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Old 10-31-2006, 12:14 AM
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Nathan & Haley # 24: Bc soon their family will grow with a Baby Scott.

Welcome to the 23rd Nathan & Haley Thread

banner by the lovely Angiee (emptyhearted Grl)

Nathan and Haley Supporters

1. Li_C
2. joypiter (Caroline)
3. rachel s
4. **~softballllweirdo~**
5. MJordan23 (Pat)
6. Starrie
7. *Candi_Duchess*
8. StellaSlight
9. SweetSymphony (Jane)
10. NaleyChick101 (Jessica)
11. ~*katinthehat*~ (Kat)
12. PHILA4james (Marissa)
13. Callalily (Calla)
14. sugarfree (Mandie)
15. LovingNate&Hales (Joslin)
16. Ravens23 (Denise)
17. emptyhearted Grl (Angiee)
18. HisGirlFriday (Brittany)
19. *Aleah*
20. naley1220 (Audrey)
21. andrea8413
22. Jay_10 (Jay)
23. rOsWeLlBABY
24. TV_gal86 (Farah)
25. ..:*babi_gurl311*:.. (Tammy)
26. BlackDreamer_23 (Nicole)
27. *Deni* (Denise)
28. Bgirloth1 (Becca)
29. last beautiful girl
30. behrlover18
31. dewrays (Sandy)
32. Kayley
33. lttlbbygurl (Lotus)
34. BBallinGurl31 (Lauren)
35. EmmyMcBitchy (Emily)
36. jizzle (Mandie)
37. BabyJamesIsMine (Jackie)
38. LivingInTheOCsucks (Lindsay)
39. ~Schari~ (Schari)
40. Hermione Weasley
41. Telli
42. +Linds+ (Lindsay)
43. Several Ways to Die Trying (Heather)
44. mystic2182 (Mel)
45. Sassyjoy (Sil)
46. GilmoreJunkie
47. luvsmusic (Donna)
48. ~DropsofJupiter~ (Mal)
49. True Daisy lover4ever
50. BabyJames'Girl
51. ** Rachel S ** (Rachel)
52. (Doreen)
53. beautifulgarbage (Rachel)
54. sprinkle13181 (Michelle)
55. VikkieD
56. *Spunky*
57. *CherryCoke*
58. pinkpretzel (Elise)
59. KaLiPinAy23 (Lyn)
60. MTVVJ08 (Colie)
61. Vivianaley23 (Vivian)
62. Tashy
63. Tiffany
64. your_konstantine
65. Babss (Aurelie)
66. daphneejen
67. James_is_my_baby23 (Lauren)
68. mela23 (Mela)
69. oth_naley23
70. liltina3
71. rorygirl
72. Nathan4Haley (Nats)
73. Kon-Artist (Kon)
74. steffi23 (stef)
75. Vivianaley23 (Viv)
76. othlov3r23 (Roxy)
77. SethxMarissa (Sonia)
78. Girl Wonder (Gem)
79. SweetAsCandy (Bonnie)
80. xO_tasha (Tasha)
81. teenbopper93
82. bluewaves
83. DarkAngel88
84. Kat B
85. ScorpioGrl (Stefanie)
86. DreamWalker
87. Pickle-weasel!
88. unapologetic mocker
89. addicted2oth (Sunja)
90. joei190
91. Whitney86
92. Crystal Scott
93. _virgo_ (Aroa)
94. l0vlie
95. GottaLuvJoy23 (Lauren)
96. OneTreeHunny
97. OTH_Leyton_4eva
98. Zee
99. Beatriz

Things That Remind Us of N/H:

1. Crackerjacks
2. the rain
3. Creme negligee (nightgown)
4. Black socks
5. Macaroni & cheese
6. cheerleaders
7. a Piano
8. Math book
9. Snowboard
10. Crimson sheets
11. #23
12. "Heaven" by Fire Theft
13. Bus Stop bench
14. notecards
15. The Little Prince
16. Sheryl Crow
17. pebbles
18. Mustangs
19. Bottle Rocket
20. the beach
21. Gold Wedding bands
22. EBAY
23. Risky Business
24. $91
25. Forefathers
26. piers
27. Celtics throwback hoodie
28. Cingular Picture phones
29. Vodka
30. poncho(s)
31. weddings
32. initials (H.J. + N.S.)
33. Answering Machines
34. Polaroids
35. Green Hats

N/H"isms" list:

1. Always keep your window open for your boyfriend who may need a place to crash.
2. Think of good ways to keep the relationship how about a tatoo!
3. Remember before letting your current girlfriend use your computer to remove all pictures of your past girlfriend from you laptop...I know, that's kind of a sarcastic one.
4. Always have your swimsuit ready when visiting your boyfriend's new apartment complete with swimming pool..actually, skinny dipping could be fun too...swimsuit not always necessary?
5. Amaze your boyfriend by becoming a cheerleader overnight!...on a temporary basis anyway.
6. To be ready for ill timed visits from people like your best friend...flash your new wedding's bound to make mouths hang wide open!
7. When feeling frisky...send friends away... "Tim, Go Home!"
8. When meeting celebrities, always have your picture phone handy.
9. When making out in a hotel full of classmates, keep it covert.
10. When going on school road trip, don't be in kindergarten...take the convertible!
11. When going to your first day of tutoring, come bearing gifts.
12. When wanting to make out in school, find an empty classroom.
13. When your girlfriend throws a "take back the party party" and the cops show up, don't mouth off to them. (more of a Nathanism, sorry!)
14. When you see a girl you like at your basketball game, give her "the nod."
15. When your dad's in Charlotte, take your girlfriend to your beach house.
16. When you go on a date, make sure to order "the food of the gods."
17. When you come to wake your boyfriend up also run his shower for him
18. When your girlfriend is wearing a new outfit, compliment her on it
19. When your girlfriend needs help with her free throw shot, give her some basketball tips
20. When the guy you like get an 84, give him a big hug
21. When you think that your girlfriend is trying to change for you, let her know that you want her to be "the girl you got all crushed out on."
22. When the girl you like is upset with you, go to her house and throw rocks at her parents window
23. Tickle your girlfriend on her bed when you slept over and forget the fact her parents could hear you
24. Make out with your girlfriend in the rain in front of her house after apologizing to her for having pictures of your ex on your computer
25. Be frank,honest and adorable with your girlfriend after collapsing from drug use.
26. Do anything for the woman you love, including visiting evil/half-brother/nemesis for her.
27. When you sleep, dream of your boyfriend sweaty and shirtless.
28. Do NOT by any means inform your girlfriend that you first started dating her to get back at someone.
29. When your pride tells you to walk away from her...ignore it and listen to your heart.
30. When your girlfriend looks the other way, check her out and inform her you have a thing for girls with her name.
31. When your boyfriend is short of cash offer to be his sugar momma
32. When you are going on your first date, take a trip to your town's lingerie shop and pick out something for eachother.
33. When you are feeling down, ask your girlfriend to sing for you.
34. When your girlfriend is sorry about "last night", tell her that when she's ready, you'll be too.
35. When the girl that you like tells you that there’s nothing you could say or do that’s gonna surprise her, kiss her.
36. When the guy you like kisses you for the first time after you've just gone off on him, jump into his arms and kiss him back.
37. When your boyfriend has DSL, use it to bid on Sheryl Crow tickets
38. When the guy you like asks you if you're his tutor or his shrink, tell him "whatever you need."
39. When the guy you are tutoring (and crushing on) has a test coming up, make up a "little box of tricks" to give to him.
40. When you are preparing for the "big" night, go with red burgundy sheets!
41. When he first comes to ask you for help, turn him down... you'll see him again soon enough.
42. When she turns down your ride, tell her "it's you, or nobody else".
43. When she starts to babble about the "ebay snipers" when a celebrity appears, help her to settle down.
44. When asked about living in the moment, say you just want to live in it with her!
45. When getting drunk at the beach with your boyfriend, bring a barf bag just in case your boyfriend's father shows up unexpectedly and drives you home.
46. When taking the train to skip school, be prepared for some risky business.
47. When your boyfriend is a head taller than you, be prepared for some jumping (ie, first kiss, cheer hug, piggy back).
48. When your girlfriend just got out of the pool and is "hungry for you," don't get hungry and talk about heating some food up.
49. When you work in a cafe in Tree Hill, be prepared for anyone to show up (ie, Sheryl Crow, Gavin DeGraw, your boyfriend's/best friend's grandpa).
50. When your boyfriend's father is substituting as a basketball coach at school, don't wear your low-rise jeans b/c you never know when he might be checking out your a$$.
51. Wake up at 6am just to go to your boyfriend's apartment to wake him up...and turn off his alarm, so it doesn't interrupt a hot make-out session.
52. When teaching your sports-challenged girlfriend to shoot a "free shot," teach her to throw the basketball granny-style.
53. When you want a guy to notice what you wear, put on a crochet poncho.
54. When your hot boyfriend is stipping at the annual Boy Toy auction, bring some extra money...or be prepared for a "creepy threesome."
55. When you see your hot new girlfriend at school, ditch your friends, go to her, and tuck her hair behind her ear.
56. When you're kissing at school, watch out for stalkers who may be taking your picture. (TLY-TGTPU - Haley's cell phone pic)
57. When you want a job right away, go to Hot & Twisted. They'll hire you on the spot. (ok, Nathan-ism)
56. When you like your boyfriend's sheets, get the same ones. (WIAWNSB)
57. When you develop a crush on the guy you're tutoring, offer to let him call you if he needs anything AT ALL.
58. When the guy you like mentions he's having a "jamboree" at his house for the basketball team, play it cool, and turn down the invitation by saying you don't want to kiss his dad's a$$ anyways.
59. Make a study guide and give a box of tricks to your favorite tutee...but don't text message him the answers!
60. To keep the cocky (but cute) jock that you're tutoring in line, tell him you know that he's "full of sh--."
61. When you tell your girlfriend "I love you" for the first time, go for a simple setting, be honest, and speak from your heart. And pretending that The Fire Theft's "Heaven" is playing in the background wouldn't hurt.
62. Can't stop...with the ism' me. Look what you did to me, Denise3! I ate dinner alone, so I had too much time to think.
63. To lighten the mood during dinner with your boyfriend's dysfunctional family, say that your boyfriend has great knees.
64. Tell your grandpa to "shut up" when he says that your girlfriend can't keep her mouth shut.
65. Visit your estranged brother in the hospital to let him know that his best friend/the love of your life was thinking about him.
66. Offer to take your girlfriend to visit her best friend in the hospital after he wakes up from a coma.
67. Let your rival brother know when he is being a d*ck to your girlfriend/his best friend.
68. Tell your boyfriend that he is brave after he's just made a major decision. And then find "better things to do with your time."
69. When its the biggest game of your life and all you can think and ask is, "have you seen haley?"
70. When you ignore those god awful hats.
71. When you feel secure enough in the relationship to have his ex girlfriend buy him at an auction.

Art of the Thread

art by Elise
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Old 10-31-2006, 12:16 AM
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I checked and since there was no new thread, I followed Zee's suggestion and started one

Anything you want me to change/add to the opening post, pls let me kow

I added myself to the list of shippers

And just reposting this:

Thank you Zee for the caps

Later gals!
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Old 10-31-2006, 01:31 AM
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Sorry, double post
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Old 10-31-2006, 01:34 AM
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Beatriz, you started one
Thanks and love the new tiitle. I can't wait for baby scott to get here
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Old 10-31-2006, 02:21 AM
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Yes, I did!!!

You're welcome I think I might make some art related to the baby. I need to make some searching tonight to see if I can do what I wanna do

I'm totally excited about the baby. I have always liked NH and they were the reason I started watching the show, but now with the baby and all... I think this is what has made me definitely got into them I think they're gonna be such a cute family
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Old 10-31-2006, 08:28 AM
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Beatriz, thanks for the new thread! And it's about time you added yourself to the shipper list.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

"At that moment I knew, surely and clearly, that I was witnessing perfection.
He stood before us, suspended above the earth, free from all its laws like a work of art...."
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Old 10-31-2006, 08:47 AM
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Yea New thread....
&& love the tittle....
we're dancing on tables, 'til i'm off my face with all of my people
& it couldn't get better they say. we're singing 'til last call and it's
all out of tune. should be laughing, but there's something wrong
& it hits me when the lights go on. s---, maybe i miss you
miss you by louis tomlinson
▌casey · © ·
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Old 10-31-2006, 01:31 PM
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Yeah, I guess it was Pat

Lovely picture
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Old 10-31-2006, 03:43 PM
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Yay new thread.

Such a cute title.

Happy Halloween everyone!
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Old 10-31-2006, 04:16 PM
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Bea- thanks for the new thread hun. I love the title.
Happy Birthday ❤
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Old 11-01-2006, 06:52 AM
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Thank you Aroa

Might be back later with some more art
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Old 11-01-2006, 12:52 PM
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Yay, I love new art.
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Old 11-02-2006, 02:11 AM
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I went to the movies so I didn't have time to make any art. Maybe tonight
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Old 11-02-2006, 05:44 PM
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Not specially proud of it, but here you go

and a banner

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Old 11-02-2006, 06:16 PM
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^ ^ OMG...that is beautiful. Love the first one...perfect little family there!

Great job on em' Beatriz.

"At that moment I knew, surely and clearly, that I was witnessing perfection.
He stood before us, suspended above the earth, free from all its laws like a work of art...."
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