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Epic Eternal Ending-Ending {Jack/Kate}#269:"The best couples in television history: Jack and Kate" -MDB

Jack Shephard & Kate Austen
Appreciation Thread

Where it all began. Where it all ended.

When Oceanic flight 815 crashed,we crashed with them.
On a secluded beach in the middle of nowhere, that is where it began, and it began with Jack meeting Kate. She stitched him up, and we were stitched to them. Jack told Kate his story, taught her how to manage fear, and we learned how to count to five with them. She said she would have ran, but he begged to differ, and we saw it too, Kate was not running then, not from this man.We sat with them on the beach,we watched them flirt about tattoos. We laughed at their inside joke, and thanked Charlie for the nickname that will last forever, "Copulators". We moved to the caves with Jack. We stayed on the beach with Kate. We watched the angst build up and watched them wonder if they were sure that that was where they wanted to be. We dug through the cave-in with Kate and would not stop, even if it killed us, because Jack was in there. We planted passion fruits and guavas, we hiked through the jungle. We found the Black Rock, and argued who will carry the dynamite on their back.We had Jack&Kate's back. We blew up the hatch with them. We watched Kate go down and waited for Jack to go after. We had our first dinner date with them, and blushed with Jack when he walked in on a showering Kate.We placed our bets on the golf match, not sure which one of them was more accurate.We squeed across the world when they kissed in the jungle and were torn apart as we watched Kate run away. We met the Others with them, and felt the same fear Jack felt when they had a gun to Kate's head. We cheered when Jack joined the poker table, we followed him into the jungle with Kate and saw them flirting under the moonlight. We got caught in a net, and Jack and Kate seemed to enjoy it just as we did. We fell to the ground with Kate and let Jack carry us on his back. We were looking at them, and them only, when they put a bag on our heads and Jack and Kate shared one last look. We woke up in a glass prison and called out for Kate as Jack banged the glass wall crying her name. We were shoved into the field but refused to do any work until we saw Jack.We wanted to shatter that glass wall, and our hearts broke with Jack's, as he watched the monitors. We were proud of Jack when he sacrified his freedom for her to escape and, with Kate, we yelled through the walkie that she could not leave without him. We cried with Kate as she told Jack the story: a story that had been only his, but that was now hers, and ours too. She said he had fixed and saved her and our heart broke again, along with Kate's this time, when she told him he had fixed and saved her and he responded to never come back for him. But we couldn't listen, just like Kate could not.We packed our bags and hiked into the jungle to get Jack back.We held on tight to their joined hands, even after all chances had pulled them apart, watching Jack's pain surrender at the chemistry between them. We said those three little words along with Jack, because he loves her,and we knew it from the very start. Tears escaped our eyes as Kate cried for Jack's surgery, knowing the only thing he wanted to be looking at if he was taking his last breath, was Kate.We got rescued with them. We refused to see them separate, just as Jack refused to board the chopper without Kate, because we wouldn't have left without them. She's always been with him,and we've always been with them.
We got off the island with them,faced a trial with Kate and family's demons with Jack. We watched them live together, raise a child together, and we shed as many tears as Kate did when Jack proposed and she said Yes,of course I will.YES. Their pain was our pain when the island came back to haunt, shattering their happy life and calling them back. We met with them at the airport and cried out with Jack "WE HAVE TO GO BACK!" . We travelled through time with them, back to '77. We didn't want Jack to erase them, even though he was doing it to get her back. But we agreed with Kate: "it was not all misery". We looked at them sharing a last glance at the end of their word and we jumped back to the future, to 2007. Just like Kate, we hoped Jack would find what he was looking for, knowing that the only thing he ever wanted was her. We followed Kate in the jungle,we looked for Claire with her,and we followed Jack into the lighthouse, as he found his destiny. We got shot with Kate, and we jumped into the sub with them. Holding onto Jack for dear life. We were blown out from the sub and cried fearing Kate could not find Jack again. We watched the circle closing, as a time came where it was Jack's turn to stitch Kate up.
We slowly realized Jack's destiny as he took Jacob's job and just like Kate, we knew they were up for the most tragic ending. We pleaded Jack with Kate, as she told him that nothing was irreversible. We killed the smoke monster with them. We delivered the final bullet with Kate and watched them throw him off the cliff. Our hearts broke on that cliff, just as it was breaking Jack&Kate to part. We were there with them, during that final farewell, that last embrace, the last kiss, the mutual I love you, mixed with tears, cherished memories and lost futures.We waited at the concert with Kate.we waited for Jack to wake up. Kate's emotion was our emotion when she told him just how much she had missed him in the time they had to spend apart. We sat in the church with them, intertwining our fingers together, and watched the light, as it flooded the room, giving us a glance for one last time, at the two with whom it all started.The two with whom it all ended.


They have struggled to survive,together.
They have faced the unspeakable, together.
Chance has separated them.
Nothing in the world will keep them apart. ~ABC Promo


Shippers List

1. JesseP_Break_Me (Anji) 2. _virgo_ (Aroa)3. *aLESSANDRA* (Laura)
4. Prancer (Tia)5. xO_tasha (Tasha)6. ScorpioGrl (Stephanie)
7. CharmingAngel8. spacekiddet32 9. Scare Queen
10. Butterflygirl (Fio) 11. Mari Boreanaz 12. Chica_Priestley
13. No Regrets14. luvcali76 15. Cathangel (Cath)
16. qtdramachickee72 17. Eilleen 18. Tess_Harding_Valenti
19. Touldengal 20. Something Special. Jlaigle (Jaclyn)
22. red_cherry 23. x-Jenzy-x 24. watchmebleed
25. tatablp 26. spacekiddet32 27. ChrisM
28. CTUgal21 29. KerBear 30. jabs
31. ale-la-pazza1 32. franci* 33. aliaskate18
34. Carlie06 35. Scully_fan 36. MadiWillow
37. Ryan-Marissa<3 38. Virginie_GW 39. -Alina-
40. carolilly 41. sapphiress 42. Holly1985
43. paire_gal21 44. *Lori89* 45. Ali Marie
46. OTH_OC_Lover 47. Natih_Fate 48. deejay0212
49. LHScott 50. Cmtaylor531 51. xlennie
52. AlexandraMavier 53. Alesia 54. Cate12
55. courtneybangelcakes 56. Jackie85 57. Courtz_BV
58. Giuly 59. lisztomania 60. MovieManiac
61. coconut16 62. Cinzia1 63. joy4jate
64. Ivy93 65. jateryara 66. AI_lover
67. -Glena- 68. *luthien* 69. Koh92
70. stellalovesLP 71. KateShephard 72. [løst15]
73. ninkagv22 74. discombobulate 75. ~lipstick
76. Demi_jate! 77. DoctorsPatient 78. cherrie_x
79. Poosk 80. livin4foxy 81. pruedens_!!
82. B.Chambers83. Brightlights 84. adriene_evans
85. jette_ 86. MissDavis 87. karevluvsstevens85
88. Ana Jate 89. iLoveChair 90. Stubborn Tomato
91. kpassion04 92. Desmondluverbrotha 93. greenday123
94. -Elena- 95. matt88 96. yas_m 97. delenalove
98. callieUK 99. Kmil 100. crazyshipper83
101. Debbie23 102. somehowsundown 103. redleague
104. Boyfriend & Prettygirl <3 105. rishik5 106. AragornsQueen
107. africa_<3 108. CloisFan 109. jules166 110. so·lil·o·quy
111. drkjourney1 112. Shaded_Grey 113. MyLostPrettyThings


The Quotes
If Jack and Kate could just sort it out, they could make each other very happy. Ultimately, that's what they need. Without love, everything else pales and feels like the colors are turned down. For Jack to give over the vulnerability of loving Kate, and for Kate to give that over to Jack, it would be so momentous, and that's why they can't bring us here yet. Essentially, what I feel it will represent is that they actually redeemed themselves. They faced their demons and insecurities and made such a significant step forward in their lives that hey will probably now be harmonious in a way they have never been before. But I don't think we can bring them to that point yet. ~Evangeline Lilly

They are now emotionally connected more then they have ever been. If you removed all the circumstances that are getting in the way of them beeing together romantically. I think they could be together at this point. But there are so manny things going on and so many things recuiring their attention and their energy, it like two ships constanely passing in the night, but they really are connected trought time and space almost. ~Matthew Fox

"You know you're gonna get her in the end"
"You know I will,we all knew that from day 1" ~ Josh&Matt

Carlton: JATE..
Damon: ... IS FATE!

What have been your, personal highlights, of this season?
I loved, Jack and Kate’s kiss. They really, captured that moment, how it should be. And, that’s tricky ~Josh Holloway

My own opinion is, that I think that the Jack and Kate thing will be an over-arching, long-term, thing on the show. I think a lot of fans want to see that happen. They’re two people that are obviously very drawn to each other. And they’ll come and flow until they finally end up together at some point ~Matthew Fox

Jack and Kate is kind of the ultimate relationship ~Carlton Cuse

I think Sawyer would want her to be with Jack, anyway. So I liked the way it worked out. I thought it was perfect. Because people were always like, ‘Who she going to choose? Who she going to choose?’ Well, she’s obviously going to choose the doctor in my worldview! Why wouldn’t she? ~Josh Holloway

When she goes back to the beach camp and Jack gets sick and he says, "I want Kate in the room," Kate - as well as Juliet and Jack - understand the magnitude of what that means. It means that if he is seen breathing his dying breath, the only person he wants to have at his side is Kate. He is making up excuses for her to be there because he doesn't know if he is going to make it through the surgery. I feel that, for Kate, it was affirmed that he loves her and that, well, he's just Jack. She makes so many deprecating jokes about him throughout that episode and the next one because she is so frustrated; his nature makes him so hard to read and deal with? But the reality is that Jack loves Kate. ~Evangeline Lilly

That scene was rearranged in order to establish that she's trying to pull away from him because she recognizes that she loves Jack.When she went back to get Jack and she sees him lying on the ground and she cried and said she was so sorry, in that moment with him, she realized how much she loved him.I think she spent that walk back thinking that I have to push Sawyer away, I have to.It's not fair to him or me or Jack, because I feel too much for Jack to allow this thing with Sawyer to keep going. ~Evangeline Lilly

That was the equivalent of a whole room of people putting pressure on a woman and her husband turning and saying, 'You do whatever you want honey' and her looking at him like, 'I don't know what to do. I'm looking at you dead in the eyes because you are the only one I trust, so you tell me in your eyes what I should do! ~Evangeline Lilly

If I were to go with the storyline, and if I were to go with what I think is gonna work for the story…it's gotta be Jack. ~Evangeline Lilly

What can I say? I’m a jater! ~Damon Lindelof

He loves her, I mean, there's no question about that. And she loves him. ~Matthew Fox

Kate couldn't make the choice to take that risk if it weren't for the fact that she has never been able to help herself be madly in love with Jack. It's that awful thing that so many people experience of, "I can't help myself. When he looks me in the eye and he says I need you to support me, that's it." ~Evangeline Lilly

As an audience, we always got the sense that they would be good together. That episode with Kate where they're sort of living in a world where they're in love and they're gonna get married, things seemed to be really beautiful, but underneath that is this thing pulling at Jack. It was like the island was destroying him from afar. There's nothing more sad and tragic than two people that you really feel would have been great together, but the circumstances that they find themselves in doesn't really afford itself to having the opportunity to make a really good, pure connection. ~Matthew Fox

She has never turned her back on him. She has always - As to quote Kate from that scene on the boat, she has always been with him. She says, 'I have always been with you Jack.' I think. Thats such a significant line for the story of Kate & Jack. ~Evangeline Lilly

At that point, I had been engaged to the man that I love [Jack], so if someone had walked off the street and destroyed that, I know what that would have felt like. I just felt like it also gave weight to what she had gone through with Jack off-island. She wasn't just going to come back and be all about Sawyer and want to be with him. She had genuinely wanted to marry [Jack]. She was committing her life to him and wanted him to be the father of her child. ~Evangeline Lilly

I am also still playing that Kate is still very much married to Jack. They are divorced and she has resigned herself to the fact that they can't be together because they were as close as they are ever going to get and still couldn't make it work. He even wanted to blow up the bomb and take the risk that they would both die or never know each other again, and that broke her heart. It was the last nail in the coffin. It was why when they reached the pond she said, "I can't do this anymore. I'm going." She realized that, even though she still felt that he was the man of her life, that everything he was doing and had done for the last 3 years and said to her that there would always be more important things to him than her. She had to let that go. It doesn't change the fact that, if she had her wish, they would live happily ever after. So no matter what she is doing with Sawyer, I think Jack still holds the role as the man in her life, even if she is resigned that it will never happen. ~Evangeline Lilly


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Seasons of Jate


Music Videos
YouTube - ENDGAME || Jack & Kate
YouTube - Guide You Home || Jack & Kate
YouTube - Jack & Kate // Endgame
YouTube - jack&kate; "tell me i'm gonna see you again"
YouTube - next thing we're touching.
YouTube - Jack & Kate surrounded by your embrace;
YouTube - Jack & Kate |Gravity Of Love| Finished
YouTube - Jack-Kate Love will Conquer
YouTube - J&K You Found me
YouTube - Losing your Memory - Jack/Kate
YouTube - Jack & Kate - It's meant to be
YouTube - Jack & Kate - Come Home (One Republic)
YouTube - Jack & Kate || Life & Death
YouTube - "I couldn't find you" || Jack ? Kate
YouTube - Jack & Kate - "Gravity"
YouTube - Jate - Life and Death


Matt & Evi

Matthew has been a god sent. He has absolutely stepped up to the plate.
He is my leading man, in so many more different ways than just on the show.
He's been a friend, a mentor, a brother, a support, & a teacher.
He's just really carried me throught it" ~Evangeline

One of the things Evi has handled so amazingly is the pressure of the whole thing, I just want to help her in any way I can and make sure nobody is getting in the way of it ~Matthew

I enjoy working with Evi a lot and we have a really good time. We really do.
We tease each other an awful lot, and make fun of each other and call each other out on things constantly, being really honest with each other, but in a light and humorous way. So no, we've really enjoyed this. It's been good. ~Matthew

I probably don't make fun of or pick on anyone in the world more than i pick on Matthew Fox, just because he's like my brother. I can't help it. He's a brat and I'm a brat and we like to get under each other's skin but after five years we've reached a level of intimacy where its okay for me to say "You're a jerk" and for him to say "Yeah, well, you are a bit crazy" And for us to laugh about it. ~Evangeline

We have a good time because we know there's a love there,there's a commitment to each other ~Evangeline

We couldn't be more goofy, silly, & laughing when we're not rolling,
we have really a good time joking around together ~Evangeline

At the season4 party Evi was the drunkest out of everyone. I took care of her and she ended up sleeping in her trailer that night.I had to get her in there and yeah.. it was a little ugly ~Matthew

Matthew is a fantastic actor. He's absolutely one of my teachers and mentor on set, I think that's one of the reasons why Matthew & I have such natural chemistry on onscreen, is that I am genuinely very taken by him when he's acting, he's a very captivating actor and I think Kate is supposed to be captivated by Jack ~Evangeline
She's so beautiful, it's hard to concentrate around her ~Matthew

We call him Foxy because he is ~Evangeline

I have to savor every single day that I'm here, every single day that im on the set every single day that i get to be working with Matthew Fox..because without's gonna be damaging ~Evangeline
He's constantly looking at me and saying, 'Evi, do you realize you're really weird?' And then he'll just walk away ~Evangeline

Matthew completely opened up for me as soon as they called action. ~Evangeline
We're hooligans, we can be really rude to each other but our 5 years friendship allows it, I can say to him, 'you're a dumbass', and he will respond 'yeah and you're completely nuts' and we would both laugh about it ~Evangeline

I got mostly attached to Matthew Fox ~Evangeline


Banners:Nille, Ozge&Majora's mask

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but what happened to the title?
"Jack & Kate, where it all begun"
"I Do" script
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IDK, but it's fixed now
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yeah I saw But for a moment, Mary had a title about herself
"Jack & Kate, where it all begun"
"I Do" script
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I know!
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and she missed it
"Jack & Kate, where it all begun"
"I Do" script
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I have no idea how that happened at all

FF hates me
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NOOOOOOO I MISSED IT!!!!Tell me tell me, what did it say?
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we can't tell you Mary. It's supersecret pfft
"Jack & Kate, where it all begun"
"I Do" script
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Originally Posted by Brightlights (View Post)
NOOOOOOO I MISSED IT!!!!Tell me tell me, what did it say?
I think what happened is that I copies and pasted the first bit of your thread title so I didn't have to retype out half of it again and it picked up your name, etc too for some reason
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it said something like Masterfan Brightlights
"Jack & Kate, where it all begun"
"I Do" script
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Almost at the 2nd page for you, Cinzy!
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A Joe Keery fan page

icon: rachel/adam
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