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Old 08-22-2006, 11:23 AM
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Brian & Justin #81 - b/c he told Brian what he needed to hear the most - "I love you"

Welcome to the 81st Brian and Justin Appreciation thread!

Made by Anna

Made by Very86

Made by Very86

Reasons why we love B/J:

1) Because then he came along
2) The moment they saw each other there was sparks
3) 'No place special' Brian can change that
4) Because they were the first
5) Because their first kiss was hot!!
6) Because Justin can't help it he's only seventeen
7) Because Brian taught him the alphabet
8) Because he's going with him
9) Because Brian was sweet and gentle
10) Because no matter who he's with he'll always remember Brian as his first
11) Because that scene set the bar for the entire series!
12) Because you can never get enough!
13) Brian and Justin spankage in the first episode =P
14) Because he drove him to school
15) Because he was protective of him
16) Because Justin saw the face of God...and his name is Brian Kinney
17) Because Justin almost tired Brian out
18) Because Justin told Daphne they did it till six in the morning!
19) He was in another place, a beautiful place...Justin.
20) Because he didn't want Justin to know how old he was
21) Because Brian left a stranger in his loft to go after Justin... barefoot!!
22) The final moments of episode 2 *sobs*
23) Because he told Michael to leave Justin alone he's alright... in fact he's kinda sweet
24) Because he can have anyone he wants, but he wants Justin
25) What is that boy doing??? Let's hear it for the boy... Need we say more?
26) Cause Brian didn't waste any time in cutting in on Justin
27) Because there is neck lickage and lifting all in one scene!
28) Because he made it an early evening...with Justin.
29) Because Justin went to Brian when he was in trouble
30) The scene in Michaels bedroom... lets go straight to number one
31) Because Justin isn't just an ordinary stalker... he's the president of his fanclub!
32) Because Brian threw the trick out when he insulted Justin!
33) Because Brian lets him stay over
34) Because Brian has noticed his amazing feel for the human form
35) Because Justin drew Brian while he was asleep
36) Because Brian thinks Justin's drawing is a perfect likeness
37) Because Brian wanted to know who that other guy Justin drew was...
38) Because Debbie tells Jennifer she thinks Brian and Justin are evenly matched
39) Because even Jennifer knows they're hot together
40) Because Brian bought Justin's picture
41) Because Justin got his nipple peirced to impress Brian
42) Because Justin loves him more than anything else in his life and all he wants is to be with him.
43) Because it's Party time and he wants to dance with Jusin
44) Because he removes Emmett and pulls Justin towards him
45) Making out by the car, they are so caa.
46) Because he lets Justin stay with him
47) Because Brian thinks Justin is brave for standing up to his father
48) Because Justin sneaks into bed with Brian
49) Because Justin made jambalaya for Brian
50) Because Brian stands up for Justin 'thats not love, that's hate.'
51) Because Brian's got someone waiting for him
52) Because it's always better on the second day
53) Because Justin thinks Brian is a good dad
54) Because Brian helps Justin study for his SAT's
55) Because Brian went after Justin to NYC
56) Because Justin hoped that Brian would find him first
57) Because they were gonna straighten out Justin's life
58) Because the hotel sex was freaking HOT!
59) Because he was going to become a go go boy in chelsea.
60) Because Justin had a toothbrush at Brian's
61) Because Brian needed someone to help him clean up this mess
62) Because Justin didn't leave Brian like everyone else
62) Because Brian asked Justin to come over
63) Because ice cream kisses
64) Because Jusin wanted to help Brian and Michael be friends again
65) Because Justin is the missing link!
66) Because Justin was hanging out in Brian's loft
67) Because Jusin wanted Brian to come to Babylon
68) Because he knows Brian, he doesn't do dates
69) Because he wanted to help Brian when he was in trouble
70) Because he made Brian his grandmothers secret hangover remedy!
71) Because he made Kip drop the charges against Brian
72) Because Justin knows what he wants for his birthday
73) Because Justin promised Lindsay he'd look after Brian
74) Because Justin loves Gus
75) Because Justin isn't just anyone
76) Because Justin helped look after Gus
77) Because they're nuzzling in the diner!!
78) Because of Brian's expression when 'you're going out of state??!'
79) Because he gives a ****
80) Because Justin asks Brian's advice on the gay-straight alliance
81) Because Brian defends Justin from Chris Hobbs
82) Because going shotgun isn't necessarily bad
83) Because it's French, they're Frenching!!
84) Because Justin knows Brian will protect him
85) Because brian didn't get upset when debbie called them a couple
86) Because justin feels guilty for his parents divorce
87) Because he's killing him with kindness
88) Because he can't get rid of Justin until he says so
89) Because he is the true deciple of Brian Kinney
90) Because there's no turning back
91) Because Brian wants to make Justin the best homosexual he can be
92) Because they shared the most intense kiss ever
93) Because the "You look so fine" scene
94) Because Justin wanted to know if they were going to Babylon tonight
95) Because Brian was so jealous 'Brian: That's enough'
96) Because Brian taught him everything he knows
97) Because Justin didn't want Brian to move to NY
98) Because the hug was so caa...
99) Because Justin asked him to his Prom
100) Because Brian surprised him by coming
101) Because "Save the Last Dance for Me"
102) Because they shared the most romantic dance ever
103) Because he kissed Justin in front of everybody
104) Because he gave Justin the Prom he'll never forget
105) Because it was the best night of Justin's life
106) Because it was "ridiculously romantic"
107) Because he tried to save Justin
108) Because we've never seen Brian so devastated
109) Because Brian didn't know how to deal with the bashing
110) Because he was secretly visiting Justin at the hospital every night
111) Because he kept the scarf
112) Because Daphne said they were amazing
113) Because Justin wished he could remember
114) Because he knows it wasn't Brian's fault
115) Because he told Jennifer he cares about Justin
116) Because he wanted to help Justin
117) Because he tried to trigger Justin's memory
118) Because Brian remembered everything
119) Because "I wish I could remember/I wish I could forget"...
120) Because "Like the first time"
121) Because he helped Justin to cross the street
122) Because he wasn't sure he could do it but Brian was
123) Because "When my boy walks down the street"
124) Because he's recovering nicely
125) Because "thanks for the standing ovation"
126) Because he defended Brian to Bellweather
127) Because they were holding hands. In public!
128) Because Brian was helping Justin with his exercices
129) Because he encouraged Justin to go to the Pride
130) Because "Hey stud. Wanna dance?"
131) Because he promised Justin he wouldn't forget this dance
132) Because Brian was just doodling
133) Because they shared a hello kiss at Babylon
134) Because he bought Justin a computer
135) Because Brian is Justin's inspiration
136) Because they were like ********** newlyweds!
137) Because even a random trick knew Brian was in a relationship
138) Because "Admit the truth. You love him, don't you?"
139) Because Brian wants to be coming home to Justin
140) Because they sealed the deal with a kiss
141) Because he wants Justin safe and around for a long time
142) Because they couldn't wait to get rid of Jen
143) Because they had a "sniffing" game!
144) Because emotionnally they're the same age
145) Because Brian wants Justin to enjoy his youth
146) Because he knows the best way to wake Justin up
147) Because they have "date" nights
148) Because it was Justin's idea to steal Ted's viagra!
149) Because Justin doesn't have problem with older men!
150) Because he always knows what Brian likes
151) Because Brian thinks Justin has great taste
152) Because Justin was worried when Brian took off with a stranger
153) Because he invited Justin to White Party
154) Because Justin knows with which bodypart he can deconcentrate Brian
155) Because Brian wanted to loan him the money
156) Because Justin loves that Brian would do anything for him
157) Because he gave Brian a dividend
158) Because the spanking scene!
159) Because "daddy don't hurt me too bad"
160) Because Brian was annoyed by Justin's go-go dancer job
161) Because a man knows when to ask for help
162) Because Brian wanted to spend time with his boyfriend
163) Because 'Good morning sunshine'
164) Because Brian wanted him safe
165) Because Brian couldn't take his eyes of angel!wings Justin
166) Because maybe they'll hang it!
167) Because toppy!Justin!!!!!
168) Because they were spoon and forking in the diner
169) Because 'ok no more drugs for you' and the play bite! Too cute!
170) Because Rage is based on Brian - 'it's his mind that makes him sexy'
171) Because Brian stayed up waiting past 3am
172) Because 'that was important'... 'so is this'
173) Because 'rise and shine sunshiinnne'
174) Because his jealous freak out means he cares
175) Because "if you didn't love him then you wouldn't give a *******"
176) Because Brian actually admitted being jealous!
177) Because the artwork is art
178) Because the playful bump-shove they give each other = love
179) Because "Rage swoops JT into his arms and takes him up to his lair" where "he brings him to life with lots of of heavy kissing..." and less PG activities
180) Because Brian wanted to see Justin in another birthday suit
181) Because even if the birthday gift idea was bad, Brian's intentions were good
182) Because Brian thought Justin knew he cared about him
183) Because he was considering buying Justin roses
184) Because he wanted to spend a whole week with Justin in Vermont
185) Because he called Justin his partner!!!
186) Because he was looking for Justin to celebrate
187) Because he was disappointed when he found that Justin went to Vermont alone
188) Because the "red sweater" kiss was HOT!
189) Because Justin apologized for what hapened with Ethan
190) Because he let Justin get back in his bed
191) Because it's Justin's call where he wanna be
192) Because Brian was never so miserable than without Justin
193) Because even apart they're still on each others minds
194) Because Brian hoped Justin would find what he wanted
195) Because Brian hit Mikey when he badmouthed Justin!
196) Because he payed for a Justin look-a-like hustler
197) Because he was fantasizing about Justin when having sex with some trick
198) Because he was still paying for Justin's tuition
199) Because he asked Justin to make a poster for the carnival
200) Because Brian's still Justin's biggest fan
201) Because Justin was worried when he heard about Brian's nephew accusations
202) Because he helped Brian by tricking John
203) Because he gave Brian his bracelet in person
204) Because they shared longing looks
205) Because Brian was irritated when he saw Justin wearing Ethan's ring
206) Because Justin never forgave Brian. He never had to!!!!!
207) Because they couldn't stop looking at each other in the backroom!
208) Because Justin was bored out of his mind without Brian
209) Because Justin had an ..interesting dream.. that took place in mid air
210) Because Justin wasn't talking about Ethan, he was talking about Brian!
211) Because he realized he made the biggest ********* mistake of his pathetic life
212) Because he wanted Brian back at any price
213) Because Justin became Brian's intern to win him back
214) Because Justin is the best thing to come into his office
215) Because he is the ubiquitous Justin Taylor
216) Because "Brian...Mr Kinney"
217) Because he would be grateful if Brian gave him a second chance
218) Because what Brian could give Justin is worth a thousand, a million times more then what Ethan had to offer
219) Because he had b***s to kiss him!
220) Because the kiss he gave Brian had Brian asking for more.
221) Because he decided that Brian should take him back
222) Because Brian would be making a bigger mistake by not giving him a second chance
223) Because Justin understands now Mr Kinney's rules
224) Because Brian requires Justin to work long hard hours sometimes deep into the night
225) Because "it'll be pleasure to work under you... sir"
226) Because he promised to never play violin music in Brian's presence again
227) Because we had a perfect reunion with "Lover's Spit"
228) Because Brian took him back!
229) Because it was the most historic reunification since Germany!
230) Because "Yes you are seeing it" and so did the whole Babylon!
231) Because the fiddler fell off the roof *evil grin*
232) Because it's about thawing his cold heart, bringing him back to life.
233) Because it's about their love, their unspoken commitment
234) Because Brian showed Justin he loved him everyday
235) Because Here by my side an angel/Here by my side the devil/Never turn your back on me again/Here by my side it's heaven
236) Because that was effing hot
237) Because it's just like the cover of the comic. It's art imitating life!
238) Because he’s the guy Brian ******** more than once. "Unlike you"
239) Because they like to go on strolls together
240) Because he's just a little rambuncious, you know how they are at his age
241) Because they danced to "Get Some Lovin" at Babylon
242) Because doesn't Justin want to party like its 1984??
243) Because its not that type of project
244) Because there's a restaurant he wants to try with Justin
245) Because "Taylor what are you still doing here?"
246) Because Brian knew all along it was him. "I'm sure you'll get an A+ even if it is a bit crude and heavyhanded"
247) Because they made out and Brian helped Justin hang up the posters
248) Because now they're more than just partners. They're partners in crime!
249) Because he wanted to give Justin a subscription for his birthday
250) Because that was aaaaaaaaamazing!
251) Because Brian helped Justin set Stockwell up
252) Because Justin winked at Brian during the GLC meeting
253) Because Justin learnt from Brian how to be a clever devil
254) Because we got Brian kissing Justin's stomac scene!
255) Because they can make removing socks look hot!
256) Because Justin was giving him career tips
257) Because Justin can always "make his mother's meatloaf honey and then look at the photos from when they took kids to Disneyworld"
258) Because they're the new revolutionnists!
259) Because that tongue kiss scene was way too short!
260) Because Brian is Justin's deep throat!
261) Because wrong blondboy! he'd rather get laid
262) Because it must have been quite an elegant affair
263) Because 'you shoulda been there' Justin & Brian touchflirtplay!
264) Because 'how are you gonna keep a cleaning lady??'
265) Because they're partners in crime with matching leather jackets!!
266) Because 'look at all these old guys, some of them are even older than you are!'
267) Because 'charm him with your witty repartee'
268) Because Brian is gonna owe him like a hundred bj's for this!
269) Because 'effing teenagers i don't know how anyone puts up with them = Brian's raised eyebrow'
270) Because Brian thought Justin looked hot dressed as a hustler
271) Because he already expressed his appreciation 3 times with Justin
272) Because Brian admitted that Justin is his boyfriend "in non defined, non conventionnal way"
273) Because 'leave to a queen to turn anything into a drama'
274) Because Brian told him to apologise
275) Because Justin sacraficed everything
276) Because they both co-ordinate their wardrobe (aww matching blue sweaters)
277) Because 'holy porkchop' 'if only there were a real rage to change everyones mind'
278) Because someone told Brian that if you really believe in something then you'll sacrafice everything
279) Because concerned citizens for the truth really are lunatics
280) Because Justin offered to loan him the money
281) Because Brian's suffering from possession withdrawl *squuee holding hands*
282) Because when the results were announced they hugged and celebrated
283) Because try as he might he can't come up with anything else
284) Because the way he looked at Justin was pure love
285) Because 'drop your pants...bend over'
286) Because the kiss on the stairs outside The Woody's was pure happiness
287) Because "Christ Brian now you don't even have a car!!"
288) Because Brian haven't lost everything - he still has Justin
289) Because they have liberty and each other
290) Because they were celebrating the victory in tight embrace
291) Because Justin is Baby to Brian's Johnny!
292) Because Justin wanted to help Brian financially
293) Because "I thought we were partners/We are"
294) Because Justin named Brian's new agency
295) Because Brian thought it was clever
296) Because "Hi, honey"
297) Because the loft is where they made love for the first time
298) Because "it was love to me"
299) Because Justin organized a benefit to help Brian
300) Because "half of gay Pittsburgh can sleep soundly in their own bed"
301) Because the kiss and a hug in the street was so sweet!
302) Because it was Justin's idea to come up with a new ad to steal Vance's account
303) Because Brian was worried by Justin's anger
304) Because Brian thought Justin's new haircut was hot
305) Because he was worried Justin would get in trouble b/c of the Pink Posses
306) Because chair!sex scene!!!!! *thud*
307) Because "tonight it's your turn"
308) Because they fought for it!
309) Because Brian tried everything to talk Justin out of the Pink Posse
310) Because he was even more worried when he found Justin got a gun
311) Because he wanted Justin to go back to school
312) Because they were funny when they were trying to win their bet
313) Because Justin was understanding and loving when Brian told him about going to Ibiza
314) Because he promised Brian he will be there when he'll get back
315) Because he told Brian what he needed to hear the most - "I love you"
316) Because "you're here"/"I told you I would be"
317) Because Brian admitted he missed him
318) Because Justin wanted a kiss to have a proof
319) Because he respected Brian's wishes and didn't let him know he knew about the cancer
320) Because "tell me about Ibiza" scene
321) Because Brian threw him out thinking Justin would leave him anyway
322) Because "the soup scene"!

Brian and Justin Lovers

~ Liz ~
Brian Kinney's Muffin O'Love
Hope's Fate
K Girl
t a r y n
Atti's Angel
The Duchess of Kinney
Other One
XoXo VaL
BooBoo Kitty ***** (Dosed)
Immortal CandyGirl
Rain Sierra
bad jeans
Touch & Go
Lady Andhiriel
Film Lover
Whiskey Girl
girl with no name
dance on tables
Bluebird Of Happiness
Katherine Behr
sxy readr3

Scene of the Moment

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Brian & Justin #64 - b/c it was bound to happen!
Brian & Justin #63 - b/c they save their kisses for each other
Brian & Justin #62 b/c "Admit the truth. You love him, don't you?"
Brian & Justin #61 - b/c they're both hot and sweet!
Brian & Justin #60: Because making out by the car, they are so caa!
Brian & Justin #59 - b/c it's hard to pick just one reason out of hundreds!
Brian and Justin #57 - b/c we're proud of being B/J crazed!
Brian and Justin #56 - "When my boy walks down the street"
Brian and Justin #55 - b/c their journey together just begun
Brian and Justin #49 - He called him mon amour, did you hear that rubberduckie?
Brian and Justin #48 - Because JT defrosting Rage is art imitating life!
Brian and Justin #47- Because they like 'It' dripped in ice cream
Brian and Justin: 46 - "The Devil and Angel make our lives interesting"
Brian and Justin #45 - Our fantasies are their realities
Brian and Justin#44 "Because they're the hottest Gay couple on TV"
Brian and Justin#43: No matter where we are.... we always come home
Brian and Justin#42: "It's French, they're frenching"
Brian & Justin#40- "Helping each other visualize their goals"
Brian and Justin #39: You are my sanctuary
Brian and Justin #38: "I'll Be Here When You Get Back"
Brian and Justin #37: It Was Love To Me
Brian and Justin #36: You Bring Me Heaven

Thanks Cathy!


Scene of the moment to be changed ASAP!

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Thanks for the new thread Kate

I can't wait to see the scene of the moment

I would hate to miss another boat
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Thanks for the new thread I guess I showed up a little bit too late, sorry. I'll open the next one tho I promise
did you hear that rubber ducky? he said couples.
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I finally thought about my list

season 1

KS: the kiss in the Forever young scene, it's just so caa
SS: The hotel scene so hot

Season 2
KS: the red sweater scene, I think that it's the hottest and longest kiss I ever seen
SS: the scene at the end of 202 of course, that's such a beautiful one

Season 3
KS: The "have some balls" kiss, I was so proud of Justin
SS: the "I'm ready to go" scene (when they're interupted by Stockwell), a perfect mix of hot and sweet

Season 4
KS: "I missed you" kiss
SS: Chair sex

Season 5
KS:the ILY kiss in 510
SS: the last one

Btw we should start planning our 100th thread Ideas?

They're so pretty

I would hate to miss another boat
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great choices Jess!

awww that picture and you're right, they're very pretty
did you hear that rubber ducky? he said couples.
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They are

I'm too tired to have an interesting discussion I'll just squee instead


I would hate to miss another boat
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Jenn - I've seen your post after I've closed the thread. But it was too late then. So, you can be sure that thread number 82 has your name on it - and yes, I can look into the future.

Jess - Thread 100?! We still have to fill about 18 threads until we can start thinking about the 100th thread. You think we can do this really fast?
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We're really fast sometimes

I would hate to miss another boat
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yeah about a minute after I posted that I saw the new thread, I was like "dang it"

Jess, sometimes it's more fun to squee than analyze B/J s1 is love I'm rewatching it and I'm on episode 121 right now that scene when Justin tells Brian not to go and then they hug that hug is so sweet, you can see it's hurting Brian just as much as it is Justin but he won't say anything of course, because he's Brian Kinney for F's sake!
did you hear that rubber ducky? he said couples.
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And I feel like changing my icon now - for "Vanished"... *disappears*
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I love the hug in that episode too It's so sweet. Brian knows that it's hurting Justin and I'm sure that deep down he knows that he's gonna miss him. I love that he's telling him to forget him but he still hugs him like that

I wouldn't mind seeing a Vanished avi Kate

For Jenn

I would hate to miss another boat
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*is dead*

Jess, I'm at work!!! You can't put things like that in my head!!! luckily my boss is at lunch and no one's around
did you hear that rubber ducky? he said couples.
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I'm evil I know But shoudn't you be working?

My favourite season 1 scene

I would hate to miss another boat
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that kiss is so caa--Brian so cares about Justin, and I love the major tonguage!

there's nothing to do! I can't just make up computers to go pick up, and that's all I do
did you hear that rubber ducky? he said couples.
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I'm watching 510

I would hate to miss another boat
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