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Wes/Fred (ATS) #6: B/C he would do anything to protect her...even kill his dad.

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The Bunker - Old host of all things Fred/Wes for this thread

The Shippers:
Freaky Wednesday
autumn song
Ravenna Zane

Honorary Shippers

Cordelia Chase
the Nahdrahs
Fake Roger Wyndham-Pryce
Charles Gunn
Trish Burkle
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Amy Acker
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Joss Whedon


The Reasons:
Because he couldn't take his eyes off her.
Because he never called her crazy.
Because she gave him the higher grade on sincerity.
Because he held her all through the Caritas incident.
Because she felt comfortable telling him her stories.
Because she said he was the brains.
Because he loved her parents.
Because he was going to miss her.
Because he didn't need anyone else's vote, she stays!
Because he kissed her.
Because even as a homicidal insane misogynist he still called her "My Love."
Because he couldn't forgive himself, but she could.
Because he couldn't get her out of his head.
Because when she looks at him, he feels like he's the only one in the room.
Because Cordy thought they were perfect for each other.
Because Gunn wasn't an informed choice.
Because he just wanted her to be happy.
Because she thought he was adorable just like a puppy.
Because she knew he wouldn't betray them.
Because she believed he had a reason.
Because she wouldn't give up on looking for him.
Because she hit Justine when she found out what she did to Wesley
Because he helped only because it was Fred.
Because she was the one who wanted him to come back.
Because she went to him when Angel and Gunn didn't understand
Because he did.
Because he read her article.
Because he understood her article.
Because she was so happy about that.
Because they had sexual tension while planing a murder...
Because he saw her darkness, and still loved her.
Because even Gunn said they were "Kindred Spirits."
Because even with no memory of each other they were still drawn together.
Because 16 year old Wesley was *so* attracted to her.
Because 16 year old Wesley was brave for her.
Because they work well together.
Because Angelus saw she was Wesley's weakness.
Because she thought it was "Sweet and there was nothing wrong with it."
Because he kissed her again.
Because she kissed back.
Because if Gunn hadn't walked in there would have been more then just kissing!
Because when it was over with Charles he couldn't even say he was sorry...
Because he was the one she trusted to tell about Jasmin.
Because he said she had grace and gentle beauty.
Because we were with Wesley, Knox needed to die.
Because they spent the party together.
Because even drunk together they can get the job done.
Because she's his muscle.
Because even Cyborg Impostor Father noticed his feelings for her.
Because "he pointed a gun at you, Fred, so I shot him."
Because she wanted to stay.
Because she gave him one hell of a look.
Because it turns out he's just as oblivious as she is!
Because Knox didn't make her laugh.
Because she isn't looking for so much as looking at.
Because sharing a cup of coffee is damn sexy!
Because they both started to like Smile Time.
Because she kissed him!
Because science nerd talk turns him on!
Because she called him book man.
Because their chance was cut way too short.
Because he called her a hero.
Because she wanted to know if he could have loved her.
Because He loved her before he knew her.
Because she wanted to spend what was left of her time with him.
Because He's with her.
Because he wouldn't leave her.
Because he said she was so brave.
Because he called her his world.
Because losing her drove him mad.
Because he couldn't let go of what was left of her.
Because he wouldn't destroy what was left of her.
Because her parents were trying to set them up.
Because he had no perfect day without her.
Because his last wish was to see her again.
Because their love was so strong it brought Illyria to tears.
Because we'll never give up probe! Uhh... hope!

The Kisses:
The Stalker Kiss

The Fantasy Kiss

The Realization Kiss

The Screw Subtlety Kiss

The Never Enough Kiss

The Nerd Talk Kiss

The Last Kiss?

The Goodbye Kiss

The Art:
~borednow's ~



The Videos - Falling Head Over Feet - Uploaded by fresley4ever - Wesley Can't Fight His Feelings - Uploaded by fresley4ever - Wesley Is In Love With A Girl Named Fred - Uploaded by fresley4ever - Fresley Whatever It Takes - Uploaded by fresley4ever - Wesley Is A Stalker - Uploaded by fresley4ever - Fred/Wes So Close - Uploaded by fresley4ever - Soulmates Never Die - Uploaded by fresley4ever - Alone - Uploaded by fresley4ever - The First Kiss Means Love - Uploaded by fresley4ever - Fred/Wes She's So High - Uploaded by fresley4ever - Fred/Wesley Full Of Grace - Uploaded by fresley4ever
YouTube - ANGEL - This Is The Day (Fred/Wes)
YouTube - Angel - Wes/Fred - I Knew I Loved You
YouTube - Angel - Wes/Fred - Stupid
YouTube - Wesley & Fred - Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone
YouTube - Fred & Wesley - ultimate video!!!
YouTube - wesley fred Its only love
YouTube - Fred and Wesley Mad World
YouTube - Wesley and Fred - Slipped Away
YouTube - Outside Wes/Fred
Halo - BuffyTube
Fred Vs Lilah II - BuffyTube

The Fanfiction
The Pure (Just Fred/Wes)
Don’t Need to See Him: Sight, Smell, Taste, Sound, Touch (R)
Blue Moon Rising: Fanfic: "At First Sight" by Lara (G)
Blue Moon Rising: Fanfic: "Fire and Silk" by Lara (PG/PG-13)
The Periodic Table of Wesley, an Angel fanfic - FanFiction.Net (PG)
Maybe, an Angel fanfic - FanFiction.Net (PG)
Shaping What We've Become, an Angel fanfic - FanFiction.Net (PG-13)
IYW: Seraph by Scarlet Rose (PG)
Asymmetrical by Sorrel (R)
Beyond Pretence by Phoenix Moon (G)
The Impure (Fred/Wes + Others including Illyria/Wes)
What Works - Angel Fic: An Echo, A Ghost, A Whisper (PG-13) (PG-13, Wesley/Fred, Wesley/Illyria)
Human Weakness by Phoenix Moon (G, Wesley/Fred, Wesley/Illyria)
The Science of Things by Mandy C (R Wesley/Fred, Wesley/Illyria)
Something Like Destiny, a How I Met Your Mother fanfic - FanFiction.Net (PG-13 Wesley/Fred, Sandy/Penelope. Truly bizarre first is Tragic, second is happy)
The Really Impure (NC-17)
Swung by AmatrixClavus (Wes/Fred and Wes/Spike)
Blue Moon Rising: Fanfic: "Destructive Behavior" by Princess Twilite (Wes/Fred, mentions of Fred/Gunn)
Blue Moon Rising: Fanfic: Vampire Song: "Uninvited" by Lara (Wes/Fred, Plus vampirism!)

The Quotes:

Season 2-

Season 3-


Wesley (about Fred): "Nice girl."

-That Vision Thing

Wes: "No, Gunn, you misunderstand. - I mean - I'm not saying that we act differently. I just think we should be gentle in our inter... Evening, Cordy."
Gunn: "Hey, Cordelia."
Gunn: "How was that?"
Wesley: "I felt quite genuine."
Fred: "B plus. C minus. A girl can tell."
Wesley: "Fred - if you feel comfortable enough grading our sincerity how about joining us for the rest of the meal? - Isn't that the point of coming downstairs?"
Fred: "I guess that'd be okay."

Wesley: "Anything of interest yet, Fred?"
Fred: "Oh, sure. Lots. 'H' is a fascinating letter. Helicopters, helium, helmets, hernias...'
Wesley: "Did you happen to notice 'herbs' in your wanderings?"
Fred: "I did. Oh, right. There are, ah, lets see... five herbalist shops in Chinatown."

Fred: "Maybe we could ask them. Y-you used the word 'communicate' which got me thinking - every thing's made of energy, right? Light waves, radio waves, x-rays, even brain waves are all electric energy. If Cordelia is receiving visions from the Powers That Be they're being communicated somehow. Maybe we could figure out the frequency and trace the calls."
Wesley: "Yes. Of course. Well done, Fred."

-Carpe Noctem

Fred: "And he opened every door for me and he paid for the tickets. And even bought a giant popcorn. And every few minutes he'd go like this. Because he wanted me to know it was okay for me to have some. And he's so lonely because he's the last man on earth."
Wes: "Angel?"
Fred: "No! Charlton Heston. The Omega Man? Omega being the last letter of the Greek alphabet so it's a metaphor. And he walks on the street side and not the building side. It's old-fashioned, but kind of chivalrous, you know?"
Wes: "We're back to talking about Angel."
Fred: "Right. And even though he didn't talk a lot, it was still okay. It was comfortable. It wasn't that awkward kind of quiet. You know that awkward kind of quiet?"
* silence.*
Wesley: "No. That's never happened to me."


Wes: "How does it feel, Fred?"
Fred: "Like my heart's been put in one of those orange juice squeezers... Oh. Kind of like a giant bug tried to rip my arm off and Angel saved me."
Trish: "He seems to do *that* a lot, doesn't he?"
Fred: "It's what he does. Angel's the champion, and Wesley's the brains of the operation, Gunn's the muscle and Cordy's the heart, and I'm..."

Cordy: "In a really weird way, you know who I miss?"
Wes: "Fred."

Wes: "She was so smart."

Wes: "And at the bus station, when Trish ran over the mother..."
Fred: "Or father. I think it might be a hive species gender neutral, but I'd have to do some research to back that up."
Wes: "The whole hive showed up in order to reclaim its offspring. Brilliant deduction, Fred!"

Wes: "Lets put it to a vote, shall we? All in favor say aye. Aye. Motion passed. Good. You're staying."


Wes: "I was thinking, perhaps I'd enter into a similar training arrangement with our Fred."
Cordy: "Oh, hey, if you think she can help you fight, why not? I'm kidding. - Wesley, if you wanna get to know Fred better, maybe the next time you have her over for an intimate dinner for two, you won't ask the rest of us to come along."
Wes: "Ah, I don't... I mean... Was I *that* obvious?"

Wes looking at Fred: "She is a rather extraordinary young woman. - Still, the last thing any of us should be doing is - coupling - with each other, I mean. Office romances, even under the most *normal* circumstances..."
Cordy: "We don't live in normal circumstances. - I mean, what are the odds of any of us actually finding someone out there who can deal with the kind of stuff we have to deal with? I don't know. Maybe we *are* meant..."
Wes: "For each other?"

Fred: "Sorry. - I left a bunch of messages."
Wes: "Yes. I meant to call you back. I'm sorry. I'm *so* sorry."
Fred: "Wesley, you gotta come back to work."
Wes: "How can I?"
Fred: "What do you mean? How can you not? You're the boss. We need you. - You took a few days off. That's good. We all did. - But now it's time to come back."
Wes: "Fred, I tried to kill you."
Fred: "That wasn't you."
Wes: "How can you know that? Something inside me was forced to the surface. Something primal, something..."
Fred: "Do you wanna kill me?"
Wes: "Oh, God, no."
Fred: "It wasn't something in you, Wesley. It was something that was done to you."
Wes: "I don't know what kind of man I am anymore."
Fred: "Well, I do. - You're a good man. - Will I see you back at the office?"
Wes: "Yeah."
Fred: "Good."


Fred: "Sure. These are puzzle people. Did you notice the designs on their tunics? Geometric shapes. Each a prime number, if you count their edges, arranged in ascending order of exponential accumulation."
Wes: "Yes, I did - not - notice that at all."
Lorne: "Ah, they wanna know why your girlfriend was pointing at them. I better tell them what she said before we have an international incident."
Wes: "Ah, she's not my..."

Wes: "You read all the same science journals."

-Waiting in the Wings

Wes: "Honestly, have you ever seen anything lovelier? So - graceful, so full of life. And those eyes... make you feel like you’re the only man in the room."
Cordy: "Plus, six breast. Any man is gonna love that."
Wes: "Fred doesn't have six breasts! - Right?"

Cordy: "But not for another month or so. I'll file her under 'pending.' - You're gonna ask her out?"
Wes: "The Ravager?"
Cordy: "Fred."
Wes: "Oh. - Yes - but, you know - timing. I'll make my move when I feel the iron is hot."

Fred: "Can I ask you something?"
Cordy: "I think you guys are perfect for each other. I have magic powers, remember?"

Wes: "He was obsessed with the girl. - When he found her with the other man, he went insane with jealous rage - pulled her out of time, out of any reality beyond *his* theater, his company. He swore she would dance for him forever."
Fred: "How did you..."
Wes: "I - ah, - I hit a hotspot, too."

Fred: "Well, that's a surprise. I thought for sure she was meant to be with Angel. I guess you never can predict those things. You know?"
Wes: "No. I guess you never can."

... *bawls like a baby*


Loa (to Wesley): "You risk your life, human, calling on the Loa. Perhaps what you really seek is death. The pain in your heart begs for it."


Fred: "He wouldn't betray us... he wouldn't... And he wouldn't leave without saying something to me... not unless he had a hell of a big urgent reason.

Fred: what else could Wes do?'s right here. "I have to save them both." He had to save Connor from Angel and Angel from doing something unspeakable...

-The Price

Fred: Cor...?
Cordy: No. You want me to say something to Angel about Wesley. Sorry. Can't. Won't.
Fred: Why? Why can't you? You've known them both longer than anybody. Angel would listen to you...
Cordy: Probably. But he doesn't want to hear it. Which is why I'm not going to burden him--
Fred: Look, whatever he did... It's Wesley. You care about it. I know you do. Can you imagine the pain he's in, how horrible he must be feeling--

Wesley: I'll help because it's Fred.


Lilah: "I'm starting to like you, Wes. Don't go making more of this than it is. I'm not one of the doe-y eyed girls of Angel Investigations. - Don't be thinking about me when I'm gone."
Wes: "I wasn't thinking about you when you were here."

And on that note of disturbing on to season 4!

Season 4-


Fred: You were there?
Wesley:I read your article. Saw you'd be speaking. It was an excellent piece. Although I'm not sure I understand how Pauli repulsion is so readily reversed. (beat) Layman's opinion.
Fred: You've been keeping track of me?
Wesley: Yes.

Wesley: You remember everything we went over?
Fred: I do. And I'm gonna give him exactly what he deserves, (looks at Wes) thanks to you.

-Spin The Bottle

GUNN: So, I guess I'm the muscle, huh?
WESLEY: Sorry?
GUNN: Angel's the man on the card. It's his world. I'm not a leader no more. Don't got that champion's heart like Cordy. And the brains—that was you. So that leaves muscle.
WESLEY: What about Fred?
GUNN:Well, that's the question, isn't it? She's pretty brainy too. Maybe you two are kindred souls. Maybe that's why she went to you for help getting revenge on that Professor. Killing takes brains.
WESLEY: I did what you weren't prepared to do.
GUNN: You have no idea what I've—What I would do for her.
WESLEY: Is there some reason I should need to know?
GUNN: You think I don't smell this a mile off? You think I don't know why you keep coming back here?
WESLEY: Because you keep needing my help.
GUNN: I'm gonna say this once: you move on Fred, and I'm gonna put you down hard.
WESLEY: I'm glad to see you have such faith in your relationship.

FRED: I just don't think we should be rulin' out the idea of aliens. I mean, he is a greenish sorta fella. And his bein' asleep all that time. I mean, think about it a minute. They could have been doin' Heaven knows what. I can just see myself lying on a table—no clothes, no will—while they probed and explored and did whatever they wanted to my naked, helpless body. It's horrible.
WESLEY: Horrible. Yes. But I assure you, this is demonic work. And they're not nearly so exploratory as— Don't be afraid.

FRED:What do we do?
WESLEY: Don't fear. It's under control.

-Apocalypse, Nowish

LILAH: Did it turn you on? Watching her up there in front of all those braniacs knowing she was the smartest one in the room?
WESLEY: Her theories deserve attention.
LILAH: Just her theories? I saw the way you looked at her. Oh, come on. Do you think I care about your little crush? Moon all you want of the Texas twig 'cause I know whose bed you'll be crawling into at the end of the day.

WESLEY: It is a bit ripe in here. I'd suggest opening a window, but—
GUNN: Fred's not here.
WESLEY: Didn't ask.
GUNN: Didn't have to.

-Habeas Corpses

WESLEY: I'm choosing a side.
LILAH: And the girl of your dreams just happens to be on it. Hmm. What are the odds?

FRED: I mean, I know you run your own shop, but inside data on Wolfram and Hart—pretty amazing.

-Long Day's Journey

WESLEY: Well we can't assume that yet. This Beast has killed hundreds of people with his bare hands. You throw in the storms and earthquakes that accompanied the rain of fire, you could put the death toll in the thousands.
FRED: Wes is right. Statistically, it's still a coincidence. Two points—
WESLEY: Make a line, not a pattern.

WESLEY: We may have a solution for that.
FRED: We've done a lot of research, and we think we've found a way to get rid of the Beast. A portal.


FRED: Working on it. Failing miserably, but working on it. I could really use some help deciphering some of these symbols—or, all of them, really. (sighs) I need Wesley— his expertise.


WESLEY:I want to know how to kill the Beast. It has nothing to do with being a hero.
ANGELUS: Sure it does, but why now? Can't be because there's an apocalypse coming—always one of those around the corner.
WESLEY: Enlighten me.
ANGELUS: "Foul rag-and-bone shop of the heart." That's where you live.
WESLEY: Meaning?
ANGELUS: You want to impress the girl. Move in, get her to love you, and after a couple days of flowers and chocolate covered cherries, you'll bend her over the kitchen counter—

ANGELUS(To Gun and Fred):Othello and Desdemona. My favorite couple. Oh, wait, Desdemona wasn't in love with the other guy. So much for stand by your man.

FRED:I wanted to thank you. If you hadn't've come in when you did...
WESLEY: He's not there.
FRED: It's— Charles heard what Angelus said. The stuff about—
FRED:Yeah, and—
WESLEY:How I feel about you.
FRED: Yes, which is very sweet. There's nothing wrong with i—
WESLEY: Yes there is. *KISS!*

GUNN: And you, running off to him every time you need help, like I'm not good enough.
FRED: No, that's not— This isn't the time.

GUNN: You just take what you want, huh—
FRED: Come on.
GUNN: —no matter who it belongs to.
WESLEY: I didn't realize Fred came with a deed.
FRED: Stop it! What's wrong with you?
GUNN: You don't realize a lot of things, like the fact that nobody wants you here.
WESLEY: 'Cause you do such a bang-up job without me.
LORNE:Hey, hey, come on, guys. Let's not say anything that—
GUNN: Shut up, Lorne! Great idea, Wes, stealing Angel's kid. Oh, was losing him a part of your plan, too?
WESLEY: Go ahead. Throw some more blame around. It's what you're best at.
GUNN: You want to say that again?
FRED: Oh, God.
WESLEY: Face it, Gunn, you can't give her what she needs.

- Calvary

FRED: Bringing Angelus was our best chance.
GUNN: That you talking, or Wes?
FRED: You were pushing for it too, Charles.
GUNN: Then maybe I did the wrong thing.
ANGELUS: Like smacking your girl around? I betcha Wes would never hit her. He's all proper and English. And that accent—Oh, chicks just love a good accent. Makes 'em all buttery in their nether regions. Isn't that right, Fred?

GUNN: I did what I had to do.
ANGELUS: I guess Fred didn't quite see it that way, huh? Wow. You do a chick a favor, you think she'd be grateful, but no. Mm-mm. She still goes for the broody smart guy, all mysterious and tortured. I guess, when you think about it, for the first time in your life, you just weren't dark enough.

WESLEY: Fred. What happened between me and Gunn— I didn't mean— That's not what I wanted. Could you tell him that?
FRED: I don't think he'll listen. We're not— We're not together anymore.
WESLEY: Oh. Not because of what I did?
FRED: Things just haven't been right. Not for a while.
WESLEY: I think this is the part where I'm supposed to say I'm sorry, and I'm really trying to be, but—

ANGELUS: Ooh, she really has put on spunk, hasn't she, Wes. Not the same, shy, bitchcow we pulled out of Pylea.
FRED: There's only one bitch here, and I'm looking at him.
ANGELUS: Oh, come on, we all know it's for the best. Now you can go for the real prize. Mm. Man, I'm telling ya... man, if I swung that way... Look at him— all rugged and handsome and brains... man, he's damn-near perfect.
WESLEY: Thank you.
ANGELUS: Except the part about banging Lilah for the past six months. That kinda takes the shine off.
FRED: No, it’s… it’s none of my business. I should…


WESLEY: Everyone, this is Faith, the vampire slayer.
FRED: Hello, Faith, I'm—
FAITH: Fred. Yeah, Wes kinda gave me the skinny on you.
(I want to know what he said!!!!)


FRED: That's supposed to be a kid?
WESLEY: An infant Gatbar demon. The spikes grow to full size in the womb.
FRED: Ouch. Gross factor aside, these pregnancies all seem to be run-of-the-mill demon lifecycle stuff. Nothing mystical about 'em.
WESLEY: They're just pictures, Fred.
FRED:It's the pictures in my mind that are getting me. I can't stop thinking about Connor and Cordy...hiding up in that room...imagining what they do up there. It's like being stuck in a really bad movie with those Clockwork Orange clampy things on my eyeballs.
WESLEY: Why imagine? Reality's disturbing enough.
FRED: Connor's Angel's son. How did he and Cordy get all... couply?
WESLEY: They were probably as surprised as anyone. But they were both lost, lonely...
FRED: No matter how lonely I was, I would never—
WESLEY: Things happen, Fred. When you're alienated from the people who care about you, you start to look other places.
FRED: Hm. Lilah.
WESLEY: We were fighting on opposite sides, but it was the same war.
FRED: But you hated her...didn't you?
WESLEY: It's not always about holding hands...

-Shiny Happy People

FRED: Club soda.
GUNN: May as well let her do her thing.
WESLEY: Yes, Fred can be quite single-minded when she is focused on a problem.
GUNN: Yeah.
Jasmin: You love her very much—both of you. Don't you see? You both have the same love. That should bring you closer together, not drive you apart.

WESLEY: Can you believe this? What is it?
FRED: I need you. If I told you something—you know, that maybe you didn't want to know even—you'd trust me, right?
WESLEY: Of course.
FRED: I...went to see that man from the restaurant. The one who—
WESLEY: The attacker? Why?
FRED: That's what I wanted to know—why he would do that. Wesley, he saw something. We both s-saw something. I needed to know if it was the same something.
FRED: It was. Wesley, I know you're going to find this hard to accept, but—

WESLEY: Rotting flesh? Really?
FRED: You don't believe me.
WESLEY: If you say you saw it, I believe you.
FRED: He told me not to tell anyone, but I-I knew if I came to you—
WESLEY: You did the right thing.
FRED: You'll help me?
WESLEY: Of course I'll help you. Wait here.

WESLEY: I can't believe Fred's evil.

-The Magic Bullet
WESLEY: Consider her armed, dangerous, and quite possibly insane. Don't let her grace or gentle beauty fool you. Winifred Burkle is a monster, a siren hoping to lure you away from Jasmine and onto the rocks of heresy and destruction.

WESLEY: I don't know how long it's been here. Since before I arrived.
FRED: I thought I'd be the only one.
WESLEY: I thought for sure I wouldn't be, although I wasn't expecting it to be you.

FRED: Uh, heh—ooh! Uh... guess we're all straggling back, some more straggly-like than others. Are you—?
WESLEY: Just, uh... a lot to take in.

and on that awkward note season 5 begins...

Season 5-


FRED: Wesley!Oh! I'm always getting turned around.
WESLEY: Can I help you with any of that?
FRED: It's so big.
WESLEY: It does take some getting used to.
FRED: Have you seen my lab? It's giganamous. And I'm in charge.
WESLEY: I'm sure you'll have no trouble
FRED: I don't even understand half of what they're doing. There's this machine, 6 feet tall, it makes this noise— whoompa! Whoompa! Phht! Not a clue.
WESLEY: Well, I'm still stuck back at, "Why on earth are we here?"
FRED:What, because we're crusaders against evil and now the law firm that represents most of the evil in the world has given us its L.A. branch to run however we want, probably in an attempt to corrupt, divide, or destroy us, and we all said yes in, like, 3 minutes?
WESLEY: Your run-on sentences have got a lot less pointless.
FRED: Oh, that's so sweet. And a tad condescending.
WESLEY: Uh, you sure I can't help you—
KNOX: Ms. Burkle!
FRED: Hi! Oh, um, Wesley, this is Knox. And I told you to call me Fred.
KNOX: A-any minute now, I'm gonna start. Ha! That's a promise from me to you. Can I help you with that?
FRED: Oh, thank you.
WESLEY: So, Knox, how long have you been, uh, evil?
KNOX: Oh! Heh! I just mix the potions, you know? And now that I'm taking orders from "el jefe" here, I'll probably be saving the world on a weekly basis.
WESLEY: Good for you.
KNOX: Do you know how to get to your office from here?
FRED: Why, did somebody eat my breadcrumbs?
KNOX: Heh! It's not that hard. I'll show you.
FRED: Thanks, Knoxy. Oh! See ya!
KNOX: Oh, it was nice to meet you.
Death-glares: 1

GUNN: I've made up my mind. How's Fred doing?
WESLEY: I'm sure Knoxy will take wonderful care of her. Don't you think it's a bit unseemly adding y's to the ends of people's names?
GUNN: Does that mean I have to call you "Westle"?


FRED: But still, it's not like everyone there's evil. I mean, we work with these people. Some of 'em I see more than I see you guys, at least lately, anyway.
WESLEY: And you think you can trust him?
FRED: What?
WESLEY: These...people, the ones you're spending so much time with lately. Knox, for example.
FRED: Uh, we're, you know, heh heh, friendly, but he's under me— or I'm on top of him. Professionally. All I'm saying is, he—he's not evil.
(Why did you have to be so very wrong?)

FRED: Wesley might be able—
FRED: He knows more about the mystical than—
SPIKE: I can't. We got a history, him and me.
FRED: What?
SPIKE: It was a long time ago. He was a young watcher, fresh out of the academy, when we crossed paths. It was a, what-you-call, battle of wills...and blood was spilled. Vendettas were sworn. It was a whole—
FRED: My're so full of crap.


FRED: I need these as soon as possible.
WESLEY: Hello, Wesley. Nice to see you.
FRED: Oh. Sorry. Little preoccupied.
WESLEY: The Magdalene Grimoire, Necronomicon des Mortes, Hochstadter's Treatise on Fractal Geometry in 12-dimensional Space. "Preoccupied" might not be the word we're looking for.
FRED: How fast can I get 'em?
WESLEY: Half of these are antiquities of the rarest order. If I exploit every connection I've made over the last month as the new head of research and intelligence... 20 minutes.
FRED: Great. Let me know when they're in.
WESLEY: Under one condition... dinner.
FRED: Oh, I, uh...
WESLEY: I mean you, having one, a real one. When's the last time you had anything besides day-old takeout? Or had more than a nap up in your lab?
FRED: I'm OK. Really. 20 minutes? Thanks. And don't worry. I am totally, completely...

-Life of the Party

FRED: Was Angel mad?
WESLEY: Shouldn't he be? We sent him out there with a defective piece of weaponry.
FRED: Which "we" are we talking about?
WESLEY: Fred, these techno-mystical hybrids are a complicated affair.
KNOX: Oh, I don't know. It seemed kind of simple to me. It's just a little hand-held, spell-casting robot, right? So it's either the robot or the spell that we have a problem with.
Deathglares: 2

LORNE:Our party, tweety bird. Which, by the way, is dying on the vine. I could really, really, really use some help from you guys— some backup?
FRED: I wasn't really planning on going.
LORNE: Wes. Do you hear this crazy talk?
WESLEY: Uh, well, I really hadn't given much thought to going myself.
Deathglares: 3

FRED: I really wanna get this operational before Angel goes out again.
WESLEY: Yes. I'll stay, too. I'm sure we can work it out together.

FRED: I guess I've always hated parties. I never know what to do with myself. I just end up at the hors d'oeuvres table, trying to look occupied.
LORNE: Hey there, wallflowers!
FRED: Wallflowers?
LORNE: I need you to give me a hand, help light the fuse on this powder keg? Look at the dance floor. The only thing on it is Harmony. Hey, you keep pushing that envelope, baby!
WESLEY: I'm afraid this really isn't our element, Lorne.
FRED: Yeah. We're wallflowers.

FRED: Yeah, for 8 years straight, I went out dressed as Raggedy Ann.
WESLEY: Ooh, sorry. Sounds like fun, I suppose. We never really celebrated Halloween in England.
FRED: Oh. That's so sad.Look, potstickers!

FRED: Hey, you want a piece of me, buddy? That's right. Keep walking. You walk alone! You walk alone!
WESLEY: Careful. That thing's loaded.
FRED: So am I. I mean, wow. Wes. Wesley, I am totally drunk-faced.
WESLEY: Because you can't hold your— what are you drinking?
FRED: Nothing.
WESLEY: You can't hold that.
FRED: Oh, yeah? Lightweight? How much have you had?
WESLEY: Including this, I've had... about 1/3 of a half of this beer.
FRED: That's weird, right?
WESLEY: Yes, I think so. I think that's weird.
FRED: There's Gunn. Let's go ask him if that's weird.

WESLEY: He must be under the effect of Lorne— and Eve, too, presum— presumally.
FRED: Prezoomally!

ANGEL: Wes, Fred, go find Lorne's sleep and figure out a way to put it back in his head.
WESLEY: Yes, sir.
FRED: Done and doner.

WESLEY: Lorne's sleep should be in here... somewhere.
FRED: Lorne's sleep. Looking for Lorne's sleep. You know, I think we have pretty interesting lives.
WESLEY: I'd say that's true, given the average—
FRED: And I'm having such a good time right now. We should do stuff like this more often. You know, just hang out like we used to. Friend stuff.
WESLEY: Absolutely. Frankly, I always— I always thought we'd be better friends than we are.
FRED: Oh, we should be. Let's be better friends than we are right now.
WESLEY: Great.
FRED: You know, share stuff, talk to each other, tell each other what we're thinking.
WESLEY: Yes, that would be—I would—
FRED: It would be nice. We could be confidantes. Confiding confidentially.
WESLEY: I've been wanting to do that for some time now.
FRED: What do you think of Knox?

WESLEY: Come on, come on, come on.
FRED: Did you press—
WESLEY: Oh. Yeah. Come on, come on, come on.


EMIL: Now...who is this?
WESLEY: My muscle.

ANGEL: That's not the point. What the hell was Fred doing there in the first place?
WESLEY: I needed someone who could explain the weapon convincingly.
ANGEL: Nobody else here knows how to explain a gun?
WESLEY: I needed someone who wouldn't arouse Emil's suspicion. Someone I could trust.
ANGEL: And so conveniently, the only person who could go with you was Fred.
WESLEY: What is that—
ANGEL: She shouldn't have been there. It was a reckless decision.
WESLEY: Fred has more than proven herself in the field. There was no reason to think—
ANGEL: We found her bleeding to death on the ground.

FRED: They gave me the all clear.
WESLEY: I was just coming down to find you.
FRED:Though I do have to take a boatload of antibiotics. Apparently, there's some concern about where that grappling hook's been. Oh, we're taking the cyborg apart in the lab right now. You should see how intricate it is. It's like an M.C. Escher picture, but with wires and flesh instead of geese.
WESLEY: I'm sorry about what happened, Fred.
FRED: Are you kidding me? I feel bad because all I had to do was hide, and I couldn't even do that right.
WESLEY: I should've done a better job protecting you.
FRED: What?
WESLEY: That didn't come out...
FRED: Do you realize how patronizing that sounds? Protecting me?
WESLEY: I just meant you shouldn't have been there in the first place.
FRED: That's not for you to decide.
WESLEY: Yes, it is, actually. I made the call. I screwed up.
FRED: Listen to you. You're blaming yourself because poor Fred got hurt. Stop trying to be all valiant. You're coming off like a self-pitying child.
WESLEY: Hello, father.
FRED: Oh, yeah, that's mature. Well, I wish I was your father. I'd tell you to grow up.
ROGER WYNDAM-PRICE: It doesn't work. I've tried.
WESLEY: What are you doing here?
FRED: You're Wesley's—
ROGER WYNDAM-PRICE: I see manners are still my son's strong point. Roger Wyndam-Price.
FRED: Oh. How do you do? Winifred Burkle. I—I didn't realize you were— um, we were just. I, um, have an employee that I have to belittle and to show him I'm in charge. I should let you two catch up. It was really nice to meet you. I'm sure I'll see you again soon.

WESLEY: I heard we could be of some use.
FRED: Of course. Um, we were just going over the autopsy.
ANGEL: Fred, keep me posted.
FRED:Sure. We found a series of symbols we haven't been able to decipher.
WESLEY: Yes. Interesting.
KNOX: We're reading trace radiation signatures, so we've been hesitant to crack it open.
FRED: Could be a bomb, some sort of self-destruct device.
KNOX: Let me help you with that. You shouldn't...
FRED: Thanks. Anyway, we were wanting you to decipher it before we went digging around in there. Wesley handles this sort of stuff for us all the time. He's a genius when it comes to languages.
Deathglares: 4

FRED: Look for an incident device—a switch or a circuit breaker of some sort.
WESLEY: There's nothing. Fred, you have to get out of here. Get away from this building, as far as possible. We have no idea how powerful the blast could be.
FRED: What about you?
WESLEY: I'll stay with the bomb, try to diffuse it. It could be our only—

FRED: He was how old?
ROGER WYNDAM-PRICE: Ha ha. 6 or 7. He must have taken the scroll from my library. Wesley, I was just telling Winifred about the time that I caught you with the resurrection spell.
WESLEY: Oh, right.
ROGER WYNDAM-PRICE: I couldn't remember. Why were you doing that?
WESLEY: A bird had flown into my windowpane. I think I was trying to bring it back to life.
FRED: I can't believe you could even read a resurrection spell at age 7.
ROGER WYNDAM-PRICE: Oh, his mother thought he was quite the prodigy. Well, luckily, I caught him, or we'd have had zombie birds pecking out his little eyeballs.

ROGER WYNDAM-PRICE: That, uh... Winifred... she seemed to like you. (Right on fake daddy! First good thing you've said!)
WESLEY: Yes, well, she's a very special person.
ROGER WYNDAM-PRICE: So... do you think a lot of her? Does she know how you feel about her?
WESLEY: I'm really not going to discuss this with you.
ROGER WYNDAM-PRICE: What? Oh, you have a girlfriend already. Well, Wesley, how am I supposed to know these things?
WESLEY: For starters, you might have asked.
ROGER WYNDAM-PRICE: All right, well, I'm asking now. What a surprise. You're being defensive.
WESLEY: You want to talk about me. All right. The last girl I was with I had to chop into little tiny pieces because a higher power saw fit to stab her in the neck.
ROGER WYNDAM-PRICE: You don't want to discuss it. Fine. But spare me the sarcasm. It's too embarrassing.

WESLEY: If you're here to tell me about how you killed your parents... perhaps it could wait for another time.
FRED: What? No. They're fine.
It's not like you killed your dad, either.
WESLEY: Right.
FRED: Part of you knew. Even if you can't admit it to yourself, part of you knew it wasn't him.
WESLEY: No. I was sure it was him. You were there. I killed my father.
FRED: He was threatening your friends.
WESLEY: He was threatening you. He pointed a gun at you, Fred... so I shot him. (And Fredland goes up in flames)
FRED: Wesley...I...
KNOX: Hi. Oh, sorry to... interrupt. I... but... Fred, you're injured. I know we're supposed to work ourselves to death and all, but I'm guessing that the firm isn't enforcing that rule as strictly as it used you. And I thought I was gonna take you home.
FRED: Um, well, I... Wesley and I were just...
WESLEY: Go. You should go.
Deathglares: 5

-Harm's Way

OFFICE GIRL #1: Burkle's always giving Mr. Gunn the eye. Heard they used to be a thing.
OFFICE GIRL #2: I don't know. Alice said she and that Knox guy are pretty friendly.
OFFICE GIRL #1: Maybe she's sleeping with both of 'em!
OFFICE GIRL #2: That's what I'd do.
HARMONY: Don't forget about Wesley. I get the vibe that he's, like, totally crushing over Fred.

HARMONY: I just wish I were more like you. You know, except for the part about being all into science... and not having a lot up front. I mean, you have 2 hot guys after you.
FRED: I do?
HARMONY: All the girls, they think it's Knox and Gunn. Course, I know it's Knox and Wesley, not that they listen. It is Knox and Wes, right?
FRED: Yeah—I mean, no. I—I don't know. I—we all work together, and there's a lot of baggage, and... Why am I telling you this?
HARMONY: Because we're totally bonding! We're like gal pals! This is awesome! You can teach me about life, and I can teach you how to dress better.
FRED: Um...They are both kind of hot, aren't they? Knox and Wes?

You're Welcome-

FRED (Looking directly at Wesley): We should all go get a drink. We haven't done that in...ever.

Why We Fight-

FRED: And I have to redo the entire Trask experiment. Knox really dropped the ball on that one.
WESLEY: Yes, he is unreliable. Good point.

FRED: What did we do with our lives before we got these jobs?
WESLEY: I seem to recall lots and lots of Jenga.

Smile Time-

WESLEY: Get over it!
ANGEL: Why are you yelling at me?
WESLEY: Because! Angel... if there's a woman out there... who you find truly attractive, who you think about, let's say, most of the time, who represents even part of what you think makes the world worth fighting for and who doesn't view you as an entirely sexless shoulder to lean have to do something about it.
ANGEL: Who are we talking about here?
FRED: Hey, guys. I—I think I have a case.
ANGEL & WESLEY: Thank God!

FRED: Wow. He really jumped on that one.
WESLEY: Yes, he is a bit jumpy. He's realized Nina has feelings for him.
FRED: Well, took long enough.
WESLEY: He can be rather dense.
FRED: Um... by the way, my car is in the shop again, and I was thinking...
WESLEY: Of course.
FRED: Maybe you and I, we could...
WESLEY: (to the phone) Yes, Ms. Burkle needs a driver to take her home tonight. That's right. 511 Windward Circle.

WESLEY: It could be the lack of sleep talking, but... I'm really starting to like this show.
FRED: I know what you mean. What time is it?

FRED: I guess we should go back and comb through the signal spread, check all the tracks again.
KNOX: Ecch. Again. What's up with you two? The tracks are clear. We ran it through every filter we've got.
WESLEY: That's not how magic works, Knox.
KNOX: Really...Merlin? Then how does magic work?
FRED: You know what? I think we can handle it from here. You should go home, Knox. Get some rest.
KNOX: Oh, no. I don't want to abandon ship.
FRED: That's OK. Somebody's got to be awake enough to run the lab tomorrow. Seriously, go home.

WESLEY: So... how's it going with you and Knox? I know you were starting to—
FRED: Started and stopped, actually.
WESLEY: Really?
FRED: Yeah. We went out a few times, but... I don't know.
WESLEY: stopped it.
FRED: Yeah. He—he's nice enough, but... I think he's been working here too long. Plus, he doesn't make me laugh at all. I mean, he tries, but...
WESLEY: I see. You're looking for someone funny.
FRED: A...certain kind of funny. Yeah. But...I'm not really looking for so much as looking at—

FRED: I just got off the phone. Looks like the kids are coming out of their stasis.
WESLEY: Oh...good. I think we did some excellent work back there.
FRED: I think you're right.
WESLEY: And now...
FRED: And now...
WESLEY: We'd better get some rest. No telling when the next crisis will strike.
FRED: You're just gonna go, aren't you?
FRED: Haven't you been... sensing anything lately... about me... coming from me? Uh... didn't occur to you that... something might have changed? That—I'm looking at you in a different— Oh, screw it.
FRED: That was a signal. OK? Is that... clear enough for you?
WESLEY: Not even close.

Hole in the World-

FRED: We got the nest.
WESLEY: The others are finishing the sweep. Nasty little buggers.
FRED: Kind of cool, physiologically. They reproduce by vomiting up crystals that attract and mutate the microbes around them to form eggs.
WESLEY: Are you trying to turn me on.
FRED: It is kind of romantic. A roaring fire. A snug little nest.

WESLEY: I should ask you. You seem unutterably cheery.
GUNN: I am. I am. Look, I gotta be straight with you 'cause this is kinda blowin' my mind.
WESLEY: Tell me.
GUNN: Fred and I are getting back together. She was so keyed up from last night's fight, she asked me over. We ended up talking for hours like old times, then, all of a sudd— I can't even keep this up 'cause your face is gonna make me weep. Wes, I am so messin' with you.
WESLEY: I— Oh... No, I...
GUNN: Come on. Brother gets a dig in. That's my right.
WESLEY: So, you know about—
GUNN: It's on every Blackberry in the building. No secrets in the House of Pain.
WESLEY: And... is that all right...with you? Fred and me?
GUNN: Last year, you wouldn't ask me that question. The man becomes civilized. It's cool. Our thing's long done, and I know how you feel about her.
WESLEY: Thank you.
GUNN: And to add the necessary boilerplate, you ever hurt her, I'm gonna kill ya like a chicken.
WESLEY: Acceptable terms.
GUNN: Now, on to the real fun.
WESLEY: Yes, you seemed like something was up before you made that tasteless and horrible joke at my expense.

FRED: Hey there.
WESLEY: I was just on my way to thinking of an excuse to come and see you.
FRED: And how is that working out?
WESLEY: Really great. Where are you coming from?
FRED: Oh, medical. I breathed some old mummy dust. Had to make sure I didn't discover any new germs.
WESLEY: You all right?
FRED: They shooed me right off. Mummy free.
WESLEY: Good. I was hoping to take you out tomorrow night, and I don't feature you wrapped in bandages.
FRED: Take me out where?
WESLEY: Can it be a secret?
LORNE: Oh, sheesh. Get a balcony, you two, huh?

FRED: Hmph. "Get crackin'." He's such an old fogy. I know you gotta go be book man.
WESLEY: Yes. Just hit that line—I'll be here in a heartbeat.
FRED: Assuming I still have one.

ANGEL: Wes and Fred?
SPIKE: You didn't know?
ANGEL: I didn't know.
(and Angel wins for most oblivious being in the universe...)

ANGEL: How is she handling it?
WESLEY: She's smarter than all of us put together. She knows it's bad.

EMPLOYEE: I'm sorry to interrupt. I just need to know if the Holbine Clan history was here. It was supposed to be faxed to my office.
WESLEY: It can wait.
EMPLOYEE: These guys are really important. I just need— I mean, the whole company can't be working Miss Burkle's case.
WESLEY: Of course. *shoots guy in leg* Jennifer, please send anyone else who isn't working Miss Burkle's case to me.

WESLEY: Fred, you can't be doing this.
FRED: Please, Wesley, I am exactly the person to be doing this. Something could've been missed.
WESLEY: Whatever it is that's happening, we will stop it, I swear to you.
FRED: I have to work.
WESLEY: You have to lie down.
FRED: I am not—I am not the damsel in distress. I am not some case. I have to work this. I lived in a cave for 5 years in a world where they killed my kind like cattle. I am not going to be cut down by some monster flu. I am better than that! But I wonder... how very scared I am.
WESLEY: I swear on my life, we will stop this, but you must be back in bed. That's where I need you to fight.
FRED: Like I'm 6 years old? This is a house of death. That can call up any book you need?
WESLEY: Every one.
FRED: Then bring it. Take me home.

FRED: I finally get you up to my bedroom, and all you want to do is read.
WESLEY: You dozed off. Was I making too much noise?
FRED: Not enough. I need noise to keep me here. Is it today? I mean...
WESLEY: You only slept for an hour.
FRED: That's an hour I don't got now.
WESLEY: Angel and Spike are on their way to finding your cure, and I shouldn't like to be the thing standing in their way.
FRED: And book man?
WESLEY: Book man came through. I think I gave 'em what they need.

FRED: Feigenbaum.
FRED: I—I have to find him. He's the master of— I have to have Feigenbaum here.
WESLEY: Who is Feigenbaum?
FRED: I don't remember.
WESLEY: Shh. Shh.
FRED: Oh, isn't it terrible? At a time like this, I'm worried about how crappy I look.
WESLEY: You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
FRED: Do you always like splotchy girls?
WESLEY: It's my curse.
FRED: Read to me.
WESLEY: The Dreadhost's Compendium of Immortal Leeches?
FRED: Can that be any book in the world?
WESLEY: Name one.

FRED: Why did we go there? Why did we think we could beat it? It's evil, Wesley. It's bigger than anything.
WESLEY: I don't believe that.
FRED: Uggh! I'm with him!He won't leave me now. We're so close.
WESLEY: I will never leave you.
FRED: Hmph. Oh. Hmm. That was bad, but it's better now. You won't leave me?
WESLEY: I won't.
FRED: My boys. I walk with heroes. Think about that.
WESLEY: You are one.
FRED: Superhero. And this is my power: to not let them take me. Not me.
WESLEY: That's right.
FRED: That's right. He's with me.

FRED: Will you kiss me? *Kiss* Would you have loved me?
WESLEY: I've loved you since I've known you. No, that's not—I think maybe even before.

Fred/Wes Music

~Song list compiled by the shippers, Arts by lunas_borednow~

Fresley ABC's
Devoted, Dearing
Holding on
Joyous, Jealous

Fred/Wes on the Net
My Only Sunshine - Fred/Wesley Fanlisting - Fred Burkle & Wesley Wyndham-Pryce Link Found on Fanpop
Blue Moon Rising [Version 3: Drawn to You]
Poetry in Motion
Enter...Is It *That* Obvious? - Version 2.0
Wesley/Fred: Survivors
Fresley Forever
just holding on for you
Wishing Hearts: Fan Fiction
W.N.W {v.13} wishing my life away

Future Title Suggestions
Because soul mates never die
Because he needed a reason and she was it
Because real love is forever
Because she loved him, even if he was an idiot
Because self esteem is for everybody.
Because Fred is better than Beer!
Because some things are worth waiting for
Because we love you Joss but DAMN!
Because Lilah Cooties and Fred land suck...
Because they got each other
Because they were perfect for each other, Cordy said so and she has magic powers.
Because she's Whiskey, and everyone knows Wesley loves Whiskey!
Because her forgiveness was all that mattered.
Because she was jealous when Wesley spent all his time with Faith.

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Please donate Art, Reasons, quotes, ideas and/or your name for our ship list.
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He saved her.
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