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Old 11-13-2006, 12:18 AM
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Tammy & Jonathan (GL) #1 ~ Daytime's most controversial couple


the characters

Tammy: the ultimate good girl. Innocent and pure.

Jonathan: The ultimate bad boy. Came to town to destroy his estranged Mother, Reva


YouTube - Jonathan and Tammy -November 21 2005 part1
YouTube - Jonathan/Tammy - hottest kiss
YouTube - Jonathan/Tammy - elevator
YouTube - Jonathan/Tammy June 20, 2005
YouTube - Jonathan and Tammy April 17 2006 pt1
YouTube - Jonathan and Tammy April 17 2006 pt2
YouTube - Jonathan and Tammy - Lips of an Angel


Memorable Quotes

JB: Hey.
Tammy: Do I know you?
JB: Not yet.
Tammy: Is there something i can do for you?
JB: I just saw you sitting over here. I don't know, I had to see what you were like.
Tammy: So, you're with Lizzie now? Since when?
JB: Couple days. We're just getting started. You know how it is. I'm just sorry I didn't meet you first.
Tammy: Well, you didn't. And I'm taken, so you might want to stop flirting now.
JB: No. Not really.

~ 9/16/04 (Tammy & Jonathan's first meeting)

Tammy: What are you doing here?
JB: I suddenly show up and someone needs my services.
Tammy: Ha, ha. I've had a laugh. You can go now.
JB: Ouch. She hates me.
Tammy: She wants to be alone.
JB: You know, I think I know you pretty good already. I bet you ten bucks you had to sneak out of the house tonight. I'm not judging you. You know, I think it's cute.
Tammy: Hey, I'm not cute. Or sweet. Or any of those things. I can be just as bad as the next girl.

~ 9/22/04

Tammy: No, you're not wrong, JB we do have a connection.
JB: We've only known each other for a few days.
Tammy: It doesn't even matter. I felt close to you right away.

~ 9/30/04

Tammy: I like the way you make me feel.
JB: I make you feel nervous.
Tammy: No. Well, maybe a little but... only because I like you so much. I like the way you talk to me. The way you look at me. And especially the way you touch me.

~ 10/18/04

JB: You're beautiful. Perfect.
Tammy: I don't want to be perfect.
JB: Untouched.
Tammy: Then touch me. Touch me.

~ 10/19/04

Tammy: Aunt Reva must have known what you were from the minute you were born. She didn't give you up to protect you. She wanted you as far away from her as you could get.
Jonathan: Hey. I was going to take it easy on you, you stupid, spoiled little brat. Look, you blame it on me if you want, but think about how easy it was for me to get you in the sack. Did you care who I was, Tammy? No. No. You were ripe. And I just wanted to be the first one in line to pick the fruit.
Jonathan: Oh, come on. You want to hit me? You want to hit me? Go ahead. But I will hit you back twice as hard. Everybody should know that about me by now.
Tammy: I wish you were dead!
Jonathan: Oh. I think you wish you were dead. Isn't that how it feels? Huh? Like you're dying inside? Welcome to my world. You're still wearing the necklace I gave you. That's sweet.
Tammy: I need a shower. I need to wash you off of me!
Jonathan: Uh-uh. Don't fool yourself, Tammy. You'll never be the same. I left my mark on you. But listen, if it makes you feel at all better, you weren't half bad.

~ 10/26/04 (Tammy & Jonathan's confrontation after the reveal)

Jonathan: See, you're doing it right now and you don't even know it.
Tammy: Doing what?
Jonathan: See, when you get that attitude, and the hair flies, and you bat those big, beautiful eyes of yours, it just says, "come take me," and I obliged.
Tammy: I was not coming on to you.
Jonathan: Just like you weren't coming on to Sandy? I wasn't even here, and I bet I can tell what happened. He was nice to you, and you got all warm and fuzzy and offered yourself up like some million-dollar prize.
Tammy: Hey, I am a prize!
Jonathan: No, not anymore.
Jonathan: I could get you into bed right now, if I wanted to.
Tammy: Huh. Not unless I was dead!
Jonathan: Now, Sandy, on the other hand, doesn't want you anymore, because I got to you first, and besides, you don't really want him, either. You want someone like me.
Tammy: You're sick.
Jonathan: I'm your type, Tammy. Admit it. I was your first. You're always going to want someone like me.

~ 12/01/04

Jonathan: You can't wear that dress to the wedding.
Tammy: What?
Jonathan: Nobody will notice Cassie. Everybody will be too busy looking at you.
Jonathan: Come on, Tammy. I really like you. We were great together. If you hadn't found out we were cousins, we'd probably still be together right now.
Tammy: But I did. And we are!
Jonathan: But deep down... deep down did your feelings really change?
Tammy: Of course they did! How can you even ask me that? You lied to me and tricked me into bed. And it was my first time! All to get back at Aunt Reva.
Jonathan: Well, yeah. But when I was in bed with you, Reva was the last thing I was thinking about.
Tammy: Don't. Don't touch me. Don't you ever touch me again!

~ 12/21/04

Tammy: You came to town ready to rip it to shreds--or at least Aunt Reva's part of it--and you started to, only now you're not so sure that's what you want anymore.
Jonathan: You sure about that?
Tammy: Yeah. See, if that's all you cared about, you'd be gone. But you don't want to leave. You don't want to be alone anymore, do you?
Jonathan: You guys are like a family of amateur shrinks. Maybe it's because you all need so much therapy.
Tammy: Look who's talking. But since you decided to stay, you realized you needed to make things right again. Starting with me.
Jonathan: It's a good theory. I don't know, though. It's... your flash seems a little dim. It's assuming a lot, like I'm just a lost little puppy who's looking for a home. Like there's not a much simpler reason that I came.
Tammy: Then why are you here?
Jonathan: Maybe I just wanted to see you. Be alone with you. Maybe I couldn't get you out of my head.
Jonathan: You can't deny our connection, Tammy.
Tammy: Don't you talk to me about "our connection."
Jonathan: You're right. Let's not talk.

~ 12/30/04 (Jonathan kisses Tammy for the first time since the reveal)

Jonathan: Let me ask you something. Why do you still call me JB?
Tammy: It's your name.
Jonathan: No. You still wish I was that guy--not your cousin; just some guy. When I broke my leg, you stayed with me. Why would you do that if you didn't like me?
Tammy: Because unlike you, I'm human. Okay, okay, so Aunt Reva had to give you away when you were a baby. Big deal. I was in Foster care, and you don't hear me crying about it. You think you're so tough, but inside, you're just a big blubbering bully.
Jonathan: Is that what you think?
Tammy: I think you're the one who can't let go, of your past and all the people who hurt you, and the night that we spent together. You think it changed my world forever. Well, you're wrong. You weren't even really that good.

~ 1/21/05

Jonathan: Your mom wanted to get in my pants the night before her wedding and you know me, I couldn't say no.
Tammy: Oh, you disgusting pig.
Jonathan: No, it's true. We shared a bed together. And yes, there is a video. But the dvd hasn't come out yet.

~ 3/01/05

Jonathan: When I broke in your room, you thought I was going to attack you?
Tammy: I had just woken up. I didn't know what was happening.
Jonathan: Your whole room's on fire and still I'm a threat?
Tammy: I guess I just expect the worst with you.
Jonathan: You bring out the best.

~ 3/23/05

Jonathan: (to bartender) Hey, man. I'll have whatever's on tap. Here's to swimming with bow-;egged women. And a painless night.
Tammy: Why don't you just go outside and run head-first into traffic? You saved my life. I won't let you throw yours away.
Tammy: I could check up on you, but why should I? Why should anybody, when any time anyone tries to do anything remotely kind for you, you just shove it back in their face? You don't want anyone to care about you. Or maybe you want everyone to care but you're just too chicken to admit that you have a heart.

~ 3/30/05

Tammy: I helped you last night.
Jonathan: You want a medal or something?
Tammy: After what you did to me, I think I deserve one.
Jonathan: Your point is?
Tammy: I'm trying to get past it.
Jonathan: Move on with your life?
Tammy: Yes. But in order to do that, we have to turn this sorry twisted relationship of ours into something positive.
Jonathan: Tammy, we don't have a relationship.
Tammy: You try to push me away but you always pull me back in.
Jonathan: Are you sure it isn't the other way around?
Tammy: Part of you wants nice and normal and good. You've tasted it.
Jonathan: You are full of crap.
Tammy: I don't think so. And that's why you put everything down, like last night.
Jonathan: God, Tammy. You keep talking about last night like it was the second coming.

~ 5/12/05

Tammy: You really are a sleaze.
Jonathan: Have I ever acted like I was anything different?
Tammy: Once.
Jonathan: Okay. Since then?
Tammy: There's nothing wrong with this dress.
Jonathan: You're right, if you're going to run out and teach Sunday school.
Tammy: I suppose you think I should dress more like your friend Summer, right?
Jonathan: Why not?
Tammy: Because she was naked!
Jonathan: Wait, wait. Just hear me out one second.
Tammy: Why should I? You think I'm some kind of freakish prude!
Jonathan: No, I don't. I don't! Tammy, I think you're beautiful.
Tammy: You really think I'm beautiful?
Jonathan: Yeah.
Tammy: Why?
Jonathan: I don't know. I just do.
Tammy: That's the best you can come up with?
Jonathan: It's not just your looks. It's everything that you have inside of you and how you listen to people and how you understand them and how you get to them.
Tammy: You just said it was all about sex.
Jonathan: Just be yourself. With a different dress.
Tammy: You're better than that, you know? Hooking up with nameless girls.
Jonathan: Since when?
Tammy: Deep down, that's not what you really want.
Jonathan: I don't?
Tammy: Give yourself a little more credit.
Jonathan: Why should I? Nobody else does.
Tammy: I do.
Jonathan: Don't waste your time.

~ 5/31/05

Jonathan: (to Tammy) Every time there's some opening, you try and work your way into my life, into my room, into my bed. Stay the hell away from me.
Sandy: What the hell's your problem?
Jonathan: The problem, so- called boyfriend, is that your girl hasn't gotten over me. She still wants it. That's why she hasn't moved out of that room. That's why she's always coming over here. Hell, Tammy, if you want it that bad, I'll give it to you right now.
Tammy: Why do I bother going over there?
Sandy: I don't know. You tell me.
Tammy: I don't know. But I do know this: Some people are just beyond saving.

~ 6/01/05

Jonathan: Can you feel that?
Tammy: Yes.
Jonathan: I don't even have to say what that is and you know what I'm talking about.
Tammy: I try to ignore it. I try to feel nothing but hate for you because I hate myself if I don’t. I hate myself for wanting to do anything but put a knife in your face for what you did to me.
Jonathan: I'll give you the knife.
Tammy: You wanted to hurt me. You took something away from me that I can never get back.
Jonathan: Tammy, I'm...
Tammy: No. I don't want to hear that you're sorry. That is not what I need. When you seduced me, when you touched me, I thought I saw in your eyes what I'm seeing right now. I was wrong then. And stupid, needy. I thought if I denied this for long enough, if I just pushed it down, it would go away, but it didn’t.
Jonathan: Because it couldn’t.
Tammy: Why? Why the hell not?
Jonathan: I don't know. I don't know. I tried to get rid of you, too. You think I want that? I don't know. Reva, like, tries to change me, make me whole, I don't know. She tries to make me a different person. But I mean, as much as Reva gets to me, nobody affects me the way that you do. When I'm around you, I want to be...
Tammy: Be what?
Jonathan: Anything different. Anything but what I am. You make me want to be that.
Tammy: To be someone else?
Jonathan: Anyone else. I mean, even when I'm at my angriest and my desire to hurt someone, hurt anyone, even my desire to hurt myself is at its greatest, I feel like if someone like you, someone pure and beautiful and innocent, if you could love...
Tammy: Stop! Don't say it. Don't say it!
Jonathan: Tammy. Tammy, Tammy, if we weren't who we are, if I hadn't hurt you...
Tammy: Stop!
Jonathan: Tammy, please. You could save me. You could save me.
Tammy: No. Even if we weren't cousins, even if we weren't who we are, I would still choose Sandy. Because I have to. I would still reject you!

~ 6/21/05

More to come

Jammy Links
Sweetest Taboo - the #1 Jammy message has everything (Note: the link won't work...replace the ***'s with "i n v i s i o n f r e e" w/out the spaces) - Afrodite's site...mag scans gallery of Tammy/Jonathan, Stephanie Gatschet, and Tom Pelphrey
Tara's Jammy Clips - the place to go if you're looking for video clips both old and new
Tara's Jammy Gallery - screencaps and other pics; also includes video clips - official Stephanie Gatschet site
Tom Pelphrey's Pad - unofficial board for Tom Pelphrey (note: link won't work...replace ***'s w/ "e z b o a r d" w/out the spaces)

I can't believe these two don't have a thread over here. Anyone who is familiar with soaps knows something about these two. Even before I started watching GL, I was fascinated by the character of Jonathan (not to mention that I always thought that Tom Pelphrey was majorly HOT) and how truly evil he was. But he wasn't just one-note evil, he did outrageous things that made me go, "Did they really make him do that???" I knew he was bad but when I heard that he had seduced his cousin, Tammy, to get back at his mom who gave him up as a baby leaving him to be raised by an abusive man and later on, staged having sex with his aunt (Tammy's mother) to get back at her for trying to frame him...I couldn't believe it.

So why do I love Tammy & Jonathan? I won't deny that these two started out as a mess and overall, have one of the messiest relationships on daytime but that's partly why I love them so much. That coupled with the fact that Tom Pelphrey & Stephanie Gatschet have chemistry like I have never seen fact, that chemistry played a huge factor into TPTB over at GL to consider putting two cousins together in a romantic relationship. For Buffy fans, these two are a lot like Buffy & Spike but they go all the way in that Tammy finally acknowledged to everyone and herself that she loves Jonathan.

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Tammy & Jonathan's first meeting

Tammy & Jonathan's first kiss

The infamous love scenes...

Tammy & Jonathan's confrontation after the reveal

First kiss since the reveal

I just recectly got into Jonathan and Tammy. I adore them. Its to bad I didnt catch them when they were still on the show. I came across them in June 2007, so I missed everything. Ive been catching up on things though thanks to clips. Tom and Steph really do have great chemistry.
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aw, I'm one of the most conventional shippers around and so the fact that I love this couple so much really says something They had such amazing chemistry and you could literally feel it every time they were in the same room. It was amazing to watch I'm only sad that its all over now
sorry about the blood in your mouth. i wish it was mine
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liltashaq - I added your things to the first post and added your name. Thanks for those things.

I started watching some of my JT clips today. Starting right after the trial for Jonathon for burning down the house.
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Please add me.

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i don't care if they were cousins in the end, I loved them so much. They really did love each other.
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I loved them so much, their story was truly tragic but also so beautiful!!!
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I love doing rewatches for them. Starting out from the betrayal and seeing them grow.
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I've started rewatching from the beginning.
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Originally Posted by baelfire24 (View Post)
Please add me.
Added you
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