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Seeker ღ Confessor | LotS | [R♥K/C&B] #53: Because one word, DANCING! ♥

Welcome to the 53th

#53: Because one word, DANCING! ♥

Courageous ex-woodsguide who was named the true
Seeker after thousands of years. His big journey started
when he tried to save a 'damsel in distress' in white and
now he fights for their love besides fighting evil brought
by Darken Rahl and the Keeper.
Darken Rahl's half brother, Jennsen's brother and Zedd's
grandson, Richard fights for his beliefs alongside with
Kahlan, Zedd and Cara to keep the world safe from the
Keeper's hands. Still, he hopes that one day he and
Kahlan will be together,
no matter what.
Strong bad ass woman, who crossed the boundary
to find Richard and to be the Confessor the Seeker
needs by his side.
Saved by Richard twice, Kahlan fell in love with his
compassion and the way he cares about saving
everyone. She possesses the power of confessing
people by touching them in the neck. She gets the
truth with it and also the fact that everyone falls
in love with her once confessed - She's the Mother Confessor.
Inside, she struggles with the fact that she can't have a
relationship with Richard because of her powers.
Afraid of getting out of control and confessing him,
she still has hope for a future together.

- Because she believed in him
- Because he was distracted by her
- Because she loved him through time
- Because they want to be like ordinary people
- Because he only wants to be with her - just the way she is
- Because her home is with him
- Because their one night together meant everything to him
- Because their morning after was probably one of the cutest moments on tv
- Because to know Richard is to know Kahlan
- Because he loves the whole her, even with her 'obstacle'
- Because they stare and we die
- Because their love is honest, passionate and unique. No words needed
- Because their love is so strong right now that even Zedd stopped trying cockblocking it
- Because they want to live in a house, make each others breakfast and kiss their children goodnight someday in the future
- Because there is no one he trusted more than her, no one he cared for more than her
- Because for her there is no worse betrayal than leaving him
- Because he was being overprotective of her
- Because she never wanted that kiss in the forest to end
- Because nothing in his whole life has been more real than her

- SaraLou:
This is the first couple that have stood out to me in a long time. From the first moment they met, Richard risked his life to save Kahlan. In an instant the attraction was there. Through the journey that they have gone through together, they have trusted eachother and cared about eachother right from the beginning. You can see how much they love eachother just by the looks they give to one another. Even people they first meet know they are in love with eachother! It undenialable the love they have. They both risk their lives for eachother. I find it heart wrenching when one of them is in danger and the other looks in physical pain if they are being hurt some how. People will come and go but their connection and love will stand the test of time. It shows how deep their relationship is and that they dont need to have the physical part of their relationship to love eachother. One day they will get what they want and be together. A love that strong will get through it. Two people with that much passion for eachother need to be together. And what Craig and Bridget do with these characters i have loved since i first watched the show. Their chemistry is outstanding, its that that brings the characters of Richard and Kahlan to life. No other couple has caught me as much as these two do, so much that they give me butterflies when i watch them together

- britnik:
I love Richard and Kahlan because of their epic chemistry and equally epic love story.

- Pickle-weasel!:
Richard and Kahlan are epic; they're timeless; they're one of the great love stories. As soon as I started watching the show, I instantly fell in love with this couple, they are heart, and what brought me to keep watching. I loved watching their story unfold, especially the forbidden aspect. Kahlan fell in love for the first time, knowing she could never be with the person she loved. Richard fell in love with her despite her powers, and still loved her even after finding out they couldn't be together. They've had their obstacles, but in the end they still love each other more then anything else, even knowing they can't be. I love the chemistry they have on screen, and seeing how much their love grows stronger every episode. Even with them not being able to be together, you can see the love between them in every scene, and that is why I love them so much.

- stellalovesLP:
Two people from different places, different cultures and different societies but somehow they still manage to understand, care and love for each other.
Richard and Kahlan could not be more different but at the same time they share common traits and purposes. They both lost their parents, both are subjected to a fate which they themselves different choose.
They love each other so much, but they can't be together because Richard might die. A normal person would give up, feel defeated but not Richard and Kahlan. They fight for their love and thats what I love about them.

- crazy_diamond:
I love the journey these two characters take towards love, the friendship they build up from the first few eppy's. They work together as a very tight unit, each protecting the other with their lives and each of them drawing closer to the other. Just by a look or a touch everyone can see that they are falling in love with each other, but there is a barrier between them that they cannot break down, but with that I think their love for each other goes stronger.

Plus also the fantastic chemistry between them, on screen together the electricity is there for all to see..

- Cathangel:
I love Richard & Kahlan first and foremost because of their fierce loyalty to each other, their mission and the way they feel about one another. Kahlan basically gave up her entire life and her freedom to give every chance to Richard to get back to their own time and Richard was freed twice from torture and magical spells by the strength of his bond with Kahlan. Richard also refused to trade Kahlan's company for a normal family life after he fulfilled the prophecy. Also, on the more shallow side of things, I love Richard & Kahlan because of the way Craig & Bridget's insane chemistry lights this romance on fire.

- love.across.time:
I ship them because they belong together, even a wise wizard once said “I believe a Seeker and a Confessor belong together”. It all started from that fateful meeting in woods when he saved her from Rahl’s men, the tension was there from the beginning and grew over time. I love that it’s clear to the audience how much they love and care for each other heck they even fought against being in different times periods to get back to the other, but when all comes down to it there love is selfless. We’ve seen many times where they will lay down there feelings so Richard can complete his mission or for the sake of others – one of the biggest examples is when R/K give the elixir to Chase and Emma so they can be together again when Richard and Kahlan could of easily kept it for themselves.

Another reason I ship them is chemistry and believe me Craig and Bridget bring it. They have some of the best chemistry I’ve seen on tv in the past few years. Every small glace Richard and Kahlan give each other they look like they want to run into the bushes and rip each others clothes off. The best scenes to show of how much chemistry they have got to be either the first kiss in Denna, the famous crypt!sex in Revenant or leaf!sex in Touched.

Whether it’s because there love is selfless or the chemistry that drew me to them here’s to many more seasons of Richard/Kahlan goodness.

- sundyse:
Why do I ship Richard and Kahlan?
I ship them because they just are epic! Their love is so powerfull and true that they'll do anything for eachother!
I also ship them because of Craig and Bridget, they play their characters so well and their chemistry is just so intense and unbelievable!

- tatablp:
I ship RK because their are the best couple ever. You can't just not love them. Their chemistry is amazing, and their love history is so Epic it hurts. They are perfect for each other as a couple, and as friends too... they complete each other so much.

- waterflower:
I love R/K because their unrequited love makes their realationship incredibly interesting and something out of the ordinary. Their burning desire to act on their feelings and their inability to do so, fill their story with pain and suffering but also make their love for each other stronger...

- rnk:
Because to me, they are the epitome of what true love really means

- zeetv:
I love them because they bring out the best and the worst in each other. Plus their love, passion and commitment for each other can melt even the most cynical of cynic hearts.

- J3nn1f3r:
She's his friend, his family and behind all that there's something more.

[From the books] No matter how many times they get seperated, no matter how injured they are or how much faith they've lost on everyone else, they never lose hope that they'll find each other.

[From the books] Kahlan is willing to sacrifice her own life to make sure that he's alive and free.

It's like a medieval Buffy the Vampire Slayer, except in this one the roles are reversed and Richard finds a way to be with her for the rest of their life.

- SaraHoo!:
Their love is something that the others aren't: EPIC, TRUE and UNBEARABLE to the point of not being able to hold it. Both feel the same way, like both were confessed by each other and lost their free will to the world to be free between them. The fact they can't act on their feelings is the most angsty and suffering pain in our hearts. And theirs.
And that's why this two are majorly addictive.

1x01 - Prophecy / 1x02 - Destiny
{.} Richard: "Leave her alone."
Fane: "You're making a mistake, boy. This girl is dangerous."
Richard: "Four men against one woman? I think she's the one in danger."

{.} Richard: "Did I do something wrong?"
Kahlan: "No... I'm just... not used to people touching me"
Richard: "I'm sorry.'
Kahlan: "It's alright. I have to go."
Richard: "Where?"
Kahlan: "There's someone I need to find."
Richard: "Who? Maybe I can help you."
Kahlan: "Don't worry about me, I can take care of myself."
Richard: "Why were these men chasing you?"
Kahlan: "You always ask this many questions?
Richard: "I just saved your life. The least you can do is tell me what just happened here."
Kahlan: "Actually, I saved yours."
Richard: "When you touched that man. What did you do to him?" "Hey!"
Kahlan: "You wanna know what I did to that man? Try and follow me, and you'll find out."

{.} Kahlan: "Don't make a sound."

{.} Richard: "I lost everything."
Zedd: "Not everything, you have me and Kahlan."

{.} Emma: "She wants to know if you two are married?"
Kahlan "No...we're just umm.."
Richard: "Travelling together!"

{.} Zedd: "None of that boy,"
Richard: "What?"
Zedd: "I see the way you're lookin' at her."
Richard: "I don't know what you're talking about"
Zedd: "You think because i'm old I don't remember what it's like to get my breeches in a bunch over a beautiful woman."
Richard: "My breeches are not in a bunch."
Zedd: "Bunched breeches, lurching loins, hot haunches, call it what you want, it can never be, not with her."

{.} Zedd: "Keep your eyes on the trail up ahead, not on her posterior."

{.}Kahlan: "Shar says that for the first time she can remember, her people have a reason to hope."
Richard: "I'll try not to let her down."

{.} Richard: "She died saving me from that arrow. And she was your way home. I'm so sorry."
Kahlan: "She sacrificed herself to protect the Seeker."
Zedd: "We would both do the same."

{.} Kahlan: "You did it. You are the Seeker."

{.} Kahlan: "That's the second time you saved my life."

1x03 - Bounty
{.} Richard: "And running away is going to help?"
Kahlan: "You'll be alive"
Richard: "By sacrificing Lily's brother."
Kahlan: "We all made sacrifices. I lost my sister trying to find you, and I don't regret that decision. I sworn to protect you with my life, even from yourself."

{.} Kahlan: "Are you hurt?"
Richard: "I'm fine, how about you?"
Kahlan: "Next time, when I tell you we can't help someone, don't trust them, trust me."
Richard: "She was very convincing."
Kahlan: "Yes, she was."
Richard: "Kahlan I'm so sorry I got you into all this."
Kahlan: "Apologies accepted."

{.} Kahlan: "We should get going soon"
Richard: "Oh, come on, what's the hurry?"
Kahlan: "Well, if you're going to need to rescue every damsel in distress, there's no time to waste."

1x05 - Listener
{.} Richard: "Listen, we're not stopping to pick blackberries and hunt pheasant."
Renn: "Then I guess I'll have to tell her about the secret you've been keeping from her."
Richard: "I don't have any secrets from Kahlan."
Renn: "I'm a listener... do you think there's anything you can hide from me? How would you like her to know what you think about when you look at her?"

{.} Kahlan: "We made them do such terrible things. And if we tried not to, he would..."
Renn: "Tie you up, bind your hands."
Richard: "That's why you didn't want me... Why didn't you just use your power against him?"
Renn: "Because he was her father."

{.} Renn: "Why haven't you told her what you feel about her?"
Richard: "It's complicated. You'll understand when you get older."
Renn: "It's not that complicated. You're just scared she doesn't feel the same way. But you don't have to be scared. She feels the same way you do."
Richard: "Why does she say anything?"
Renn: "I don't know. I mean, I know, it just doesn't make sense. Something about she's afraid to hurt you with her powers."

{.} Renn: "Tell him what you feel about him. It'll be okay."

{.} Richard: "Well, if we ever get to be parents, I guess we will have had some practice."

1x06 - Elixir
{.} Richard: "I was distracted."
Zedd: "What on the prophets good earth could have distracted you?"

{.} Richard: "Kahlan, about back at the river... I didn't see anything."
Kahlan: "Richard, you should never lie to a Confessor."

{.} Kahlan: "Richard, you've seen what these potions can do..."
Richard: "I know you want to protect me, cause I'm the Seeker..."
Kahlan: "It's not just because you're the Seeker. Richard, I..."

{.} Drea: "I knew you’ll be back. It’s the pretty girl you were with isn’t it? I saw the way you were looking at her. I have something that will make you irresistible to her."

{.} Kahlan: "Maybe there's hope for them."
Zedd: "Maybe for them. But not for the two of you."
Kahlan: "What are you talking about?"
Zedd: "Kahlan, Richard has feelings for you."
Kahlan: "You're imagining things."
Zedd: "I see the way he looks at you and how you are starting to notice him. But you know neither of you can ever act on these feelings. So the question is, are you going to tell him or shall I?"

1x07 - Identity
{.} Zedd: "Of all the magic in the world, none is more powerful than love."

{.} Richard: "You know... part of me envies you. You get to settle down, get married, raise a family. Something I may never get to do."
Gryff: "But you have Kahlan, don't you.."
Richard: "Yeah, but... We're not..."
Gryff: "Oh, I thought maybe you were."

{.} Kahlan: "There's something I should have told you a long time ago. A Confessor's power is always present. We have to hold it in at all times."
Gryff: "Is that difficult?"
Kahlan: "Yes. Especially if I were with someone I love. Then the power couldn't be controlled. At the moment of ecstasy, it would be unleashed. My lover's soul will be taken, then he would become a slave. That's why we could never be together. You wouldn't be yourself anymore. And you couldn't fulfill your destiny. I'm sorry, Richard."

{.} Kahlan: "Heard you got married."
Richard: "It was a lovely ceremony...I just had to do what I had to, to get back to you and Zedd."
Kahlan: "I'm glad you did."

{.} Kahlan: "After worrying all this time, I told the wrong person."
Gryff: "You should tell Richard."

{.} Shota: "It is written that the Seeker will be betrayed by the one closest to him. You will be betrayed by the one in white."

1x08 - Denna
{.} Kahlan: "I killed you!"
Richard: "Good thing it was just a dream."

{.} Richard: "Kahlan, I know we haven't known eachother long, but in my whole life there is no one that I have trusted more, cared about more... Kahlan, I..."
Kahlan: "You what?"

{.} Kahlan: "You were right. I do have feelings for him. Last night I almost lost control of those feelings."

{.} Denna:"Kahlan Amnell. You are in love with her. Has she confessed you? Is that why you love her?"
Richard: "No, Kahlan would never hurt me. She would never need magic to make me love her."

{.} Denna: "She didn't tell you."
Richard: "Tell me what?"
Denna: "If you and Kahlan were to be together. Even once. Her power would be unleashed. It would overwhelm you and destroy your soul. You would be her slave forever."

{.} Kahlan: "I was afraid that if I told you the truth, you’d become scared of me. Your feelings would change."
Richard: "Why would you care if my feelings changed? You told me you didn't share them."
Kahlan: "Well, like you said, I'm not a very good liar."

{.} Richard: "Kahlan, if she orders me to kill you, I might not be able to stop myself."
Kahlan: "I know you. You're strong enough."
Richard: "There might be a way."
Kahlan: "Tell me."
Richard: "Confess me."
Kahlan: "Richard I can't confess you."
Richard: "You have to."
Kahlan: "I'll be destroying everything that you are."
Richard: "Denna is already doing that. If you confess me I can fight her. I'd rather be your slave than hers."

{.} Richard: "So, now what?"
Kahlan: "I'm not sure. But I do know I'm not leaving your side again".
Richard: "What about the Prophecy?"
Kahlan: "I can't think of any worse betrayal than leaving you."

{.} Denna: "End her pain, Richard!"

{.} Kahlan: "Richard, your mission is far more important than any feelings we may have. That's why we... we can never act on them. We can never let our guard down. We have to bury them. Can you do that?"
Richard: "Well, if there's one thing I learned from's how to suffer in silence."

1x09 - Puppeteer
{.} Kahlan: "What'd you do that for? I had him."
Richard: "It looked to me like he had you."
Kahlan: "This is what I was afraid of."
Richard: "That I'd save your life?"
Kahlan: "That you'd let your feelings for me get in the way of the mission."

{.} Richard: "What're you doing?!"
Kahlan: "The magic of the journey book only works when the words are written in blood."
Richard: "Then we'll use mine."
Kahlan: "I thought you weren't being overprotective."

{.} Kahlan: "Richard, what if this is it?"
Richard: "What do you mean?"
Kahlan: "I mean, what if you kill Rahl? It'll all be over. The magic hold he has over his forces will be gone. Some people might fight for a while, but most would wake up. Back to their lives, their families. So could you."
Richard: "I have no family left."
Kahlan: "You could find somebody to start one with."

1x10 - Sacrifice
{.} Richard: "Right now, my mission is to find Kahlan's sister..."

{.} Kahlan: "She would have kept that promise if I hadn't left her for dead"
Richard: "Kahlan! Kah, hey, hey, we're going to find her ok?"

{.} Richard: "Kahlan, you can't go along with this"
Kahlan: "You think this is easy for me? This is my nephew!"

{.} Kahlan: "I'm sorry Richard, you don't understand"
Richard: "Your right, I don't, you promised me"

{.} Richard: "Stay away Kahlan"
Kahlan: "Richard wait! What are you planning on doing? Just keep running with the child?"
Richard: "What your people want to do is barbaric"
Kahlan: "I know it must seem that way, but you have to understand, that boy is a threat to everything that we're fighting for!"
Richard: "How do you know that if none of them have been allowed to live?"
Kahlan: "Its too dangerous to rely on hope"
Richard: "Hope?! Isnt that what we're fighting for? Kahlan... I was a child that was hunted. Darken Rahl tried to kill me because of his blind faith in prophecy."
Kahlan "Are you asking me not to believe in prophecy?"
Richard: "No - I'm asking you to believe in me."

{.} Kahlan: "We're on our own Richard"

{.} Kahlan: "I'm so sorry Richard... but I couldn't let them hurt you."
Richard: "It's not your fault."
Kahlan: "With Zedd confessed, the sword of truth gone...its hopeless."
Richard: "There's always hope."

{.} Mother Confessor: "You have betrayed your order Kahlan. Who are you to question my judgment, when yours is so obviously impaired by your feelings for the Seeker. You would forsake everything you believe, everything you've lived for, for a man who could never love you?"

{.} Mother Confessor: "It shouldn't be a difficult decision, Kahlan. Saving the man you love."

1x11 - Confession
{.} Zedd: "Confessor can't travel without her Seeker, the Seeker can't travel without his Confessor."

{.} Kahlan: "There's something wrong with me."
Richard: "I know you, and who you are is more than some magical power you have."

{.} Richard: "Things were never this complicated in Westland."
Kahlan: "You could always go back."
Richard: "Not a chance."

1x12 - Home
{.} Kahlan: "So, how did you know it was a trick? What brought you out of it?"
Richard: "As real as it was in every way, nothing in my whole life has been more real than you and right when I was about to tell Anna where the box was I sensed that I absolutely knew you existed. I knew because I felt... I felt your love for me."

{.} Kahlan "I'm here Richard, I'm right here! Come back to me. I can get through. Richard, it's me, Kahlan. Dont listen to what they're telling you. Remember all the things we've been through.Think of me Richard. I’m right here. I need you Richard, I need you right here with me. That night at the forest, I never wanted that kiss to end, and the next day when you followed me on the path and told you I had no feelings for you, that was a lie. This is the truth, I love you, Richard. Please, come back to me Richard. I love you."

1x13 - Revenant
{.} Richard: "It's too bad they couldn't have lived to see the world they'd saved."
Kahlan: "But they died knowing they fulfilled their destiny...and...least they died together. "

{.} Richard: "Prophecy says I will defeat Rahl. It doesn't say what will happen to us."

{.} Kieran: "He didn't understand the bond between Confessor and Seeker."

{.} Kieran: “Finally, what the wizard stole from us is ours forever.”

{.} Kahlan: "But this Confessor, this Seeker... they have a destiny too."
Richard: "A destiny that is destroying them just as it did us. They love each other. I know you can feel it. This will be a way for them to be together too."

{.} Kahlan: "He was just doing what he had to... to keep us from becoming like Viviane and Kieran."
Richard: "That wont happen."
Kahlan: "They probably thought the same thing, and in that moment of weakness, they lost everything."
Richard: Yeah, well we're stronger than they were.
Kahlan: "I hope you're right."
Richard: "Love isn't something to fear, Kahlan."
Kahlan: "For me it is."

1x14 - Hartland
{.} Kahlan: "How long were the two of you...?"
Richard: "We were always close. Since we were crawling on all fours."
Kahlan: "After Darken Rahl is defeated, maybe you could come back."You and Anna could pick up where you left off."
Richard: "Kahlan, why are we talking about this? "
Kahlan: "Because you deserve a normal life. A wife. A family."
Richard: "It wouldn't be fair to Anna."
Kahlan: "Why not?"
Richard: "How can I marry her when my heart belongs to someone else?"

{.} Anna: I'd ask you to stay but I know you have a bigger destiny...and other people who need you.

1x15 - Conversion
{.} Rahl: "I know how this must pain you both greatly... seeing the one you love in such misery. Almost as painful as sharing an undying love which you can never consummate".
Kahlan: "And what would you know about love? Except that you will never feel it... from anyone."

{.} Rahl: Being unable to express your love for eachother... such a fate is unimaginable.

{.} Rahl: "You have carried the burden of your powers for so long Kahlan. I'm going to lift that burden and take it upon myself."
Kahlan: "I won't need my powers to see through your lies!"

{.} Kahlan: “You realize what we could do with this.”

{.} Richard: "Rahl was wrong when he said our fate was unimaginable. The only unimaginable fate is one without you. And he was wrong about something else too. I will fulfill the prophecy. I'm going to kill Rahl and I'm going to do it with you by my side.

1x16 - Bloodline
{.} Richard: "What are you doing?!"
Kahlan: "I thought you wanted me to keep you sharp."
Richard: "I didn't say kill me!"
Kahlan: "If I got that close to killing you, apparently you need the practice."

1x17 - Deception
{.} Kahlan: "Carver!"
Richard: "Maris!"
Kahlan: "You abandoned me! You haven't sent a penny home for your children. How do you expect us to survive?"
Richard: "You shouldn't have come here!"
Kahlan: "Don't they pay you? How much does he earn?"
D'haran: "Well, maam, he's only been at this posting for a few days."
Kahlan: "Well, he hasn't sent me money for months!"
Richard: "You selfish wench! Who's watching our children while you're chasing after me? Captain, I'm sorry about this. Let me get rid of her!"
D'haran: "He may have made quick work of you, sergeant, but I don't think Carver Dunn is any match for his wife."

{.} Kahlan: "Wench?!"
Richard: "You started it! Did you have to hit me so hard?!"

{.} Kahlan: "Why did you let him go?"
Richard: "Why did you try to protect Carver Dunn."

1x18 - Mirror
{.} Fake Kahlan: "I'm going to use the one tool that the Seeker is defenseless against."

{.} Fake Kahlan: "You're going to be very sorry walking around those wet pants all day..."
Richard : "This is a bad idea..."
Fake Kahlan: "You won't say that once you're in the water."

{.}Richard: "We really should get going. This is a very bad idea..."

{.} Richard: "What if you lose control?"
Fake Kahlan: "Oh I can control myself. Question is, can you?"

{.} Richard: "Kahlan why did you do that?"
Kahlan : "Do what?"
Richard: "What is this? You take your clothes off, you swim that close to me..."
Kahlan : "Take my clothes off? What are you talking about?"
Richard: "Your hair is dry. That wasn't you in the lake..."
Kahlan : "Your hair is wet. That wasn't you in the forest..." Someone has got some very powerful magic."

{.} Richard: "I was distracted."
Kahlan: "By a naked woman you went swimming with."
Richard: "I thought it was you."

{.} Woman: "My love...I found you! Last night was the most wonderful night of my life.
Richard: "I...she...I never saw her before! Did you find anybody?
Kahlan: "No, but it looks like you did!
Richard: "Whoever you are, I'm so sorry...You may have met someone who looks like me but i'm not him.
Woman: "I know you don't want the Confessor to think you've found another but...she'll understand. Love is never something you have to hide.

{.} Fake Kahlan: "You alright?"
Richard: "You're not Kahlan."
Fake Kahlan: "Hey, there's nobody around Seeker. Your dream could come true. No price to pay."
Richard: "Why would you wanna do that?"
Fake Kahlan: "A story to tell my grandchildren. Who knows... they might be your grandchildren. Don't you find me desirable?"
Richard: "Yes. Which is why you'd better stop!"

{.} Fake Kahlan: "You may be the one true Seeker but you're not very much fun."

{.} Kahlan: "Maybe we should've come along a little later. Given you and Clayre some time together..."
Richard: "I'm not interested in her."
Kahlan: "Don't you find her pretty?"
Richard: "Why do I get the feeling there is nothing I could say right now that isn't going to get me in trouble?"
Zedd: "You're growing in wisdom everyday my boy..."

1x19 - Cursed
{.} Richard: "Maybe this is a gift. One you shouldn't deny. It's a part of who you are."
Kahlan: "When I'm in the Con Dar, I don't know who that is."

{.} Kahlan: "My power is part of who I am. I tried to deny it and it only put people in danger. I need to embrace it, learn to control it."

1x20 - Sanctuary
{.} Richard: "A world without magic."
Kahlan: "Sounds perfect."
Richard: "Without magic you would be deprived of your power to confess, the sword of truth would be merely a piece of steel."
Kahlan: "Magic has its uses, but sometimes... it keeps people apart."

{.} Kahlan: "You may have noticed how Richard and I look at each other, but I see how you look at Livia."

{.} Richard: “Something on your mind?”
Kahlan: “I was just thinking about James- the world he created. Would have been nice to visit, now and then.”
Richard: “I know what you mean.”

1x21 - Fever
{.} Richard: “The one force that can touch the beast's heart and tame love.”

{.} Richard: "I thought I was going to lose you."
Kahlan: "Did you get the boxes?"
Richard: "Yes."
Kahlan: "Then it's almost over."
Richard: "There's one more thing."
Kahlan: "What is it, Richard?"
Richard: "You have to confess me."

1x22 - Reckoning
{.} Kahlan: “Maybe Richard will find another way. Just tell him, Alice. Tell him that his own Confessor never stopped loving him. And that if he can’t undo the magic, if he can’t return to her then, she’ll be waiting for him, in the Underworld. Forever.”

{.} Kahlan: "You must tell her who her mother was, and who the great hero, Richard Cypher was, and you must teach her what she needs to do to help the Seeker return to his own time and save the world from Darken Rahl."
Alice: "My lady, I'm only a blacksmith's daughter."
Kahlan: "And the Seeker was only a woodcutter's son."

{.} Cara: "What's wrong?"
Richard: "I'm in love with somebody else."
Cara: "Who said anything about love? I'm talking about pleasure."
Richard: "I'm sorry."
Cara: "Look at you- faithful to a woman who's probably been dead- 30 years?"

{.} Richard: "I thought I'd never see you again. Either of you."

{.} Richard: "Kahlan, when we first met, you told me you'd give your life for the Seeker. And that's what you did. Even when it looked like you had no hope, you loved me across time."

{.} Kahlan: "Richard, you've done everything we've asked of you, and more. No one can blame you if you want to go home."
Richard: "I am home."

2x01 - Marked
{.} Rachel: "Are you going to marry Richard?"
Kahlan: "No. We're not getting married."
Rachel: "Don't you love each other?"
Kahlan: "Yes.. But my duties as a confessor, my powers, keeps me from being able to be a wife to Richard."
Rachel: "That's not fair."

[About Cara]
{.} Richard: "I'm not telling you to trust her, I'm telling you to trust me."

{.} Richard: "I'm not the Lord Rahl, I'm Richard Cypher. I'm the Seeker. And you're the Mother Confessor."

{.} Kahlan: "But as long as you’re still the Seeker, you need your Confessor by your side."

2x02 - Baneling
[Touching his chest]
{.} Kahlan: "Does it hurt?"
Richard: "It's nothing."
Kahlan: "The spirit of the tyrant you killed comes back from the grave and burns the mark of the Keeper in your chest? It's not nothing, Richard. I wish I knew what it meant."

2x03 - Broken
{.} Richard: "You can't travel alone, I'll go with you."

{.} Richard: "It almost made me kill the person I love most"
Cara "But you didn't, did you? Because your love for her was strong enough to overcome everything they did to you."

{.} Richard: "I'm not going to anything happen to you. Ever."

2x04 - Touched
{.} Annabelle: "So you can't get married?"
Kahlan: "A confessor takes a mate, but... not for love. To continue our line. And there aren't very many of us left." [...] So one day when you're ready you'll take a suitable mate.
Annabelle: "What makes a mate suitable?"
Kahlan: "[Looking at Richard]Well, uh, he should be strong, noble, brave. A leader."
Annabelle: "So Richard's your mate then."
Kahlan: "No...I love Richard, but if he and I were to be together, in that way he would become confessed."
Annabelle: "But he already loves you!"

{.} Richard: "You lied to me!"
Kahlan: "I had to! If the Keeper wins everyone will die! I need the Seeker to fight him! To seal the rift in the underworld! I need you to be you Richard!

{.} Richard: "Don't kill her! I love her! I love her as much as I ever loved you!"

{.} Annabelle: "You'll be the last confessor. You'll have to take a mate."
Kahlan: "Yes, someday I'll.'
Annabelle: "Richard would make a good father for a confessor wouldn't he?
Kahlan: "Annabelle..."
Annabelle: "If he's confessed to me, you can't hurt him. And he could give you a child."

{.} Kahlan: "Richard would never use magic to force someone to act against their will."
Annabelle: "But it's not really against his will. If he wasn't confessed he would want to."
Kahlan: "But he is confessed. And I'm not prepared to make that decision for him. Or to make him a father without his blessing."

{.} Kahlan: "It's only me now."
Richard: "No. You got us."
Richard: "Kahlan, I can understand why you couldn’t go through with it. But part of me wishes you had."
Kahlan: "Me too."

2x05 - Wizard
{.} Kahlan: "Richard is the Seeker"
Shota: "Of course you would say that about the man who you love"

{.} Richard: "I'm going after him."
Kahlan: "Richard, No!"
Richard: "I can't abandon Zedd."
Kahlan: "Then I'm coming with you."
Richard: "Kahlan this quest is bigger than any of us. Don't follow me."

2x06 - Fury
{.} Cara: "Maybe you're just upset because Richard raised his voice at you"

{.} Zedd: "What are you angry at?"
Richard: "I can’t be with the woman I love."

{.} Kahlan: "There is only good in him."

2x07 - Ressurection
{.} Cara: "If you were still a true Mord Sith, you'd serve him too."
Denna: "Under the right circumstances, I might. But I fear Richard's been compromised."
Cara: "Compromised?"
Denna: "By Kahlan. You've seen the way they are together. She wouldn't need to confess him to get him to do her bidding. He'd sacrifice anything for her. His mission. Even you."
Cara: "You don't know the first thing about the Mother Confessor."
Denna: "I know that Kahlan Amnell doesn't care for Mord Sith. She tried to kill me. Twice."
Cara: "She's a woman of honor. She spared my life. Even after she learned I killed her sister. Her loyalties aren't in question. Yours are."

{.} Richard: "Whatever you're planning, Kahlan will stop you."
Denna: "Not this time. Goodbye, Seeker."

{.} Richard: "My heart is spoken for."

{.} Denna: "It's not often I entertain guests personally, but for you I could make an exception. If it would make the experience more exciting, I could even put on a white dress."

{.} Darken Rahl: "You want to see your beloved Kahlan again, don't you?"
Richard: "Kahlan will go on without me..."

{.} Kahlan: "Take your hands off him."

{.} Denna: "You aren't going to kill the man you love."
Kahlan: "He's not the man I love."

{.} Richard: "I didn't think I was going to see you again."

2x08 - Light
{.} Kahlan: (about the headaches) "Richard, why didn't you say anything?"
Richard: "I didn't want to worry you."

{.} Kahlan: "Richard, you have to go with them."
Richard: "I won't leave you. I won't leave Zedd."
Kahlan: "Cara and I will find Zedd. And the compass. Your death won't help us do that."
Richard: "You're asking me to give up my quest."
Kahlan: "I'm asking you to stay alive. I can't live in a world without you."
Richard: "Kahlan..."
Kahlan: "Richard... If you love me, you'll do this."
Richard: "All right. I'll go."
Kahlan: "What are you doing?"
Richard: "I don't know how long I'll be gone. And you can't wait for me. Once you've found Zedd and the compass,he may have to name a new Seeker to find the Stone of Tears."
Kahlan: "Richard..."
Richard: "The quest is bigger than just one man. Take it."
Kahlan: "But only until you return. Something to protect yourself with."
Richard: "I love you. And I will be back."

{.} Kahlan: "We can name a new Seeker, but we'll never find anyone to replace Richard."

{.} Richard: "Well, the sooner we get there, the sooner I can get back home."
Verna: "You're not the only one eager to return home. I haven't seen mine in 24 years."
Richard: "How could you bear to be away from your loved ones for so long?
Verna: "As long as you keep them in your heart,you take them wherever you go."

2x09 - Dark
{.} Cara: "Is something wrong?"
Kahlan: "I miss Richard."
Cara: "Why?"
Kahlan: "Because I love him and I'm not used to being apart from him."
Cara: "It's not necessary to feel pain over his absence."
Kahlan: "Don't you feel anything?"
Cara: "Mord-Sith believe emotions must be governed. Sadness, remorse, love... These feelings make you weak. But anger, loyalty, pride. These feelings make you powerful. I can teach you how to control your emotions, if you like."
Kahlan: "I'm not sure love makes a person weak, Cara."
Cara: "Then why are you sitting on the ground weeping over a sword?
Kahlan: "Thank you for your advice, but, I think I'll be all right."

{.} Richard: "And if I stay I'm giving up the love of my life"

{.} Kahlan: "Richard's with them. He could be in danger. I have to find him."

{.} Prelate: "You're a lost soul if you have nothing to believe in, Richard."
Richard: "I believe in myself. And the people I love."

2x10 - Predition
{.} Richard: "Kahlan. I'm sorry I failed you."
Kahlan: "All is forgiven, Richard. You don't need to be in pain anymore. You don't need to be alone. You can be with me again forever."
Richard: "How?"
Kahlan: "All you have to do... is die."
Richard: "I can't do that."
Kahlan: "You can. There's nothing to fear. All you have to do is take my hand. Come with me. (Kahlan offers him her hand) Come with me, please!"
(Richard pulls back his hand)
Kahlan: "What's wrong, Richard?"
Richard: "You're not Kahlan."
Kahlan: "Of course, I am."
Richard: "No. Kahlan would never ask me to die. She'd tell me to keep living. She'd say there could still be life somewhere in the world."
Kahlan: "Look around, Richard. There's nothing left in the world of the living."
Richard: "You're lying. And if you're lying, you're not real. None of this is real. I have to go."

{.} Richard: "You don't know how happy I am to see you."

2x11 - Torn
{.} Richard: "I've kept you away from home long enough."
Kahlan: "My home is with you."
Richard: "We've been apart before. We'll always find our way back to each other."

{.} Kahlan: "Can you imagine what it would be like to be ordinary people?"
Richard: "You mean the kind that sleep in beds in houses?"
Kahlan: "Yes... Yes. That make each other breakfast in the morning and kiss their children good night. The kind that have time to go see the falls of Aldramond at sunset. Do you ever think about that?"
Richard: "Every day."

{.} Richard: "What is this about?"
Kahlan: "I just... I saw her with you. And I was afraid that... that last night meant nothing to you."
Richard: "It meant everything to me."

{.} Kahlan: "Richard, there are some things that you told me that I am glad I don't remember. Some that I wish I did."
Richard: "I have enough memories for the both of us."
Kahlan: "When Zedd put me back together, you gave something up, too."
Richard: "Kahlan, if I had known what happend to you I never would have..."
Kahlan: "I know. But we did. And you said it was..."
Richard: "Yes. It was. But I'd rather have you. All of you. Just the way you are. Than everything else with someone who's not you."

{.} Richard: "You're going to stay?"
Kahlan: "No. I'm gonna reinstate the Council and send for my sister, so Aydindril doesn't have to be without a Confessor. And if I'm needed, Althrone has the amulet."
Richard: "You know I'd understand if you did wanna stay."
Kahlan: "I'll always be torn. But I can only be at one place at a time. Right now that place is with you."

2x12 - Hunger
{.} Cara: "I'm grateful. To both of you. For helping me save Theddicus."
Richard: "It wasn't just Theddicus that we wanted to save."
Cara: "Still. You must think I'm a monster... for taking the deal."
Kahlan: "If I was faced with the same choice, eternity in the underworld or come back? Help Richard, be with him? I might have made the same decision."

2x13 - Princess
{.} Kahlan: "You're a fool if you think the Seeker isn't going to find me."

{.} Richard: "East."
Kahlan: "It'll take us close to Nargath. We'll make sure you get home save."
Queen: "Thank you."
Richard: "We should move fast. Nicci may have run away but she'll be back."
Zedd: "With her powers."
Richard: "To Nargath then."
Cara: "Uh. Not until I get out of that dress."
Kahlan: (to Cara) "Why? A little lower on the neckline and you may never need another Agiel. ---"
(to Richard) "And had you done this a year ago, Darken Rahl would have surrendered to the sight of you. ---"
(to Zedd) "And if you're going to wear a hamnet short you should get rid of the stockings and show a little skin."

Wizard's First Rule
♥ His eyes fell on the young woman as she came around the bend in front of him. His breath caught for an instant.
Her brown hair was full, lush, and long, complementing the contours of her body.

♥ The connection was so intense that it threatened to drain his sense of self. He felt that he had always known her,
that she had always been a part of him, that her needs were his needs. She held him with her gaze as surely as a
grip of iron would, searching his eyes as if searching his soul, (...) I am here to help you, he said in his mind. He meant it more
than any thought he had ever had.

♥ "Do you choose to help me?" Except for her color, her exquisite features gave no hint as to her emotions. Before his mind
could form a thought, he heard himself say, "Yes."

♥ He leaned closer, and kept his voice low, but firm. "I won't leave you." Relief washed over her face. She gave a slight nod as
she settled her hand lightly on his forearm.

♥ "I don't even know your name. I wanted to ask before, but I was afraid to talk." [...] "My name is Richard Cypher." Her green eyes
studied his as he looked at her. [...] "There are not many who would have stood with me." He found her voice as attractive as
the rest of her. It matched the spark of intelligence in her eyes. It almost took his breath away. "You are a very rare person,
Richard Cypher." To his intense displeasure Richard felt his face flush. She looked away, pulling the strands of hair off her face,
and pretended not to notice his blushing. (...) She turned back to him. "I am Kahlan. My family name is Amnell." He looked into
her eyes a long moment. "You too are a very rare person, Kahlan Amnell. There are not many who would have stood as you did."
She did not blush, but smiled again. It was an odd sort of smile, a special smile, not showing any teeth. Her lips were pressed together,
as one would do when taking another into one's confidence. Her eyes sparkled. It was a smile of sharing.

♥ "Well, Kahlan, my friend, can you tell me how it is that we are alive and those four men are not?" She looked at him, in surprise.
"Do you mean that?" "Mean what?" She hesitated. " `Friend.' " Richard shrugged. "Sure. You just said I stood with you.
That's the kind of thing a friend does, isn't it?" He gave her a smile. Kahlan turned away. "I don't know." She fingered the sleeve
of her dress as she looked down. "I have never had a friend before. Except maybe my sister..." He felt the pain in her voice.
"Well, you have one now," he said in his most cheerful tone. "After all, we just went through something pretty frightening together.
We helped each other, and we survived."

♥ He held out his hand to help her up. She stared at it in surprise. He continued to hold it out for her. She gazed up into his eyes,
and took the hand. Richard smiled. "Never had a friend give you a hand up before?" She averted her eyes. "No."

♥ Kahlan laid a hand on his arm. "Richard, I'm sorry. I didn't know... about your father. I'm sorry."

♥ "Kahlan, I am here. I won't leave you. You are not alone. I am your friend. Trust in me." He gently
squeezed her shoulders. "Come back to me. Please."
"Richard?" She called out the name as if searching for him.
He squeezed her shoulders again. "I'm here.
I won't leave you. Come back to me."

♥ [talking to shar] "Don't you see? That is why I cannot tell him. If I tell him, he will no longer be my friend, will no longer care for me.
[...]He looks into my eyes, Shar. Not many have ever dared that. No one could ever look into me the way he does. His eyes make
me feel safe. He makes my heart smile."

♥ "You play a dangerous game, Confessor Kahlan," Shar warned. "He could fall in love with you first. Then your telling would hurt him unforgivably."
"I won't let that happen."
"You will choose him?"
"Confessor Kahlan, you are the last of your kind. Darken Rahl has killed all the others. Even your sister, Dennee. You are the
Mother Confessor. You must choose a mate."
"I could not do that to someone I cared for. No Confessor would," she sobbed.

♥ "Kahlan, if it had been you, I would have come after you," he said, meaning more than the words he spoke.

♥ "I did not want you to think I don't appreciate your friendship; I do. It's just that what we are doing is more important than any oneperson."
He knew she had meant much more than she said, just as he had. He looked into her eyes, felt her breath on, his face.
"Kahlan, do you have someone?" He feared the arrow to his heart, but had to ask. "Someone at home who waits for you, I mean?
A love?" He held the gaze of her green eyes for a long time. She didn't look away, but her eyes filled with tears.
More than anything he wanted to put his arms around her and kiss her.
She reached up, letting the backs of her- fingers brush
his face gently. She cleared her throat. "It is not that simple, Richard."
"Yes it is. Either you do or you don't."
"I have obligations."

♥ He desperately wanted to hug her close. He ached to taste her soft lips. But he was inexplicably getting the same feeling he had had before
he crossed the bridge. It was a strong feeling of warning, stronger than his desire to kiss her. Something told him that if he did, it would be
crossing one bridge too many.

♥ She smiled and could only nod, too close to tears to speak. She kissed the end of her finger and pressed it against his cheek,
then slipped back into the night.
Richard sat in the dark, trying to swallow past the lump in his throat. Long after she was gone he could still feel the place on his cheek
where she had put her finger, her kiss.

♥ Richard watched her for a while after she closed her eyes, until sleep gently took him. His last thoughts before it came, were of her.

♥ Before he could, she threw her arms around him, embracing him tighter than he would have thought her capable of.
He hugged her back just as tight while her fingers went up the back of his neck, into his hair, holding his head to her as she cried.
He couldn't believe how good it felt to have her back.
He didn't want to let her go, ever.
"I'm so very sorry, Richard," she sobbed.
"For what?"
"That you had to kill a man on my account."
He rocked her gently, stroking her hair. "It's all right."

♥ Richard stood slowly, towering over her. His boots were right in front of her. Kahlan knew he was looking down at her,
but she fixed her eyes on the floor.
"Piece of advice," he said in a voice that surprised her with its gentleness, "since you have never had a friend before. Friends don't
bargain away another friend's rights. Or their hearts."
She couldn't bring herself to look up at him.

♥ "I had a whole speech rehearsed in my mind. But now I can't remember a word of it. You have that effect on me." He smiled again. "Apology accepted."

♥ Fluidly, impulsively, she put the apple to his mouth and held it there as he took a big, wet bite. If only it were possible for him
to put his lips on her like that, she thought.

♥ She wanted him so desperately, in a way she had never wanted anything before, a way that was painful. Were they both to die
without being allowed to live? She felt a tingling
weakness with the need of him.

♥ Teasingly, she took the apple from his mouth. Juice ran down his chin. Slowly, deliberately, she leaned over and licked the
sweet juice from his chin. He didn't move. Their faces were inches apart; she shared his breath, quick and warm.
So close was she that her eyes could scarcely focus on his. She had to
swallow the wetness in her mouth.

♥ She released the apple, brought her wet fingers to his lips, and watched, her own tongue on her upper lip, as he let each finger
slide into his mouth, slowly sucking the juice from them one at a time as she offered them. The feeling of the inside of his mouth,
wet and warm, sent shivers through her.

♥ "I want you," she panted in a breathless whisper.
Her head lowered. Her lips brushed against his.
A look of pain seemed to cross his eyes. "Only if you first tell me what you are."

♥ Richard sat up, put his hand gently on her shoulder. "Kahlan, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. Only if you want to do this."
Her eyebrows wrinkled together as she tried to keep from crying. "Please." She could hardly get the words out. "Just hold me?"
He drew her tenderly to him, held her head to his shoulder. Pain, pain of who she was, reached its icy fingers back into her.
His other arm wrapped protectively around her, holding her tight against him as he rocked her.
"That's what friends are for," he whispered in her ear.
She was too drained even to cry.
"I promise, Richard, I will tell you. But not tonight? Tonight, just hold me. Please?"

Stone of Tears
♥ "To know Richard is to know who Kahlan is."

♥ "She would have given her life, right then, to have Richard hold her for just five minutes."

♥ "He missed her smile, her green eyes, the soft sound of her voice, her intelligence and wit, her touch. She made the world alive for him.
He would have given his life at that moment just to hold her for five minutes."

Honorary Shippers

Bridget Regan
"I think it's the love she has for Richard and the feeling of knowing that she's loved by him. Which is like a feeling I imagine a women like her thinks, you know god you'll never be able to experience love anyway in your entire life. Growing up with that knowledge that you will never have that and then despite that having his amazing man love you despite all your flaws and despite this power that you have that you have no control over. I like the idea that it makes her stronger and it makes her even better you know the feeling like your invincible when you're that in love and you can just concur the world."

Craig Horner
"So they start off with this opposite worlds but very attracted to each other, there's something they see in each other that they're really drawn too. As time goes by they realises that they are on this mission alone together and they kind of need each other in more ways that they think."

Terry Goodkind
Wrote the entire Sword of Truth series!

Jessica Marais
“I think you basically continue to just follow the journey of Kahlan and Richard, who are the two main characters. And you just watch sort of their relationship unfold furthermore and watch them grow as characters.”

Rob Tapert
“One of the things Sam Raimi and myself loved about the books was the love story, the relationship between Richard and Kahlan...”

"Your feelings for Richard are what make you afraid child. I can imagine how hard it must be never to have what ordinary young people have but Richard is strong too. And if you tell him the truth, he'll understand and you'll find a way through this maze together."

"but you didn't did you, because your love for her was strong enough to overcome everything they did to you"

“Are you going to marry Richard?”

"It’s not that complicated. You’re just scared that she doesn’t feel the same way. But you don’t have to be scared. She feels the same way you do."

"So Richard's your mate then?"

"I knew you’ll be back. It’s the pretty girl you were with isn’t it? I saw the way you were looking at her. I have something that will make you irresistible to her."

"Of course you'd say that about the man you love."

Kieran & Vivianne
"But this Confessor, this Seeker. They have a destiny too."
"A destiny that is destroying them just as it did us. They love each other, I know you can feel it too."

Darken Rahl
"The idiot has gone and fallen in love with his Confessor, she's all he can think about."

"You've seen the way they are together. She wouldn't need to confess him to get him to do her bidding, he'd sacrifice anything for her..."

"Listen, what you told me last night, I know it was meant for Richard. You should tell Richard."

"I saw how you two looked at each other, both of you wanted to come here. But in the real world, magic is your prison. It's what keep people apart. Out there your love would destroy him but here, you can be together."

"I heard what Darken Rahl said so I know what you gave up when you gave the potion to Chase. But maybe someday, you'll find a way to be together."

Sister Verna
Did you see the look she gave to Richard & Kahlan after they kissed in 2.10!

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Craig Horner (born 1983) is an Australian actor
who first appeared in the Australian television
program Cybergirl. Horner also portrayed Garry Miller
on the series Blue Water High and Ash Dove in the
series H2O: Just Add Water.
He currently stars as Richard Cypher in Legend of the Seeker,
the syndicated television adaption of Terry Goodkind’s
Sword of Truth series of books.

Horner discovered a love for acting after appearing
in school productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream
and The Maids. In addition to performing, Horner’s
other creative talents include playing the guitar and
writing music.
An avid outdoorsman, Horner enjoys playing soccer,
volleyball, tennis,
swimming, skiing, snowboarding and kayaking.

Kahlan Amnell played by

For a fairly new actress who just began
her career in 2006, Bridget Regan has already
compiled quite an impressive resume. Most popular
for her role as Kahlan Amnell in the fantasy
action-adventure series Legend of the Seeker,
Bridget has become one of the hottest newcomers on
television. Growing up in San Diego, California, she
knew even then that acting was what she wanted to pursue.
During high school, Regan attended a summer acting
conservatory where a teacher of hers raved about
Gerald Freedman and convinced her to train under him.

She then spent four years studying in the School
of Drama at the University of North Carolina School
of the Arts (UNCSA) where Freedman was the dean.
After graduating in 2004, Bridget moved from
Winston-Salem, North Carolina to New York City and
worked on stage while auditioning for movies,
television series guest roles, and TV pilots.
While in New York, she was involved in several film
and television projects including guest appearances
on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, where she played
Assitant District Attorney Claudia Shankly, on the
short-lived ABC drama Six Degrees as Diana Foss,
and on the FOX police drama New Amsterdam, playing Daphne Tucker.

In 2007, Regan portrayed the recurring character
Trish Hughes on NBC’s The Black Donnellys before
making her Broadway debut in Mark Twain’s Is He Dead?
(December 2007-March 2008) and playing hostess in the
film Sex and the City (2008). However, the role that would
launch her into television stardom came in the Fall of 2008
when she was cast as the captivating Confessor Kahlan Amnell
in the syndicated series Legend of the Seeker, which was
based on the Terry Goodkind fantasy novels. From the
comforts of living in New York, Bridget flew halfway around
the world to New Zealand for the making of the show, in which
she is paired with Australian actor Craig Horner.

Bridget on Craig;

After seeing a picture of him
{.} "Craigy! Look at him (laughs) i'd say yeah Craig you can work the shirtless vest look, your one of the only guys that can (nods)....he's great Craig's awesome...he's from Australia so he's got this true Aussie guy thing about him, but one of the best things about the show is when it started, he moved from Australia and I moved from the States and we both really gave up our lives to just devote ourselves to the show, so we really didn't have any friends other then each other (laughs)...were great we're Peas and Carrots..were good"

{.} "I feel very lucky to be doing this with Craig, hes a great actor, a great guy, we are both new to New Zealand and both came there with no friends or anything except for the suitcases we were carrying so we're really in this together, its great"

{.} After watching a clip of Craig telling things about her
"I love that Craig Horner"

{.} "I auditioned with Craig, and I remember looking up at him and it was exactly like Richard and Kahlan which was the coolest thing about it"

{.} “Three words for Craig Horner?” she said. “I would have to say…..driven. Smiley. And…..gosh, I want to pick a good one…… Emotionally open.”

Which three words did she suppose he would use to describe her?

“Hopefully he would say something about how I’m lovely to work with! And that I’m there for him. I hope!” [When she was informed of the “fun, sassy, effervescent” combo that was actually deployed, she was touched. “That’s sweeeeeeeeet. What a sweetie boy!”]

{.} "I adore working with Craig. We got so lucky that we like each other as much as we do, and that we have a connection. We don’t have to work at the connection between Richard and Kahlan. It’s just kind of there. When I look at him, the ground comes in underneath me, and I just feel “Yup, he’s Richard and yup, I’m Kahlan.” You just kind of play like you’re little kids in the background and you believe. I think you kind of need that sort of thing in a fantasy show. You kind of need that playful, childlike attitude towards it. He’s totally got that — he’s such a little kid at heart. And he’s the best movie quoter I’ve ever known. He’s so good. You give him any movie, and he could just go verbatim on and on and on. Get him to do Fight Club or Home Alone — he loves Home Alone."

{.} "There are some days where like Craig and I look at each other and it’s like “How do they do it?” how could it of been going on this long. We’ll be in a campfire scene where were all going to sleep or waking up or whatever and Craig and I are like “Can we be spooning? Can we be holding hands?” […] Craig and I have this, I don’t know how, it’s just one of those things you can’t explain. We have this connection, this chemistry that is Richard and Kahlan and it’s constantly there."

{.} "I certainly won't deny that I feel a very strong connection with Craig. I have from the moment I met him. It was like we knew that we were going to go on a journey together. It's bizarre to say but, it's my job to be in love with him. And when it's quiet and the camera is rolling and I am staring into his eyes and I am Kahlan/Bridget, I feel deeply and madly in love with Richard/Craig. Yeah, I suppose it can be a gray area for a lot of actors. Maybe that's why so many on-screen couples become off-screen lovers. Our priority is making the show as good as it can be. And I think we do a good job at keeping our priorities there."
[on love scenes] "Those scenes have built in intensity over the past two seasons. For me, each one has gotten easier and easier. I think the comfort that Craig and I have with each other after spending almost two years together is in some ways similar to what has grown within Richard and Kahlan's relationship. It's a familiarity and trust. I will absolutely admit that it's much easier now that we are as close as we are. I feel totally safe with him."

Craig on Bridget;

{.} "I've got a new family now, it's good because me and Bridget, shes from San Diego, I'm from Australia, we're in New Zealand, so me and her were kinda on this mission together, so when we got there we really bonded, which is so important for the characters so we had six weeks of like going 'we've got each other right?'"

{.} "Gosh what a different girl, I mean I remember when she got here, you know this big, great attitude from New York and everything and the girl had never been camping, she's never been on a camping trip....shes really opened up"

{.} "I'm from Australia, shes from America, were in New Zealand, its kinda working and we are getting this friendship and this bond that is so important for Richard and Kahlan"

{.} "You know she was the only actress who physically grabbed me and threw me against the wall so, maybe that’s why she got the part"

{.} "It’s great. We’re both Aquarians and Aquarians tend to get along together. We’re both fans of the book, similar ages, both love acting and really try and make our scenes together really sincere. It’s great to work with an actress who’s not just showing up to collect a paycheck. Bridget really cares about the job"

{.} When prompted to describe his co-star Bridget in three words, Horner did not hesitate. “Effervescent. Sassy. And just fun – plain fun!” he said.

When asked which three words she might use to describe him, he speculated, “Strange. Disobedient. And……I occasionally go walkabout, so what’s a word for that? Where you just kind of wander off…..?”

“There’s ‘restless’,” I suggested. “Or ‘adventurous’…….”

“I like adventurous,” he responded. “That’s better than restless!”

{.} “Usually, I hear about things from Bridget, who is a bit better than me when it comes to reading scripts,” he cheerfully explains. “She’ll say, ‘Hey, guess what? We have sex in this episode.’ And I’ll say, OK, tell me what happens.’ I get the lowdown from her.”

{.} Let’s play the game where I say a name and you give me the first word that pops into your head. Bridget Regan.
"Oh, cute."

{.} "We get on well, we're both Aquarians, we got here about six weeks before we started shooting, and we were both removed from our homes, so we kind of clung together, like "don't leave me!" haha Yeah, we get along really well."

Art credit in this post: rnk, Nadya86, britnik and crazy_diamond
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.Craig and Bridget Videos.

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By Nadya86

By rnk

Video of the moment

Gif of the moment

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TFTNT, Nat, that was quick
Awwwwwwwwwwwww, I the gif and the vid So beautiful!
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TFTNT!! I love our OP
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I'm retaliating and posting the still, it's not like any of us here haven't seen it anyway.

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww *squee* That is the cutest thing ever! And after all of the heartbreaking things I've seen today that still made me smile

Gonna head off to bed now and read some more TotW
Night girls
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Night hun .

They would makes such pretty babies - with really good hair.
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Gah, I can't get over that picture. Seeing is makes me all kinds of happy. I hope that it's close to the actual scene in the episode and not like the Torn promos kind of thing.
----> “I’m in the arms of my first love. The person I’ll always love. I love you, Scott Mccall.”
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I'm going to Con Dar if we don't get it.
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Awww Great. the waiting wasn't good.. now is worse.
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Well the wait it only just over 48 hours, if that makes the countdown any better.
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It does.
And since my boss begged me.. I'll be working on Saturday
Though it's great. The day will go by faster
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I wanna see that dancing scene SFM!
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Gahhhh the pic! Yeah we want build up as erm him asking her to dance? YES PLZ!
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