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jette_ 03-01-2014 03:59 PM

Truth Seekers {Lex & Chloe} #193: "Chloe, you're not done being a pain in the butt yet are you?"

You are new here and you're wondering where you are. Well, then you have probably stumbled into the world of Chlex. In here, we discuss all things Chloe & Lex, the two most exciting characters on Smallville (Our opinion anyway).

Why Lex & Chloe? Here's why:

Snark action. Witty come backs. World dominating potential. Karisma. They just light up together, they have the potential to conquer anything and everything around them. Together, they could rule the world and well, how can you not enjoy that idea? ~ Neeka

We love ChLex because we believe they're great together. They're great together because they would (or 'do' in our heads) love and support each other unconditionally, even when taking over the world. ~ Wendy

Why I love Chloe and Lex? They light up the screen whenever they're on together. Because they wouldn't be afraid to love each other. Because they are go-getters and their personalities just fit. ~ Warunee

I like Chlex cause their just so freaking awsome and they are two of the characters with the most likeable personalaties to me and they are just SOOOOOO cool! ~ Eve

I love the snarky comebacks, they looked hot together, and the fact they will take over the world, and love each other without any ulterior motives. ~ Fiona

The Official Chlex Day

November 27th The date when Craving aired and when Chloe and Lex started their Verbal Judo�

Naughty List of Supporters

1. michael&maria fan- Eve
2. DarkWitch Julie (Jules)
3. lisa j (a.k.a. lexchloe) Lisa
4. Zealot - Natalia
5. Markers - Marcine
6. gravelgerdie - Suzanne
7. Lightstar Angel - Shar
8. blueraccoon - Rebecca
9. J A N E Y- Jen
10. Bexter - Rebecca
11. hfce - Hope
12. Flicker - Alex
13. angel_eyes10
14. Brooke928
15. Warunee
16. Alaine
17. kandieass - Summer
18. Squishy
19. Athena06 - Kaila
20. Blairy the Fairy
21. CutieKatie
22. - C.K.
23. 1kUtEChiQ
24. Neuron
25. candysoul Marica
26. sinny Sinead
27. Wacky Buffy - Elisabeth
28. Eruvue
29. ruafair - Fiona
30. lucy_mars Lucy
31. rosenbaumgirl23 - Wendy
32. trenchtown - Nadia
33. The Joshua Frog
34. HurricaneDeLuca -Porschia
35. Jac
36. SpikesGurl15 - Marisa
37. NaturallySpazic - Neeka
38. HumbugGirl- Carmen
49. Whatever
40. svrocks - Lillian (Lily)
41. Sweet_n_Spicy - Kris
42. Rach711 - Rachel
43. pirouettegrl2288 - Ronnie
44. pinaypoet
45: QBallsGirl - Audrey
46: CutiePie24856
47: Jezebel In Hell - Bridget
48: Dolphin1721 - Kira
49: starlite - Jo
50: The French Hippie - Willow
51: Lisa Spark
52: pinaymaria123 - Maria
53: Paradox --of sorts - Amanda
54: pUreCutie_87
55: *Sugi*
56: Sabrina - Sa
57: AlwaysPretending - Kerry
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59: Falllon_Destiny_OakMoon - Fallon
60: Queen of Tact - CC
61: Dark Phoenix II - Candra (DP)
62: frog__princess00 - Em
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65: Rogue79 - Ang or Rouge
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142. olicitybubble

Field trip to Luthorcorp?? What did they do wrong?

Verbal Judo and impressing the other.
Flowers that make her feel like she's won the Kentucky Derby

"You'd think he'd afford a good toupee"
Reasons Why They're Meant to be

1) Because she was interested in more than his offer.
2) Because they are both seeking the truth. (See ship name: "The Truth Seekers"
3) Because she's one of the only people who doesn't blame Luthor Corp. for everything
that goes wrong in Smallville.
4) Because he takes her meteor theories seriously
5) Because he asked her to give him a call sometime.
6) Because he let her interview him.
7) Because he wanted to resume their "verbal judo".
8) Because he flew in the best doctors from Metropolis to care for her.
9) Because she liked Lex's flowers the best. Made her feel like she won the Kentucky Derby!
10) Because he vowed to find the people who hurt Chloe and make them pay.
11) Because he always smiles when she's around.
12) Because he thought he'd stop by the Torch and say hello.
13) Because he wants her to call him Lex.
14) Because he gave her a 2nd interview..with no Clark in sight.
15) Because they're both willing to take a risk...for love.
16) Because he's her favorite millionaire playboy.
17) Because he'll do whatever it takes to keep her in Smallville.
18) Because when she's around, he can't stop smiling.
19) Because they have feelings for each other, but are living in denial.
20) Because he is struck by her Wall of Weird.
21) Because they could rule the world together.
22) Because they're both attracted to darkness and danger.
23) Because he would give her the world.
24) Because they share more than a common interest.
25) Because Chloe is the only seduction Lex will ever need.
26) and then there's Chloe Sullivan.
27) Because it is a relationship that will go down in history.
28) Beucause they're about passion, not tragedy.
29) Because they can.
30) Because Lex would be dead by now if it wasn't for Chloe's great investigations skills.
31) Because Lex doesn't think Chloe is the right one for Clark.
32) Because Chloe is the only one in Smallville who understands his obscure quotes.
33) Because that's what Allison wants
34) Because they are the most intelligent characters of the show.
35)Because they would challenge each other's mind
36)Because she wants to figure him out
37)Because she thinks she could learn a lot from him
38)Because they like good mystery
39) Because only Chloe can insult Lex Luthor and get away with it.
40) Because she's not impress by the rich bad boy
41) Because the actors have so much fun togheter
42) Because the best actors of the show are bound to make the best scenes.
43) Because they bring the sexy n Smallville
44) Because he doesn't try to save the world
45) Because he has a lot to offer her
46) Because she's interested in getting to know him a little better
47) Because Lex considers Chloe as a friend of his
48) Because Chloe knows what Lex's favorite cereal is.

Chlexy Fanfiction

Purple Hearts Outlined in Brass - by Neeka
Trick or Treat - by Fiona
Destiny's Not For Me - by Wendy
Deepest Desires - by Fiona
Surprise, Surprise – by Lucy.
On The Trail of a Thief - by Fi
Solace – by Carmen
Consequences of Our Desires – by Wendy

Fan Art
by Marcine

Chlex Movies

Chlex Music Videos by Elviriel


Michael Rosenbaum – E! Online

From Jean, Wisconsin: I'm a huge fan! Since it's a pretty serious show, what do you do on the set for fun?

Well, I had a karaoke machine in my trailer awhile. Usually, I sing by myself. Sometimes, I open the door and start singing. Finally, someone opens their door, either Tom Welling or Allison Mack, and they look at me and go, "What are you doing?!" I'm, like, "I'm singing, man, come on!" Every now and then I get Tom to sing with me, or maybe Allison...or Steve in wardrobe. We keep it entertaining.

Allison Mack at Percocet detection times not west-ward pharm lisinopril description, female asian actos of counteracting weight gain caused by remeron

I would like to see Chloe have a relationship with Lex. Because I think they are two of the most intelligent characters on the show. And so I think that them challenging each other's minds would be really interesting, and I think that there is a lot that Lex could do for Chloe. And I think that the whole jealousy aspect of Clark losing one of his best friends to another of his best friends would be very a very interesting thing to see. And I have no scenes with Michael Rosenbaum, and I love Michael Rosenbaum. We had so much fun together [in "Kinetic"]. He's so talented, and so quick. It's such an exercise, working with him. It's so much fun.

Allison in Dreamwatch Magazine

As for the dark light in Clark's life, Lex Luthor, Mack has her own suspicions about him. "Hmmm!" she muses during one of the times she stops to draw breath, "What about Lex Luthor! Chloe is very interested in Lex. She thinks she could learn a lot from him. I don't know what she feels about him as a person because she doesn' know him very well...And he did hurt Pete's family and Pete doesn't like him very much. So she's conflicted there. But she's interested in him and wants to understand him. She's well aware of the amount of controversy behind him and his story, and as a journalist and naturally curious person she just wants to get in there and figure him out.

The Second interview between Chloe and Lex:

Getting to Know You: Alexander By Chloe Sullivan




Naughty Seduction
Welcome to the Gutter


Malu's Chlex Fanfics


Behind the scenes

FrellingTralk 03-02-2014 08:46 AM


jette_ 03-03-2014 04:27 PM

Wow, looking at the OP is really depression because it just shows how popular this thread once was.

FrellingTralk 03-05-2014 07:55 AM

Yeah I remember how this thread used to go by so fast compared to all the others on this forum :lol:

jette_ 03-18-2014 08:04 AM

Where did everyone go? :look:

FrellingTralk 03-18-2014 09:49 AM

Chlex shippers were more of a presence during seasons 1-3 I guess A lot of people thought that season 3 was building to something, and were then disappointed at their lack of scenes and how Chloe acted like she had no time for Lex in season 4, even though he spend season 3 protecting Chloe and her father

jette_ 03-20-2014 06:05 AM

The dynamic between them changed very quickly and without a good explanation. :nod: But I guess the problem was that the writers were aiming for the conflict between Lex/Clark and Lana which didn't leave much room for Chloe.

FrellingTralk 03-20-2014 08:47 AM

I think that once Chloe discovered Clark's secret her attitude towards Lex changed a lot as she became more protective of Clark :nod:

jette_ 03-22-2014 12:19 PM

Knowing Clark's secret has limited her in her friendships/relationships with others.

FrellingTralk 03-22-2014 06:08 PM

She seemed to immediately see Lex as the enemy after finding out Clark's secret, she keeps warning Clark about Lex in Onyx and Blank

jette_ 03-23-2014 04:35 PM

But why? I mean why did she assume Lex would try to harm Clark or make use of his powers if he knew about them?

FrellingTralk 03-27-2014 06:55 PM

I guess that everyone started seeing Lex as evil in seasons 4 and 5 just because :lol:

jette_ 03-31-2014 11:35 AM

No, seriously... did Clark tell Chloe about Lex's weird obsession with him, the creepy Clark room he had and all that stuff? I don't remember.

FrellingTralk 03-31-2014 03:56 PM

Nope, I don't think so. Clark couldn't really have brought that up without someone wondering what Lex was so obsessed with him for

jette_ 04-02-2014 03:15 AM

Then I really need to go back and watch some old episodes to figure out what it was that made Chloe so suspicious of Lex.

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