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Old 12-12-2012, 08:08 PM
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NathanღAudrey{Haven}#15: "Because we're ready to see Naudrey share their first slow dance"

Welcome to the f i f t e e n t h thread for
nathan wuornos ღ audrey parker


theirs t o r y
This is a wonderful new show, kind of like X-Files but a LOT funnier and more fresh. The lead characters are entertaining and fun Emily Rose portrays Audrey Parker. Lucas Bryant portrays Nathan Wuornos.The show starts with an FBI agent Audrey going to Haven for a case. There, she has a memorable first meeting with a cop Nathan. She learns quickly that apparently Nathan CANNOT feel anything. He had an accident that made him incapable of basically feeling any pain or any physical contact. Audrey decides to stay in town when she finds a picture of what could be her mother. Wanting to know more about her possible mom, she decides to join forces with Nathan to solve unique and unusual cases in town, as their feelings for each other begin changing over time. Together, they have such a terrific chemistry. And the lovestory is beginning for them now as they try to figure out their place in Haven and what they mean to each other.

Season 1 Recap of theirr e l a t i o n s h i p
{Haven} Audrey and Nathan's Relationship so far
Picspam Nathan and Audrey recap up to episode 9
lilies_pad picspam: SyFy's Haven (a Nathan/Audrey Primer)
Incredible Review of Season 1 Finale Episode!
Review of ‘Haven’ – Spiral � The TV Watchtower

thes h i p p e r s
o12.Nowhere girl
o26.I am no golden lion
o3o.Tutor_Girl a daydream
o32,TV fan xx
o35.Stay to the Lights
o42.Empty Handed
o56.fall like stars

thek i s s e s

Credit for stunning photoset:i'll die before I let you go

the first I L Y

Credit to:pancakes

theq u o t e s

Nathan: I knew I'd find you here.
Audrey: You're the ONE person that I can absolutely trust.

Audrey: You felt that?
Nathan: Yeah, I can feel you.
Audrey: How long have you known?
Nathan: A while.

Nathan: Let's say a guy like me can't feel anything meets a woman discovers he can feel her touch. Seems like fate, doesn't it?

Nathan: Well, maybe you'll fix me someday.

Nathan: The only thing I feel is you.

Audrey: I failed.
Nathan: You can never fail me.

Audrey: I'll be fine.
Nathan: I won't.

Audrey: From now on Nathan, it's just you and me.

Audrey: How am I supposed to know right from wrong if I don't even know who the hell I am anymore?
Nathan: I know who you are.

Nathan: This isn't just about work, Parker. You're not just my partner. Not anymore.

Audrey: You're not just my partner either.

Nathan: We should have dinner. Together.

Nathan: You came back to tell me that? That I can't be in love with Audrey? You wasted your time.

Audrey: I have always loved you. I always will love you

Audrey: Besides if I only have one day left I rather spend it with you..okay

Audrey: what are you doing?
Nathan: What I want is to stay with you.. I'm not giving up. I'm not going to let this be our last night

Nathan:No this not goodbye...take me with you
Audrey:No. Nathan, Nathan I won't be alone all right I'll be with our son

Nathan: I'm going to die before I let you go
Audrey: I know

Audrey: 27 years Nathan and we get to do it all over again

ther e a s o n s
oo1. Because the actors have terrific chemistry!
oo2. Because Nathan and Audrey saved each others' lives on their first day of meeting each other!
oo3. Because Audrey brings out the softer side of Nathan.
oo4. Because while he is quiet/reserved, she is more open and outspoken.
oo5. Because they confide in each other about their personal problems.
oo6. Because Nathan left his girlfriend as they were about to do the deed in order to rush and save Audrey!
oo7. Because neither of them has ever had any friends. But now they have each other!
oo8. Because Nathan actually FELT Audrey's kiss on his cheek! For the first time, he FELT human contact in years since the accident.
oo9. Because Audrey makes Nathan laugh.
o1o. Because he wanted to help her fit in the town, so he bought her clothes and boots!
o11. Because strange things happening in town do not scare her! And well, Nathan is not exactly normal anymore
o12. Because he wants for her to "fix" him.
o13. Because Nathan got Audrey a present for her birthday and came to her party even though he was still a bit sad about Jess leaving.
o14. Because Audrey admitted that she was worried about Nathan!
o15. Because Nathan was the ONLY person who knew it was the "fake" Audrey!
o16. Because Nathan KISSED the "fake" Audrey and held her hands TRYING to feel her!
o17. Because when Nathan could NOT feel the "fake" Audrey, that is when he knew it was not her!
o18. Because Nathan basically saved Audrey!
o19. Because Nathan started CRYING when he thought he lost the real Audrey.
o2o. Because Nathan kept telling Audrey to be okay, and she was okay!
o21. Because Audrey saw Nathan crying over her and told him that "crying will not be tolerated."
o22. Because they admitted each others' middle names.
o23. Because Emily Rose is a Nathan/Audrey fan!
o24. Because Lucas Bryant keeps complimenting Nathan and Audrey's connection! Cute!
o25. Because Emily thinks that Lucas is fantastic!
o26. Because Nathan gets emotional each time that he touches Audrey!
o27. Because Nathan wants to be around Audrey all the time.
o28. Because Nathan thinks it could be fate that she is the only woman he can actually feel!
o29. Because Audrey worries about him and can tell when he is acting more odd than usual.
o3o. Because Nathan wants to feel her touch! (hand shakes, high fives, basically ANYTHING that allows him to feel her touch!)
o31. Because his father made a joke that Audrey is not his girlfriend (we think YET, actually!)
o32. Because Nathan was concerned about Audrey when she did not answer her phone!
o33. Because when Audrey was stuck on a ship, she did everything she could to ONLY get a hold of Nathan! (Texting him, calling him)
o34. Because Nathan was ready to get a boat and search for Audrey all over the ocean until his father made him see sense!
o35. Because when Audrey called Nathan for help, he rushed to talk to her!
o36. Because he was glad to see that she is okay! And perhaps wanted to talk with her more until his father interrupted!
o37. Because "is it the wifey calling again?"
o38. Because Audrey's FBI boss even knew that Nathan would know where she is.
o39. Because Nathan hacked into Audrey's computer to get some clues on the case she is working on...because he was worried about her!
o4o. Because people are starting to notice and comment on the Nathan and Audrey obvious closeness!
o41. Because Nathan told Audrey he is glad that she is staying in Haven!
o42. Because Duke realized that Audrey wants to tell Nathan first her big reveal.
o43. Because Nathan can see that Audrey is going through something and told her to get some rest.
o44. Because Audrey wanted to be the one to tell Nathan about Max's inability to feel things. (hence, him being related to him)
o45. Because Audrey tried to get through to Nathan about his father! She even pushed him on the table to make her point! INTENSE!
o46. Because Vince said that Nathan needs Audrey! Townspeople realize who needs whom
o47. Because Audrey was hurt when Nathan told her to leave him alone after accusing her of not trying to save his father.
o48. Because Nathan knew where she'd be!
o49. Because he apologized for pushing her away!
o5o. Because she held his hand and then realized that he can feel her!
o51. Because he FINALLY admitted that he can feel her!
o52. Because she told him her big reveal, that she could be Lucy!
o53. Because they confided in each other!
o54. Because she told him that he is the ONE person she can absolutely trust!
o55. Because when the FBI lady pulled the gun on Audrey, Nathan reacted quickly as well pulling the gun on her!
o56. Because Nathan and Audrey have their own THEME music!
o57. Because they both need each other and trust only each other!
o58. Because the tv reviewers are calling Nathan and Audrey undeniable and destined to be together!
o59. Because Lucas and Emily intensified their episode 13 scenes with each other! Their chemistry is incredible!
o6o. Because season 1 ended with a Nathan/Audrey(Maybe Lucy) vs. RealAudrey Parker standoff cliffhanger!
o61. Because he's the only one she can absolutely trust.
o62. Because she can never fail him.
o63. Because she's not just his partner anymore.
o64. Because he's not just her partner either.
o65. Because they kissed!
o66. Because they should have dinner. Together.
o67. Because she was going to make him pancakes.
o68. Because he's going to search high and low for his girl.
o69. Because they deserve to have their first date, and some alone time together
o70. Because their storyline this year is going to get "exciting" and "interesting" which we know is code for sexytimes!
o71. Because in an interview Lucas basically admitted that the chemistry between him and Emily sometimes blurs the lines for him.... awww adorbs!
o72. Because somehow they are always matching.
o73. Because Nathan can't help himself when it comes to Audrey - Lucas
o74. Because when Audrey was tied up she thought of Nathan
o75. Because after being rescued by Duke the minute Audrey heard Nathan call her she rushed into his arms and they hugged as if they were home and didn't want to let go.
o76. Because Emily thinks Nathan/Audrey are soulmates in many ways, and the romantic in her want them to be together.
o77. Because Audrey’s loyalty, support and love only strengthens Nathan’s resolve to keep her in his life. - Lucas
o78. Because not only do the fans think Nathan/Audrey are "soulmates" or "star crossed" so do the actors,writers, producers who like us want them to together against the odds.
o79. Because in 3x02 they acted like Mr & Mrs. Wuornos throughout the entire episode.
o80. Because for a short time they had a dog that Nathan named Cookie together
o81. Because even Claire could see something strong between Nathan and Audrey, and told Audrey to address it.
o82. Because Nathan got tickets for him and Audrey to go on a date and even though Audrey is stressed by everything she really wanted to go with him.
o83. Because Audrey basically admitted to Claire she pushed Nathan away because she loves him and doesn't want him to lose everything.
o84. Because Nathan wanted to go with Audrey was going when she told him about the hunter.
o85. Because the looks between Nathan and Audrey during 3x03 were DAYMN!!!! And had us wondering did Lucas & Emily practice them before filming!
o86. Because one of the main reason's why TV Addict says to get into Haven is because of star crossed lovers Nathan & Audrey.
o87. Because Audrey realized how much she loved Nathan and told him so in front of Duke and Jordan
o88. Because Nathan didn't care to be at his party he rather be alone with Audrey so they can spend time together and talk
o89. Because Nathan went back to 1955 and fell in love with Sarah. Proving that love cannot be erased
o90. Because Claire knows Audrey is in love with Nathan and told her to tell him.
o91. Because the whole town knows Naudrey is in love which is why The Guard was going to use Nathan to make sure Audrey goes in the barn
o92. Because Nathan keeps saying together they will figure things out
o93. Because when trying to figure out who the skin walker was Audrey had no doubt that Nathan wasn't the skin walker
o94. Because Audrey doesn't want to leave Nathan.
o95. Because they shared their first dance to On Bended Knee by Boys to Men and the lyrics couldn't have been more perfect
o96. Because Audrey wanted to spend her last day and Night with Nathan
o97. Because Nathan wanted to stay with Audrey for the night but doesn't want it to be their last night.
o98. Because our BABIES HAVE A SON TOGETHER!!! Royal family <3
o99. Because Audrey kissed Nathan and told him she will be with their son in the barn *sniff*
100. Because Nathan told Audrey he would die before he lets her go
101. Because Audrey told Nathan in 27 years she will come back and they can fall in love all over again

fanv i d e o s
shattered|nathan & Audrey
i love you the same | nathan & audrey
nathan & audrey [for the agony]
Nathan / Audrey - I want you back
nathan & audrey | safe & sound
Stop & Stare;; [Audrey/Nathan] (For Nicole)
closer to you. (nathan/audrey)
Haven - Nathan and Audrey 'By Your Side'
nathan & audrey ;say yes
Audrey & Nathan | Blindfolded Lovers
it's just us against the world || Nathan/Audrey
If We Try // Nathan x Audrey
HAVEN " Nathan & Audrey " not just partners - YouTube
Feel This {Nathan&Audrey, Haven}
Haven - Nathan & Audrey / Illuminated
I Feel Like That {Nathan&Audrey, Haven}
"Secrets" - Nathan & Audrey (Haven)
"Maybe you'll fix me someday" // Audrey & Nathan
HAVEN - "Fallin' For You" Nathan / Audrey WATCH IN HD!
"Strange" - Nathan & Audrey (Haven)
Nathan and Audrey (Haven) : Every Little Thing
Nathan and Audrey (Haven) : Walk You Home
Nathan and Audrey (Haven) : Broken
{Haven} Nathan & Audrey - She's All I'll Ever Need *Vidlet*
HAVEN - "Fix You" Nathan & Audrey WATCH IN HD!
Haven - Theme (Audrey / Nathan) (Fan Vid)

fana r t s

"Royal family: Our son"

"The Rings 2.01 | 2.12"

nathan & audrey y o u t u b e p a g e

interviews of the m o m e n t
Lucas & Emily talk about Nathan & Audrey + Season 3:
Haven Season 3:Lucas Bryant Interview
Haven Season 3:Emily Rose Interview

Lucas & EmilyP i c t u r e s / Q u o t e s

Credit for photo art:RachaelAM

As far as my character goes, Nathan's inability to feel pain
is intrinsically linked to his personality. Thinking he's a freak or weirdo
has further alienated him from the people around him and pushed him back into his shell.
That's why Audrey is so necessary for him. Her attitude has forced him out of that shell and allows
Nathan to let some of his guard down and his weird sense of humour out.
He has been pretty shut down for a while now, but Audrey forces him
to look at his "affliction" and himself in new ways. -Lucas
Nathan has a peculiarity about him –
there’s something about him that we’ll discover, and I think
that Duke is just interesting in and of himself, but there’s.
something going on with Nathan that Audrey would definitely
connect with and try to figure out.
With Audrey and Nathan it's been sort of this slow burn
of them getting to trust each other. She kind of bulldozers
her way into my character's world, and I think he's a little
shocked, but also fascinated by that. As much as it's a bit
irritating to him, he also finds it pretty charming, and as
you'll see in the episodes coming up, Audrey really
starts to grow on Nathan. -Lucas

For me, one of the biggest challenges was Lucas and I
have worked together before. So instantly, off the bat,
we have a camaraderie, chemistry and familiarity.
We can finish each other’s sentences. But in the early
episodes, you’ve got to make each thing new and ‘Oh,
my word, what is this new place and who is that person
and what’s going on?’ So for me, that was kind of a fine
little teeter-totter I had to sit on. -Emily

It is not enough that Nathan can actually feel her,
but also Audrey has been the one person consistently there for Nathan
as he dealt with the loss of his father and took over the reigns of the thorny
political position of police chief. Audrey’s loyalty, support and love only
strengthens Nathan’s resolve to keep her in his life.- Lucas
There is a deep friendship between both of them, as best friends
and partners, in the way that they work together and understand each
other, in a lot of ways. They’re soulmates, in a lot of ways.
- Emily

I don’t think there’s any question that Nathan has genuine feelings for Audrey, regardless of
whether or not that’s because of the amazing effect she has on him physically.
I mean, just the fact that he can, you know, that he can actually feel her
touch, but more so just because she’s been such a great friend for him and
he’s grown so much because of her and with her. Regardless of whether or not
he can feel her,that relationship is real,
and he puts a lot of value in that.-Lucas
Over the course of the first and second seasons, Nathan and Audrey’s dance of curiosity
and attraction has held fans spellbound; and with every accidental caress,
the sparks flew. But after recently finding out that Audrey’s time in Haven may
run out in 49 days – after which she could conceivably disappear again for
another 27 years – the romance has been brought to a screeching halt even
before it has a chance to really begin. Yet, anyone who is watching knows that this is not the end.
Their chemistry is too palpable to ignore.
-TV Addict

honorarys h i p p e r s
oo1.Lucas Bryant
oo2.Emily Rose
oo3.Dave & Vince Teague
oo4.Jess Minon
oo5.Cheif Wuornos
oo6.Sam Ernest
oo7.Kristn Dos Santos
oo8.Kate Kelton
oo9.Eric Balfour
o10.Jim Dunn
o11.Claire Callahan
o12.TV Addict
o13.Brian Milikin
o14.Nora Zuckerman

articles &i n t e r v i e w s
one, two, three, four, five

past lucas and emily moviet o g e t h e r
Little Trivia! Lucas and Emily starred in a movie, Perfect Plan, together RIGHT before auditioning for Haven!

previoust h r e a d s
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen

futuret i t l e s
oo1.Nathan cannot seem to help himself when it comes to Audrey. - Lucas
oo2.Audrey’s loyalty, support and love only strengthens Nathan’s resolve to keep her in his life - Lucas
oo3.“I don’t think there’s any question that [Nathan] has genuine feelings for [Audrey] - Lucas
oo4."Because as soon as Nathan & Audrey saw each other they had to be in each others arms.
oo5."Because everyone but Nathan & Audrey can see they are in love
oo6."Because Nathan & Audrey acting like Mr. & Mrs. Wuornos need we say more! Adorable *sigh*
oo7."Because Nathan & Audrey will be the death of us this season with their epicness

Scenes of them o m e n t

Credit to: some place you'll feel safe


"Nathan... this is what we do alright,
we're that couple

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New thread! Love the title to!
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Can always count on you to make us a new thread, Rach thanks dear!

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tyftnt Rachael, the title is great!
She was never crazy.
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the winter soldier
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Your welcome guys and Nic you know me.

"Nathan... this is what we do alright,
we're that couple

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Anyone else see Emily's tweet that Canadian's are getting the season finale next week?! And tomorrow has two new eps?! SO EXCITED!! Icing on the cake after hell week!!
~Now let me show you the shape of my heart~
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I'm so happy we're getting the finale the same time as the USA so I don't have to watch the stream LOL even though I still will if I need to

"Nathan... this is what we do alright,
we're that couple
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Finally! though dling was nice, i didn't have to sit through commercials

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LOL Nic are actually gonna watch it live! Please say yes we need to all be emotional together.

"Nathan... this is what we do alright,
we're that couple
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i can't type while i'm watching tho, i need to be fully concentrated

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TFTNT. I just realized I wasn't on the list. Can I be added?
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Originally Posted by Lostcandy (View Post)
TFTNT. I just realized I wasn't on the list. Can I be added?
Lol sure Candy

"Nathan... this is what we do alright,
we're that couple
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This is wonderful! #Naudrey
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Originally Posted by RachaelAM (View Post)
Lol sure Candy
I usually just pop in after an amazing Nathan and Audrey scene. I don't think I ever asked before. I can't remember.

Just one more day.
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