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aśka 08-22-2020 05:53 PM

I'm glad it's ok now. And happy for your new (i)phone :D

galesgirl645 08-23-2020 11:11 AM

Hey girls :wave:

aśka 08-24-2020 03:21 PM

Hello girls. Maybe group watching?

Giotto 08-25-2020 12:33 PM


Originally Posted by aśka (Post 101697442)
Hello girls. Maybe group watching?

if I manage to stay awake I'm in :D

i started painting our fence .. now everything hurts..:( didn't think its so exhausting

aśka 08-25-2020 02:26 PM

Daggi, take some rest, your working at work and at home a lot.:eek: I have a few days to myself, I really need it. :rolleyes:

Giotto 08-27-2020 01:17 PM

I paused two days with paining and tomorrow I have friends over for a little bbq.. hopefully the weather stays like it is :look:

aśka 08-27-2020 04:30 PM

Here we have rains and storms. But wish you a good weather!

♥ Gale's Fragile Beauty ♥ 08-28-2020 08:09 PM


Originally Posted by SojournHeart11 (Post 101675418)
Finally got my phone number restored. My number lapsed and they suspended my service when they weren't supposed to.. only, they didn't suspend it, they outright cancelled it! Thursday I spent most of the day on the phone with customer service. They told me it was due to my having missed a payment but I did pay, as I do every month, and I emphasized that. So they looked up the payment history and saw that I indeed paid it. Long story short, it was some sort of weird system error and I did get my number back. Grateful because I did not want a new number and would have had to start over and spend even more on a new number. But still, it "only" cost me $49 to restore the one I already had, due to the fact I'd missed this month's payment (due to the situation)... and you know, fees :rolleyes: :P On the bright side, I got a brand new phone and upgraded from the one I had for 3-4 years (the one with a ridiculously limited storage capacity :irked: ). That in turn cost $404, but you know what? C'est la vie. :) I finally broke down and joined the iPhone club and purchased the latest one.

So if I have not been on WhatsApp in what seems like an age, you now no the reason.


Giotto 08-29-2020 01:54 AM

Happy weekend :D

and of course it is raining here now.. but its neccessary

galesgirl645 08-29-2020 11:20 AM

Hey girls :wave:

aśka 08-29-2020 03:59 PM

I don't like this weekend and again... good intentions are wrong from the beggining... especially when you don't want to or have doubts. I hope yours is much better!

galesgirl645 08-30-2020 11:32 AM

Hey girls :wave:

Giotto 08-30-2020 10:23 PM

Hi Claudia :hug: how are you doing?

aśka 09-01-2020 02:10 PM

Hey, how are you all doing? ;) I'm spending this week with my friend. It's good to be here with her and her dog. :love:

Giotto 09-02-2020 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by aśka (Post 101776399)
Hey, how are you all doing? ;) I'm spending this week with my friend. It's good to be here with her and her dog. :love:

that sounds great :)

my beta and my goldfish died :( now i have to fishtanks to set up new..

oh and still a lot of painting to do :rolleyes:

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