that was a such a good and emotional episode! :cry:

- As others have said love the scenes between Spock and Michael. I think they needed to let that all out so to speak
- Loved seeing Ariam memories :sigh: her being great friends with Tilly and Detmer :sigh:
- Liked seeing Pike and Admiral working together and glad the Admiral told Pike about why they weren't in the war..
- Loved Saru finding out about the holograms
- Aww Ariam telling Michael they were good friends :cry: and more clues about Michael, hmm.. aww Ariam :cry:
- Great directing by Jonathan as usual :D

Make Them Laugh 03-15-2019 02:26 PM

great news Chris about the renewal

Tilly is going to miss Ariam the most

the audience in general knew weeks ago Ariam was the traitor being controlled and that would come into the spotlight soon...which it did. I didn't expect that ending though.

Meliana 03-15-2019 02:31 PM

The ending was shocking and surprisingly emotional for me. It was so well done. :nod:

crazy_diamond 03-15-2019 02:40 PM

It was indeed :nod:

Ariam knew what was happening and she knew what she had to do :cry:

Make Them Laugh 03-15-2019 02:40 PM


Originally Posted by Meliana (Post 96813754)
The ending was shocking and surprisingly emotional for me. It was so well done. :nod:

if we did a season 2 Survivor...would this be in your top 3?

ChakotaysLover 03-15-2019 03:03 PM

The end of this episode definitely left me feeling broken hearted and a little numb inside. :(

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