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Arthur♥Morgana {ArMor} #49: If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more.

W E L C O M E..T O..T H E..49 th
Arthur & Morgana
A P P R E C I A T I O N ..T H R E A D

"My Lady."
"My Champion."

I've reinstated 'My lady. My champion' because I love
the way that's starting. It gives you a moment at the
head of the red carpet where the thought behind it is
absolutely "God, I love you..."
[clip: behind the magic]
God, have mercy...
He's talking and casually he turns a little because the other knights are staring at something and his eye caught a glimpse of something beautiful and he stares and sees her. Really sees her. All white, creamy skin and ruby lips, moving like she has no weight at all. Like she's the air. The air he breaths and all he can think about when the sight of her crushes his heart is God, Have mercy.. but it's too late. He's already breathing her in.

Tell me. Do you think her... beautiful?
She's Morgana. Morgana that [says she] beat him when they where little. Morgana that is his father ward. Morgana that makes him go crazy telling him to stand up for what he believes is right. And Morgana is not allowed to be like this. Making him feel like his heart is about to break his chest. Morgana is not allowed to be - he has to surrender to the only word that can barely suit her because he's a warrior and words can't affect him - beautiful.

Then do it for me.
At the end of the day, after the banter and denial, she's his friend, she's his family, she's more than that. And what moves him it's not what is right, not yet. She comes to him before his own moral. He can't go against his father, and his King and he won't but then she says those words and he can't stop himself, because it's her. Only because it's her.

I don't want you to fight tomorrow. Please, I'm begging you.
Morgana, the proud Morgana, begs. She knows he can't do it this time, because it's his duty and he can't turn his back on his honor, but she needs him to know that she cares, that she's worried. And he's surprised because it's the first rule of their relationship - deny you care - and so it sounds like a bad joke because he does care, but he can't believe it's just the same for her, because it's too much, because if he has to die tomorrow then to hear this is a torture, because if he dies tomorrow she'll be someone else's Lady.

My Lady. My Champion.
Their My sounds like a condemn, like the turning point of a whole life. Sounds like forever. He offered his arm and she accepted, and now they could never go back. Ever.

[Merlin 1x1-7 Moments]
You Can Take a C o n f e s s i o n Out of a Script, But You Cannot Take L o v e Out of a Heart

Extended Script for "Excalibur" [1x09, Merlin]

. : A v a l o n..P r i e s t e s s e s : .

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0 2. Serenachan .
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2 0. .: DoDs :. .
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79. shazlin255 .
80. Black_Betty .
81. *Lori89* .

Just ask to be added.

A d..H o n o r e m
0 1. Bradley James

0 2. Guinevere, Season 1
"The Dragon's Call" [1x01, Merlin]

Gwen (to Merlin): She looks Great doesn't she?
*Arthur is joining Morgana and they are now talking*
Merlin (charmed): ...Yeaah...
Gwen: Some people are just born to be Queen!
Merlin (understanding the subtext): NO!
Gwen (convinced): I hope so! One Day!

"Valiant" [1x02, Merlin]

*Arthur is going to fight a guy strong as a bear. Gwen notices how nervous Morgana looks *
Gwen (sneaky): Not worried, are you?
Morgana (trying to hide her fear): N-No...

"A Remedy to Cure All ills" [1x06, Merlin]

*Gwen is bringing Morgana flowers. Numerous Lilies*
Gwen (smiling): Look what just arrived for you!
Morgana (gladly surprised): Who sent them?
Gwen (sneaky): I don't know. Maybe Arthur?
. : R e a s o n s : .

Because . . .

01. ..the sight of her makes him beg for mercy.
02. ..he was jealous of Valiant.
03. ..the armor scene is still the most sensual scene in the show.
04. ..he wanted to be her man to the feast.
05. ..she is his Lady.
06. ..he is her Champion.
07. ..he thinks her beautiful.
08. ..she worries about him.
09. ..he couldn't let her dying without trying everything he could.
10. ..he wants her to admit she likes him.
11. ..she tries to protect him.
12. ..he does dangerous things only for her.
13. ..she thinks he's a better man than his father.
14. ..some people are just born to be queen.
15. ..if they don't do something about it the sexual tension will kill em.
16. ..she always sees when he is in danger.
17. ..they shared their childhood.
18. ..she pushes him to do the right thing.
19. ..he stands up for her with his father.
20. ..when he notice she's trying to manipulate him into something he lets her.
21. ..they look beautiful together.
22. ..denial can only go so far.
23. ..only she used to beat him.
24. ..he'd defy his father's orders for her.
25. ..she likes him less and less more and more by the second.
26.'s not every day a girl gets to save her prince.
27. ..she fought at his side.
28. ..she saved his life.
29. ..he doesn't want her to get hurt.
30. ..she won't let him leave her behind while he risks his life.
31. ..he didn't do it for the boy, he did it for her.
32. ..for him it's (more than) okay if she's jealous.
33. ..he can't take his eyes off her.
34. ..they already are King and Queen of Denial Land.
35. ..they so clearly belong to each other that even TPTB got scared.
36. ..even Bradley admitted they had to exchange Morgana and Gwen's place in Arthur's heart to give the latter a role.
37. ..Katie wants to be Queen, and we want that too.
38. .."God I love you".
39. ..Bradley's favorite scene is an ArMor one.
40. ..They finish each others lines.
41. ..Bradley is a total A/M fanboy and who would want to make him sad?
42. ..they'd cheat destiny to be near each other.
43. ..Bradley James is Prince Arthur, and if he wants it, Arthur does.
44. ..They both knew she was lying when she used his father to confess her feelings.
45. ..He said he feels the same.
46. ..Arthur couldn't run fast enough to Morgana's room when he feared she was in danger.
47. ..he kicked the door to her chambers ready to fight to defend her.
48. ..when they fall back into banter and tension it feels like home.
49. ..when everything else is lost for her, he still remains.
50. ..he's glad thinking she worries about him.
51. ..he says her name like it's the sweetest song.
52. ..Arthur is the only intruder admitted in her chambers.
53. ..Katie thinks Bradley is pretty hot.
54. ..Katie is the only one who ever made Bradley blush.
55. ..when in the end, he'll be left all alone, she'll be the one there for him.
56. ..they are together forever on the Island of Avalon.
57. ..they held hands to run away together.
58. ..he wanted nothing else then to protect her.
59. ..he can't forgive himself for not being able to save her.
60. ..he trusts her with the King's life.
61. ..she's been his companion in life, love and war.
62. ..she was scared he couldn't survive.
63. ..he was broken when he couldn't save her.
64. ..he didn't want to let Morgause take her away from him.
65. ..he can always say when she is lying.
66. ..he didn't want her to worry.
67. ..Arthur is the only one Morgana has left in Camelot.
68. ..even SyFy can see they are made for each other.
69. ..even with the lack of interaction of Season 2 their few exchanges are still spiky and masking a deep hidden attraction.
70. ..she's the only one that can call him names and get away with it.

"The Fairy and her King. Fighting for their dreams."

. : F u t u r e..T i t l e s : .

They have no platonic scenes only flirty.
She knows he's a better man.
I know my saviour's love is real. Your love is real.
No dawn, no day, I'm always in this twilight. In the shadow of your heart.
I traveled half the world to say "I belong to you".
All is lost, hope remains. And this war's not over.
You were the sunshine, headed my front-line. I was alone. You were just around the corner from me.
It DOES matters to him what she thinks.
We know that they will live happily and sexily ever after.
"Any girl in the fort, except perhaps Morgana, would come running at a click of his fingers." - SyFy
"I fear no fate for you are my fate, my sweet" - E.E.Cummings
"Here is the secret nobody knows: I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart" - E.E. Cummings

I n..T h e..L e g e n d s

The purest love will lead to the Greatest legend ever told between an enchantress and a warrior

"... Arthur - my brother, my lover, king who was and king who shall be."
[Morgana, THE MISTS OF AVALON (page 1)]

"... But I want to say this to you. You were the very first. No matter how many women I may have, for all my life I will always remember you and love you and bless you. I promise you that."

"... When you left Camelot, Arthur missed you so. l have often thought my greatest sin was coming between the love that you and Arthur have for each other".
[Guinevere (to Morgana), THE MISTS OF AVALON (movie)]

... It's all so new and strange. So many things have happened to me since- since-" His voice faltered. "I think of you all the time. I cannot help myself. It was true what I said, Morgaine- that all my life I shall remember you because you were the first, and I shall always think of you and love you-"

"... He bowed to Igraine, more formally to Morgause, but as he approached Morgaine he leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. She stiffened. Mother, Goddess, what a tangle we have made. He says he will always love me and long for me...
[Morgana (hearing Arthur's thoughts), THE MISTS OF AVALON]

"...and I love you Morgana, with a love that is stronger than death. If sin is the price of binding us together, life after life across the ages, then I will sin joyfully and without regret so that it brings me back to you, my beloved!"

We are one in a Million. Meant to Be.

"We were not gentle. We came together like lance against shield, battered and ground against each other. Possessed, we tore from each other the elemental thing we fed on, and when the combat ended, she cried like a she-wolf about the edges of my soul for what I took away. No right or wrong or justice, only need answered or left begging".
[Arthur (about his relationship with Morgana), FIRELORD]

"...And I knew her from the last moments of dreams before waking, from the shadows beyond Cilurnum's watchfire, glimpsed as she slid around the corner of imagination, over the shoulders of other women whose faces were not half so well remembered even in my arms. A strong face who knew sorrow, joy and rage. But not beautiful.
"Very beautiful" Merlin answered the though "when you have eyes to see"
[Arthur (about Morgana), FIRELORD]

"Do love you, Morgana"
It is painful and delicious between us, a starved need beyond hunger, and somewhere in it is the thought: I have never said love before. And though there's a memory of beds and faces gone or yet to come, the echo of the same words deeply meant and even better understood, this first time a piece of self arcs out like a fierce comet, burning with a never-again brightness and falling, always remembered, down the lonely space of life.
[Arthur (to Morgana), FIRELORD]

Because some people are just born to be Queen. And the Future King acknowledges that.

"He let out his breath "We can't stay children forever" he tried to keep his voice light.
"I wish we could".
"I don't" the lightness was gone. His voice was intense, almost fierce "Don't you understand?" he said "Don't you feel how hard it is to be young?" his hand on her wrist tightened "There's everything I want, everything I'm ready for, and I'm too young"
[Arthur and Morgana, THE ROAD TO AVALON]

"You don't understand..." Arthur replied, his face was stark "Without Morgana... I cannot live without Morgana."
[Arthur (after Merlin's refusal to let him marry Morgana), THE ROAD TO AVALON]

"...Arthur has been attached to Morgan ever since he first came to Avalon. They have been inseparable since childhood. I would say that Arthur loves Morgan more than anything else in the world"
[Merlin (about Arthur's love for Morgana), THE ROAD TO AVALON]

"I saw Athur's face last night. He will toss everything aside if he must - Uther, the high kingship, Britain - before he will give up Morgana"
[Merlin (about Arthur), THE ROAD TO AVALON]

"Do you think Arthur would stand for that? You don't know him very well, Igraine, if you think he would. He would tear apart the country looking for her. The only way you could stop him would be to chain him up"
[Merlin (answering Igrain's suggestion to send Morgana away), THE ROAD TO AVALON]

Our story isn't a fairytale. But it's a Legend. And in the end, I'll come back to you.

"-Morgana told you I am your father, Mordred, asked finally Arthur.
-Yes Milord. She told me too that I can't say this in front of anyone, cause she and yourself are half sister and brother, sharing the same mother, and that I am the fruit of a crime in humans eyes.
-Yes. The fruit of my greatest crime, and of my greatest happiness too. My pleasure to be. My reason to be (My raison d'être). And my bitterness to be as well, because of her exile.
-I thought your reason to be (raison d'être) was the Round table.
-No. It's Morgana.
-I don't understand. My mother raised me in the single anxiety of the Table of Camelot which was her enemy. And you, who are the table, You prefer to it, its enemy, which mean yours ?
-I am not the Table Mordred. I am not an idea. At most it's bad servant, but before anything else, a flesh loving another flesh, which is Morgana.
We are lovers and foe, and more lovers than foe, even if, eventually, enmity is ruling and keeping apart our destinies."
[Arthur, talking with Mordred after Morgana's exile, ARTHUR]

"Do you want to make of Guinevere the balm of a love wound caused by Morgana ?" ARTHUR

" I have made a promise to your father, Leodegrance, dying in Badon hills, the promesse I will take care of you, and this promise is an holy one for me. In addition, despite whatever you may think, I like you, enough for not lying to you, and our embrace would be for me only a desire and a pleasure fugacious, because I am full of another women."
[Arthur and Guinevere, after he refused her, still drown in the sorrow of Morgana's exile, ARTHUR]

"Arthur's pleasure ravaged him, sending him soon at the bitterness and at the cruelty of the reality. He encircled the women of his arms with gentleness and hugged her. And he cried, like he cried when he had see Morgana at the return of her first exile, after thirteen years of an absence he had felt the weight at each moment since"
[Arthur, after sleeping with a prostitute reminding him of Morgana, ARTHUR]

"They are in Morgana's chambers"

"If he dares touch a hair on Queen Morgana's head, I'll lead against him a war to the knife. Which means that of him, his soldiers, his allies, and his servants, I will not let even one survivor."
[Arthur, threatening Claudas's action against Avalon and its Queen, ARTHUR]

"It is forever, this goodbye of ours"
"Do you think I don't know that?" she demanded, suddenly fierce "I'll be born knowing it! I'll never forget it, not when I'm fifteen, not when I'm a hundred and fifteen! Look at me Arddu. Do you really think I want to do this?"
She was weeping. He put his arms around her. For a time they were silent.
[Arddu/Arthur and Morgana (saying goodbye), THE THIRD MAGIC]

"He, too, was trying. Suddenly he hugged her, then brushed her eyes with his lips".
[Arddu/Arthur and Morgana (saying goodbye), THE THIRD MAGIC]

The Girl saves her prince, twice. And she will save him again, because she is his protector, his fairy, his Queen of Avalon

"Where? (Laughs) In my heart."
[Arthur (when asked where Morgana lived), CAMELOT THE TRUE STORY]

"I can't marry her. The thing that sticks out in my mind the most about Morgana is our absolute oneness. I can be myself. She was me, I was her. When we ere together, there was no... airs. I wasn't' Arthur, I wasn't anybody. I was just me.
When we made love, we were animals. Pure animals. Pure nature. If I have to choose between the two things that mean the most to me, between "nature" and all the "power"... (Laughs). Give me the "nature"."
[Arthur (when asked when he and Morgana became lovers), CAMELOT THE TRUE STORY]

"SHE is my true love."
[Arthur (about Morgana), CAMELOT THE TRUE STORY]

"She was everything to me."
[Arthur (about Morgana), CAMELOT THE TRUE STORY]

. : F a n a r t s : .

S o u n d t r a c k.....


Star crossed lovers
They say we're not meant to be
'Cause the stars in the sky, and the fashion that they are aligned.
I say if the futures been drawn out there's no point in living.
I wont give up my love so that fate can have its way.
. Star Crossed . Scary Kids Scaring Kids .

This one world vision
Turns us in to compromise
What good's religion
When it's each other we despise
Damn the government
Damn their killing
Damn their lies
Hush, It's okay
Dry your eyes, dry your eyes
Soulmate dry your eyes
Cause soulmates never die
. Sleeping with Ghosts . Placebo .

By my side,
you’ll never be.
By my side,
you’ll. never. be.
'Cause I’m fake at the seams,
I’m lost in my dreams, and
And I want you to know,
that I can’t let you go.
. Swans . Unkle Bob .

Still the same, pursuing pain
Is it worth all that I've gained?
We both know how it will end,
But I'd do it again
And it finds me
The war within me pulls me under
And without You
The fight inside is breaking me again
. Nothing and Everything . Red .

Picture you're the queen of everything
as far as the i can see
under your command
i will be your gaurdening
when all is crumbling
steady your hand
. Never Say Never . The Fray .

I'll be your everlasting
And enemies they take your peace but they won't last forever
I'll be your sword and shield and
I'll be your sword
I'll be your shield
I'll be your army
. Sword and Shield . Sister Hazel .

This love
Doesn't have to feel love
Doesn't care to be love
It doesn't mean a thing
This love
. This Love . Craig Armstrons f/t Elizabeth Fraser .

For I am finding out that love will kill and save me
Taking the dreams that made me up
And tearing them away
But the same love will take this heart that's barely beating
And fill it with hope beyond the stars
Only love
. The Beauty and the Tragedy . Trading Yesterday .

You, you were always gonna be my king
(I was always gonna be your king)
I was always gonna be your queen
You know that we can always be anything
Remember now
Whatever may come, whenever you're lost
Remember there'll always be a place for us
Castles we build, they crumble to dust
Don't worry, there'll always be a place for us
. A Place for Us . Leigh Nash f/t Tyler James .

Give me something to return to
In your heart
I fear nothing but to leave here
Without you for life
We were left in this world for each other
But I can`t run from the fate
I`ve been fighting for so long
. Fate . Bleak f/t Ana Johnsson .
F a n v i d s

Love Story - crazygirl786
Hot N Cold - peri7766hhyeg
Shattered - ForsakenWwitchery
Foundations - melodyofafallentree
7 Things - blondetitch
I Still Need You - OViolentDarkKnightO
All Around Me - 0mimx0
Forgive Me - VisnovskyGirl17
Run - VampireWytch
Broken - nattt4991
Shimmer - 01zebra

[ + MORE]
. : B o o k s : .

"The Road to Avalon" - Joan Wolf
"The Mists of Avalon" - Marion Zimmer Bradley
"Firelord" - Parke Godwin
"The High Kings" - Joy Chant
"The Third Magic" - Welwyn Wilton Katz
"Merlin", "Morgana", "Arthur" - Michel Rio
"Camelot, The True Story" - Michel H. Miller
F a n f i c s

The Price Of Pride - Anya2
Future Fragments - emerald sorceress
Your Mouth Is Lovely (Not That I'm Watching) - dollsome
Stonewalled - falseeeyelashes
This Earthly Fire - fried_flamingo
Beltane - gnimaerd
The Brush of Wildfire - ed_84
Guarded - mirrorOfsin
A Different Kind of Magic - a_boleyn1230
A Lesson From The Shadows - doylefan22

[ + MORE]

This love
So violent
So fragile
So tender
So hopeless
This love
As beautiful as the day
And as wretched as the weather
When the weather is wretched

This love
So real
This love
So beautiful
So happy
So joyous
And so ridiculous
Trembling with fear
Like a child in the dark
And so sure of itself
Like a tranquil man in the quiet of the night
This love
Which made others afraid
Which made them gossip
Which drained the colour from their cheeks
This love
Watched for
Because we watched for them
Snared, wounded, trampled, finished, denied, forgotten
Because we snared, wounded, trampled, finished, denied, forgot it


But do thy worst to steal thyself away,
For term of life thou art assured mine,
And life no longer than thy love will stay,
For it depends upon that love of thine.


Serenachan . iris_katsiki . SergeantPepper . Par_Avion . Lolipopo . isabella36

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I am lovig the 50th icons so I want the new thread very very soon so I can celebrate!

I hope I added everyone that wanted to be
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Thank you for the new thread, Just

even though we're miles apart.
|| Inês / t.
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Thanks for the new thread Justine! I hope we can reach the 50th one fast.
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Welcome Betty

Agree with everything you said and I really hope that s3 brings us more ArMor awesomeness.

I don't think Bradley is a outspoken ArMor shipper but we do know that he doesn't like A/G.

Here's a few interviews with him.

YouTube - What Bradley Does NOT Want / Want for Arthur

YouTube - Bradley on the Gwen Character
Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

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Thanks for the new thread! I love that OP, so comprehensive

I don't get how people see them as siblings! Clearly they want to nibble on each other

Aw, thanks for the welcome guys!

I bet Bradley doesn't like Gwen/Arthur. I've never understood how people consider them epic. I mean, geez, pick a version: she always betrays him. Hell, Merlin even warns Arthur in one of them (basically, "Girl's a ho."). Too weird. Never got the Guinevere fascination. For me, it's always about the sword-weilding Seer.
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Originally Posted by Black_Betty (View Post)
I bet Bradley doesn't like Gwen/Arthur. I've never understood how people consider them epic. I mean, geez, pick a version: she always betrays him.


ArMor has a lot more magic to it, as well as mystery and mutual love.
even though we're miles apart.
|| Inês / t.
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Originally Posted by jean-grey (View Post)


ArMor has a lot more magic to it, as well as mystery and mutual love.
And respect! I feel like ArMor are equals, and Gwen/Arthur aren't. (And that has nothing to do with status.) I will cop to having squeed like a Twihard when Morgana saved Arthur's life in The Moment of Truth; "remember when I used to beat you!" They fit together so perfectly. They have humor, love, loyalty, friendship...everything you could ask for!
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Originally Posted by Black_Betty (View Post)
They have humor, love, loyalty, friendship...everything you could ask for!

And they've always known each other, they know what the other needs and like you said, they have a strong friendship.
even though we're miles apart.
|| Inês / t.
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Long Ago Captures | Your source for historical movies and television shows

oh my gosh! someone tell me about Le Morte d’Arthur quick! does it have arthur/morgana?
nia | i | ii | icon
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I see Nia!
i found love where it wasn't supposed to be,
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Originally Posted by SergeantPepper (View Post)
Long Ago Captures | Your source for historical movies and television shows

oh my gosh! someone tell me about Le Morte d’Arthur quick! does it have arthur/morgana?
I'm not that familiar with Le Morte d’Arthur but I don't think it has substancial ArMor - at least not like in the Mists Of Avalon.
I might be wrong, tho!
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I believe there was a behind the scene vid where Bradley and one of the producers/writers talks about playing the "My Champion/My Lady" scene and Bradley agrees that the thought behind the scene is "God, I love you!". Plus I heard his favourite scene from season 1 is when Morgana fixes Arthur's armour. Not to mention the time when he is asked why ArMor was dropped

He is definitely an ArMor supporter

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Hey everyone

welcome to all the new shippers! We have 80 shippers now and I've found 4 or 5 other ArMor shippers on who aren't even on our thread! ArMor love is still strong

Bo and Ines your icons from the last thread were beautiful

I actually just started reading Le Morte D'Arthur, and from what I've heard they stuck to the simplistic version where the enchantress is evil and there's no ArMor

Here are more Bradley links:

YouTube - "behind the magic" merlin clip arthur/morgana
YouTube - Who Decided to Drop Arthur and Morgana
YouTube - Bradley James on the Sudden Change of Arthur's Love Interest
YouTube - Bradley James on Arthur and Morgana
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No ArMor I hope it would fix the Merlin mess and my heart that is so broken after they dropped Arthur/Morgana

But hey #80 shippers? That's awesome


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