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Old 01-29-2011, 06:25 PM
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Trojan Boys #152-they will always be the only heroes in the show! ♥ ♥

Welcome to the thread152 for the couple that we refer to as Clex

Clark Kent & Lex Luthor

Credit: claudypritz

Celebrating150threads of


Credit: claudypritz

Jonathan: "Kids just don't fall out of the sky, Martha.
Martha: Then where did he come from?

We've all had those “I wouldn’t know the right person
if they fell from the sky”
but what if your right person fell from the sky
and you knew it right away.
That’s story of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor
that began October 16, 2001
...and continued through150threads.

They both had the world, one was destined to save it
and the other was destined to take it over
but somehow fate intervened and the rest
well…that’s history.
The farmboy/superhero and the billionaire had
their share of issues and lies
but love always came through in the end.

The Smallville meteor shower was one of the
worst tragedies in that fictional town, but little
did anyone know that a “visitor from the sky”
would impact so many lives. They weren’t
perfect even though one would argue that…
they were and always will be
perfectly imperfect for each other
but we love them the way they are always!

Clex has the one thing that all other couples on Smallville…
chemistry, the one thing
on this show that was never a lie. People have tried to say
that they weren’t meant to be…destined…soul mates…
but they always knew better, we always knew better.
They both had to get adjusted to new settings, new people,
they did at time…but love always brought them back to each
other and this is why we celebrate…because
we know that someday they will be back together.

I’d like to once again thank my Clex BFF Claudia,
who always makes all the arts and always knows where
I’m coming from, who wants Clex back as well as certain
other people gone as much as I do, and of course who
will always know what a single tear really means!
Love ya hun! .

I'd also like to thank my "partner in crime" Lauren,
for being the best Clex BFF anyone could ever ask for,
I'm glad that clex gave me the opportunity to meet someone
as special as you are, love ya hun! .

So, that being said, long live
the most important couple of this show
and let's just hope that BK will never have it his way!.

~ ♥ ~

Our Guys


Credit: claudypritz

~ ♥ ~

Credit: bigmamag

"Trust me Clark, our friendship is gonna be
the stuff of legends.


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Credit: claudypritz

"Clark Kent and Lex Luthor...
I like the sound of that.


1• No one gets near Clark or Lex
2• The only marriage that will work is Clark Lex
3• No one mentions Lex...except Clark
4• Lex is all Clark's and Clark is all Lex's
6• Because Clark is the only one who can take Lex's cars
7• The only LL for Clark is Lex Luthor!
8• Because they are not enemies, they are soul mates
9• Love always finds a way!
10• Only Clark can live at the mansion…with Lex!
11• Clark can only love Lex and no one else
13• Never forget the Clex love!!!
14• Clex is better than Clana and Clois
15• No one replaces Lex!
16• No one kills/shoots/stabs Lex
17• We will not be ignored!
18• Clark will never be able to fool us…we know!
19• Never, ever, ever trust the Daily Planet
20• No one ever insults Clex-NO ONE!
21• Only Lex can have Clark...sorry everyone else in the show
22• CLEX is hotter than all other couples
23• Clark doesn't play well with others- especially not the JLA
24• "Journal" is man-speak for "Diary"
25• When in doubt…blame the BK
26• Never ever forget 10/16/01
27• Michael is Lex…and Lex is Michael
28• Clark only needs 1 man!
29• When someone named “Dr Fate” tells you Clex will be together again…listen!
30• Take the hints…Clex will be back!
31• Everyone gets what they deserve…eventually
32• You can say “I love you” a million times but it only means the most when you hear it first from the person that’s always loved you
33• Doesn’t anyone remember the Clex Room? Always Remember!
34• Try and Forgive Tom for all the bad he’s done…b/c he’s a Clex shipper!
35• Just because Michael isn’t on the show anymore…it doesn’t mean Clex is gone
36• There is a big difference between loving someone and being in love with someone…Clex is in love!
37• Why is it called the “Justice League” if there is no justice…always question this!
38• Lex Luthor is not the bad person is everything…the BK is
39• Always use “when” when talking about Michael’s return…never “if”
40• Even if they were giving it way the DVDs…the real SV ended at 7 seasons and that’s all we need
41• Attemping to kill someone will never take away the pain that you felt when your one true love was taken way
42• There may be…Batman, Spiderman, Aquaman, Ironman but Lex Luthor only wanted Superman!
43• Always remember that they are “opposite sides of the same soul”
44• “The Blur” is still fakeClark! no matter what he believes
45• The Loft and Lex’s Office are their places!


1) Because fate brought them together
2) Because Clark saved Lex's life by giving him CPR before he even knew him
3) Because Clark gave Lex a chance
4) Because Lex helped Clark down after being tied up
5) Because Lex is Clark's favorite maniac in a Porsche
6) Because Lex thinks that Clark can make a career out of saving lives
7) Because Lex comes to the Farm to see Clark
8) Because Clark comes to the Mansion to see Lex
9) Because Clark knew Lex wasn't a criminal mastermind
10) Because they were brothers!
11) Because they are best friends!
12) Because "Trust me, Clark. Our friendship is going to be the stuff of legends"-Lex
13) Because Clark may not be able to save the world but he did save save Lex and that counts!!
14) Because Lex is part of the Kent family
15) Because Clark was Lex's best man
16) Because they are both their own way
17) Because they have the cutest hugs
18) Because Lex doesn't mind driving all the way to the farm just to ask Clark a question
19) Because the passenger seat in the Porsche is made for Clark
20) Because even as Kal Clark still cared enough about Lex to be at his funeral
21) Because they are both interested in the caves....and working together to find more information
22) Because they like to play pool together!!
23) Because when he was kicked out of the Mansion the first place Lex went was the Kent's
24) Because Lex had a Clark room
25) Because Lex is obsessed with Clark!
26) Because Lex came to see Clark play football
27) Because of all the places in Smallville.....Lex hid in the Kent's barn
28) Because Clark would do anything for Lex
29) Because Lex would do anything for Clark
30) Because their names sound good together
31) Because they are destined to be together!
32) Because Clark wouldn't do anything to hurt Lex
33)Because Clark's friendship is important to Lex
34) Because Lex knew Clark wasn't writing term papers but he let him in the caves anyway
35) Because Clark was inside of Lex
36) Because it started with a kiss and ended with an i love you
37) Because they want each other.....badly!!!
38) Because they have a private joke!
39) Because Clark's friendship kept Lex's evil side at bay...well at least for a while
40) Because even in his Christmas fantasy Lex can't help but think of Clark
41) Because Lex thinks that Clark is extraordinary
42) Because Clark's face lights up when thinks of Lex
43) Because even Michael and Tom see it
44) Because "we have a future Clark"
45) Because even in the comic books they are slashy!!
46) Because Lex would do anything to help the Kent's
48) Because Clark continues to save Lex
49) Because the shirt rip was HOT!!!
50) Because they can't keep their hands off each other!
51) Because Lex thought that dark Clark was sexy!
52) Because Lex can't help but mention Clark whenever he can
53) Because "Three months on a deserted island, and it was almost worth it to see the look on (Clark's) face right now."-Lex
54) Because Clark didn't care that Lex was crazy...he loved him anyway!!
55) Because if anyone hurt Clark Lex would transfer them to Siberia
56) Because Clark trusts Lex
57) Because knowing that Lex was at the farm made Clark's morning brighter
58) Because who knew a smile could say so much
59) Because Clark's Loft and Lex's Office are their places
60) Because Lex didn't trust all, he trusted Lex.
61) Because they are the Trojan Boys!
62) Because during investigations Clark always jumps at the chance to go talk to Lex
63) Because they don't need an excuse to see each other!!
64) Because Clark chose to go with Lex
65) Because they make it a little to obvious!
66) Becaue Ryan knew that Lex "admired" Clark
67) Because Lex makes Clark smile and vice versa
68) Because they both at home in Smallville
69) Because Clark is always save Lex
71) Because Clark doesn't need to knock he just comes in
72) Because Lex doesn't need to knock...but he does it anyway
73) Because Clark changed Lex's future
74) Because they can try to deny it but everyone knows the truth!
75) Because in Lex's Christmas fantasy....Clark was "Uncle Clark!"
76) Because they have the cutest heart to hearts!!
77) Because "I would never hurt the Kent's"- Lex
78) Because Lex thinks that Clark has really nice hair
79) Because Lex came to Jonathan's funeral
80) Because Lex want's to be there for Clark to help him through the pain
81) Because Lex misses the small talk and the pleasentries
82) Because Lex thinks that Clark needs to work on his enterance
83) Because even the credits have Clex in them!
84) Because Lex defended Clark
85) Because Clark was worried that Lex really died and was relieved when Chloe told him Lex wasn't
86) Because they both are impatient and have no time to wait
87) Because they have the best looks of love
88) Because Lex wants to find common ground again with Clark
89)Because they will find their way back to each other
90) Because Lex is still obsessed!!
91) Because Lex will never let it go!
92) Because Clark knew that Lex wasn't perfect but he tried to see the best in him
93) Because Clark came to visit Lex at the hospital
94) Because Lex emails Clark!
95) Because one day it will happen!
96) Because Clark knew which Lex was the real one
97) Because Clark was totally checking out Lex!!
98) Because Lex cares about Clark!
99) Because Clark would never kill anyone especially Lex
100) Because "I would never hurt Lex"-Clark
101) Because Clark won't abandon Lex
102) Because Clark wants to help Lex
103) Because they held hands!!!
104) Because Clark wants to help find Lex
105) Because will never be normal but Lex loves him anyway
106) Because Lex let Clark use "the man of tomorrow" as his slogan
107) Because Clark was always defending Lex
108) Because Clark was closer to Lex than any blood brother
109) Because they both have a dark side
110) Because Lex has done so much for Clark and the Kent's
111) Because they will find their way back to each other
112) Because Lex loves Clark and vice versa
113) Because Clark gave the speech at Lex's wedding
114) Because "our friendship will be the stuff of legends"-Lex
115) Because Lex always wanted to cry when Clark got angry with him
116) Because Clark will do anything to get in the mansion to see Lex even squeeze through the bars
117) Because Lex gave Clark an apple...and he ate it
118) Because it was Lex all along
119) Because Clark is going to have a Lex room
120) Because even Oliver sees it!
121) Because Oliver knew that Clark would never kill Lex
122) Because Lex brought Clark fireworks for his party
123) Because Clark will always be there!
124) Because they have a son in the comics!!!
125) Because love will lead them back to each other!
126) Because there is a reason that Lex's marriages didn't work-HIS LOVE FOR CLARK!
127) Because Clark inspired Lex
128) Because Clark is Lex's hero
129) Because Ryan knew Clark "liked" Lex
130) Because even Pete saw how close they were
131) Because they have the best shipper name
132) Because they need each other
133) Because they could never hate each other
134) Because even Jonathan and Martha couldn't deny Clark's love for Lex
135) Because Clark couldn't help but want to dig into Lex's past to help him
136) Because Clark knew all Lex's phone numbers
137) Because "tell him Clark Kent called"
138) Because Clark didn't want to cut Lex out of his life and Martha didn't want him to either
139) Because Clark can tell when Lex is in trouble
140) Because the only thing that Lex is truly guilty of is loving Clark
141) Because Lex wanted to help Clark find Jonathan
142) Because Lex wanted to protect Clark
143) Because Clark stopped the fire from burning Lex
144) Because Clark is Lex's flower delivery boy
145) Because Clark held Lex
146) Because it took him a while....but Lionel finally saw it!
147) Because Lex knew who "me" was ("Lex it's up" "Clark!")
148) Because Clark still matters to Lex
149) Because Lex still goes to the barn
150) Because Clark is obsessed!
151) Because Clark couldn't help but crash Lex's party
152) Because Lex wanted to take a sleigh ride with Clark
153) Because Lex invited Clark to the wedding (to see what he lost)
154) Because Lex waited for Clark
155) Because when Lex wanted to get away from Lionel he went to see Clark
156) Because Clark knew that there were 75 rooms in the mansion
157) Because Lex smiled at Clark as he left his wedding
158) Because everyone knows that a man of steel and a billionaire make the hottest couple
159) Because in the end of season 7 they proved they are our modern version of Romeo and Juliet
160) Because Lex drove Clark to school
161) Because Lex took the blame for Clark being late to school
162) Because Clark drove Lex's porsche
163) Because Clark had to do the same "where do you see yourself in 5 years" assignment as Lex
164) Because Lex didn't want Clark to leave
165) Because Clark wanted Lex to come with him
166) Because Clark opened up to Lex about what was going on with his father and grandfather
167) Because Clark took Lex's advice
168) Because Lex will always be with Clark
169) Because even as Kal Clark loved Lex
170) Because even as Kal Clark couldn't help but want to see Lex
171) Because Lex let Clark borrow his Ferrari
172) Because Lex was totally staring at Clark!
173) Because they were going to stay at the penthouse
174) Because Clark was hiding out at the mansion
175) Because even as Zod Lex wanted Clark
176) Because it didn't take much convincing from Chloe to make Clark turn the car around and find out what happened with Lex's car
177) Because Clark will use any excuse to go and see Lex
178) Because Clark pushed Lex out of the way of the bullet and saved him once again
179) Because "now he's mine"-Clark
180) Because Lex gave Clark´s dad (his father-in-law) a dvd player, so he could watch some westerns
181) Because Clark had to be the only one to save Lex
182) Because Lionel wanted Clark to save Lex
183) Becasue Clark was so worried when he heard Lex was kidnapped
184) Because Nemesis had the Clex we've been waiting for
185) Because their eyes say it all
186) Because Lex was so worried when he saw Clark bleeding
187) Because Lex pulled the shapnel out of Clark's back/arm and fixed his wound
188) Because Clark saw Lex's humanity
189) Because Clark worked through the meteor rock to get through to Lex
190) Because Lex pulled Clark out of the tunnel
191) Because Clark was the only real friend Lex ever had
192) Because Lex came back to save Clark
193) Because Clark grabbed Lex at the last minute to save him
194) Because the longing stares are HOT!
195) Because "when Lex pulled me out of that rubble, I saw a glimpse of something I hadn't seen in years... my friend"-Clark
196) Because Clark was worried that he gave up on Lex to soon
197) Because "If you thought I was going to leave you here... then I guess you never knew me at all"-Lex
198) Because only Clark and Lex can be in love in any decade
199) Because 1940's Clark was sent to watch Lex!
200) Because Clark can't stop mentioning Lex
201) Because Clark will do anything to work Lex into the conversation
202) Because now they can finally be together
203) Because Lex is only capable of loving Clark
204) Because Clark wouldn't get his hands off Lex
205) Because Lex will never forget that faithful day that Clark first saved him
206) Because Lex would never help Bizarro Clark kill Clark
207) Because Clark came to Lex's rescue
208) Because Clark waited in the hospital for Lex to wake up
209) Because Clark brought Lex to the hospital
210) Because Clark and Lex worked together to take down Dr. Knox in Cure
211) Because Lex didn't want Clark to get in trouble with Jonathan
212) Because the first meteor shower changed their lives forever
213) Because their families are aways involved with each other
214) Because they loved each other since the day they set their eyes on each other
215) Because Clark thought it would it be cool to be Lex's brother
216) Because Clark would always but himself in harms way for Lex
217) Because who needs Warrior Angel when Lex has Clark
218) Because Lex reads about Clark in the paper and probably keeps all his articles
219) Because Lex hadn't picked up a Warrior Angel comic since he and Clark were friends
220) Because Clark likes to get close to Lex when he talks to him
221) Because Lionel knows that Lex still has a "fixation" with Clark
222) Because they will never give up on each other
223) Because "let me take care of Lex"-Clark
224) Because people want evidence that Lex has actually loved Nemesis!
225) Because feelings this strong don't disappear
226) Because memories, and dreams may fade but never true love
227) Because they both have excellent taste in men
228) Because Clark rushed to the hospital when he found out that Lex was in the hospital after being shot
229) Because Clark still cares about Lex and Lionel knows it!
230) Because Clark wants to go inside Lex's mind
231) Because they were strapped up next to each other on the operating tables
232) Because Clark trusted Alexander (the good part of Lex)
233) Because "trust me Clark I'm you're best friend"-Alexander
234) Because they will be together one day
235) Because Clark and Alexander made a promise
236) Because Alexander is Clark's friend and he'll always be there for him
237) Because "now, what would i do without Clark Kent, the voice of reason"-Lex
238) Because "Trust me, Lex, there's nothing that's lost that can't be found again."-Clark
239) Because Lex called Clark....twice!!!!!!!!!
240) Because Clark still cares!!
241) Because Pete can take a hint and knows when to leave them alone
242) Because Lex can't help but look at Clark any chance he gets
243) Because Lionel knew that Lex liked things that could fly even as a child
244) Because Lionel was the one that told him that "the right man could make anything possible"
245) Because "i'm not going anywhere"-Clark
246) Because "when we first met you inspired me"-Lex
247) Because Clark was the only one allowed at Lionel's funeral besides Lex
248) Because Clark wanted the truck because it was from Lex
249) Because Clark can't help but smile when he hears Lex's name
250) Because Lex gave Clark his lead box

Credit: Bigmamag

”You’re the only one I can trust”

251) Because Lex is forever in Clark's debt
252) Because Clark knew Lex would have saved him given the chance
253) Because Clark wasn't going anywhere
254) Because "you know where to find me"-Lex
255) Because Lex tossed the football to Clark
256) Because Clark's loft didn't change...and Lex just wanted to make sure
257) Because they had a "coffee break"
258) Because whenever Clark comes to the mansion and Lex is on the phone he always tells them he has to call them back
259) Because wanted to make sure that Clark was alone
260) Because Lex's security people know Clark
261) Because when Lex went missing Clark was the first one Lionel went to see
262) Because "you know, Clark, there is one thing I'll never forget: how important your friendship is to me"-Lex
263) Because Clark was with Lex never against him
264) Because Clark and Lex were riding in the truck!
265) Because "Lex..i've got your back ...that's why I'm here"-Clark
266) Because Lex wanted all the Kents at the head table for his wedding
267) Because Clark knows that he is meant to be..with Lex
268) Because Lex wanted Clark to help him so they could solve the mystery of the caves together
269) Because Lex doesn't want to believe that Clark is an alien
270) Because Lex won't let anyone kill Clark
271) Because Lex hugged Clark after his speech as the rehearsal dinner
272) Because Lex wanted a moment alone with Clark
273) Because Lex wanted to warn Clark about Lionel
274) Because Lex couldn't help but smile during Clark's rehearsal speech
275) Because Lex is always making sure that Clark is okay
276) Because "the Kents are very important to me"-Lex
277) Because Lex stole Clark's blood
278) Because Lex canceled his tailor but "forgot" to tell Clark
279) Because they could have accomplished so much...together
280) Because Lex would have helped Clark become a hero
281) Because Clark likes how "Clark Kent and Lex Luthor" sound
282) Because the day we first met Clark was the same day when Clark first met Lex
283) Because Clark tried to visit Lex for a month
284) Because Clark wanted to see Lex and no one was going to stop him
285) Because "where's Lex?"-Clark
286) Because Lex was excited to see Clark
287) Because Lex asked Clark to break him out of the asylum
288) Because Clark was the only one who could break Lex out of the asylum
289) Because Clark wanted to prove that Lex didn't belong in the asylum
290) Because Clark was the president of the "Free Lex" campaign
291) Because Clark knows there is nothing wrong with Lex
292) Because Clark will do anything to save Lex from the electroshock therapy at the asylum
293) Because Clark will never back off when it comes to Lex
294) Because Lex knew that Clark would come and save him
295) Because Lex wanted to save Clark
296) Because Smallville is full of Clex shippers
297) Because Clark demanded to know were Lex was
298) Because Lex will never forget how important Clark's friendship is to him
299) Because Clark wants Lionel to pay for what he did to Lex
300) Because they will never be alone when they have each other
301) Because even Miles Millar and Alfred Gough loved the idea of Clark and Lex kissing
302) Because Clark thinks Lex is one of a kind
303) Because Clark was one of the few people who knew who Julian was
304) Because Clark likes going to talk to Lex
305) Because Clark went to the mansion to see if Lex was okay
306) Because Clark wants to help Lex even if he says he doesn't need it
307) Because Clark wants Lex to explain to him why he continues to do the things he does
308) Because "i know your secret Clark"-Lex
309) Because they both have demons they need to overcome
310) Because Clark doesn't want Lex to be in the asylum again
311) Because Clark will confront anyone and do anything to save Lex
312) Because Lex saved Clark from the memory chamber
313) Because all the Luthors can't help but be obsessed with Clark
314) Because Clark truly believes Lex doesn't want to become like Lionel
315) Because Clark can't choose who he saves which means that he WANTED to save Lex each and every time!
316) Because you can't help who you fall in love with!
317) Because Tom will miss Michael
318) Because Clark would follow Lex anywhere
319) Because 2 Lexs'-sounds like Clark's fantasy!
320) Because Clark waited for Lex outside
321) Because Good or Evil-Lex is Hot!
322) Because the truth will be revealed-eventually!
323) Because they went to the lab...together!
324) Because 7 years is long enough...we want a Clex kiss!!
325) Because "when i saw him last night..."-Clark
326) Because "without you i would have been're a true friend"-Lex
327) Because Lex is Clark's favorite billionaire
328) Because they were caught on camera
329) Because Lex wanted the world...and Clark!
330) Because Clark will know its Lex
331) Because Clark wanted to save Lex from himself
332) Because we know your secret Clark!!
333) Because "the real Lex would never try and kill me or Chloe"-Clark
334) Because "you lied to me for years but now I know your secret"-Lex
335) Because Lex was Love!!
336) Because Clark would never join evil Lex
337) Because Clark needed to know that the real Lex was alive
338) Because evil Lex wanted Cark to join him too
339) Because Lex would drive Clark anywhere
340) Because Lex knew when Clark didn't seem like himself
341) Because Clark is the president of Lex's fanclub
342) Because shirtless Clark is Sexy!! and Lex agrees
343) Because Lex is always on Clark's mind and vice versa
344) Because Clark didn't want to be responsible for Lex's death even when he was in Lionel's body
345) Because putting the lies, secrets, and obsession aside true love will always be there
346) Because Lex didn't want Clark talking about Lionel during their alone time
347) Because there are still so many words left unsaid
348) Because we want lots of Clex flashbacks for Season 8
349) Because they never wanted anyone else
350) Because it should have been the adventures of Clark and Lex
351) Because both of them went missing for 3 months
352) Because Lex wanted to have Clark´s blood so he stole it
353) Because Lex loved staring at Clark´s chest everytime he could
354) Because "it´s good to see you"-Clark
355) Because "Lex I guess we all gotta take a look at our dark side sooner or later" Clark
356) Because Lex bought the Kent´s farm because he hoped to be considered part of the kent´s family
357) Because when they hugged they both closed their eyes
358) Because they complete each other!
359) Because they only need each other
360) Because other relationships? they were just settling!
361) Because they are a HOT couple!!
362) Because a love like this doesn't just go away
363) Because "Clark i know you well enough to know this isn't you"-Lex
364) Becsuse they joke about the day they met even though that day meant a lot to them
365) Because "welcome back (hug)"-Lex
366) Because they never smiled so much in their lives!
367) Because they will always remember each other no matter what
368) Because Clark deserved more than anyone that Lex gave him his diamond earrings
369) Because Clark´s greatest enemy is also his greatest love
370) Because they are linked
371) Because "we both know appearences can be deceiving Lex"-Clark
372) Because "so leave Clark out of this"-Lex
373) Because they both never knew a love as strong as this
374) Because Lex refers to Clark as "my friend"
375) Because Lex thinks that Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mokingbird and Clark are a lot alike
376) Because "I'm not gonna hit you, Clark"-Lex
377) Because they can talk about almost anything!
378) Because "You're right, Clark. Passion for life and work and friends is great. As long as you keep it in check. I should take a page out of your book"-Lex
379) Because Clark is the luckiest guy Lex ever met
380) Because they both will never understand the Luthor family
381) Because Lex and Clark mean the world to each other
382) Because their last scene together said it all!
383) Because the "i love you" that Lex said to Clark was the most honest one he ever said
384) Because love always finds a way!
385) Because they fought long enough, the truth needs to come out!
386) Because nothing can replace the love that these two have for each other!
387) Because we're not the only ones that see it!!
388) Because Lex will find his way back to Clark
389) Because Clark will never give up hope of ever seeing Lex again
390) Because Oliver may be hot but he will never replace Lex
391) Because Lex thought that Clark would make a good dad someday
392) Because Lex will always be watching over Clark
393) Because they don't need anyone else when they have each other!
394) Because Lex felt more at home at the Kent farm
395) Because Lex would never want Clark to be anyone else than himself
396) Because everyone eventually needs someone else
397) Because one day they will be together!
398) Because if you love someone...TELL THEM!!!
399) Because you never forget the love of your life
400) Because all these reasons and more are why we love Clex!
401) Because Lex knows Clark's number
402) Because "i do care Lex"-Clark
403) Because Clark's love for Lex always kept him going
404) Because Lex's love for Clark always kept him going
405) Because a part of Lex will always be with Clark
406) Because as the world fell apart around them they still had each other
407) Because Lex wasn't surprised that Clark put out the fire
408) Because Lex wanted Clark to fill him in on what he was capable of
409) Because "We all need to believe in heroes, Clark, and even the best ones are far from perfect"-Lex
410) Because Clark sent Lex an email with the subject "Haven´t heard from you in a while
411) Because they dropped the formalities the day they met
412) Because Clark wanted Lex to use him
413) Because without Clark, Lex would have been lost
414) Because Lex wanted to come in person to see the old Clark back
415) Because Lex wanted to have all Clark´s drawings
416) Because "you didn´t tell him about my pitchfork, did you?" Lex
417) Because every Clark Kent needs his Lex Luthor!
418) Because Lex always knew how special Clark was
419) Because Lionel wanted Lex to "let it go" but Lex will continue the obsession!
420) Because sometimes its easier to lie than tell the truth
421) Because you can't hide from the truth!
422) Because Clark's life is miserable without Lex
423) Because Clark was the only one that tried to save Lex in Nemesis
424) Because Clark was the only one that wanted to save Lex
425) Because "Don't give up on me yet"-Lex
426) Because "I guess I'll never be able to escape who I really am"-Clark
427) Because "Any relationship founded on lies is destined to fail. It's a good thing we don't have that problem"-Lex
428) Because Lex was always giving Clark presents
429) Because the head may forget after time but the heart never does
430) Because "nemesis" is another expression for "soul mates"
431) Because even S5 DVD art is completely clex!
432) Because Lex knows that Clark has always had an eye for beauty
433) Because Clark disagreed with Oliver about that the world would be a better place without Lex
434) Because Lex was looking for miracles the same day Clark died
435) Because Clark hated that Brainiac was talking crap about Lex and he defended him
436) Because Clark couldn't stop mentioning Lex in Labrinyth
437) Because "It's good to see you out and about, Lex"-Clark
438) Because "The hardest thing is telling someone you love, that you like them"-Lex
439) Because they fought to keep the friendship alive
440) Because Oliver will NEVER replace Lex
441) Because Clark never took his eyes off Lex
442) Because season 8 just started and Clark is already mentioning Lex!!!
443) Because they will be back together!!!
444) Because how can you not be a Clex shipper?
445) Because finding Lex is number one on Clark's list
446) Because Clark always needs his Lex fix!
447) Because all they wanted from each other was the truth
448) Because "Sometimes Clark's faith in his fellow man outweighs his common sense"-Lex
449) Because they are both far from ordinary
450) Because "You wouldn't be keeping secrets from me, would you, Clark?"-Lex
451) Because "Clark, I understand what you're going through, but sometimes, no matter how much you want to save someone, there's nothing you can do"-Lex
452) Because 7 years of love will not be replaced
453) Because Lex was so happy when Clark goes to visit
454) Because Clark won't accept that Lex is dead
455) Because Lex always thought that people could fly
456) Because they will need each other always
457) Because Mild Mannered Reporter? Lex would rather have Clark as a Sexy Superhero!
458) Because Clark´s first kiss on screen was with Lex
459) Because even though Lex is gone, clex is not over this season!
460) Because Lex tortured Aquaman because he was jealous he was clark's new friend
461) Because..."thats just between you and me" Lex
462) Because they were more than friends!
463) Because Lex wanted to make sure Clark's party was a hit!
464) Because Lex took care of the police so Clark wouldn't get in trouble
465) Because Lex invited himself to Clark's party
466) Because Lex wanted to make sure he saw Clark at his party
467) Because Clark and Lex's love made the fireworks
468) Because Clark was excited about the fieldtrip to Luthorcorp
469) Because Everyone Sees It....Few Wanted To Accept It
470) Because Clark likes to investigate Luthorcorp...alone
471) Because making sure Clark was safe was number 1 on Lex's list
472) Because Lex only let the Kent's in the rest didn't matter
473) Because Clark was the only hostage that mattered to Lex
474) Because Lex wanted to be trapped in the room with Clark
475) Because Fate brought them keep it alive!
476) Because Lex wanted to go and deal with the situation himself (and he wanted to see Clark)
477) Because Lex wanted to make sure that Clark got out of the plant but Clark wanted to save the day
478) Because Lex was the friend that Clark needed
479) Because Clark was the friend Lex needed
480) Because they both needed to see the truth
481) Because when you love someone you will do anything to save them
482) Because Lex almost always believes Clark's crazy excuses
483) Because Clark believed Lex about Level 3
484) Because the first name Lex screams as he's dangling to his death "CLARK!"
485) Because the hand holding was the sexiest thing ever!
486) Because Clark held Lex as they ran
487) Because Lex wishes that he was hugging Clark
488) Because Lex did put his family first-the Kents!
489) Because Lex didn't care that Whitney had to go to to the hospital, he just wanted a chance to look at Clark
490) Because a love like this doesn't just go away
491) Because the mansion should be Clark's!
492) Because Superheroes need love to!
493) Because Billionaires need love to!
494) Because we're still waiting for Clark's "i love you"
495) Because what's an "i love you" without a kiss?
496) Because previously on Smallville always has Clex moments
497) Because their love for each other will always be there!
498) Because even Oliver was jealous of Lex!
499) Because Clex=Sexy!!
500) Because 500 reasons down a lot more go!

Credit: Claudypritz

"Being friends with Lex Luthor can be complicated…. but it has advantages"

501)Because "Lex was there"-Clark
502) Because Lex has a Clark button
503) Because "Lex knows everything"-Clark
504) Because "it was Lex"-Clark
505) Because Clark keep mentioning Lex and Oliver couldn't stand it!
506) Because we reached 100 Clex songs!
507) Because Clark would never leave Lex at the alter!
508) Because Clark is the love of Lex's life
509) Because 2 episodes into Season 8....Clark can't stop mentioning Lex!!
510) Because well...everyone KNOWS!!
511) Because broken hearts take time to heal
512) Because a couple this hot shouldn't be apart!
513) Because they are officially the hottest Smallville couple ever!!
514) Because the "like a brother" wasn't really needed!
515) Because they have been in love since Day 1!!
516) Because Clark is the only one that Lex has ever loved!
517) Because when Clark reached in and pulled Lex out, he gave Lex a new life
518) Because Lex thinks Clark should benefit from his experience...
519) Because Clark always remembers everything Lex says to him
520) Because Lex only invited Clark´s parents to discuss how to save the Kent´s farm
521) Because Lex found out that Clark´s farm was in trouble so he decided to help him
522) Because Lex was VERY interested in Clark since the very beginning
523) Because Lex borrowed Clark his limo
524) Because Clark loved Lex´s limo
525) Because Mr. Kent asked Lex why he was so interested in his family and Lex answered he was interested in them for Clark
526) Because Lex wanted to get along with Mr. Kent so he could feel closer to Clark
527) Because Lex tried to insure Clark´s future
528) Because Conventional Couples? Where's the Fun in That?
529) Because Clark was worried that Lex died so he took care of him
530) Because Clark was interested in Lex´s health
531) Because Lex winked at Clark!
532) Because Clark considers Lex as someone VERY close to him
533) Because "it still wouldn´t kill you to drive more slowly" Clark
534) Because they were totally flirting in lex´s mansion!!
535) Because "Why? I have you as a friend. You changed my future once, right?" Lex
536) Because Lex didn´t like that Clark got more deliveries to make, he wanted him to stay with him longer!
537) Because Lex made Clark nervous
538) Because Lex made Clark blush and vice versa
539) Because Lex wanted to meet Cassandra Carver only because she made an impression on his "friend" Clark
540) Because Lex knows Clark is not stupid so he believes everything Clark says
541) Because Lex was hoping that Cassandra gave him some insight into Clark
542) Because "and you call him a friend, do you?"Cassandra to Lex
543) Because Lex was willing to pay Cassandra for information about Clark´s future
544) Because Lex doesnt´need to know his future but he does need to know Clark´s
545) Because "maybe I´ll see your friend Clark, or maybe I´ll see something else..." Cassandra to Lex
546) Because even though Cassandra was blind she did see the Clex!!
547) Because you can´t buy love, and Lex learned that from Clark
548) Because "he saved my life but he´s also a mystery..." Lex "most people are...thats what makes them interesting" Cassandra
549) Because Clark didn´t understand why Lex still had "their" porsche
550) Because Lex didn´t believe in fate but everytime he looked at the porsche he wondered...
551) Because Lex had a team went over the car inch by inch
552) Because "maybe fate has something else in mind for you" Clark
553) because we know where lex slept those nights he stayed with the kents!!
554) Because Clark had to watch Lex marry the wrong person 3 times and was broken hearted everytime
555) Because Clark wanted to be the one to marry Lex
556) Because " me"-Clark
557) Because one day Lex will find his way back to Clark
558) Because a love like this comes around one in a lifetime
559) Because 3 episodes in...Clark is still mentioning Lex!!
560) Because Clark can't get Lex off his mind!
561) Because Clark is tuned into LexTV 24/7
562) Because Lex was the first person Clark saved
563) Because "Lex would never abandon a project"-Clark
564) Because "just b/c the relationship is over doesn't mean the feelings go away"-Clark
565) Becuase Clark will never stop loving Lex
566) Because We Know Clark...We Know!!
567) Because when Lex comes back Clark we'll be ready
568) Because their love was the most real love on Smallville
569) Because seeing Lex brought light to Clark's life
570) Because through it all, they still love each other!
571) Because Clark mentions Lex to keep his memories alive
572) Because if Clark had one wish he would wish for Lex to come back
573) Because absence makes the heart grow fonder-well Clark's waited long enough!!
574) Because they will be together....when the time is right!
575) Because Clark is missing his true love….LEX!!!
576) Because Clark’s perfect mate is Lex!!
577) Because everyone has a soul mate and Clark’s is Lex
578) Because Clark misses going to the mansion
579) Because Clark misses riding in the Porsche
580) Because Clark is sick of the loneliness……he wants to be with Lex again
581) Because even Jimmy knows “you never get over your first love”
582) Because Nothing should stand in the way anymore of Clark getting to his real true love
583) Because Clark’s perfect mate is not Maxima….everyone knows that!
584) Because Clark needs to mention the “I love you” because we all know he remembers it like it was yesterday!!
585) Because You never forget the first life you saved!!
586) Because Clark needs to hear Lex’s voice again!
587) Because Clark has his heart set on finding Lex!
588) Because Clark always gets a sad look on his face when someone mentions Lex
589) Because The way Maxima feels about Clark is the same way Clark feels about Lex
590) Because Clark’s destiny is still on Earth-where he met Lex
591) Because Clark talked about the mansion
592) Because Clark’s soul mate came along…but he wasn’t blind to it!!
593) Because love them or hate them.....people can't deny how hot CLEX is!!
594) Because Clark working at the Talon/The Daily Clark could you be anymore obvious?
595) Because Clark needs to be with Lex Luthor not Lois Lane or Lana Lang
596) Because you can't fake love like this!!
597) Because Clark wants to see Lex again....and so do we!!
598) Because we want to see the Lex room!!!
599) Becaue "you'll get over it" does not work for this couple
600) Because 600 reasons down......and more Clex reasons to go!!
601) Because Clark wanted to ask Lex to the dance! everyone knew!
602) Because "Catch up with you later"-Clark
603) Because seeing Lex in the morning makes Clark's whole day brighter and worth living
604) Because Lex didn't want anyone near the Kents' because they were "off limits"
605) Because it was more than a crush!!
606) Because whenever Clark mentions Lex...he smiles and Jonathan noticed
607) Because "Lex isn't perfect.....I know that"-Clark
608) Because Clark just wants Jonathan to accept Lex for who he is not who he thinks he is
609) Because when Lex left a part of Clark went with him
610) Because rich or poor Clark will always love Lex
611) Because Clark wished his telescope reached to the mansion
612) Because other couples wish they could have love like Clex
613) Because Clark will always be there as long as Lex needs him
614) Because Clark and Jonathan saw Lex's car and pulled right over
615) Because "i'll talk to you later"-Lex
616) Because Lex was testing the soil where Clark's ship crashed-obvious much?
617) Because Lex was happy to see that he wasn't the only on that was curious in Smallville
618) Because Lex loves looking at the stars in Clark's loft
619) Because Clark likes working late at night...especially with Lex!
620) Because Lex wanted the key because it was a key to Clark
621) Because even if Lex was a criminal mastermind Clark would still love him
622) Because the real Lex would never shove Clark and push him into a window
623) Because "i know wasn't him"-Clark
624) Because Clark knows he can joke around with Lex
625) Because Lex wanted to come in the house because he promised he wasn't "packing heat"
626) Because Clark wants to x-ray Lex
627) Because just like his man, Lex was headline news
628) Because they both lead lives with lots of scandal
629) Because at least Clark's stalker isn't creepy
630) Because Clark really wanted to be staring at Lex
631) Because Clark was the only one who cared enough to see Lex for who he was
632) Because Lex should have made the useless people in Clark's life disappear
633) Because to this very day Lex remembers the accident like it was yesterday
634) Because whether he's from Earth or Krypton Lex will always love Clark
635) Because Clark would do anything to prove that Lex was innocent
636) Because farmer or superhero Lex will always support Clark with whatever he wants to do
637) Because Clark wouldn’t mind super speeding after Lex
638) Because Clark doesn’t want to be hidden from the world anymore
640) Because Lex didn’t want anyone else buying the Kent farm...
641) Because Clark always tries to see the best in people no matter what
642) Because Lex has Clark radar
643) Because they both have far from regular lives
644) Because who needs Whitney as a friend when Clark has Lex
645) Because Jonathan knew Clark was thinking of Lex
646) Because “its not about the ending, it’s about the journey”-Lex
647) Because Lex and Clark were sitting at the coffee shop together
648) Because Lex’s hero just so happens to be a plaid wearing farm boy
649) Because “you’re the only one I can trust”-Clark
650) Because Lex had a nickname for Clark “Atticus”
651) Because Lex wanted to make sure that Clark changed his shirt
652) Because with a true love like this…who needs anyone else!
653) Because a look and a smile is all they need sometimes
654) Because Clark wants more than a handshake from Lex!
655) Because Clark really wanted to be kissing Lex-again!
656) Because Lex was wanted in Smallville-by Clark!
657) Because Lex was coming to pick Clark up!
658) Because when Clark calls Lex he doesn’t even have to say who it is just “it’s me”
659) Because “Clark you have some explaining to do”-Lex
660) Because Lex wanted to play a game of hide and seek with Clark!
661) Because we want another hot Clex pilot kiss!!
662) Because Clark called Lex his “best friend”
663) Because Lex had to make sure that Clark was okay
664) Because their love is legendary
665) Because the loft scene was full of love
666) Because Lex came right over to Clark at the party
667) Because Clark wanted to be left alone with Lex-not Lana!
668) Because Clark hated Victoria the minute he met her
669) Because Lex always wants to know where Clark is going
670) Because Clark wanted the private tour
671) Because one day it will be Mr. Clark Kent-Luthor!
672) Because the next wedding needs to be for Alexander Luthor and Clark Kent
673) Because Clark doesn’t need an appointment to see Lex
674) Because Lex pretended not to know who Clark was to protect him
675) Because Clark wants a future-with Lex!
676) Because Lex always comes to the loft to talk to Clark-no matter what time it is!
677) Because “thanks again for last night”-Clark (the party or something else?)
678) Because Lex isn’t the only one who wants Clark, but he is the only one who will do something about it!
679) Because if Lex had mind reading he would use it on Clark
680) Because we know your secret Lex!!
681) Because Lex falls in love with Clark more everyday
682) Because Clark falls in love with Lex more everyday
683) Because when its true love you want to work this hard!
684) Because true love stories never have endings
685) Because Clark is sexy when he is angry
686) Because one day the headline will be “Clark Kent and Lex Luthor-the truth is finally out”
687) Because Kal-el or Clark Farm boy or Superhero Lex will always love Clark for whoever he wants to be
688) Because the choice is clear-Clark wants Lex and no one else got that Lana and Lois?
689) Because Lex came rushing out to see Clark
690) Because sometimes Clark really can’t handle things on his own
691) Because Lex will always follow Clark-to make sure he is safe
692) Because through it all they will continue to love each other
693) Because you can prove Clex is real
694) Because “just friends” may work for some but not these two!
695) Because Clark didn’t care about Lex’s money
696) Because one day it won’t be a dream anymore!
697) Because we need Clex back
698) Because Lex doesn’t want anyone messing with Clark
699) Because we are still wondering how much Lex paid Pete to leave Smallville
700) Because 700 reasons down… one can beat us now!
701) Because Lex wishes Clark was standing next to him instead of Lionel
702) Because they both are great leaders
703) Because we would follow where they lead
704) Because Lex’s husband is Clark
705) Because Metropolis is not Lex’s home
706) Because home is where your heart is
707) Because Clark wanted to borrow Lex’s limo but not for the dance
708) Because “why are you blaming Lex?”-Clark
709) Because Clark doesn’t want Lex out of his life and we didn’t either!
710) Because Clark didn’t want Lex in Metropolis, he’d miss him to much!
711) Because Clark’s path leads right to Lex
712) Because Clark would wait for Lex
713) Because Clark left messages
714) Because Clark took his chances when he went to see Lex
715) Because Lex was so happy Clark stopped by
716) Because Clark never truly missed anyone except Lex
717) Because destiny will lead them back to one another
718) Because Clark doesn’t need a uniform to be Lex’s hero
719) Because Lex doesn’t want to leave Clark behind
720) Because Lex has accepted his fate and it’s to be with Clark
721) Because Clark is Lex’s Prince Charming
722) Because Clark will profess his undying love…for Lex!
723) Because Lex wanted to make sure Nixon wasn’t being mean to Clark
724) Because Lex didn’t want anyone giving Clark trouble
725) Because Lex has a piece of the spaceship
726) Because Lex has Clark’s missing piece
727) Because Lex is preoccupied…with his love for Clark
728) Because Lex doesn’t want anyone harassing Clark-or he will send them far away
729) Because Lex wanted to see Clark before the dance
730) Because Lex tying Clark’s tie-way to make it even more obvious
731) Because Lex’s drive lead him to Clark
732) Because Clark was a little early on the “I do”
733) Because “I’ll always be your friend and that’s never going to change”-Lex
734) Because we all know Clark wanted to skip the dance to be with Lex
735) Because Clark is Lex’s everything
736) Because Clark didn’t want to be alone with Whitney-he only wants to be alone with Lex
737) Because we appreciate the frequent Clex reminders
738) Because Lex will still love Clark when he sees him again
739) Because it will always be love!
740) Because we all know what song Clark and Lex will be dancing to at their wedding
741) Because Lex was worrying about Clark during the storm
742) Because Lex would never send anyone to hurt the Kent’s
743) Because one day Clark will fly back to Lex
744) Because Clark really is a man of mystery
745) Because we all know that Clex is better than any other couple
746) Because Clark didn’t have to be perfect Lex loves for who he is
747) Because we all know what Clark wants for his birthday-Lex
748) Because Lex is Clark’s dream man
749) Because one day our wish for a Clex reunion will come true
750) Because Lex’s heart beats more when Clark is near
751) Because Clark wants a party a Lex’s mansion-just him and Lex
752) Because Clark wants to be Lex’s date for the party
753) Because Clark doesn’t do stuff to impress anyone but Lex always seems to be impressed
754) Because Lex only has one adoring fan
755) Because on Clark’s birthday he probably wishes for the same thing-to be alone with Lex on their own private island
756) Because Chloe may have to knock but Lex doesn’t
757) Because who doesn’t need their Lex fix
758) Because we all know what Clark uses his door opening abilities for
759) Because Lex wants to start his own website
760) Because Lex really wanted to see Clark at school
761) Because Lex needs his Clark fix
762) Because they both have their own strengths
763) Because “I’ll see you tomorrow”-Lex
764) Because Clark would do anything for a chance to see Lex
765) Because Lex didn’t want to hear that Clark was going with Lana
766) Because Clark really wanted to go to the movies-with Lex!
767) Because Lex doesn’t think Clark is weird or strange-he’s just Clark, his personal superhero
768) Because one day Clark and Lex will have matching Porsches
769) Because of course Lex wanted a meteor rock
770) Because Clark would give Lex more than a gift certificate for his birthday
771) Because Lex helped Clark out
772) Because Lex likes Clark better than Whitney
773) Because Clark would never tell Lex to go away-he needs him
774) Because Lex doesn’t want to hide from the truth anymore
775) Because who Clark really is, is who Lex loves
776) Because secrets can only stay secretes for so long
777) Because Clark really wanted to be a Lex’s window
778) Because Clark wishes he was in the truck with Lex
779) Because a sexy smile can melt the coldest of hearts
780) Because “I know Clark…..”-Lex
781) Because Lex wished he was in the coat room with Clark
782) Because Clark would chose Lex over anyone…still!
783) Because Lex probably has pictures of Clark in his wallet
784) Because Lex is a patient man except for when it comes to waiting for Clark
785) Because Clex makes us believe in true love
786) Because Clark will never die and neither will his love for Lex
787) Because love makes you do crazy things!
788) Because their love breaks all tv rules
789) Because Clark fell for Lex the day that they met
790) Because Clark would rather have Lex drive him around
791) Because Clark saves Lex from loneliness
792) Because Clark’s busy social schedule usually includes seeing Lex and that’s pretty much it
793) Because “behold the superman”-Lex
794) Because they would interview Clark for Lex’s biography
795) Because Clark would rather go fishing with Lex
796) Because Lex gave Clark his football tickets
797) Because even Jonathan knew that Clark risked his life to save Lex
798) Because Lex promised Clark that the investigation was in the past
799) Because Lex and Clark have a past and a future
800) Because after 800 we are still going strong
801) Because Clark needs to stop avoiding how he feels about Lex
802) Because Jonathan thought Lex came to see Clark
803) Because its always “Clark and the Kent’s” or “Clark and his parents”
804) Because Lex didn’t want Clark to change
805) Because Clark always saw past the Luthor name
806) Because Clark would rather see Lex than have the memories of him-but the memories are okay too!
807) Because even if he turned to ash Lex would still love him
808) Because when Lex left Clark felt like love was being drained out of him
809) Because Lex was glad he ran into Clark
810) Because Lex really wanted to spend time with Clark
811) Because when you love someone you never want to lose them
812) Because Clark loves Lex’s allusions to books and such
813) Because when Clark super speeds to is sometimes left better to the imagination
814) Because we can see the love in Clark’s eyes when it comes to Lex
815) Because as long as we have life, we have love
816) Because Lex would rather have a private meeting with Clark
817) Because Clark will always be important to Lex and he will always need him no matter what anyone says
818) Because if people bother the Kent’s Lex wouldn’t hesitate to kill them
819) Because Lex would write a book on Clark
820) Because their love doesn’t need an explanation
821) Because “being friends with Lex Luthor can be complicated but it has advantages”-Clark
822) Because Clark knew that if he asked Lex to do something for Whitney and his family he would do it
823) Because Clark has a crush-on Lex
824) Because they are both good at a lot of things-especially being sexy!
825) Because Clark would want to be trapped in an elevator with Lex
826) Because since season 1-Michael should be after Tom in the credits
827) Because when Lex is around no one else matters-everyone knows!
828) Because out of sight doesn’t always mean out of mind
829) Because Clark doesn’t just love Lex for his money-he loves him for who he is
830) Because of course Clark talked to Lex
831) Because Chloe likes Clark but Clark likes Lex
832) Because Clark’s right person lives in a mansion
833) Because how can you not know who Clark’s right person is?
834) Because Clark would never talk about Lex behind his back
835) Because Lex has changed
836) Because Clark will never regret saving Lex or being his friend
837) Because Clark took a chance with his someone special
838) Because to feel whole again Clark needs Lex
839) Because nothing ever replaces what you lose
840) Because Clark was up late reading and Lex was coming to visit
841) Because “Clark, love isn’t about playing it safe, its about risks”-Lex
842) Because some people are meant to be alone”-Lex
843) Because the look after this quote said it all
844) Because they are sitting on the couch together
845) Because Clark wanted to know if Lex had ever been in love before
846) Because Lex will only love one man in his life-Clark Kent!
847) Because Clark will never be out of the picture
848) Because they both are missing something important in their lives
849) Because Clark is brave and strong
850) Because Clark is Lex’s football hero
851) Because sports isn’t the only way to show how much of a hero Clark is
852) Because Clark wants to take a sauna with Lex
853) Because Clark’s legacy is to be a hero!
854) Because they both have power-which comes from strength, bravery, and the Luthor name
855) Because Clark wants to be his own person
856) Because Clark is meant for better things than football
857) Because Lex isn’t late for things-especially when it comes to dealing with Clark
858) Because Clark is happy when he is with Lex and no one else
859) Because Clark wished Lex was there to see him play
860) Because Lex will always believe in Clark
861) Because Lex would take Clark away-so they can live their lives
862) Because Clark and Lex are breaking state laws-and they don’t care
863) Because we are still waiting for Lex to propose to Clark
864) Because Lex is ruled by his emotions
865) Because Clark is far from innocent
866) Because Lex congratulated Clark on making the football team
867) Because Clark would by the Luthor book on “uncomfortable silences”
868) Because Clark is Lex’s favorite rebel
869) Because Clark inspires Lex everyday
870) Because Clark is a winner in Lex’s eyes
871) Because Jonathan wants to take Clark home so he can be with Lex
872) Because shirtless Clark never gets old
873) Because the family picture should include Lex too!
874) Because Clark is where he belongs
875) Because Lex is back and his love for Clark is just as strong
876) Because Lex never loved Helen
877) Because Clark would search the world for Lex!
878) Because the Luthors want everything that has to do with Clark
879) Because Lex is one of the few people who know who Clark really is
880) Because when Clark was in Metropolis he missed Lex and was worried about him being dead
881) Because Clark thought Lex was dead but never believed it
882) Because Clark will always be on Lex’s side
883) Because Lex’s only marriage that would work would be his and Clark’s
884) Because Clark’s mind was made up when he saw Lex-he was staying
885) Because the hug said it all
886) Because they couldn’t stop looking at each other
887) Because Lex things Clark’s dark side is sexy
888) Because Clark is Lex’s “charming flannel king”
889) Because Lex is back with his true love
891) Because Clark and Lex are perfect for each other
892) Because Clark will always be looking for Lex
893) Because the truth can only be buried for so long
894) Because Clark is like a puzzle and the Luthors’ are just finding the pieces
895) Because Lex wants a honeymoon with Clark
896) Because so many Clex moments in just one episode
897) Because their love has always be right in front of their eyes
898) Because Lex will be with Clark no matter what anyone says
899) Because they are both survivors
900) Because 100 more and we will have 1000
901) Because the farm will always be Clark’s home
902) Because Lex owns the farm which will always be a part of Clark
903) Because Lex is a Kent-officially
904) Because Clark is staying so he can be with Clark
905) Because Clark likes the way Lex looks at him
906) Because Clark doesn’t have to try and be the right guy for Lex-he just is
907) Because Lex would rather have a face to face with Clark
908) Because there is no end to Lex and Clark’s road together
909) Because Clark wishes that he could play basketball with Lex
910) Because sometimes its better to see things with your own eyes
911) Because Lex would want to be at the beach house with Clark
912) Because Lex always comes to Clark’s mind first
913) Because if Lex had a talk show…Clark would be his first and only guest
914) Because Clark is sick of lying to the world
915) Because “Dear Smallville Writers, We want CLEX for Season 8! Love, the Clex Fans”
916) Because Lex will be the only one that would understand Clark
917) Because even Pete knows that the headline will be “The Real Clark Kent exposed”
918) Because Lex would never call Clark an alien or a monster
919) Because you don’t need eyes to see the Clark/Lex love
920) Because the love between Clark and Lex is front page news
921) Because Clark so happy Lex waited for him
922) Because Lex used the key to the spaceship as a paperweight
923) Because Clark really wished the Lex was in his loft
924) Because Lex would never regret Clark for telling him the truth
925) Because we want a Clex movie!
926) Because it will always be love
927) Because enough lies and secrets-we want the love back!
928) Because their love is not weird or strange like most things in Smallville
929) Because Michael thought Tom looked HOT in the shower
930) Because Clark wished the Lex would leave him love letters
931) Because Clark will always be running after Lex!
932) Because Lex's somebody finally came to save him
933) Because Clark would write Lex poetry
934) Because Clark is Lex's secret admirer
935) Because of course Lex would agree with Clark
936) Because Lex appreciates romantic poetry
937) Because Clark watches Lex from afar! and upclose!
938) Because Clark doesn't care that Lex isn't perfect
939) Because Lex's routine includes, loving Clark, loving Clark, and loving Clark-in that order
940) Because "so you and Lex seem close..." Lucas to Clark
941) Because "let´s take you and Lex for example" Lucas to Clark
942) Because Clark was jealous of Lucas since the first moment he saw him in Lex´s porsche
943) Because it was not only a game for Clark...he wanted to prove Lucas he was better...for Lex
944) Because Jonathan couldn´t sleep the first night Lex stayed at the farm
945) Because Clark knew Lex had everything under control
946) Because Lex wanted to impress the kents...especially Clark
947) Because Clark wanted to give Lex some tips
948) Because Clark was pleased to see Lex doing the chores at the barn!
949) Because Clark would never trespass...unless it was at the mansion
950) Because Clark's feeling are true and honest when it comes to Lex
951) Because Lex doesn't want Lionel near the Kents
952) Because Lex knows that the Kents would be a step up from Lionel
953) Because Clark was checking out Lex while he was doing the chores
954) Because Clark wanted to give Lex a hand "with that"
955) Because Lex wanted to prove Jonathan once and for all that some Luthors pull their own weight
956) Because Lex smiled at clark when he told them that...and Clark smiled him back
957) Because Clark supported Lex
958) Because "High school kids can track you down" Lex "You mean your FRIEND Clark Kent" Lucas
959) Because Jonathan gave Lex every single crappy farm job he could think of...and Lex did them ALL and didn´t complain, not once
960) Because "you would have made one hell of a farmer" Jonathan to Lex
961) Because when Jonathan said that to Lex he couldn´t be happier
962) Because Clark´s rescues are a Luthor family tradition
963) Because Clark went to talk to Lionel to defend Lex
964) Because Clark was VERY scared Lucas could kill Lex
965) Because Clark would rather talk to Lex than Lionel
966) Because Lex always wants to talk to Clark "later"
967) Because the only person Clark wants to see shirtless in Lex!
968) Because "Clark?"-Lex
969) Because Lex's number one priority is Clark
970) Because Lex started the Clark Kent stalker website
971) Because Clark wants to go swimming-with Lex
972) Because Clark was skinny dipping with the wrong LL!
973) Because Lex doesn't the Clark is a mystery!
974) Because Lex would rather have a view of Clark
975) Because Clark is not a "freak"
976) Because Lex's hero is not a mystery to anyone
977) Because we'd rather have Clark/Lex bonding
978) Because Clark wanted to make sure he got to Lex before Van did
979) Because Clark saved Lex from yet another death attempt
980) Because Lex told his bodyguards that it was okay for Clark to talk to him
981) Because Lex grabbed on to Clark's jacket as the walked
982) Because Lex is number one on Clark's hunk list
983) Because Clark was upset that Chloe had a file on Lex
984) Because Michael has Tom´s number
985) Because Clark is Lex's guardian angel
986) Because if the meteor shower never happened-Clark never would have met is true love!
987) Because Clark's abilities make him more sexy!
988) Because Lex has a video of that faithful day!!!
989) Because the love that Clark has for Lex is what makes him human
990) Because Clark's bullet proof vest was hot!
991) Because Lex was playing a romantic song for Clark
992) Because some things you can't explain
993) Because Clark doesn't care if Lex was a freak
994) Because everything they ever did was for love
995) Because Clark's choice is Lex-yesterday, today, tomorrow, every day
996) Because who wouldn't be interested in Clark
997) Because Clark has files of Lex
998) Because we'll never give up hope
999) Because people that don't even watch the show can see the Clex
1000) Because we DID IT!! ♣

Credit: Bigmamag

“We both know, appearances can be deceiving Lex”

1001) Because even as a drifter Clark was hot!!
1002) Because Clark wished he knew Lex's favorite cereal
1003) Because it was "love" not "loved"
1004) Because Lionel always wants Clark to help when it comes to Lex
1005) Because Lex's security guard called Clark "Mr. Kent"
1006) Because Clark and Lex walked down the streets of Metropolis, together!
1007) Because Lex wouldn't mind having to research Clark-in fact he did!
1008) Because Clark wished that he could see Lex instead of just hear him
1009) Because Lex would help Clark in any way that he can
1010) Because people know to leave Clark and Lex alone
1011) Because Lex thought Clark looked sexy in the glasses
1012) Because Clark is a Lex junkie and vice versa
1013) Because Clark has a job...its being Lex's superhero
1014) Because Lex doesn't have to be careful-he has Clark
1015) Because the only Luthor Clark wants is Lex
1016) Because Clark really didn't want to get to know Lucas
1017) Because Clark wouldn't mind seeing Lex in plaid
1018) Because Clark took his anger and jealousy out on Lucas
1019) Because Lex loves that Clark does things in his own time
1020) Because Lex came for a late night visit
1021) Because Lex wasn't just a house guest
1022) Because Clark made sure that Lex wasn't left alone
1023) Because Lex could have anyone in the word....but he chose Clark
1024) Because Lex would never fire Clark
1025) Because Lucas didn't have everything that belonged to Lex
1026) Because Lex would rather be a Kent than a Luthor any day
1027) Because isn't it obvious....Clex is true love!
1028) Because who wouldn't want to read about Clark and Lex in the paper
1029) Because Lex would rather come to the farm at night than during the day
1030) Because even Clark knows “you can’t predict when you meet that special someone”
1031) Because the next engagement party will be Clark/Lex
1032) Because Clark’s special someone is still missing but always in Clark’s heart
1033) Because who wouldn’t want to be Clark or Lex’s special someone
1034) Because who wouldn’t want to hear a Clark/Lex sing-along
1035) Because Lex could teach a class on obsession and Clark Kent
1036) Because Clark and Lex are truly meant to be!
1037) Because even Oliver knows about Lex’s obsession
1038) Because Clark and Lex are meant to be married
1039) Because the only proposal Clark wants is from Lex
1040) Because Clark and Lex are a perfect match
1041) Because it will always be Lex forever
1042) Because if Clark is anyone’s fiancé…its Lex’s
1043) Because some people aren’t meant to be married…but Clark and Lex are!
1044) Because what happened to them wasn’t by accident!
1045) Because who wouldn’t want to tie up Clark! We know Lex would!!
1046) Because Clark is brokenhearted over Lex
1047) Because Clark will only ever love Lex
1048) Because Lex knows its Clark NOTSmallville
1049) Because Clark still loves Lex and he always will
1050) Because Clark still feels the love for Lex in his heart
1051) Because it’s not a lie-their love will always be there!!
1052) Because it may be winter but Clex is hot!
1053) Because Lex doesn’t care that Clark is from an ice planet
1054) Because Clark is Lex’s type
1055) Because Clark already has all of Lex’s numbers
1056) Because Clark would rather be sitting next to fire with Lex
1057) Because we all know the only LL Clark wants in Lex Luthor-STILL!
1058) Because only Clark Kent can heat up a cold heart
1059) Because Lex would buy Clark Kent cereal
1060) Because Clark would date Lex rather than anyone else
1061) Because we want a Clark/Lex love connection
1062) Because Lex will use any excuse to go to the Kent farm
1063) Because Lex is not with the wrong guy!
1064) Because “your like the little brother I never had”-Lex
1065) Because it was never “like” it was always “love”
1066) Because Clark would rather have gone with Lex to the concert
1067) Because we’d rather see Clark in the shower
1068) Because Clex heat melts all the ice in the world
1069) Because Clark wants a “date date” with Lex
1070) Because Lex isn’t married yet either Clark
1071) Because Clark’s bumper sticker would read I heart Lex Luthor
1072) Because Lex likes seeing Clark in red and blue
1073) Because Lex only invited the Kent’s to his “meeting”
1074) Because one day Clark will be living in the mansion
1075) Because Clark wants a limo ride with Lex
1076) Because Clark believes in magic!
1077) Because Clark would never forget about Lex
1078) Because Lex likes Clark’s mysterious side
1079) Because them getting together would be the hottest thing ever
1080) Because Lex must know everything about the Kent’s
1081) Because Clark gave Lex a chance at a new life
1082) Because Lex gets a dreamy look in his eye when he mentions Clark
1083) Because its not to late…..true love will bring them together
1084) Because Lex would rather be in the mansion warming up with Clark
1085) Because Clark called the mansion “the house” it should be “my house”
1086) Because a love like this is worth all the work
1087) Because Lex wants Clark to have a good future
1088) Because Clark already found his soul mate
1089) Because Clark makes Lex feel safe
1090) Because Lex’s hero is part time farm boy, part time superhero, and full time hunk!
1091) Because Clark writes love letters to Lex
1092) Because wet, shirtless Clark! Yum!
1093) Because Clark gave blood only once and Lex had to have it
1094) Because when it comes to Lex Clark has ulterior motives-he doesn’t just want to be his friend
1095) Because Clark clearly has a thing for Lex
1096) Because Clark’s place is next to Lex
1097) Because they deserve each other
1098) Because Lex’s password probably is Clark
1099) Because “relationships aren’t always about love”-but this one is!
1100) Because Clark helped Lex look for his watch
1101) Because Lex followed Clark up the stairs
1102) Because Lex fell right into Clark’s arms
1103) Because Clark would rather get together with Lex
1104) Because its always a good to see Clark and Lex together
1105) Because Lex will never be alone-he has Clark and his real family
1106) Because we want Clark to confess his love for Lex
1107) Because Clark is always there when Lex wants him
1108) Because no one will object to their wedding
1109) Because Clark would rather watch the sunset with Lex
1110) Because Clark doesn’t need to script what he says to Lex, it comes from the heart
1111) Because Lex’s two stalkers came together to get rid of Victoria
1112) Because Clark wanted to go into Lex’s bedroom
1113) Because “Clark, what brings you here so late?”-Lex
1114) Because Clark wanted Victoria out of the picture ASAP
1115) Because who wouldn’t have a Lex obsession
1116) Because Clark enjoys Lex’s stories
1117) Because Clark is on top of Lex’s speed dial
1118) Because Lex always knows what Clark means
1119) Because “that’s what I like about you Clark”-Lex
1120) Because Clark wants a Lex shrine
1121) Because Lex was sickened by the shrine but had no problem having a Clark room-that’s love
1122) Because…just say it already
1123) Because it will never be “Mr Luthor” to Clark it will always be Lex
1124) Because one person matters to Lex! Clark!
1125) Because even when it was “over” it wasn’t “over”
1126) Because Bizarro knows all Clark´s thoughts...every last "twisted" one of them
1127) Because when Bizarro told Clark about his twisted thoughts Clark knew what he meant...Clex of course!
1128) Because Bizarro looked for Lex at the mansion
1129) Because Bizarro may have taken Clark´s body...but Lex wanted the original!
1130) Because Bizarro had to accept Lex would never betray Clark...NEVER
1131) Because Bizarro knew the way Lex and Clark felt for each other
1132) Because before he killed Bizarro, Clark had to make sure Lex was ok...
1134) Because Lex is the only one that can sneak around Clark’s house
1135) Because Lex already has a house in Smallville
1136) Because Lex is interested in where Clark came from
1137) Because Lex likes getting to know Clark
1138) Because everyone knows about how close Clark and Lex are
1139) Because Lex isn’t the ideal role model but Clark doesn’t care!
1140) Because “Clark and I”-Lex
1141) Because Lex couldn’t help but smile when he though that he and Clark could be brothers
1142) Because of course the Luthors were involved in Clark’s adoption
1143) Because Clark was adorable as a child
1144) Because they were even in love when they were young
1145) Because a smile still said so much even when they were young
1146) Because everyone needs a personal superhero
1147) Because they were the first and only Smallville couple
1148) Because Clark’s soul mate isn’t who everyone thought!
1149) Because true love can be found where you least expect it!
1150) Because Lex is the only one that can analyze Clark
1151) Because Clark would rather have taken Lex
1152) Because Lex would have kept Clark
1153) Because Lex would have wished for Clark too!
1154) Because Clark meeting Lex was the good thing that came out of that faithful day
1155) Because Clark and Lex went to the loft to talk alone
1156) Because Lex really thought Clark got all the looks
1157) Because their marriage will be rock solid
1158) Because Lex was upset Clark didn’t think he would be his brother
1159) Because Clark is good enough of Lex to love
1160) Because Clark will dive in front of anything to save Lex
1161) Because "Or what if, for once, Lex doesn´t have anything to hide?" Clark to Chloe
1162) Because Clark wanted to believe Lex had changed
1163) Because Clark didn´t like at all that Chloe said Lex hadn´t changed
1164) Because Clark was desperate to believe in Lex´s metamorphosis...even Chloe could notice it.
1165) Because Clark remembers everything Lex has ever said to him
1166) Because Clark would have loved to have his own Isis Foundation so he could spy on Lex 24/7
1167) Because Clark wanted Chloe to rewind the track of Lex´s mobile so he could hear Lex´s sexy voice one more time
1168) Because Lex knew that if Lana killed him, she would lose Clark forever...he´d never look at her the same way again...when it came to Lex...she and the rest of the citizens had boundaries.
1169) Because Lana thought that if she killed Lex, then she´d have a future with Clark...wrong pink princess!!
1170) Because Clark wanted Lana to stop hurting Lex
1171) Because Clark offered himself to take care of Lex
1172) Because Clark will never have the guts to get rid of fact, he never wanted to do guy!
1173) Because "I´m taking Lex out of here"
1174) Because Clark said he protected the people he cared about...that means he cared about Lex very much!, Lex was the person Clark protected the most
1175) Because Lex can read Clark´s eyes
1176) Because "a passion like that doesn´t come out of the blue" Lex to Clark
1177) Because "funny thing about obsession is it outlives everything...even love"
1178) Because "it´s hard to face what you´ve created isn´t it?" Lex to Clark refering to himself
1179) Because Lex always reads about Clark´s heroics in the paper
1180) Because in Lex´s words "Who needs Warrior Angel when we´ve got our own Clark kent?"
1181) Because Clark went to see Lex ONLY because he wanted his help with a reference...yeah, whatever you say Clark...
1182) Because Clark knew Lex was a Warrior Angel fan, so the Warrior Angel movie had to be shoot in his farm
1183) Because Lex confided Clark that the issue #5 was one of his favorites
1184) Because Lex´d love to die in Clark´s arms
1185) Because "I´ve been known to believe in something after the whole world tells me I´m wrong"
1186) Because Lex needed to know the identity of the man with superpowers who swipe a bullet out of thin air...
1187) Because "First Lana, now Kara...Don´t you think it´s time to give up this fixation with Clark and everyone connected with him?" Lionel to Lex
1188) Because we are still waiting for Lex to come back and save Clark
1189) Because we want a Clex reunion!
1190) Because we’d rather see Lex than some of the new people any day
1191) Because Clark stays up all night thinking of Lex
1192) Because Clark will never give up believing that he can save everyone
1193) Because Clark is still a hero to Lex
1194) Because Clark’s world still includes Lex
1195) Because you can’t have Smallville without Clex
1196) Because we want the real Clark back!
1197) Because is still obsessed with saving everyone!
1198) Because their romance will never end!
1199) Because Clark can’t help himself he still loves Lex!
1200) Because all the evidence is there….Clark and Lex are in love!
1201) Because Clark will never look at anyone the way he looks at Lex
1202) Because when Clark’s heart stops beating he’ll stop loving Lex
1203) Because Lex should have came clean on his love for Clark
1204) Because the heat between Lex and Clark always produces electricity
1205) Because Clark made Lex want to become a better person
1206) Because Clark likes it better when Lex visits
1207) Because Lex would rather Clark move in
1208) Because we still believe in Clex
1209) Because how could you not know Clark’s secret
1210) Because Clark has an open mind
1211) Because Lex knows that Clark isn’t having and identity crisis
1212) Because Clark knows exactly who he is and that’s who loves
1213) Because one day they both won’t feel so alone
1214) Because Lex is the only one with the key to the Clark Room!
1215) Because the Clark Room is off limits
1216) Because “I’ve always wanted to meet an alien”-Lex
1217) Because Lex has an open mind too!
1218) Because there is always time for Clex
1219) Because the red jacket and the blue shirt never get old
1220) Because “everything I care about is on Earth”-Clark
1221) Because the Clark Room is Lex’s special room
1222) Because sometimes time doesn’t heal all wounds especially ones of the heart
1223) Because the memories of Clex will always stay with us
1224) Because the Clark room said it all!
1225) Because “this is my obsession”-Lex
1226) Because Clark clearly doesn’t have a bedtime considering he likes seeing Lex late at night
1227) Because Clark only has the hots for Lex!
1228) Because Clark doesn’t have to play by the rules
1229) Because we all know Lex has a picture of Clark on his desk
1230) Because Lex wouldn’t minding seeing Clark in an orange jumpsuit
1231) Because Lex is Prince Charming too
1232) Because Lex is clearly stalking Clark
1233) Because Lex brought Clark coffee
1234) Because Lex will always need his knight in shining armor
1235) Because Clark and Lex are getting married soon, they just don’t know it yet!
1236) Because Lex was happy that Clark came along when he did
1237) Because Lex and Clark were in a hotel room…alone
1238) Because they should never slit up!
1239) Because Lex knew somehow Clark had his cousin visiting him
1240) Because Kara ripping the roof off Lex´s car, reminded him the way Clark saved him the first time
1241) Because "I won´t tell anyone, I promise, your secret´s safe with me. I´ve already protected I would have protected others close to me if they would have told me the truth" Lex to Kara
1242) Because they still think about each other
1243) Because "Twice I´ve been pulled back from the brink of death, and both times it was by a membor of the Kent family" Lex
1244) Because Lex is not a man who believes in coincidences, especially when it came to Clark
1245) Because "sooner or later I´ll find out the truth" (about Clark) Lex
1246) Because Clark was happy that Lex had helped him to find Doctor Knox
1247) Because " is he (lex)??" Clark
1248) Because "you´re saying someone could actually go into Lex´s mind?...I can do this"
1249) Because Clark was concerned Lex remembered he was in his mind
1250) Because Clark was always in Lex´s mind anyway!

Credit: Claudypritz

Clark: "You and Victoria must be getting pretty close."
Lex: "You seem surprised"
Clark: “She just doesn't seem like your type”.

1251) Because Clark is always there when Lex needs him
1252) Because Lex is always going to be a priority in Clark’s life
1253) Because there love for each other will never get lost
1254) Because nothing can hurt Clark except kryptonite and when Lex is mad at him
1255) Because Clark is to busy being a hero to read the sports page
1256) Because Lex would have rather see Clark at the mansion
1257) Because the only engagement we want is Clark/Lex
1258) Because Clark would never cheat on Lex!
1259) Because Clark doesn’t give up without a fight
1260) Because when doesn’t Clark think about Lex?
1261) Because Lex doesn’t want Clark involved anymore than he already is
1262) Because true love waits for no one except Clark and Lex
1263) Because Clark and Lex were having a romantic early morning meeting
1264) Because Lex had to know that Clark was coming
1265) Because Clark’s heart will always belong to Lex
1266) Because Clark doesn’t need anyone else’s friendship, he only needs Lex
1267) Because somewhere down the road, they will meet again
1268) Because we all know Clark has broken many laws
1269) Because it’s about time that Clark and Lex get to be alone
1270) Because we can only wait so long! We need out Clex moments
1271) Because Clark knows that Lex isn’t dangerous
1272) Because everyone thinks that they can use Lex’s power and influence but only Clark really can!
1273) Because Clark will always be special to Lex
1274) Because “different” or “special” Lex will always love Clark
1275) Because Jonathan really wanted Clark to go to the movies with Lex
1276) Because Clark is lucky to have Lex in his life
1277) Because they only person Clark really was to see is Lex
1278) Because it will always be Clex over Clana or Clois any day
1279) Because Lex is fascinated by the mysteries of Clark Kent
1280) Because Lex will never give up on his story on Clark
1281) Because we have all the evidence we needed during episode 1
1282) Because Clark will always have his eye on Lex
1283) Because everyone needs Clark in their own way especially Lex
1284) Because Clark knew he could come to Lex and ask him for the money
1285) Because if it was up to him, Lex would have canceled the meeting and helped Clark
1286) Because Clark stole Lex’s car because it was his
1287) Because if anyone else stole Lex’s car, Lex would have them arrested but not Clark
1288) Because Clark driving Lex’s car is always hot!
1289) Because they drive each other crazy but no matter what they will always be in love
1290) Because Lex wants Clark Kent! and no one else!
1291) Because “I knew you’d work it out Clark”-Lex
1292) Because Lex wanted Clark to fill him in on what happened with his “friend”
1293) Because when the time comes, Clark will be ready to see Lex again
1294) Because it’s not easy being Clark’s friend but some people are worth it!
1295) Because as long as at least one person believes, Clex can still live on
1296) Because Clark is our hunk of steel
1297) Because Clark only was excited when Lex stayed over
1298) Because we don’t want Lex out of Clark’s life anymore than he already is
1299) Because Clark is lost without Lex
1300) Because memories of Clex will always be with fans
1301) Because Lex would rather have Clark visit him late at night
1302) Because Lex is really only worried about Clark’s safety
1303) Because not everything can be explained
1304) Because Clark and Lex’s love will always come back to life
1305) Because Lex never wants to lose Clark that’s why he wanted parts of him
1306) Because we have a Clex addiction!
1307) Because even if Clark had the choice, he would always save Lex…still!
1308) Because we will never let our love for Clex go
1309) Because Clark’s not a lawyer, just a sexy superhero
1310) Because Clark knows the sound of Lex voice
1311) Because Lex will always talk to Clark no matter how busy he is
1312) Because for Lex its Clark or be alone for the rest of his life
1314) Because Clark has saved many lives but only one that truly matters
1315) Because Lex will always be there in Clark’s heart
1316) Because Clark still knows what Lex would have done!!!
1317) Because we'll keep waiting for that day to come
1318) Because Clark really wanted to be living with Lex!
1319) Because Lex is the only one that would help Clark with the loneliness
1320) Because Clark only wants to be at the Fortress with Lex
1321) Because only Lex was allowed to move in
1322) Because Clark was reminded of the fortress “I love you”
1323) Because they didn’t have an ordinary love
1324) Because their love will never get old!
1325) Because who cares what the comics say…it’s will always be Clex
1326) Because a true love story never ends
1327) Because even Michael knows that Tom is HOT!
1328) Because one day they will rule-together!
1329) Because belongs with Lex
1330) Because when Clark met Lex he felt like he was destined to be someone better
1331) Because Lex always has hot Clark fantasies
1332) Because Clark knows where Lex is!!!
1333) Because the true will finally be revealed one day
1334) Because Clark was the last one to see Lex alive
1335) Because Clark’s destiny is still on Earth
1336) Because Clark needs to find Lex
1337) Because their love is true and can never be wished away
1338) Because Clark’s days are sunny only when Lex is around
1339) Because Clark’s thoughts and dreams always lead to Lex
1340) Because they will always remember the times they spent together
1341) Because Clark is the one that Lex wants
1342) Because there is more to Clark that meets the eye
1343) Because no one will doubt their love
1344) Because Lex has enough obsessions
1345) Because you only get one true love
1346) Because Lex is devoted to Clark
1347) Because Lex has lots of things that are about Clark
1348) Because Clark took a chance when he fell in love with Lex
1349) Because Clark is only depressed when Lex isn’t around
1350) Because Lex doesn’t want anyone else mentioning Clark around him
1351) Because everyone knows about their love and Lex’s obsession
1352) Because Clark is Lex’s nobody
1353) Because their love and destiny is written on the cave walls
1354) Because the only Luthor Clark is friends with is Lex
1355) Because Clark’s map will always lead to Lex
1356) Because the door will never close on their relationship
1357) Because the Luthor’s have “unusual obsessions”
1358) Because the reason Clark came to Earth was to fall in love with Lex
1359) Because when you love someone the feelings never go away or are replaced
1360) Because Clark’s life would have been different if the secret was revealed
1361) Because Lois isn’t the one Lex is!!
1362) Because Smallville needs a couple like Clark and Lex
1363) Because the high point of Clark’s day is seeing Lex
1364) Because Lex is always talking about Clark
1365) Because “a person isn’t who they are during the last conversation you had with them, they’re who they’ve been throughout your whole relationship”-Lex
1366) Because Clark walks into the mansion like he owns the place
1367) Because we aren’t imagining things!
1368) Because Clark trusts Lex enough for him to help
1369) Because people can’t deny that Lex wants to protect Clark
1370) Because Lex is interested in “some farm boy”
1371) Because shirt rip-still HOT!
1372) Because Clark knows Lex is not his enemy
1373) Because falling in love is what makes Clark human
1374) Because were waiting too Clark!
1375) Because their love exists still!
1376) Because only Clark Kent and Lex Luthor should be holding hands
1377) Because love isn’t something that just happens
1378) Because that’s the way you act when you are in love
1379) Because you can always hear the excitement in Clark’s voice when he says Lex
1380) Because Clark and Lex’s relationship is worth all the fights, hate, and love
1381) Because one day the truth will come out
1382) Because all they ever wanted was the truth
1383) Because we deserve the truth
1384) Because their love is far from a made up story
1385) Because in love timing is everything
1386) Because all Lex wanted was the love of Clark
1387) Because Clark wished he was interviewing Lex instead
1388) Because Clark super speeds to Metropolis only to see Lex
1389) Because people need to leave them alone so that they can get married
1390) Because “we all have our secrets”-Lex
1391) Because Clark will always be the same person Lex fell in love with
1392) Because who wouldn’t want Clark in their life
1393) Because Lex will never want space from Clark
1394) Because we all know Clark should have told Lex his feelings Day 1
1395) Because Clark didn’t want Chloe finding out about his love for Lex
1396) Because Lex is always working on the mystery that is Clark Kent
1397) Because Clark has lots of secrets
1398) Because Clark is always breaking into Luthorcorp
1399) Because Lex would never judge Clark for being who he is
1400) Because only Clark can take fieldtrips to Luthorcorp
1401) Because Lex wants the truth!
1402) Because Lex got the love he never got from Lionel from Clark
1403) Because Clark would never run away from Lex
1404) Because we know the way Lex feels about Clark
1405) Because Clark and Lex aren’t the only ones that have been in love since the day they met
1406) Because there are many questions that Clark avoids
1407) Because Lex has a special place in his heart for Clark
1408) Because Clark will always find his way back to his one true love
1409) Because their flame of love will never go out
1410) Because their level of love is off the charts
1411) Because Clark’s license plate is I love Lex
1412) Because sooner or later the truth will be revealed
1413) Because Lex was always going after the truth
1414) Because there is no one else out there for Clark
1415) Because Lex’s life was miserable before Clark
1416) Because insane or sane Clark will always be there for Lex
1417) Because Clark will never accept that Lex is gone
1418) Because Lex wished that Clark was the one that saved him
1419) Because “when your hearts been through something like that the scars just don’t magically disappear”-Clark
1420) Because Clark knew all about Julian
1421) Because Clark didn’t want anyone near Lex-only he could be
1422) Because Lex always clears his schedule to be with Clark
1423) Because Lex always remembers his memorable Clark moments
1424) Because Clark doesn’t want Lex taking care of himself
1425) Because the only memories Lex wants are ones of Clark
1426) Because who wouldn’t want to see Lex shirtless
1427) Because Clark would have came to the birthday party
1428) Because they would never hate each other no matter what
1429) Because they are both stronger than they know
1430) Because Clark has a way of not being able to say out of things
1431) Because Clark likes referring to Lex as his best friend
1432) Because Clark came to Lionel to save Lex
1433) Because Clark does have real concern for Lex
1434) Because Lionel tells Lex that Clark is his “good friend”
1435) Because all Clark wants is Lex home in Smallville where they both belong
1436) Because Clark will never believe that Lex is crazy….only crazy for him
1437) Because Lex will always remember his time with Clark
1438) Because Lex knew that Clark needed to be saved!
1439) Because Lex couldn’t help but look at a shirtless Clark
1440) Because “Lex help me” said it all!
1441) Because their love will survive
1442) Because they will not let things go!!
1443) Because Clark loves his late night Lex visits
1444) Because “you and anyone I care about”-Lex
1445) Because whenever they see each other the flame of love is relit
1446) Because the last memory that Lex had was at the loft
1447) Because Day or Night their love will always be there
1448) Because Clark always knows!!
1449) Because Clark will only really love “the real Lex Luthor”
1450) Because Lex was and still is Clark’s entire world
1451) Because sometimes love is all you need
1452) Because there love is to strong to ever be forgotten
1453) Because Clark misses listening to Lex’s voice
1454) Because their connection is still as strong as ever!!
1455) Because 1455 beats 351 anyday!!!!!!!!!
1456) Because Clark was ok with Lana dating Jason, BUT he couldn´t stand Lana dating Lex.
1457) Because Clark never liked any of Lex´s girlfriends, in fact, he loathed them all!
1458) Because Clark only knew what jealousy is about with Lex
1459) Because Lex loved things that could fly and the only one who made Lex fly was Clark
1460) Because Clark didn´t want Lex to sleep with anyone, he was his!
1461) Because they took care of each other since the pilot
1462) Because Lex saw Clark in boxers since the first episode!
1463) Because Lex wanted to give the semi-nude Clark a ride
1464) Because Lex wanted to make sure Clark´s reputation was a hit
1465) Because "Call it a party gift...I hope you like it" Lex to Clark
1467) Because Clark was mad with Pete when he thought he brought the fire works, but he was more than pleasant when he knew Lex did
1468) Because Clark arrived to earth the same day Lex was in smallville
1469) Because "funny how one day can change your whole life" Lex to Clark
1470) Because Clark was the only one with all the power to change Lex´s life
1471) Because Clark had feelings for Lex since they were children
1472) Because they always wanted to know everything about each other
1473) Because "I´ll see you tomorrow" Lex to Clark
1474) Because Clark made clear to Lex that he was escorting Lana "just as friends"
1475) Because "I like your new escort better" Lex to Lana talking about Clark, of course
1476) Because "I know Clark, he´ll be there...if he can" Lex to Lana
1477) Because we have seven seasons full of clex love! plus one with Clark talking about Lex every time he can bring him into a conversation!
1478) Because like the feeling of Christmas out love of Clex will never fade!!
1479) Because we want every day to be Clexmas!!
1480) Because real or animated...they are in love!
1481) Because Clark wants Lex back!
1482) Because Clark and Lex should be dancing at the wedding!!
1483) Because Clark will never forget the first day he met Lex and the feelings they shared
1484) Because Clark would NEVER help Oliver kill Lex
1485) Because Lex’s “super-stud” is Clark
1486) Because Clark doesn’t want Oliver punishing Lex for what Lionel did to his parents
1487) Because Oliver knows the real reason why Clark doesn’t want to go after Lex
1488) Because Oliver knew he had to tell Clark about Lex first
1489) Because their love has survived a lot.
1490) Because we want a Lex come back!!
1491) Because Lex is the only one for Clark-who cares what the writers think
1492) Because Clark didn’t LOVE Pete
1493) Because they are much more exciting the dirt!
1494) Because Clark and Lex would never get married in a barn!
1495) Because Lex picked the right person all along
1496) Because Clark is only Lex’s Prince Charming
1497) Because Clark’s “Mr. Right” is still missing
1498) Because LEX IS ALIVE
1499) Because “it’s not like Lex to leave a trail”
1500) Because Lex still knows!! ◘

“When Lex pulled me out of that rubble,
I saw a glimpse of something I hadn't seen in years... my friend”

1501) Because the penthouse in metropolis still waits for them!
1502) Because a real kiss beats a almost kiss anyday!!!!!
1503) Because Clark would rather go on a Lex hunt
1504) Because Lex would want Clark delivered to his house
1505) Because Clark would have rather been sitting next to Lex
1506) Because you don’t have to look far to find the love of Clex
1507) Because the rest of the people Clark saves are nothing compared to Lex
1508) Because full power or powerless Lex will still love Clark
1509) Because Clark’s powers may be gone but his love for Lex will never be
1510) Because Clark’s differences make him who he is
1511) Because Clark is the best boyfriend for Lex
1512) Because everyone should know how much Clark means to Lex
1513) Because the Clark video has a permanent spot on Lex’s computer
1514) Because Lex doesn’t want anyone knowing about Clark saving him
1515) Because Lex wanted to talk to Clark late at night-as usual!
1516) Because “were friends right?”-Lex
1517) Because Clark doesn’t have to hide anything from Lex
1518) Because all Clark wanted to do was the right thing
1519) Because Clark knew that Lex wasn’t going to hit him
1520) Because Clark is the only one that can be amazing
1521) Because “all those years of hiding I wonder if it was worth it?”-Clark
1522) Because Lex will never feel any different about Clark
1523) Because being normal really wasn’t Clark’s 1st wish
1524) Because Lex will take Superman over Eric the Superboy any day
1525) Because basketball Clark is sexy too!
1526) Because Clark is only worth waiting for
1527) Because Lex’s life ambition is to marry Clark Kent
1528) Because winter, summer, spring or fall they will love each other
1529) Because Clark wants to hold on to all the evidence of his love for Lex
1530) Because Clark can’t let go and he can’t move on
1531) Because Clark will always be special to Lex
1532) Because Clark will always be Lex’s somebody
1533) Because Lex had to make sure Clark was okay
1534) Because Clark knows when he can joke with Lex
1535) Because Lex wanted to help Clark get dressed when he was at the hospital
1536) Because when Lex said “all by myself” he meant “with Clark”
1537) Because whatever happens Lex will get Clark back
1538) Because Clark loves bringing out the lead box
1539) Because in time the truth will come out maybe not today or tomorrow but eventually
1540) Because this is the way that true love works
1541) Because the love of Lex is one of Clark’s strongest gifts
1542) Because there is something there!
1543) Because Lex can see it with his own eyes
1544) Because Lex may be Clark as “just a regular kid” but we see him as much more
1545) Because Clark still can’t move forward
1546) Because Clark really wants to walk Lex home
1547) Because anywhere they are, they will think of each other
1548) Because there love is alive and well
1549) Because Warrior Angel has nothing on Clark
1550) Because Clark would never run away from Lex or their love
1551) Because the only memories Clark wants is ones of Lex
1552) Because Clark is hiding something
1553) Because Clark likes being a protector
1554) Because Lex likes being around Clark too!
1555) Because Lex has a soft spot for strays too!
1556) Because it doesn’t take much to see the love between Clark and Lex
1557) Because love is all they’ve got
1558) Because Lex has a wall of Clark
1559) Because Clark only needs one man
1560) Because Clark helps Lex fill the silence
1561) Because Clark told Ryan all about Lex
1562) Because of course Lex likes comic books
1563) Because Lex only wanted Clark to come by
1564) Because Clark didn’t want to hear any made up stories about Lex
1565) Because Lex has a collection of Clark things
1566) Because Lex loves his “strange visitor from another planet”
1567) Because Lex wanted Ryan out of the way
1568) Because Lex opened up to Clark about Julian
1569) Because Clark is what Lex has always wanted
1570) Because Lex didn’t want to leave Clark behind
1571) Because the day will come where they will find each other again
1572) Because only Lex can adore Clark-no one else
1573) Because Clark was happy that Ryan couldn’t read his mind
1574) Because Lex has lots of Clark secrets
1575) Because Clark wants to hear Lex’s secret
1576) Because Clark knows the limo was for him
1577) Because Lex had to make a stop to see Clark before he left
1578) Because “for what its worth, I hope you stay”-Clark
1579) Because Lex gave Clark a present
1580) Because every hero needs someone to love
1581) Because Lex’s password will always be Clark
1582) Because Clark was playing with the gift Lex gave him
1583) Because Clark and Lex didn't need anyone else either
1584) Because Clark didn't have to pretend around Lex
1585) Because Season 1 Clex is amazing
1586) Because Clex will always make sense to us!
1587) Because Clex is real and never made up
1588) Because the Kent’s were made to save people
1589) Because this couple is smoking HOT
1590) Because Clark and Lex need to get out of Smallville
1591) Because Lex only likes when Clark drops by
1592) Because their love is a journey
1593) Because “don’t tell me it was Clark Kent”-Lex
1594) Because Clark only wants to see Lex
1595) Because Clark knew that the knock on the door was Lex
1596) Because Clark didn’t want Jonathan talking bad about Lex
1597) Because Clark hated that Pete hated Lex
1598) Because “did you know that Pete doesn’t like Lex?”-Clark
1599) Because Clark’s deepest desire is to be with Lex
1600) Because Clark’s feelings for Lex were never turned off
1601) Because every Kent has his Luthor
1602) Because Clark is always thinking…of Lex
1603) Because their love is bulletproof
1604) Because only a hug from Lex can save the day
1605) Because they are a serious couple
1606) Because their love was right there all the time
1607) Because their love is not dead and never will be
1608) Because Lex left his heart open and Clark found a way in
1609) Because Lex will never let anyone in the Kent family die if he can handle it
1610) Because Clark never said that the relationship was over
1611) Because Clark only has his mind on Lex and only Lex
1612) Because Clark wants to go swimming with Lex
1613) Because Clark thought of Lex and he was always there
1614) Because Clark never loved anyone the way he loved Lex
1615) Because Clark will only ever want Lex Luthor
1617) Because Clark’s love of Lex made him who he is
1618) Because Clark will dream of Lex in detention
1619) Because Clark will search the world to find Lex
1620) Because Lex wanted someone better and he got Clark
1621) Because Lex never wanted Lana he only wanted Clark
1622) Because the only company that Lex likes is Clark
1623) Because only Clark can steal Lex’s car
1624) Because Clark is in love…….with Lex
1625) Because Clark ignores everyone when Lex is around
1626) Because a love like this should never be forgotten
1627) Because “it’s not your fault Lex”-Clark
1628) Because Clark didn’t like Pete blaming Lex for anything
1629) Because “don’t lie to me!”-Clark
1630) Because the book we would have checked out is “Clex-the real Smallville couple”
1631) Because Pete called Lex Clark’s new “best friend”
1632) Because if Lex died, Clark would die inside
1634) Because one day Clark will be telling his children about the day he and Lex met
1635) Because we hope Clark marries Lex
1636) Because Clark heard Lex and he had to save him
1637) Because they will all die and then Lex and Clark can be alone!
1638) Because Clark didn’t want Pete shooting Lex
1639) Because Clark really knows that Clex will never be over
1640) Because Clark helped Lex up
1641) Because their love will never be an act
1642) Because Lex wished everyday that he was a Kent
1643) Because Clark will always remember Lex
1644) Because true love will never be forgotten
1645) Because Clark made Lex believe in true love
1646) Because Clark wanted to be on the windmill with Lex
1647) Because we wish Clark would speak his feelings!
1648) Because this couple is hotter than any summer day
1649) Because Lex wants to see a shirtless Clark
1650) Because Clark would rather be with Lex any day of the year
1651) Because Clark has lied to himself for long enough
1652) Because wrong LL Clark…..wrong LL
1653) Because there will always be something between Clark and Lex
1654) Because Clark would never let Lex go
1655) Because it was only Clark’s responsibility to save Lex
1656) Because Jonathan gave Lex a chance for Clark
1657) Because Clark was always running off when he was with everyone else but not with Lex
1658) Because there is no reason why they shouldn’t be together
1659) Because there is only one guy that wears a red cape for Lex
1660) Because the Daily Planet never frowned on Lex’s obsession
1661) Because Lex left Clark an urgent message
1662) Because Lex wanted to give Clark his “first lesson”
1663) Because Lex was too good for someone from Earth so he had to be with someone from Krypton
1664) Because Lex only cares about protecting Clark
1665) Because “Lex!”-Clark
1666) Because Clark wanted Lex to “join the club”
1667) Because they cannot escape their love for each other
1668) Because when Clark dreams-he only dreams of Lex
1669) Because Lex keeps Clark’s heart open
1670) Because Lex is the best in Clark’s heart
1671) Because even if Clark had lost his mind Lex would still love him
1672) Because there is always hope that Lex will find his way back to Clark
1673) Because Lex’s journey will end and he will get back to Clark
1674) Because the only commitment that Lex has is to Clark
1675) Because dreams of Lex will never take the place of real Lex
1676) Because Clark has no faith in human kindness only faith in love
1678) Because Clex is not boring!
1679) Because Clark really wanted to go through the records with Lex
1680) Because Lex likes having contact with Clark
1681) Because Clark only has happy dreams of Lex
1682) Because their love is enough for us
1683) Because Lex only lets Clark in
1684) Because “we both know appearances can be deceiving Lex”-Clark
1685) Because Lex will be there to help Clark when he needs it
1686) Because Clark needs to know the difference between reality and fantasy
1687) Because Clark only likes visiting with Lex
1688) Because Lex wanted Clark to get some sleep
1689) Because Martha knew that Clark likes spending a lot of time with Lex
1690) Because Clark knew which way Lex’s mansion was
1691) Because Clark can’t keep running from his feelings
1692) Because once Clark tells Lex he will finally be free
1693) Because as long as Clark is alive so will his love for Lex
1694) Because we want a Season 8 Clex dream
1695) Because its not to late to save Lex from his family
1696) Because they can’t escape their love will always be there
1697) Because Clark’s phone only has one number in it
1698) Because Clark will melt anyone with his heat vision if they get in the way of Clex
1699) Because Lex has lots to hide and so does Clark
1700) Because we have their love in writing
1701) Because crazy or eccentric Clark will love Lex
1702) Because Clark is hard to forget
1703) Because in his dreams Lex is the only one in Smallville
1704) Because they are not “only in our dreams”
1705) Because Lex will always be the hunk in the mansion
1706) Because their love is a dream come true
1707) Because they are a dream couple
1708) Because Clark liked who he was when he was with Lex
1709) Because no matter how far apart they are they are always close at heart
1710) Because Lex is always hitting on Clark
1711) Because we all know that Clark skipped the dance to dream about Lex
1712) Because Clark really wanted to be floating over Lex’s bed
1713) Because only Lex can give Clark presents
1714) Because obsession is a very strange thing
1715) Because it’s not creepy that Lex has a video of Clark
1716) Because Clark didn’t have to change for Lex
1717) Because Lex’s hobby is Clark
1718) Because who knew that Lex Luthor would meet his one true love in Smallville
1719) Because Lex always knows where to find Clark when he is looking for him
1720) Because they went through life together
1721) Because no one makes Clark smile like Lex can
1722) Because Clark didn’t like Whitney touching him, only Lex!
1723) Because everyone knew that Clark belonged to Lex
1724) Because Lex can’t wait to see Clark
1725) Because Jonathan knew that Lex was the hold up
1726) Because Clark daydreams of Lex more than anyone
1727) Because Clark didn’t want to save Whitney
1728) Because nobody has all the answers but all we know is Clex is real!
1729) Because if Clark had a horse he would name it Lex
1730) Because Lex would never forget meeting Clark
1731) Because Lex likes skinny-dipping to Clark!
1732) Because Lex knows the feeling!
1733) Because Lex called Clark “Kent”
1734) Because before the game Clark and Lex were together
1735) Because fate has stepped in finally
1736) Because there is only one life Clark likes to save
1737) Because when they stand next to each other they stand very close
1737) Because Clark is more than okay when he is with Lex
1738) Because Lex already won Clark’s heart
1739) Because Clark really did want Lex’s box
1740) Because some people really can’t take a hint
1741) Because nothing is more important than Clex
1742) Because Clark really only has two weaknesses
1743) Because the “fortress of solitude” is only made for two
1744) Because Lex was already coming over
1745) Because they are both “one of a kind”
1746) Because Clark’s life changed-more than he could ever know
1747) Because Clark and Lex have enough love between them to keep them happy for a long time
1748) Because “people change”-Clark
1749) Because the Clark room is better than the wall of weird
1750) Because you can’t control how your heart feels

Credit: bigmamag

“You’re the closest I've had to a real friend in my whole life.
You don’t have to hide anything from me”.

1751) Because Clark can’t make his feelings go away
1752) Because Clark is “coming out of the closet”
1753) Because Superman is better than Bug-Boy
1754) Because Clark is the only one in Smallville with the hots for Lex
1755) Because Lex is Clark’s mate
1756) Because no one ever had a chance with Clark after Lex met him
1757) Because it’s finally time for Clex to be together
1758) Because when Lex drives Clark goes with him
1759) Because Clark should only be chasing Lex
1760) Because Lex would only vote for Clark!
1761) Because with their looks and power they could rule the world
1762) Because their love is very magical
1763) Because they are both involved in politics
1764) Because Lex would be Clark’s Vice Hunk
1765) Because we all know why Smallville grew on Lex
1766) Because Lex wouldn’t only grant an interview with Clark Kent, no one else
1767) Because they were both born into greatness
1768) Because Lex is a very hard habit to break
1769) Because Clark was always battling with his feelings
1770) Because “Clark Kent for President”-Lex
1771) Because Lex ran for student office too!
1772) Because Clark didn’t have to ask to use what Lex said
1773) Because Clark’s flyer was another addition to the Clark room!
1774) Because Clark didn’t need Chloe’s vote he always has Lex’s
1775) Because Lex wanted a Clark for President shirt
1776) Because Clark knew that Lex didn’t like to lose
1777) Because Clark is really the best part of Lex’s day
1778) Because who wouldn’t want to vote for Clark?
1779) Because we want a Lex picture in Clark’s locker
1780) Because Lex is Clark’s favorite person
1781) Because people would never accuse Clark of hating Lex
1782) Because we believe that love will lead them back to each other
1783) Because we believe that our dreams of a Clex reunion will happen
1784) Because not even a fire extinguisher would make their flame of love go out
1785) Because Clark’s speech should really include Lex and their love
1786) Because what’s right is Clark and Lex
1787) Because their love will always be a constant in Clark’s life
1788) Because we won’t be happy until there is more Clex
1789) Because no one would have to pay Clark to love Lex
1790) Because Clark is lead by his love for Lex Luthor
1791) Because Clark would never love anyone like the way he loves Lex
1792) Because there is no amount of reasons that can fully explain their love
1793) Because it will always be Clex
1794) Because Clark would follow Lex anywhere and it shows
1795) Because after all the pain and lies it’s about time Clex is together
1796) Because of course Lex came to the party-to see Clark
1797) Because Clark would vote for Lex for President
1798) Because Lex let Clark keep the slogan
1799) Because Lex is better than Lionel
1800) Because after everything that happened Lex would still love Clark
1801) Because Clark was seduced by the dark side
1802) Because absence makes the heart grow fonder
1803) Because they admitted that they missed each other
1804) Because their love is not missing
1805) Because the world already knew about Clark
1806) Because spaceship or no spaceship Clark came to Earth for a reason
1807) Because Clark would fly in and save Lex no matter what
1808) Because Lex would never hesitate when it comes to saving Clark
1809) Because the truth about Clark can not be forgotten
1810) Because Clark would risk anything to save Lex
1810) Because tux or plaid shirt-Lex will always think Clark is hot
1811) Because Lex always did everything he could for Clark
1812) Because everyone always saw the love in Lex’s eyes for Clark
1813) Because what you see is not always what you get
1814) Because a love like this is not impossible
1815) Because Clex will always look great together
1816) Because after the storm Lex had to go and make sure Clark was okay
1817) Because Clark was so happy that Lex wanted to help him
1818) Because Clark didn’t want to split up from Lex and he knew it
1819) Because their love is not a story it’s real
1820) Because Clark really belongs to Lex
1821) Because Clark really didn’t have to ask
1822) Because when they fight, two hearts get broken
1823) Because there are so many songs that describe Clex
1824) Because Clark doesn’t want to change who he is
1825) Because it’s called a secret for a reason
1826) Because Clark was the person that Lex waited for every time
1827) Because Lex “just wanted to protect” Clark
1828) Because Clark believes that love will always keep them together
1829) Because Lex helped Clark by getting him a map of the area
1830) Because Clark is more than part hunk!
1831) Because the miracle of love will always save them in the end
1832) Because we wish Clex would come back
1833) Because the wish made Clark come into Lex’s life and that’s more than he could ever wish for
1834) Because Clark and Lex tried to be “just friends”-didn’t work!
1835) Because Clark doesn’t need to fake smile around Lex
1836) Because no one takes Clark-except Lex
1837) Because Clark is better when Lex is around and only then
1838) Because Clark will always be Lex’s Superman
1839) Because “it’s a good thing Lex was there”-Clark
1840) Because Clark was so happy that Jonathan liked Lex
1841) Because Lex would never delete his pictures of Clark
1842) Because Clark would always fly to Lex
1843) Because after every heartbreak-they find a way to mend the wounds
1844) Because their love can survive anything-and has!
1845) Because Clark can’t hide forever
1846) Because he doesn’t have to hide anymore
1847) Because Lex’s dream man came to Earth in a space ship
1848) Because even the booklets in the DVDs have Clex pictures
1849) Because one day their dreams of being together will come true
1850) Because Clark really wanted to be sitting next to Lex
1851) Because Clark is only happy when Lex holds his hand
1852) Because their love is not something to be scared of
1853) Because Lex’s pictures of Clark are the ones he will always keep
1854) Because Clark believes in love at first sight
1855) Because Clark will believe in anything that Lex says
1856) Because love doesn’t need a rational explanation
1857) Because Clark and Lex would both be in charge of their wedding
1858) Because Clark wouldn’t accept any amount of money to leave Lex
1859) Because we aren’t seeing something that isn’t there
1860) Because their love will always be alive
1861) Because Lex does whatever he wants-and he wants to see Clark
1862) Because their love can stop the rain and make everyday sunny
1863) Because we see the Clex in every episode
1864) Because the only person that Clark will ever want to spend time with is Lex
1865) Because a love like this doesn’t just appear out of nowhere
1866) Because the only family that Lex ever wants to be apart of is the Kent’s
1867) Because Lex has many obsessions but only one that matters
1868) Because Clark wants Lex to stay close
1869) Because Lex will always be Clark’s best friend-no matter what
1870) Because Lex would never clone Clark-well maybe he would
1871) Because Lex wants his own personal Clark collection
1872) Because Clark knows how to talk to people
1873) Because Clark had to write his own story
1874) Because Lex wanted to ask Clark the same question
1875) Because Clark always had Lex
1876) Because pictures of Clex are always great
1877) Because Lex thinks that Clark is remarkable
1878) Because Clark doesn’t think that Lex is dangerous
1879) Because Lex will always understand why Clark loves him
1880) Because true love always saves you in the end
1881) Because Clark dove in and saved Lex
1882) Because love is always real and always there
1883) Because the world can exist only in balance, if there is no Lex, there can be no Clark
1884) Because even the caves knew the truth about Clex
1885) Because Lex’s true love fell from the sky
1886) Because Clark will always be welcome at the Luthor mansion
1887) Because caves really do tell a story
1888) Because all Lex wanted was someone to save him
1889) Because Clark would pick Lex over Pete any day and has!
1890) Because Clark found the caves for a reason
1891) Because Clark never saw the harm in the Luthors’ being in Smallville
1892) Because the caves told the story of love
1893) Because the truth was told on the cave wall
1894) Because when it came to finding out who he was Clark liked taking risks
1895) Because the caves and finding the truth were very important to Clark
1896) Because their love is very far from a myth
1897) Because Clark really did just fall into Lex’s life
1898) Because Lex was always interrupting when it came to the Kent’s’
1899) Because Lex would never have left Clark on his own
1900) Because Clark knew that he and Lex were like Sageeth and Naman
1901) Because they were destined to be the balance between good and evil
1902) Because the cave had it wrong-Clark and Lex are meant to be together
1903) Because “there’s a lot of things about me that I can’t explain”-Clark
1904) Because Lex earned his place in Clark’s life
1905) Because Clark impressed Lex
1906) Because Lex always knew that he was destined to be with Clark
1907) Because “it’s a completely different feeling when the person likes you back”-Clark
1908) Because only Clark can get Lex to change his mind
1909) Because Clark and Lex went into the caves-together
1910) Because Lex always fought his destiny-but in the end destiny always wins
1911) Because “not all Luthors are the same”-Clark
1912) Because Clark is obsessed with things-just like Lex
1913) Because it really should be Clexcorp
1914) Because Clark and Lex both had that they strongly believed in
1915) Because Clark would never call anyone back except Lex
1916) Because even Jonathan knows that not everyone is what they seem
1917) Because Clark will always be obsession number one in Lex’s life
1918) Because Lex wanted to save the caves because Clark wanted to
1919) Because their love is really a legendary story
1920) Because Lex Luthor controls Clark! Not Lionel!
1921) Because Clark will always be there for Lex no matter what he believes in
1922) Because the one for Clark will always be Lex
1923) Because Lex will always believe in Clark
1924) 1Because destiny always knows!!
1925) Because the true one in Clark’s life is Lex-no doubt
1926) Because Lex knew the story the caves told
1927) Because their light never went out
1928) Because "foe every beacon of light in the universe, there is a pit of darkness"
1929) Because Lex didn´t have to be allowed to contol Clark...that was his birth right
1930) Because they fought because they couldn´t admit how they really feel about each other
1931) Because the traveler´s identity meant everything to Lex
1932) Because "I didn´t know you had a dark side, Clark" Lana
1933) Because Clark thinks that everybody has a dark side
1934) Because Lex met Clark since day 1
1935) Because Lex always was and always will be in Clark´s life
1936) Because Lex´s first line was "thanks dad", he didn’t know it then, but he was gonna mean to thank his dad for sending him to smallville for the rest of his life
1937) Because Clark didn´t kiss Lana in his fantasy, but he did kiss Lex in the real life
1938) Because Clark had no idea he wasn´t into guys until he saw Lex
1939) Because the Luthors not only owned the town, they owned the kent´s hearts as well
1940) Because the song Lex was listening to in his car right before he hit Clark says it all ...
"Why I've felt so alone, why I kept myself from love, and you became my favorite drug, so let me take you right now and swallow you down, I need you inside"
1941) Because Clark didn´t know he was waiting for Lex in the bridge
1942) Because Clark could´ve used his super speed but he didn´t...
1943) Because Lex was not driving like a maniac, he met Clark because it was always their fate...since they were kids.
1944) Because The Loeb bridge is one of their romantic places
1945) Because Clark brought Lex back to life with a true love´s kiss
1946) Because Clark never hesitated to kiss Lex
1947) Because Clark and Lex enjoyed their first kiss together
1948) Because ever since the pilot the clex subtext was always a big part of the show
1949) Because Clark´s new year´s more important resolution is to kiss Lex again
1950) Because Lex couldn´t stop staring at Clark when he regained consciousness
1951) Because Lex could´ve sworn he was in heaven and Clark was his angel
1952) Because Clark and Lex must´ve died that day but they were more alive than ever!
1953) Because with that kiss Clark sent Lex to fly all over smallville
1954) Because Clark likes when Lex helps him on the farm
1955) Because Clark misses the good times on the farm with Lex
1956) Because Clark will always be with Lex
1957) Because Clark and Lex are both crazy!
1958) Because Clark would never use his super speed to run away from Lex
1959) Because they both denied that they were crazy
1960) Because “its Lex...he always wanted me under his microscope”-Clark
1961) Because Clark’s obsession with Lex is part of his fantasy world
1962) Because their love is not make-believe
1963) Because Clark’s fantasy world is better when Lex is in it!
1964) Because Clark was always thinking of Lex no matter what
1965) Because Clark always knew that Lex wasn’t his nemesis
1966) Because real superhero or made up one-Lex Luthor will always love Clark Kent
1967) Because the farm will always belong to Lex (and the Kent’s)
1968) Because the love that Clark has for Lex will never change
1969) Because Clark will only ever be in love with Lex
1970) Because it’s only Clark’s job to protect Lex
1971) Because Clark didn’t want Lionel telling Lex the truth about him
1972) Because all Lex wants is the love of his life back
1973) Because Clark knew his way around the mansion
1974) Because Clark never ran away from his feelings for Lex
1975) Because the Luthor’s are always after the Kent’s
1976) Because “Lex…..I gotta go see him”-Clark
1977) Because of course Lex wasn’t surprised to see Clark
1978) Because “when you save someone’s life…you tend to remember”-Clark
1979) Because Clark was worried when he saw Lex in the wheelchair
1980) Because the real Lex would never put Clark in jail! Never!
1981) Because we want Clark to open his eyes and see the truth
1982) Because Clark really can’t stop mentioning Lex
1983) Because Lex will always know who Clark is
1984) Because Clark and Lex will always be the only ones that know the truth
1985) Because Lex will always believe that Clark has superpowers
1986) Because they are both stronger than they will never know and it’s not just power and money that make them that way
1987) Because Lex will always be on Clark’s mind
1988) Because Lex is far from Clark’s greatest enemy
1989) Because “I’ve never been normal”-Clark
1990) Because the only person Clark is destined to be with is Lex
1991) Because Clark would pick his real life with Lex over the fake one any day
1992) Because there is only one person that is the main thought in Clark’s mind
1993) Because nobody hugs like Clark and Lex
1994) Because Clark would never give up on Lex
1995) Because Lex will never be past tense
1997) Because Lex will always mean the most to Clark
1998) Because Clark and Lex are engaged-no matter what anyone says
1999) Because Clark is always Lex’s delay
2000) Because 2000 reasons can't be made up!!!

Credit: bigmamag

“Lex is definitely one of a kind”

2001)Because “it’s good to see you out and about Lex”-Clark
2002) Because they get lost in each other´s eyes
2003) Because it´s all about them
2004) Because they fight like an old married couple
2005) Because they both have the worst luck with women
2006) Because Mikail knew Clark was the common denominator
2007) Because Clark and Lex both have middle names...Jerome and Joseph
2008) Because Clark is a mystery that Lex needs to unravel
2009) Because Lex never wanted Clark to worry about anything
2010) Because the world can live with out a Superhero…but Lex can’t
2011) Because some people are made for each other-Clark and Lex
2012) Because you can’t hide from who you are meant to be
2013) Because Lex really is watching Clark
2014) Because Clark believes that when you save someone you have to help them get back to the right side not throw them in a “dark room”
2015) Because Clark needs to finally open his eyes-the truth is there
2016) Because what keeps Clark going is that he knows Lex is alive
2017) Because The Daily Planet is full of lies! Lex is not dead!!
2018) Because Lex makes it all worth it to Clark
2019) Because no one would suspect Clark and Lex of anything bad-most times
2020) Because Clark will always be there when Lex comes back to him
2021) Because the only Luthor Clark is destined to save is Lex
2022) Because Clark only likes visiting Lex whenever he can
2023) Because Clark always believed in Lex
2024) Because Clark loves hearing “the Luthor’s”
2025) Because Clark would kill anyone else in the world before Lex
2026) Because who needs anyone else when Clark has Lex
2027) Because the best thing that ever happened to Lex was meeting Clark
2028) Because only Lex can search Clark’s house-he doesn’t need a warrant
2029) Because the only LL with “deep affection” for Clark is Lex
2030) Because Jonathan always lied about how he felt about Lionel too!
2031) Because their love was never a secret-everyone already knew
2032) Because Clark always picks Lex over Pete-which he hates
2034) Because even on a bad day the sound of Clark’s voice helps Lex
2035) Because even when Lex was “mad” at Clark he still loved him
2036) Because they will always share their love for each other
2037) Because Clark knew that Lex wasn’t the one to shoot Lionel
2038) Because in his heart, Clark has always known that Lex is only capable of loving him
2039) Because the only person that can storm in the mansion is Clark
2040) Because Clark’s life is more important to Lex than Lionel’s or anyone’s
2041) Because Clark wasn’t going anywhere and neither was Lex
2042) Because Lex cares and he always will
2043) Because their love is stronger than any love in the world and it won’t end b/c of a fight
2044) Because Lex will always love Clark-simple as that
2045) Because it was always more than friendship it was a relationship
2046) Because Lex wanted to make sure that they were okay
2047) Because when you love someone your love can always fix any problem
2048) Because Lex never bothered Clark
2049) Because their love isn’t a secret that can be stored away in a storm cellar
2050) Because when Clark and Lex get married the ship will have a special spot in the mansion
2051) Because flashbacks and memories are never as good as the real thing
2052) Because Lex always hears what happens with the Kent family
2053) Because we will always know how important Clark is to Lex-since episode one
2054) Because Clark needs a hug…from Lex
2055) Because Clark is Lex’s first love
2056) Because Lex would have hid the ship for Clark if he knew the truth about it
2057) Because classic Smallville is better than new Smallville any day
2058) Because no matter what is going on, Clark is always on Lex’s mind
2059) Because since the day they met, there have been many miracles
2060) Because Clark likes the memories he has of Lex
2061) Because when he heard Clark was sick, Lex was very upset
2062) Because Lex really meant “unlock the mysteries of Clark Kent”
2063) Because Lex wants anything he can get of Clark’s
2064) Because Jonathan would let Lex sit with Clark-no questions asked
2065) Because no amount of pages in a letter can describe how much they love each other
2066) Because Clark really meant to say “Lex”
2067) Because Clark never let Lex go
2068) Because they will always come back to each other
2069) Because we will never give up on their love and neither should they
2070) Because they have always been each others missing piece
2071) Because only love can bring someone back from death
2072) Because Clark really was the miracle that Lex needed
2073) Because Clark doesn’t need a key, he finds his own way in
2074) Because Lex knew that Clark would be fine-he always is
2075) Because Lex wished he was in the rain with Clark
2076) Because Lex will always need his personal superhero
2077) Because Tom and then it should be in the credits
2078) Because the only friend that Clark will ever need is Lex-true fact
2079) Because Clark rushed to the hospital to see Lex
2080) Because in their relationship there was a lot that was said and went unsaid too
2081) Because it had to be Clark
2082) Because “they’re not like me”-Clark
2083) Because Clark wanted to be the one to go inside Lex’s mind
2084) Because Lex will always know that Clark was in his mind
2085) Because as usual Clark was next to Lex in difficult times
2086) Because Lex’s mind had many memories of him and Clark together
2087) Because Lex saw Clark in his mind
2088) Because Clark finally saw all the things that Lex went through as a child
2089) Because Clark wanted to make sure that Alexander was always safe
2090) Because Clark couldn’t help but go deeper into Lex’s mind
2091) Because Clark hated seeing Kara with Lex
2092) Because Clark and Lex being together will never be a secret
2093) Because they can’t be separated-it’s a fact
2094) Because there are some things that Clark isn’t meant to see and there are some things he needs to see
2095) Because lies and secrets only hurt-its time for the truth already
2096) Because they are finally together-in Lex’s mind without lies and secrets
2097) Because Clark ran right to Lex’s side with the saddest look on his face
2098) Because they will never lose each other
2099) Because “if Lex dies, Clark dies with him”-Lionel
2100) Because even in Lex’s mind, Clark storms into the mansion
2101) Because Alexander wanted Clark to stay with him forever
2102) Because they made a promise that they both intended to keep
2103) Because Clark will keep his eye out for Alexander
2104) Because Clark will always remember the promise they made
2105) Because Clark is the only love that Lex will ever know
2106) Because Lex was happy to see Clark at the mansion
2107) Because Clark wants to be the one to lead Lex back
2108) Because their love was never lost
2109) Because Lex will always know the feeling
2110) Because their love is unstopable
2111) Because “I knew Lex was alive”-Clark
2112) Because Lex wanted Lana to dump Clark-so he could be with him
2113) Because Clark still goes to the mansion and will always know his way around
2114) Because being at the mansion brings Clark happy memories of Lex
2115) Because if Lex could he would have kidnapped Clark
2116) Because Clark will always know that Lex is not dead
2117) Because Clark doesn’t want anyone getting their revenge on Lex
2118) Because Clark’s past is still important to him
2119) Because if anyone should own Luthorcorp…its Clark!
2120) Because Clark really wanted to share his life with Lex
2121) Because Clark doesn’t want to protect Oliver…his only job is to protect Lex
2122) Because Clark hated that Oliver wanted to kill Lex
2123) Because Clark doesn’t trust Oliver anymore because he wanted to kill Lex
2124) Because Lex is always around
2125) Because Clark can still feel that Lex is around
2126) Because “Lex and I aren’t in a battle to the death”-Clark
2127) Because Clark doesn’t believe that Lex has become a monster
2128) Because Clark knows in his heart that he can’t kill Lex!
2129) Because Clark’s heart can lead him back to Lex
2130) Because as long as Lex is alive…still will there love
2131) Because it’s been eight years since Clark saved Lex and Clark still remembers and always will
2132) Because Clark wants to find Lex
2133) Because the only one that can track Lex is Clark
2134) Because Chloe made Clark a “Lex-tracker”
2135) Because Lex said Clark’s name
2136) Because they watched each other every step of the way
2137) Because Lex didn’t want Clark near Lana ever again
2138) Because Clark knows that Lex is an important part of who he is!
2139) Because the only friend Clark will ever need is Lex!
2140) Because their love can’t die
2141) Because without them the show is dead!
2142) Because Clark will always continue to love Lex!
2143) Because Clark wanted Lex to face him
2144) Because Lex hated to see Clark kissing Lana
2145) Because Lex got more time
2146) Because sorry Olli, Lex will never be gone
2147) Because Lex broke Clark and Lana up for good!
2148) Because it always comes back to Clark
2149) Because the love they have is the only love they will ever need
2150) Because Jonathan was forced to like Lex for Clark
2151) Because through the years they have seen it all but the only thing that stayed the same was there love
2152) Because Lex thinks of Clark everytime he has a chance
2153) Because everyone wanted Clark but only Lex could have him!
2154) Because it will make sense to the world someday
2155) Because they have been in love since 10/16/01
2156) Because there is nothing sexier than wanting your man's blood
2157) Because love is always stronger than death
2158) Because the only person Clark likes listening to is Lex
2159) Because they will have a long and happy marriage
2160) Because long before he was the “Red-Blue blur” to the world, he was “Clark” to Lex
2161) Because when Clark is around, Lex has nothing to worry about
2162) Because it is clear enough, Lex wants Clark
2163) Because Clark wants to see Lex Luthor!
2164) Because only Lex can solve all the world’s problems with Clark’s help
2165) Because “a few people over” really only means Clark and Lex
2166) Because the keyword is fate
2167) Because Clark is not the party type, he’s the hero type
2168) Because Clark knew who sent the fireworks right away
2169) Because Lex was the special guest at the party
2170) Because Clark will never be mad at Lex
2171) Because they will never be accepted by everyone but Lex will always love Clark
2172) Because Clark doesn’t take orders, especially from Whitney
2173) Because Clark wishes he was out of town with Lex
2174) Because we all know why Clark stopped playing the guitar
2175) Because we all miss the real Clark and so does Tom!
2176) Because when Clark and Lex get married they will have many family pictures
2177) Because Clark wouldn’t miss that fieldtrip for the world
2178) Because Level 3 is the beginning of the Clark room
2179) Because Clark knows Luthorcorp by heart now
2180) Because Lex only cared about Clark’s safety
2181) Because Lex noticed that Clark was missing
2182) Because Clark isn’t like everyone else-it’s about time people realize that!
2183) Because Lex didn’t need a big flashy entrance
2184) Because Lex wouldn’t forget Clark either
2185) Because Clark didn’t want to risk his own life
2186) Because Lex went in just so he could save Clark
2187) Because Clark was happy to see his man come to the rescue
2188) Because Lex didn’t want Clark to die-he would do anything it took to make sure he didn’t
2189) Because the stares are so hot!
2190) Because Clark had to go back just because Lex was in there
2191) Because their love is not imaginary
2192) Because Lex knew it was Clark’s voice
2193) Because Clark needs to stop running and accept the truth
2194) Because he believes him
2195) Because Lex is not like Lionel
2196) Because Clark knew what he had to do
2197) Because Clark would rather hold Lex’s hand
2198) Because Lex looked at Clark and wished he had what he had
2199) Because Clark wished he could spend his time with Lex but it would be more than 30 hours!
2220) Because Lex’s only obsession was with Clark
2221) Because love ever ends
2222) Because Clark’s future will always include Lex
2223) Because fate has given them many chances
2224) Because no matter how long they’ve been apart Lex will always know who Clark is
2225) Because Clark’s future husband is Lex
2226) Because Clark wanted to make sure Lex was safe
2227) Because sometimes silence can say so much
2228) Because Clark thinks that Lex is a good driver
2229) Because one moment did really change Clark’s life
2230) Because Clark’s future showed that everyone in his life would die except Lex
2231) Because “I don’t want to be alone”-Clark
2232) Because “Clark’s not stupid…”-Lex
2233) Because Lex wanted some insight on Clark
2234) Because “I believe we make our own destiny”-Lex
2235) Because Lex future includes Clark
2236) Because Clark would send fan mail
2237) Because Clark will always see Lex
2238) Because Clark is destined to bring light into a dark world
2239) Because Lex is all Clark has and all he’ll ever need
2240) Because people are amazed by Clark everyday
2241) Because how can anyone not know Clark’s secret
2242) Because Lex still has the Porsche and still wonders
2243) Because Lex called!
2244) Because fate has lots in mind for them
2245) Because Lex claims to not believe in fate but he really does
2246) Because this Clark and the new Clark aren’t the same person
2247) Because Lex can’t give up on the mystery surrounding Clark
2248) Because who needs a handshake when Clark can hug Lex
2249) Because everyone needs a hero that they can depend on
2250) Because they will always see each other

Credit: bigmamag

“What about you Clark?, did you fall far from the tree?”

2251) Because they are in love everyday more and more
2252) Because Oliver/Pete have nothing on Clark/Lex
2253) Because Clark never hesitated when it came to Lex
2254) Because Lex didn’t want to ignore the signs
2255) Because Clark would help Lex be a good President
2256) Because everyone wants truth about Clark and Lex
2257) Because Smallville Lex is better than Metropolis Lex
2258) Because when Lex met Clark he was no longer alone
2259) Because Lex always had the best of everything and that’s why he wanted Clark
2260) Because who needed someone from Earth when Lex had a hunk from Krypton
2261) Because if Lex had Clark for a project he would be smiling too
2262) Because everyone knows why Lex is in Smallville
2263) Because Lex saw Clark and suddenly nothing else was interesting to him
2264) Because Clark will always be number one on Lex’s list
2265) Because Lex didn’t want Clark to worry
2266) Because they always draw a crowd
2267) Because when it concerns Lex it concerns Clark
2268) Because Lex would interview Clark
2269) Because Clark is not strange-he’s in love
2270) Because Lex is always right on time
2271) Because Clark held the door open
2272) Because “I’ve never seen Lex so freaked out before”-Clark
2273) Because they sat side by side
2274) Because Lex will always take care of Clark
2275) Because Lex will always find Clark interesting
2276) Because Lex’s office told Clark where Lex was
2277) Because “some secrets are better left alone”-Lex
2278) Because Clark had a late night
2279) Because Clark wanted to look to the future
2280) Because Lex never cared where Clark came from
2281) Because Clark knew that was Lex was coming
2282) Because Clark tried to reach Lex
2283) Because “I don’t think that this is Lex’s fault”-Clark
2284) Because Lex would never be cut out of Clark’s life
2285) Because Lex asked Clark to say out of his past but he could!
2286) Because Lex doesn’t want a past he wants a future with Clark
2287) Because “I think Lex is in serious trouble”-Clark
2288) Because Clark would risk everything to save Lex
2289) Because the only thing that can save Lex is love
2290) Because no one can ever take Clark’s true love away from him
2291) Because once again Clark was there
2292) Because true love always finds you
2293) Because Clark was more than a brother to Lex
2294) Because a superhero doesn’t need a regular job
2295) Because Clark wanted to work at the Talon because Lex was an owner
2296) Because Lex wouldn’t talk about Clark behind his back
2297) Because Lex doesn’t need a brother when he has Clark
2298) Because Clark never let Lex down
2299) Because Clark hated Lucas
2300) Because Clark didn’t want to give Lucas a chance
2301) Because Lucas may be a jerk but he’s a CLEX shipper
2302) Because Lex is only miserable when Clark isn’t around
2303) Because Clark totally showed up Lucas
2304) Because Lucas knew how much Clark loved Lex
2305) Because Clark spends his free time with Lex or thinking about Lex
2306) Because Clark will never belong to Lionel
2307) Because Lex would rather have a chat with Clark
2308) Because who needs a mansion when Lex has Clark
2309) Because Clark knew that Lex wasn’t bothering him
2310) Because Clark was enjoying it too
2311) Because Clark would never leave Lex alone
2312) Because Clark’s “house guest” made him very happy
2313) Because early morning CLEX moments are always great
2314) Because everyone noticed how happy Clark was when Lex stayed with him
2315) Because pool is CLEX’s game
2316) Because the only Luthor son for Clark is Lex
2317) Because Clark couldn’t hide his reaction when Lex came to stay over
2318) Because the dirty looks Clark gave Lucas told a lot
2319) Because Clark knows that Lex is a survivor
2320) Because Clark would never go anywhere with Lucas
2321) Because they always had romantic moments in the loft
2322) Because Clark will always know that Lex can’t be replaced in his heart
2323) Because Lex finally had someone that loved him
2324) Because only Lex can wonder where Clark is
2325) Because no one gets in the way of CLEX
2326) Because Clark is late because he was with Lex and Lucas knew it
2327) Because Lex is always welcome at the farm
2328) Because Clark saving the Luthors’ is a tradition for them
2329) Because Clark knew that Lex was in trouble
2330) Because the time Lex spent on Clark will always be worth it
2331) Because Clark just had to make sure
2332) Because they will always be in love-no questions asked
2333) Because if it deals with Clark it is important to Lex
2334) Because they will never be enemies
2335) Because when you love someone you will risk it all
2336) Because Clark drove through all the stoplights and stop signs to get to Lex
2337) Because Clark was the only one
2338) Because “the heart sometimes lies”-Lex
2339) Because Lex’s heart knew about the love of him and Clark
2340) Because Lex waited for Clark to save him
2341) Because Lex can’t live without Clark
2342) Because Clark wanted to be updated on Lex as much as he could
2343) Because Lex didn’t give up on Clark
2344) Because when Lex was in the tunnels all he thought of was Clark
2345) Because only Clark can stop the bomb from killing Lex
2346) Because Nemesis wasn’t the right title for the episode
2347) Because Lex’s husband will always survive
2348) Because sometimes the heart sees what the eyes can’t
2349) Because Clark wouldn’t be trapped in a marriage with Lex
2350) Because Clark went by himself no one had to push him
2351) Because only Clark can really save Lex
2352) Because the truth would have been good enough
2353) Because they deserve each other forever
2354) Because their wedding day will have no lies
2355) Because Lex told the truth many times
2356) Because Clark would never let go and still wont
2357) Because Clark has hope
2358) Because they are finally alone
2359) Because Clark knew that Lex wasn’t evil he was forced to believe he was
2360) Because Clark didn’t care about the Kryptonite he wanted to get to Lex
2361) Because they followed each other
2362) Because Lex deserved the truth after all these years
2363) Because there is always time for the love of CLEX
2364) Because no one would have to force Clark to marry Lex
2365) Because the love of Lex’s life will always be with him
2366) Because they were friends and they knew it
2367) Because love will always save you in the end no matter what happens in your life
2368) Because Clark didn’t want Lex to leave him ever
2369) Because the Clark room will always be the best room in the mansion
2371) Because if Clark died, at least he would be with the love of his life
2372) Because the episode was full of romance and CLEX
2373) Because Clark pulled Lex up once again
2374) Because they always saw each other from afar
2375) Because a love like theirs doesn’t go away
2376) Because what kind of nemesis’s stare at each other like that?
2377) Because the Luthor mansion has lots of secrets
2378) Because they will always remember their time spent at the mansion
2379) Because Clark saw love in Lex’s eyes
2380) Because Clark won’t avoid Lex
2381) Because Clark needs to be saved from the person that he is becoming
2382) Because Lex never gave up on Clark
2383) Because it wasn’t an accident
2384) Because Lex remembers everything
2385) Because “my life changed forever that day”-Lex
2386) Because all of Lex’s questions are about Clark
2387) Because Lex’s path always led him to Clark since day one
2388) Because Clark will always remember Lex’s name
2389) Because 7 years of love can’t be taken away
2390) Because Clark was worried that it was Lex
2391) Because they never had an absence of love
2392) Because times like this Lex needs his friend
2393) Because no one can kill CLEX
2394) Because in all the confusion all they saw were each other
2395) Because everything always leads them back to each other
2396) Because Lionel knew
2397) Because “the right man can make anything possible”-Lionel
2398) Because everyone knew Clark was Lex’s right man
2399) Because everyone already knew
2400) Because Lex’s mind always goes right to Clark
2401) Because Lex would do anything to get to Clark legal and illegal
2402) Because CLEX never has to end
2403) Because only one person can truly love Clark
2404) Because Lex only works with one person
2405) Because the Captain may be dumb but the saw the truth eventually
2406) Because everyone wants to protect Clark but only Lex can
2407) Because it’s not a mystery who Clark’ man is
2408) Because “I’m not going anywhere”=Clark
2409) Because Alex still believed that Clark was their friend
2410) Because Lex was inspired by Clark
2411) Because they can’t deny
2412) Because “everyone can trust Clark Kent”-Lex
2413) Because Lex knew that Clark wasn’t perfect
2414) Because Lex let Clark stay
2415) Because he has proof
2416) Because Lex wouldn’t kill Clark because they love each other
2417) Because real love is coming back to Smallville
2418) Because “when I went to see Lex…..”-Clark
2419) Because Lex would have total power over Clark
2420) Because Clark x-rayed the mansion
2421) Because Clark didn’t need heat vision to make him and Lex hot!
2422) Because Lex has been searching for the traveler
2423) Because of course the traveler was Clark
2424) Because through ups and downs they will always have each other
2425) Because Lex can’t run from the truth
2426) Because Lex still has the good side of him
2427) Because there will always have each other
2428) Because the years have come and gone but love still remains
2429) Because Lex always had love for Clark
2430) Because he had to be there and Lex knew it
2431) Because the episode should have included a discussion about Lex’s crush on Clark
2432) Because they are both great at a lot
2433) Because everything is better when they are together
2434) Because this Clark is the hero the world needed but new Clark is the one were are forced to have
2435) Because who needs reporter Clark when you can have hero Clark
2436) Because when Lex is around no one else exists
2437) Because Clark will always rather spent his time with Lex
2438) Because Lex will always remember the anniversary of when he met Clark
2439) Because all these years Clark did love Lex
2440) Because Clark likes working Lex into the conversation
2441) Because “anyway I talked to Lex”-Clark
2442) Because a superhero doesn’t need a career
2443) Because Clark’s right person was always there since they were children
2444) Because Lex was the Ryan to Clark’s Seth
2445) Because Clark’s not jealous, only when it comes to Lex
2446) Because Clark was “just friends” with everyone but Lex for good reason
2447) Because Lex always has time for Clark no matter what
2448) Because Lex has changed
2449) Because it was always be Lex to Clark
2450) Because Clark always pays attention to Lex
2451) Because Clark only wants a relationship with Lex
2452) Because they will always have many romantic moments together
2453) Because Clark will always picture Lex
2454) Because Clark has a big crush
2455) Because no couples had as much heat between them as much as CLEX does
2456) Because Lex’s world revolves around Clark
2457) Because when Lex leaves Clark it breaks his heart
2458) Because “hey Lex, what are you doing here so late”-Clark
2459) Because Lex didn’t like hearing about Clark’s “crushes”
2460) Because they aren’t meant to be alone
2461) Because Lex knew that he couldn’t go all the way to the Kent’s without seeing Clark
2462) Because all we want is Clark and Lex back together for the new season
2463) Because Lex will never be out of the picture-never!
2464) Because the Kent’s were somewhat accepting of Clark’s real secret
2465) Because real love doesn’t have to end
2466) Because just like their love Clark will never die
2467) Because Lex means a lot to Clark
2468) Because CLEX can’t go away
2469) Because even Tom and Michael want them back together
2470) Because Clark isn’t trusting but he learned to be when Lex was involved
2471) Because who wouldn’t’ want to spend all their time with Clark
2472) Because they look good together no matter what the situation
2473) Because Lex wouldn’t have to ask Clark
2474) Because Clark doesn’t want his mind off of Lex
2475) Because Clark can’t survive without Lex
2476) Because only Clark and Lex can have coffee together
2477) Because Clark wants to ask Lex
2478) Because some people are worth the wait but we can only wait so long
2479) Because Lex knew that Clark was in a hurry
2480) Because Clark’s friendship with Lex is important to him
2481) Because Lex’s visit in the morning made Clark happy
2482) Because the Kent’s were “more than off limits”-Lex
2483) Because Clark and the family were under Lex’s protection
2484) Because just saying Lex’s name makes Clark smile
2485) Because Clark tried to convince Jonathan to see the Lex he knew
2486) Because everyone tried to pair up Clark and Chloe even though everyone knew Clark and Lex belong together
2487) Because Clark only believes Lex
2488) Because Lex can only drive Clark around
2489) Because Clark still remembers the day that he met Lex and still does 8 years later
2490) Because the heart never forgets moments like that!
2491) Because how could anyone forget the CLEX kiss
2492) Because Clark will see Lex again
2493) Because their light of love will never go out
2494) Because Clark is the light of Clark’s life
2495) Because Clark would have stayed with Lex
2496) Because we need CLEX flashbacks and the real thing
2497) Because some people are blind to the truth
2498) Because way to make it obvious Lex
2499) Because Clark would never leave his man behind
2500) Because Lex made himself clear

Credit: bigmamag

“I like a good mystery. This one promises to be fascinating...Wouldn’t you agree?”

2501) Because “I know you get obsessed with things like the car accident”-Clark
2502) Because Lex knows that Clark looks at the stars
2503) Because Lex knows that the truth is out there
2504) Because Clark would never hid from Lex
2505) Because Clark will still be a hero
2506) Because their love will always be unconventional
2507) Because they make all other couples jealous
2508) Because farm boy Clark is sexier than reporter Clark
2509) Because Clark will spend his summer with Lex
2510) Because Lex will always go with Clark-anywhere
2511) Because Lex’s true love was sent to Earth in a space ship so they can be together
2512) Because Lex’s life has everything to do with Clark
2513) Because Clark never needed Pete, he had Lex
2514) Because Lex spent a lot on Clark but in the end his love was priceless
2515) Because no one can cause a disaster like Clark can
2516) Because we need Lex back in Smallville where he belongs-at the mansion
2517) Because Clark brought everyone to Smallville
2518) Because Lex would rather have meetings with Clark
2519) Because Lex has nothing to hide
2520) Because no one can deny their love, no matter how much they try and they have tried
2521) Because Lex would have waited a lot longer than Pete did
2522) Because CLEX is always newsworthy
2523) Because the only lovers in the show are Clark and Lex
2524) Because thinking of Clark relaxes Lex too
2525) Because only love can bring back CLEX to the show
2526) Because Lex brings Clark into any conversation
2527) Because the memories of CLEX will never fade from the minds of fans
2528) Because Clark didn’t turn his back on Lex, even though he thought he did
2529) Because Lex thought that Clark would have admired him
2530) Because Lex knows about Clark’s faith in people
2531) Because the only reporter that Lex will ever trust is Clark
2532) Because powers come and go but their love was always constant
2533) Because Clark would wait a lifetime if he had to
2534) Because Clark was always hiding something
2535) Because the only thing on Lex’s radar was Clark
2536) Because Clark really should have told Lex first
2537) Because only Lex can be interested in Clark
2538) Because Lex doesn’t have time for anyone but Clark
2539) Because Lex knows there is something special about Clark
2540) Because Clark needs to give up on the whole hiding thing
2541) Because we aren’t going to give up that easy either
2542) Because Lex would never give anyone info on Clark
2543) Because no one goes after Clark
2544) Because Lex would do anything to make people stay away from Clark
2545) Because Clark isn’t a story and Lex made sure everyone knew it
2546) Because the truth hurts sometimes
2547) Because Lex has Clark’s cell phone number
2548) Because Clark can only save Lex because that’s the way love works
2549) Because we miss that Clark Kent smile
2550) Because they have a magnetic relationship
2551) Because Clark is Lex’s favorite farm boy and always will be
2552) Because they have nothing and everything in common and that’s what makes them the perfect couple
2553) Because nothing in Clark’s life was ever normal and that’s the way he liked it
2554) Because they have a special connection
2555) Because love is worth it
2556) Because who wants the Luthor history when Clark can have Lex right now
2557) Because the only man for Clark is and will always be Lex
2558) Because Lex wants to ask Clark out!
2559) Because Clark tried to convince everyone that he wasn’t jealous even when he was
2560) Because Chloe thought that Lex was Clark and she quickly told him Clark wasn’t there
2561) Because Lex really was looking for Clark
2562) Because Lex is always up to something Clark related
2563) Because there are lots of sparks between Clark and Lex
2564) Because Clark led everyone else on except for Lex
2565) Because Clark always has fun when he is with Lex no matter what the situation
2566) Because Clark really should have been honest with Lex
2567) Because they have a connection
2568) Because it’s a strong connection
2569) Because only Clark can follow Lex
2570) Because stalking Lex is Clark’s hobby and he knows it
2571) Because “I’m sure the right guy is out there”-Lex
2572) Because Lex would wait forever
2573) Because no one has to force Clark to be with Lex
2574) Because people need to leave them alone one and for all
2575) Because they want a file room make out session
2576) Because Clark’s powers make him who Lex loves
2577) Because you can’t let true love go
2578) Because they both want away from Smallville-as long as they are together
2579) Because Clark would go anywhere as long as Lex was there
2580) Because Lex always came looking for Clark
2581) Because Lex will have a nice life now that he will be alone with Clark
2582) Because they are the hottest TV couple and the one that’s worth the wait
2583) Because they will be together forever one day
2584) Because when you love someone you can’t forget all the good times
2585) Because a “thank you” was never needed between Clark and Lex
2586) Because Clark didn’t Lex was the “lesser of two evils”
2587) Because Lex only cared about the safety-the rest never mattered
2588) Because Lex made many choices in his life put picking Clark was the right one
2589) Because they are in the sea of love
2590) Because the feelings they have will never be a lie
2591) Because their love wasn’t simple but it was worth it
2592) Because their heat can melt all the snow in the world
2593) Because Clark’s heart only races when it comes to Lex
2594) Because Lex would never lose Clark
2595) Because Clark was sent to Earth for Lex and only Lex
2596) Because Clark should have taken Lex to the fortress
2597) Because Clark should have been the one
2598) Because Clark doesn’t believe that he is like everyone else
2599) Because only Lex can make Clark fly to where he needs to go
2600) Because Lex knows who Clark really is
2601) Because Clark would propose in a romantic way to Lex
2602) Because Jonathan didn’t want Clark to marry Lana
2603) Because Clark will always need Lex
2604) Because Clark will always be Lex’s number one choice
2605) Because nothing will ever change the way that they feel about each other
2606) Because Clark had a coming out party
2607) Because Chloe was yanking on Clark’s closet door
2608) Because they need to get married
2609) Because it’s handsome as in “Clark Kent is getting married to Lex Luthor”
2610) Because they really want Clark to spend his life with Lex
2611) Because Clark just liked hearing Lex’s name on the news
2612) Because Lex should have called Clark
2613) Because they shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks
2614) Because you can’t lose your true love
2615) Because Lex wished that Clark was there
2616) Because Lex was upset that Clark proposed to Lana
2617) Because Lex would say yes no matter what
2618) Because after everything Lex was still obsessed with Clark
2619) Because everyone always on depended on Clark
2620) Because Jor-el knew that Clark was meant to marry Lex
2621) Because the universe will find a way for them to be together
2622) Because their adventures took them to a lot of places but they always found their way back to each other
2623) Because the only “I love you” that ever counts is the one between Clark and Lex
2624) Because Clark knows that there is nothing worse than losing a love
2625) Because Clark wished he could live his ideal day with Lex over again
2626) Because that someone was always Lex
2627) Because “fate gets a second chance”
2628) Because it will only ever be CLEX
2629) Because “I shouldn’t do a lot of things but I seem to do them anyway”-Lex
2630) Because Lex loves hearing his man’s name
2631) Because they both don’t let anyone else in
2632) Because Lex was there for his man like always
2633) Because everyone needs a 24 hour hunk
2634) Because Lex is there for Clark 24/7
2635) Because Clark is there for Lex 24/7
2636) Because the loft is a CLEX place
2637) Because wet Clark is sexy and he knows it
2638) Because their love is the most important thing missing from the show
2639) Because Lex will find his way back to his man and the show
2640) Because we want to know what happened to Lex
2641) Because no matter what Clark will always be Lex’s hero forever
2642) Because behind the fake smile and the suits real Clark is still there deep down
2643) Because we want an awesome reaction when Lex comes back to Smallville
2644) Because love always finds its way back when you least expect it
2646) Because we want them together again
2647) Because when you love someone hope never dies
2648) Because Lex has all pictures he needs of him and Clark
2649) Because the mansion will always be their place forever
2650) Because their love is not a delusion and never will be
2651) Because Clark doesn’t claim to have feelings for Lex, he does have feelings
2652) Because Clark has lots of mementos of him and Lex
2653) Because Clark will always know how he feels
2654) Because Lex isn’t afraid to mention Clark and he doesn’t say something like “someone we know”
2655) Because everything is going on between Clark and Lex
2656) Because we would rather see Clark and Lex alone together for rest of their lives
2657) Because they chat while playing pool
2658) Because Lex loved investigating Clark
2659) Because Lex only wanted to help Whitney for Clark
2660) Because they are adorable together even when they were young
2661) Because their love is one of “Clark Kent’s many secrets”
2662) Because Clark doesn’t want anyone impersonating his man
2663) Because when they went their separate ways love always found a way so they could be together
2664) Because they can’t keep away from each other
2665) Because Clark would never ignore Lex’s calls
2666) Because you should only like a couple that exists
2667) Because real love exists in Smallville
2668) Because Clark wouldn’t mind if Lex was in his room
2669) Because the bridge played matchmaker that day
2670) Because Clark would have found the courage
2671) Becuuse we need even the smallest sign that Clark and Lex will be together
2672) Because Clark isn’t just any reporter to Lex-he’s a hero, his hero
2673) Because Lex can always depend on Clark
2674) Because Lex already knows the truth about the real Clark
2675) Because when it came to important people like Lex, Clark always put him first
2676) Because Clark always has a choice
2677) Because Clark was only himself when he was with Lex
2678) Because Clark needs to write his own story
2679) Because we Clark and Lex back together and only them
2680) Because the truth has always been out
2681) Because the red/blue blur is all he will ever be if Clark doesn’t accept the truth
2682) Because they made each other’s lives better
2683) Because it all started the day he met Lex
2684) Because Lex would have came up with a better title for the article than that
2685) Because Lex is the only person that can take pictures of Clark and hang them up
2686) Because Clark had to set the record straight when Linda said he killed Lex
2687) Because “I’m not running Chloe…people need to know the truth”-Clark
2688) Because Clark mentioned the fortress
2689) Because their pictures were together on the front page of the paper
2690) Because “the world isn’t ready to accept someone like me”-Clark
2691) Because Clark will be blind to the truth until Lex helps him find the way
2692) Because they are the best thing to happen to the show
2693) Because once again they were together as headline news
2694) Because Clark really wanted to go back in time to the moment he first saw Lex
2695) Because Clark can only draw Lex back to Smallville
2696) Because Clark found happiness when he saw that Lex was a good person
2697) Because no matter what happens Lex will always know Clark’s name and never forget it
2698) Because Clark will come out when he is ready
2699) Because their love will never change
2700) Because Clark will wait
2701) Because we deserve the truth!
2702) Because Clark is the only hero Lex will ever need
2703) Because his love for Lex is what keeps Clark human
2704) Because a lot of guys wanted Clark but only Lex did something about it
2705) Because Clark will never give up hope
2706) Because all his attention will always be on Lex
2707) Because Lex is not gone forever
2708) Because Clark doesn’t hide his pain very well
2709) Because sometimes the impossible can happen when you have hope
2710) Because Real Clark doesn’t need two identities, the one he had was a good one
2711) Because the signs were always there
2712) Because Clark will always take his love for Lex seriously
2713) Because Clark still has his red backpack!
2714) Because The Captain Crazy-creepy Lex Crazy-HOT! Clark Crazy-HOT!
2715) Because “I’d like to think there was a time Lex and I had a real friendship”-Clark
2716) Because even Tess knows that Clark is Lex’s obsession!
2717) Because Lex wanted to be like Clark
2718) Because Lex kept a journal!!
2719) Because it was real!! And still is!
2720) Because Lex never pretended to be Clark’s friend
2721) Because the Lex mentions make Clark (and us) very happy!
2722) Because Clark can’t stop thinking about Lex’s journal
2723) Because Lex’s prince finally came to save him!-and he needs to do it again
2724) Because no one can forget the Clark room!
2725) Because we all have fond memories of the Clark room!
2726) Because Lex kept the smashed bullets too!
2727) Because Clark still can’t explain Lex
2728) Because Clark knows that Lex isn’t delusional
2729) Because Clark still walks in the mansion like he owns it
2730) Because who wouldn’t want Clark to save them?
2731) Because Lex knows that there isn’t a bad bone in Clark’s body
2732) Because no one can replace Lex in Clark’s heart-never
2733) Because they deserve a happily ever after
2734) Because Clark only likes going to the mansion when Lex is there and only then
2735) Because Clark made Lex’s dream a reality
2736) Because Clark would know that it wasn’t Lex’s signature
2737) Because Lex had the same backpack as Clark
2738) Because once again fate brought them together
2739) Because Clark would take real Lex over anyone!
2740) Because Lex wasn’t the only stalker in Smallville
2741) Because Clark’s one true love will always know
2742) Because of course Clark was on the witness list
2743) Because only Lex can really make Clark smile
2744) Because Clark never wasted his time with Lex
2745) Because Clark’s x-ray vision was only good for one thing: x-raying Lex
2746) Because it was CLEX way before it was all the new not couples
2747) Because Lex would always take Clark in if something happened to his parents
2748) Because Clark is only okay when Lex is near him
2749) Because Clark and Lex are inseparable
2750) Because Clark really wanted to walk to the mansion

Credit: Claudypritz

-Mr. Luthor?
-Lex. I'm guessing you don't remember it, but we kinda dropped the formalities the day
I ran you off a bridge.

2751) Because Clark wanted all the copies of the newspaper with Lex on the front
2752) Because CLEX was the only not crazy thing in Smallville
2753) Because Clark has x-rayed the mansion many times and knows it well
2754) Because we want Clark to have a box of CLEX mementos
2755) Because wherever the work takes them they will be together in spirit
2756) Because both Clark and Lex were hiding but never from each other
2757) Because Lex has traveled the world but something always leads him back to Smallville-or was it someone
2758) Because they both made a difference
2759) Because Lex spends lots of time idolizing Clark
2760) Because they aren’t perfect but they are perfect for each other no matter what
2761) Because Clark will always know where to find Lex
2762) Because Clark knows why he’s staring at Lex
2763) Because Lex will always know where to find Clark
2764) Because Clark wouldn’t mind having Lex as a roommate
2765) Because Lex sees Clark for who he really is since day one
2766) Because Clark wishes that he could write all the Lex articles for the paper, as long as it’s the truth
2767) Because Clark would never walk away from Lex
2768) Because we don’t like Clark’s new identity
2769) Because Lex came into Clark’s life and things were never the same again
2770) Because Clark is the answer to all of Lex’s mysteries
2771) Because Clark is the answer to “who is Lex Luthor’s true love?”
2772) Because it’s never a bad time when Lex comes to visit
2773) Because Clark finally found what he was looking for
2774) Because Clark wondered why he and Pete were friends but not he and Lex-he knew why they were friends
2775) Because it started with a CLEX kiss and it should end that way
2776) Because anytime of the day is a good time for CLEX-but they would pick the night time!
2778) Because Clark never had to apologize to Lex
2779) Because Lex is not Lionel and never will be-they should never be compared
2780) Because “I’m not my father”-Lex
2781) Because Clark came to visit Lex when he was throwing stuff around his office
2782) Because only Clark can spy on Lex and vice versa
2783) Because they are always better and happier when they are together
2784) Because voyeurism is only aloud when Clark spies on Lex
2785) Because Clark will always be that “certain someone”
2786) Because Lex would pick Clark still to this very day
2787) Because they never had to make any excuses for their love
2788) Because Clark hated that Lionel was spying on Lex, that’s his job
2789) Because Clark was “reading” again
2790) Because Lex got what wished for that day
2791) Because they really are meant to be together despite all the ups and downs
2792) Because Clark wanted to know that most romantic restaurant and Lex was excited
2793) Because the minute Lana said “some people are meant to be together” the screen went to CLEX
2794) Because the Luthor’s and the Kent’s are made for each other-fate will always know
2795) Because they are the best definition of TV soul mates
2796) Because of course Clark knows why the helicopter was in their yard
2797) Because all Lex ever wanted to do was help Clark and the family
2798) Because Clark will wait forever just to see Lex
2799) Because there were many things of value in the Clark room
2800) Because Lex will never lose interest in Clark
2801) Because all Clark wanted to do was make sure Jonathan talked to Lex
2802) Because Lex was nice to Jonathan-for Clark and that’s it
2803) Because Clark wasn’t playing hero, he is one
2804) Because the DP isn’t Clark’s future being with Lex is the future
2805) Because one file on Clark is nothing compared to the Clark room
2806) Because Clark just has to have hope
2807) Because if only Lex knew that the octagon was an important part of who Clark is
2808) Because Clark really can leap tall buildings
2809) Because Lex knew that Clark was safe after his leap, he just wanted to make sure
2810) Because they are way to hot for only one season of the show
2811) Because if something related to Clark Lex would do anything to get it
2812) Because Lex’s evil side and season 8 Clark would be a great couple
2813) Because Tom and Michael will always know what Clark and Lex have is special
2814) Because Clark won’t give up on Lex or their love
2815) Because Clark knew Lex was there
2816) Because Lex as eager to go anywhere with Clark
2817) Because Clark should have went to the hospital to see Lex alone
2818) Because Clark only feels alive when Lex is near
2819) Because “no Clark, it’s about the future”-Lex
2820) Because of course Lex was working with meteor rocks again
2821) Because “I’ll wait for you outside”-Clark
2822) Because Clark would choose good Lex over bad Lex any day
2823) Because you can always see the love in their eyes
2824) Because Clark has met the real Lex
2825) Because all the fear went away the day that Lex met Clark
2826) Because “at last, I can embrace my true destiny”-Lex
2827) Because the only thing missing from the Clark room was the real Clark
2828) Because Lex would be co-king of Clexville
2829) Because “I better go tell Lex”-Clark
2830) Because Lex doesn’t mind when Clark lets himself in the mansion
2831) Because Lex should only use extraordinary to describe Clark
2832) Because Clark loved watching Lex fence
2833) Because with Lex it was never an act he truly loves Clark
2834) Because Lex knows he’s safe with Clark
2835) Because “I saw him last night…”-Clark
2836) Because Clark knew Lex had 2 identities and had to solve the problem
2837) Because Lex really is Clark’s favorite billionaire-no matter what
2838) Because Lex’s love for Clark is the only real thing in the show
2839) Because Lex will always know what he and Clark talk about
2840) Because “…at the same time we were leaving for Luthorcorp”-Clark
2841) Because Clark does know Lex better than anyone
2842) Because “I think I know my own friend Chloe”-Clark
2843) Because Lex will never truly be alone; he will always have his memories of Clark
2844) Because Clark did want to do a secret hand shake
2845) Because Lex has never thought of killing Clark
2846) Because Lex knows that Clark is much more than lucky
2847) Because “all the pieces were there”-Lex
2848) Because “Is the real Lex still alive?”-Clark
2849) Because all Clark wanted to know was that the real Lex was alive
2850) Because even as an evil twin all Lex wanted was to be with Clark
2851) Because they have more in common then they will ever know-and that’s what keeps them together
2852) Because Clark found the real Lex through love
2853) Because Clark knew he would find Lex
2854) Because Clark will always remember that there is one man that will always love him
2855) Because his love for Clark gives his life meaning
2856) Because the episode should have been called “2 Lexes-Clark’s real fantasy”
2857) Because Lex’s other half didn’t love Clark; he wanted to rule the world with him unlike the real Lex
2858) Because all other couples strive to be as hot as them
2859) Because one day Clark will find Lex where he’s always been looking
2860) Because they make the ratings go way up
2861) Because the only Kryptonian Lex will ever want is Clark
2862) Because C lark wished it was Lex at the door; he already had a big smile on his face
2863) Because Lex should have stayed
2864) Because the world brought them together and that’s how they should stay
2865) Because they are both to good for anyone else
2866) Because Clark had a second for Lex
2867) Because it was a good time
2868) Because they went to the loft just so they could be alone
2869) Because “I appreciate the support Clark”-Lex
2870) Because “I snuck in to try and save you….”-Clark
2871) Because Clark didn’t want Lex to get killed
2872) Because “I’ll be there you can count on it”-Clark
2873) Because Lionel called Clark “Lex’s friend”
2874) Because Clark couldn’t live with it if Lex died
2875) Because they are meant for better things than small town life
2876) Because Clark has admitted many times that he cares for Lex
2877) Because Clark likes the world that he lives in
2878) Because Clark made the choice the day that he met Lex
2879) Because Lex would wait for Clark and has
2880) Because Lex knew it wasn’t over
2881) Because Lex loves Clark and he will always feel that way
2882) Because Lex finally knows everything about Clark
2883) Because we would take Kal-el/Real Clark over season 8 Clark any day
2884) Because Clark truly felt pain when Lex left and still feels it
2885) Because their story is legendary in comics, books, movies, and TV
2886) Because we will never give up on Clark and Lex being together forever
2887) Because Clark should have told Lex how he flet the moment he met him-and still believes this
2888) Because it would be harder for Clark to see Lex go
2889) Because Clark knows what’s meant to be
2890) Because Clark wished Lex sent him the package
2891) Because Clark finally has a key to the Clark room
2892) Because we wish Clark would wear the key as a necklace
2893) Because we have all the facts right here
2894) Because when Lex talked to Clark he gets more and more excited
2895) Because the Clark room was on the 3rd floor, east wing of the mansion
2896) Because Clark was in the Clark room!
2897) Because the Clark room is real dedication
2898) Because Lex wanted Clark too look in the eye-and he didn’t mind at all
2899) Because Clark wasn’t wrong
2900) Because Clark will never be free until he admits he loves Lex
2901) Because Clark there is still time for Clark Lex how he feels
2902) Because Clark needs to have a moment alone to think about his time with Lex
2903) Because if we had a glimpse of Clark’s future it would have him marrying Lex
2904) Because Clark would make a good mentor for people expect for the whole lying part
2905) Because the mansion will always wait for them
2906) Because we will always hope for a miracle when it comes to CLEX
2907) Because you can’t stop what’s meant to be
2908) Because their lives are very exciting especially when Clark has to save Lex
2909) Because Clark never has nightmares of Lex-only dreams
2910) Because they are way past the friendship level
2911) Because the wall of weird will never have anything on the Clark room
2912) Because when you are more than friends you don’t have to knock
2913) Because Lex doesn’t care that Clark’s behavior is unusual
2914) Because CLEX is the only thing that can bring Season 8 back from the edge
2915) Because its not a secret how much they love each other
2916) Because cue the love songs when Clark and Lex are together
2917) Because Clark will understand one day
2918) Because what they have will never be a mistake
2919) Because their love doesn’t have an end
2920) Because their love will live on forever
2921) Because Lex always had patience for Clark
2922) Because Lex’s past is nothing compared to his future with Clark
2923) Because Clark wasn’t the only special one in Smallville
2924) Because if you love someone you shouldn’t have to hide from the truth anymore
2925) Because yesterday, today, tomorrow-no matter what time of day they will always be in love
2926) Because the only man for Lex is Clark-no matter what choice’s he makes
2927) Because whatever he did for Clark Lex always had his best intentions at heart
2928) Because Clark had to experience the whole world
2929) Because Clark’s backpack always had lots of info inside-his own portable Lex room
2930) Because they have a flame of love that will never go out
2931) Because he just wants to be with his man
2932) Because if Clark was a ghost he would haunt the mansion
2933) Because its not fair that Pete gets to see Clark shirtless
2934) Because men want a man like Lex Luthor too
2935) Because only Lex can check out a shirtless Clark
2936) Because Clark will always worry about Lex when he isn’t near him
2937) Because you never have to schedule time for CLEX
2938) Because if anyone is getting the mansion its Clark
2939) Because it would be better if Clark stayed with Lex
2940) Because Clark will always be a part of Lex’s world
2941) Because Lex’s obsession with Clark wasn’t nearly as creepy
2942) Because the Kent’s would rather see Clark with Lex over anyone else
2943) Because what Lex was looking for he already found
2944) Because Lex admires Clark’s standards
2945) Because Lex doesn’t want Clark lose who is and neither did we
2946) Because Clark knew where the library was in the mansion
2947) Because their love is worth fighting for
2948) Because Lex looked back at Clark
2949) Because Clark is Lex-obsessed
2950) Because sunsets are romantic especially when Clark and Lex are looking at them
2951) Because no one ever wants Clark to leave the mansion
2952) Because Clark prefers to spend his nights with Lex and his days
2953) Because Clark always had Lex’s attention
2954) Because the only person that distracts Lex is Clark
2955) Because Smallville is where it all the love of CLEX began
2956) Because their love is not a secret to anyone in Smallville or beyond
2957) Because Clark is always there when Lex wants him
2958) Because the Kent’s don’t care how late Clark is at Lex’s
2959) Because that’s the thing about them-they are always Clark and Lex
2960) Because everyone needs a man like Clark Kent but Lex has the one and only
2961) Because Clark enjoyed saying”Lex’s bedroom”
2962) Because Clark wasn’t at the mansion to go ghost-hunting
2963) Because the only obsession Lex wants to talk about is his with Clark
2964) Because though Lex isn’t there physically, Clark brings him into his life by talking about him and remembering all the good times
2965) Because you can always see their love no matter what season it is
2966) Because no one interrupts a CLEX moment
2967) Because who needs the JLA when you can have CLEX
2968) Because Lex is the only priority that matters to Clark
2969) Because Luthorcorp is always involved
2970) Because when Clark hears Luthor he automatically thinks of Lex
2971) Because Clark would rather go with Lex over the Flash any day
2972) Because the Green Arrow/The Flash have nothing on CLEX
2973) Because Clark wouldn’t pick Oliver over Lex
2974) Because the only person Clark wants to see in his dreams is Lex
2975) Because Lex is not alone-his heart is with Clark
2976) Because “people with abilities” means Clark
2977) Because Lex likes a man that is faster than a speeding bullet
2978) Because Lex is the only Luthor that can think of Clark
2979) Because Clark has changed lives
2980) Because Clark hated that Bart was from Lex and Luthorcorp
2981) Because the only superspeeder Lex loves is Clark
2982) Because Clark hates that Oliver hates Lex
2983) Because Clark gave Lex a reason to keep on living
2984) Because Lex has a red/blue fetish
2985) Because Oliver had many men but Clark only needed one
2986) Because Clark was never where he was supposed to be-only when he was with Lex
2987) Because Clark’s code should have been “Lex’s man”
2988) Because loving Lex is what Clark does best
2989) Because Clark needed make sure Lex was out of the building
2990) Because Oliver’s hate for Lex is as strong as Clark’s love for Lex
2991) Because Clark/Oliver had an ending..CLEX doesn’t
2992) Because one day they will fly together over Smallville
2993) Because only Lex Luthor can bring a man to his knees
2994) Because we’ve had enough of Clark’s season 8 secret identity-we want the real Clark
2995) Because “the traveler” was Lex’s sneaky way of saying Clark Kent
2996) Because Lex still has the answers everyone is looking for
2997) Because everything they ever did led them to each other everyday
2998) Because Clark didn’t want to work at the DP but did because Lex owned it
2999) Because their friendship went way back-longer then any relationship on the show
3000) Because almost 8 seasons in and 3000 reason down- we are not stopping now! ☼

Credit: bigmamag

“Lex..I've got your back ...
that's why I'm here”

3001) Because Clark doesn’t want Kara going after Lex
3002) Because Clark didn’t need to work for Lex he already has his approval
3003) Because the Captain is almost bad a liar as Clark-but Clark’s still better looking
3004) Because the person that should be focused on Lex is Clark
3005) Because the secret society wasn’t all that big a secret-just like Clark’s real secret
3006) Because Lex knew the traveler was Clark all along
3007) Because its Lex’s destiny to marry the traveler
3008) Because Clark never needed a reason to come to the mansion
3009) Because Clark was worth the risk
3010) Because Clark is a man not a machine
3011) Because they never broke up
3012) Because they never fooled themselves
3013) Because Lex never held Clark back
3014) Because Clark knows how much Lex loves him
3015) Because Lex was just happy that Clark was in the world
3016) Because they should spend the rest of their time in the world together
3017) Because the season 7 proposal should have been Lex proposing to Clark
3018) Because Clark is on Lex’s most wanted list
3019) Because Clark knew what Lex wanted in the arctic
3020) Because “everything led me to this moment”-Lex
3021) Because Clark would give Lex more than a book for his birthday
3022) Because through the ups and downs they will stick together
3023) Because Clark makes the same wish everyday he isn’t with Lex
3024) Because Clark never wasted his time with Lex-he was always doing something important
3025) Because the episode was called Hex which rhymes with CLEX and Lex so it’s a sign!
3026) Because Clark needs the life he had before
3027) Because Oliver can’t have everything that is Lex’s
3028) Because Oliver isn’t allowed near Lex’s private collection-he said it himself
3029) Because life in Smallville is the only life Clark has known and that’s the one he wants
3030) Because they were just two guys that realized they were made for each other
3031) Because Clark missed the way that Lex looked at him
3032) Because Clark misses the old days
3033) Because we still know what we would wish for
3034) Because Clark would bring back Lex and nothing would change
3035) Because Clark chose to be on the bridge that day…and he would make that same choice again
3036) Because Clark’s world won’t be whole again until he’s finally with Lex
3037) Because Clark has finally realized he as a purpose in the world
3038) Because if getting someone to appear was as simple as saying their name Clark would have realized it a lot sooner
3039) Because Clark doesn’t mind Lex at all
3040) Because what’s one not important memento compared to millions of important ones?
3041) Because there is only one Lex Luthor and only one Clark Kent
3042) Because its only impossible when you stop believing
3043) Because the only reunion we want to see this season is between Clark and Lex
3044) Because Lex even liked Warrior Angel as a child and he knew that one day he would meet his hero
3045) Because Oliver was a jerk to Lex back then and that is when he should have met Clark
3046) Because Lex is worth it! Especially to Clark
3047) Because Lex never cared that he and Clark were from two different worlds
3048) Because Clark was the only friend Lex ever wanted and needed
3049) Because Duncan was the first Lex Luthor man crush and Clark was the last
3050) Because Lex is still amazed by Clark
3051) Because memories of Clark will never haunt Lex
3052) Because Lionel never liked Lana but loved Clark
3053) Because both Duncan and Clark wanted to help people
3054) Because both Duncan and Clark loved Lex for who he is
3055) Because Clark and Duncan would have made good friends
3056) Because everyone knows Clark isn’t a murderer
3057) Because Lex had the best friend he ever had in Clark
3058) Because Lex’s security system never had to keep Clark out
3059) Because Clark doesn’t knock-got that Oliver!
3060) Because Oliver tried to convince Clark that Lex was the murder-it didn’t work
3061) Because “you don’t pretend to be friends with somebody Lex, you either are or you aren’t”-Duncan
3062) Because Lex would never turn his back on Clark to be friends with Oliver
3063) Because Lex would never do what he did to Duncan to Clark-he really loved him
3064) Because Clark never lost his visiting rights with Lex
3065) Because Clark being with Lex isn’t questionable
3066) Because Clark has a hot boyfriend
3067) Because Clark knew that Oliver was wrong about Lex
3068) Because Clark didn’t want to hear that Oliver and Lex killed someone
3069) Because Clark never believed that Lex loved Lana
3070) Because there was never anyone else for Lex
3071) Because Clark didn’t want to add Lex to the body count
3072) Because Clark will never believe that Lex is dead
3073) Because Duncan wasn’t Lex’s only friend in the world
3074) Because Clark only deserves to save one person
3075) Because Clark went to warn Lex! and Oliver
3076) Because “the people we love” always included Lex
3077) Because Clark never had to be invited to the mansion
3078) Because the only superhero Lex wants to be friends with is Clark
3079) Because Lex was unlucky in love until he realized he was meant to be with Clark
3080) Because everyone was jealous of how hot they are
3081) Because they keep each other alive
3082) Because eternity is how long they will love each other
3083) Because Clark has made many mistakes-but it was not a mistake when he fell in love with Lex and it never will be
3084) Because we were never blind to the truth
3085) Because everyone remembers the day that they met as kids
3086) Because one day all our prays about Clex being together will come true
3087) Because we will always see what Clark sees in Lex
3088) Because Clark still knows were his ship landed
3089) Because Clark is always in the mood to go to Luthorcorp
3090) Because Clark uses his powers for good-most of the time
3091) Because Clark would rather have more pictures of Lex
3092) Because “Lex really came though this time”-Clark
3093) Because Clark doesn’t want to have to worry about Lex
3094) Because Jonathan knew how important their “friendship” is to Clark
3095) Because the Flash was nothing like Clark and Lex knew it
3096) Because when Clark says he’ll call Lex-he does
3097) Because we know what Clark’s tattoo would say
3098) Because no one breaks in a place quite like Clark
3099) Because Clark wouldn’t mind having a long talk with Lex
3100) Because Clark ran away once but he came back for Lex
3101) Because Lex is the only one that can “take a look at the mysterious Clark Kent”
3102) Because only Lex makes Clark weak in the knees
3103) Because 100 years from now they will still be in love
3104) Because the minute Martha said “Lex is looking for you, he wants you to stop by the mansion, he said it was important” Clark went right away
3105) Because “I’m still interested Clark but not obsessed”-Lex
3106) Because of course Lex had to have the manuscript
3107) Because Lex wanted Clark to “swing by tomorrow”
3108) Because Clark didn’t want the Flash at the mansion
3109) Because the message was there all along
3110) Because “maybe its time I stop running from what I really am”-Clark: Really Clark? You think!
3111) Because Clark doesn’t care about what Lex has he just wants him
3112) Because Clark can’t help being at the mansion even when Lex isn’t there
3113) Because “I just came by to say hello”-Clark
3114) Because “I should have called but I figured you’d be up”-Clark
3115) Because “it’s a little late for a social call Clark”-Lex
3116) Because “don’t worry Clark…..”-Lex
3117) Because Clark will never lose his prince charming
3118) Because someday he will be back and we can’t wait
3119) Because Clark ran right to Lex to make sure he was alive
3120) Because Clark sees the good in people and that’s what kept him with Lex
3121) Because Clark stayed with Lex until the police came
3122) Because “I better go check on Lex”-Clark
3123) Because Lex loves his ruggedly handsome farmer
3124) Because they will always watch over each other
3125) Because Clark would never pass on seeing a Luthor peep show
3126) Because "i know who Lex is, i know what he's done"-Clark
3127) Because they are both only children and they don't have to share each other
3128) Because Clark is a Lex groupie
3129) Because Lex has a crush on the real Clark Kent not the red/blue jerk
3130) Because Smallville/Metropolis is only big enough for one superhero
3131) Because the day needs to come where Clark admits the truth
3132) Because one day the real Clark will come back and kill this jerk
3133) Because now we’d pick the Captain over this Clark any day
3134) Because if we can’t have Clex we don’t want anything else
3135) Because Clark doesn’t need to pretend to be a superhero
3136) Because Clark is his own hero he doesn’t need one except Lex
3137) Because real heroes don’t need to have everyone’s attention all the time
3138) Because Lex was always the focus of Clark’s attention
3139) Because we have been lied to long enough….its time for the truth about how Clark really feels about Lex
3140) Because the only person that Clark has to save now is the Captain …from himself
3141) Because the only romance Clark has on his mind is his and Lex’s!
3142) Because “me and my double life are just fine”-Clark
3143) Because we all know what the first thing on Clark’s mind is
3144) Because who needs a fan site when you have Clark room!
3145) Because Clark never stood up Lex
3146) Because every Clark needs his Lex still
3147) Because Clark is no one’s sidekick
3148) Because even now Clark can lie without feeling anything
3149) Because we’d much rather hear about Lex over anyone else
3150) Because when the world calls for a real hero…Clark will be there
3151) Because Clark should only jump in front of a bullet for Lex
3152) Because Clark’s heroic feats have all be used before-on Lex
3153) Because “there is only one red/blue blur”-Clark
3154) Because there is only one Clex
3155) Because Clark needs Lex Luthor and only him
3156) Because Clark won’t feel whole again until Lex comes back and either will the show
3157) Because the season is almost over and we couldn’t be happier
3158) Because Clark spends his nights and days thinking of Lex
3159) Because without Lex Clark doesn’t exist
3160) Because TC is more exciting than Clark now
3161) Because true love can melt fortresses
3162) Because Clark is convinced Lex is alive
3163) Because Clark isn’t afraid of Lex….he’s afraid of Davis
3164) Because TC/BK still have nothing on Clex
3165) Because only bad things happen when they are far apart
3166) Because Clark was always the most important person in Lex’s life
3167) Because we now know who Clark would be without Lex and we don’t like it!
3168) Because we need new Clex scenes!
3169) Because Oliver can’t force Clark to do anything
3170) Because the only cure for Clex withdrawal is more Clex!
3171) Because Clark is paranoid! What a change from how he usually is! Not really!
3172) Because Lex was never the person that held Clark back
3173) Because Clark is destined to kill Davis and marry Lex!
3174) Because “it will send you to a world where you don’t have to hide who you are any longer”-Clark (about the fortress)
3175) Because Clark fell for Lex!
3176) Because Clark is one of Lex’s people
3177) Because we don’t want a new Lex we want the old one back
3178) Because Clark knows all Lex’s secret hiding places
3179) Because shattered is how Clark felt when Lex left Smallville
3180) Because we miss semi-innocent high school Clark
3181) Because Clark was there-of course he was
3182) Because Lex only wants to be alone with Clark all the time
3183) Because Lex likes that Clark reads
3184) Because “no, its to dangerous Clark”-Lex
3185) Because “I’ll tell them I was there to meet you”-Clark
3186) Because its not unusual that Clark was at the mansion
3187) Because Lex is alive and that’s all that matters to Clark
3188) Because Clark believed about what Lex said about Lionel and Morgan Edge
3189) Because Clark stood up for Lex to Lionel and always will
3190) Because Clark never saw what wasn’t there he always saw what was going on with him and Lex
3191) Because Lex was spying on Clark talking to Lionel
3192) Because it really was their baby!
3193) Because this couple makes complete sense to us
3194) Because Clark would hide Lex to make sure that he was safe
3195) Because Martha knew how hard it was for Clark to see Lex the way he was
3196) Because “you are either with me or against me, choose right now Clark”-Lex
3197) Because he made the right choice all along
3198) Because Clark guided Lex out of the room
3199) Because Clark would never have them put Lex away
3200) Because there is noting that these two wouldn’t do for each other
3201) Because “I’m going to find Lex”-Clark
3202) Because Clark only listens to his heart when it comes to Lex
3203) Because Clark is the only one with right to bust in the mansion like he owns it
3204) Because Lex will always be with Clark wherever he goes
3205) Because the only people that can work together are Clark and Lex
3206) Because Clark thanked Lex
3207) Because you should never kill the person that you are in love with
3208) Because Clark would give up saving the world the minute that he couldn’t save Lex
3209) Because we were right about them all along
3210) Because Lex was seeing Clark
3211) Because a month is way to long for Clark not to see Lex
3212) Because they need more than 10 minutes together
3213) Because the only person that Clark wanted to save from Belle Reve is Lex
3214) Because Lex’s boyfriend is always protecting him
3215) Because Clark was only there to see Lex
3216) Because TC/Eric will have lots of fun in Belle Reve together
3217) Because they will never forget the moments they shared
3218) Because we will never forget them either
3219) Because they never fell into the relationship
3220) Because Clark always felt real emotion when it came to Lex
3221) Because "Lex did teach me one thing. The word "fate" is used by people who've lost sight of who they are"-Clark
3222) Because "Oliver crossed a line......he killed Lex Luthor"-Clark
3223) Because Lex had 3 wives but only 1 husband
3224) Because the only thing that will bring back the ratings is Michael’s return
3225) Because their love has always been there
3226) Because Clark was all Lex had most times
3227) Because there many have been others before but Clark was all Lex wanted
3228) Because everything made better sense when Lex was near
3229) Because seeing BK all the time makes us miss Whitney
3230) Because the Kent’s tried to hide Clark from the world when he didn’t want to hide all the time
3231) Because when Clark can’t sleep he goes to the mansion
3232) Because no one can make Clark look bad
3233) Because Clark will always remember
3234) Because who needs Metropolis when Smallville is filled with Clex moments and memories-7 seasons!
3235) Because who didn’t know what Clark was thinking!
3236) Because there is nothing worse than Clark being without Lex
3237) Because the light in Clark’s eyes went out the day Lex left him
3238) Because Lex had no complaints about the day that he met Clark
3239) Because Clark didn’t want Lex away from him
3240) Because Clark was what Lex waited for since he came to Smallville
3241) Because love and friendship is all they’ve got
3242) Because Clark is the King of bringing Lex into conversations
3243) Because the Clark room was way past obsession
3244) Because Clark had a romantic side everyone knew about
3245) Because Lex had excellent timing
3246) Because now Clark is Lex’s idol
3247) Because Clark hates when people are rude to Lex
3248) Because Clark didn’t want anyone making up stories about Lex
3249) Because we need smiling Season one Clark back!
3250) Because it was never a secret about how much they love each other
3251) Because Clark did know!
3252) Because Clark played sidekick to no one-he and Lex were equals
3253) Because we know why Lex wasn’t so sure about leaving Smallville
3254) Because “if anyone can choose who they want to be Lex..Its’ you”-Clark
3255) Because Clark’s secret was out there for the world to see
3256) Because 8 years of lies are more than enough, wee need Clex!
3257) Because Lex adored Clark
3258) Because Clark always ran from someone…..himself
3259) Because Ryan knew all Clark’s secrets
3260) Because of all the people Clark saved Lex was his favorite
3261) Because Clark was happy until the day that Lex went away
3262) Because hearing people’s thoughts is one power Clark wished he had
3263) Because Lex’s secret was about Clark
3264) Because Clark needs to be safe again
3265) Because they are the Kris and Adam of Smallville
3266) Because Clark was the only one that could protect Lex
3267) Because they never needed words their looks said it all
3268) Because real love doesn’t have a goodbye because it doesn’t end
3269) Because Lex stopped to see Clark before leaving to dinner
3270) Because Lex gave Clark a look...of love!
3271) Because Lex was going to stay all along
3272) Because it was worth a lot
3273) Because everything changed except for their love
3274) Because Clark enjoyed his sword
3275) Because Clark knew that Lex wasn’t going anywhere
3276) Because “this is Lex’s limo driver!”-Clark
3277) Because Clark Kent to the rescue once again
3278) Because it was never about money, it was always about their love
3279) Because Clark shouldn’t hide forever
3280) Because Lex’s future husband is in Smallville where he belongs
3281) Because the only thing that was real in the episode Lexmas was their love
3282) Because Clark makes house calls
3283) Because they made each others holiday brighter
3284) Because Clark was what Lex wanted for Christmas
3285) Because Lex was looking for Clark
3286) Because all Lex’s dreams include Clark
3287) Because Lex wished it was Clark next to him like always
3288) Because Lex wondered where Clark was
3289) Because their love is alive and well 8 seasons later
3290) Because Lex needed Clark even in the fantasy
3291) Because Alexander should have been their son!
3292) Because they are in love-really! They are!
3293) Because Clark is perfect for Lex
3294) Because Clark wanted Lex to be the one calling him
3295) Because the life Lex had was the one he wanted no matter what
3296) Because they love everything about each other
3297) Because Lex was happy to see Clark everyday
3298) Because Lex never wanted Clark to be a reporter
3299) Because Lex’s life was never in danger when Clark was around
3300) Because there were many miracles when Clex concerned
3301) Because Lex would have believed that Clark was Santa
3302) Because they are the only couple with Santa and an invisible voice from beyond as shippers
3303) Because the love of Clex is not dead and never will be as long as fans keep it alive
3304) Because Lex relives all the Clex moments and smiles
3305) Because they never ignored their love for each other
3306) Because Lex is the man that Clark wants to marry
3307) Because Clark has loved Lex since the first moment that they saw each other in the truck
3308) Because Clark’s day begins when he sees Lex
3309) Because Lex is the man that Clark waited for
3310) Because Clex didn’t have to end and it didn’t end
3311) Because “you mean the kind of man you’ve always been”-Lex
3312) Because they will always think of each other
3313) Because seeing Lex is Clark’s gift everyday
3314) Because Lex always knew he could go to Clark for help
3315) Because Lionel would save Lex’s husband but never his wives
3316) Because Clark made many bad decisions but loving Lex and accepting him was never one
3317) Because they will live happily ever after one day
3318) Because they never left each other
3320) Because Lex meant it when he told Clark that he loves him
3321) Because Clark has changed but not for the better
3322) Because its time for them to be together again all the time
3323) Because Lex knows that Clark can’t die-so not everyone he loves dies
3324) Because who needs the DP at Christmas when Clark can see Lex
3325) Because Lex always gave Clark a chance
3326) Because all that mattered was that Lex was there when Clark needed him
3327) Because its always a party when Clex is there
3328) Because who needs snow when you’ve got Clex
3329) Because they will have many holidays together and many reasons to celebrate together
3330) Because Lex wants his happily ever after with Clark
3331) Because once he has Clark he doesn’t need anyone else
3332) Because Kal was never the real Clark
3333) Because Lex had a crush on Kal
3334) Because Lex’s real love was always the real Clark Kent
3335) Because even as Kal Clark couldn’t help but think of Lex
3336) Because Smallville Clark is the one we all know and love
3337) Because season 8 Clark made us miss Kal
3338) Because Clark really needed to call Lex to tell him he’s alright
3339) Because Clark misses who he was
3340) Because we miss the earlier credits
3341) Because Clark was the hero the world had
3342) Because Clark kept searching for love when Lex was always there
3343) Because the search needed to end a long time ago
3344) Because Clark wanted to come home to Lex
3345) Because Clark never claimed to love Lex-everyone knew he loves him!
3346) Because Lex’s right person found him
3347) Because superheroes don’t need jobs
3348) Because apparently now caves lie
3349) Because Lex has been dead many times on the show but has always come back
3350) Because we want Lex to magically appear
3351) Because it would only be paradise if Clark was there
3352) Because Lex’s life is back with his man
3353) Because Lex will never be dead to Clark
3354) Because of course Clark had to be at the funeral
3355) Because Clark would search for Lex for as long as possible, all day, everyday
3356) Because Lex’s disappearance upset Clark greatly
3357) Because Lex would have kept Clark’s secret of where he was
3358) Because a lot of people wanted Lex dead but Clark would give anything to see him alive
3359) Because Clark hates murderers especially ones that try and kill Lex
3360) Because Lex belongs with Clark and always has since day one
3361) Because people that are soul mates belong together
3362) Because Lex would always count on Clark
3363) Because everyday Lex is with Clark is a happy day
3364) Because there are many signs that show that Clark believes Lex is alive
3365) Because their feelings aren’t breaking news
3367) Because you can’t give up when you love someone
3368) Because Clark never wanted Lex out of his life
3369) Because the compass pointed Lex to Clark and still does
3370) Because they found each other just when they needed each other most
3371) Because we prefer country Clark to club Clark
3372) Because the secret identity wasn’t a secret at all
3373) Because Clark wished he was at the club with Lex
3374) Because we want the real Clark to come back
3375) Because Clark knows that only Lex will ever love him
3376) Because Smallville and Lex aren’t the past
3377) Because there is something that always connects them to each other
3378) Because Clark is real and he will come back to Lex
3379) Because they have a soul mate connection
3380) Because Clark was ready for whatever life through at him-until he met Lex
3381) Because Clark’s destiny is his own
3382) Because the journey Clark has taken needs to be redirected
3383) Because they don’t have bedtimes
3384) Because Clark should have stayed in Smallville
3385) Because friend, lovers, or enemies, it's meant to be!
3386) Because "I don't want to hurt you, Lex." "I don't want to hurt you, Clark."
3387) Because God bless the broken road that lead me straight to you...
3388) Because all Clak wanted was to be from Venus
3389) Because Clark knew his true love the moment he met him
3390) Because Clark was the hero that Lex wished for
3391) Because Lex's dream came true
3392) Because they make us believe in true love
3393) Because we have eyes people!
3394) Because fate brought Michael and Tom back together
3395) Because Michael couldn't help but mention Tom on his Twitter!
3396) Because this obession will never end
3397) Because just when you thought it was over...its not over!
3398) Because a love this strong doesn't fade away
3399) Because Clark is the only permanent person in Lex's life
3400) Because Tom hugged Michael like no one was watching!
3401) Because it will happen...just you wait'
3402) Because a love like this....happens once in a lifetime
3403) Because who needs history when they make history
3404)Because one day the only couple that will happen is Clex
3405) Because they focused to the caves that lie
3406) Because they should have focused on the real Smallville couple
3407) Because love and truth are the only way to solve Clex’s problems
3408) Because we still miss the old days of Smallville
3409) Because “it’s just a story on a cave wall….”-Clark
3410) Because they should never be apart
3411) Because they will never forget
3412) Because they both live in the past…sometimes
3413) Because nothing should get in the way of their relationship
3414) Because they both ended up at the same place at the same time
3415) Because Lex wished Clark good luck
3416) Because “tell me something, Clark…”-Lex
3417) Because Clex still exists and always will
3418) Because Lex can overcome his darkness one day
3419) Because Clark matters to Lex still
3420) Because they are both far from innocent but they didn’t care
3421) Because there was never anything false about their was the only real thing on the show
3422) Because “I just want to be Clark Kent”-Clark
3423) Because Lex only has interest in Clark
3424) Because Clark is irreplaceable to Lex
3425) Because Lex knew who Clark was way before he did
3426) Because there is no duplicating this relationship
3427) Because both Lex and Lionel thought Clark was special for different reasons
3428) Because Clark never kicked Lex out of the barn
3429) Because Clark is a lot of things but he knows for sure that he is not a killer
3430) Because Clark fought himself for many years
3431) Because Clark didn’t need the rest of the world…when he has Lex
3432) Because Lex will always be interested in Clark’s life
3433) Because no one will understand Clark the way that did and does
3434) Because nothing can end a relationship this real
3435) Because they have a love that needs no explanation ever
3436) Because Jonathan made a point of telling Clark that Lex called
3437) Because their relationship brought reality and love to Smallville
3438) Because no one has survived more than these two
3439) Because the light at the end of the tunnel will show them the way one day
3440) Because Clark will never believe that Lex is his greatest enemy
3441) Because only Clark can decide who he wants to be
3442) Because if they were a world away from each other they would always come back to each other
3443) Because they had many mysteries that needed to be solved
3444) Because they always worked it out!
3445) Because they will always be closer than people ever know
3446) Because Lex has been thinking….of Clark
3447) Because they are the heroes of their own stories
3448) Because they will never be ready to say goodbye to Smallville
3449) Because Clark hated to see other people in the mansion with Lex
3450) Because Lex wanted Clark to give up on Lana and should have listened to him
3451) Because Clark really should take Lex’s advice sometimes
3452) Because one day they will be back
3453) Because they are unforgettable
3454) Because Clark belongs to one person only-Lex!
3455) Because we all miss Clex…you can’t deny
3456) Because we miss optimistic Clark
3457) Because Clark should have put the same trust in Lex
3458) Because they never needed plans...they always found time to be together
3459) Because he’d always be there
3460) Because when they were together they make each other smile like no one else can
3461) Because Lex would have been responsible enough to keep the secret
3462) Because we wish Clark decided to tell only Lex
3463) Because Lex needed Clark in his life more than anyone
3464) Because Clark will live forever and their love will go on just as long
3465) Because when Clark stops running away from the truth Lex will come back to him
3466) Because the only shirt rip that will be hot is Clex’s
3467) Because trust was always everyone’s biggest problem
3468) Because Lex needed more than one Clark room
3469) Because Lex never would have stood Clark up
3470) Because they will keep holding on as long as they can
3471) Because they will never have a goodbye
3472) Because they were ever forced to be together
3473) Because Clark was the only thing missing from the Clark room
3474) Because Clark would come looking for Lex
3475) Because “like hiding things from your best friend…”-Clark
3476) Because Clark was the only one that Lex needed
3477) Because they truly are meant to be
3478) Because Clark still needs his best friend
3479) Because the signs point to Clex
3480) Because Lex was always part of the equation
3481) Because everything they did always included each other
3482) Because they will never be gone for good
3483) Because we want it back to the way it was
3484) Because they would do anything for each other…because they love each other
3485) Because Clark will always be there
3486) Because Clark never needed warning about Lex
3487) Because they just needed to be together-no lies!
3488) Because Lex wouldn’t leave Clark with no explanation
3489) Because someone needs to realize that they should be together...Now!
3490) Because they can’t help how they feel
3491) Because Clark was a mystery to himself
3492) Because if Clark had to meet Lex he was there-on time
3493) Because Lex has more pictures of Clark than the family does
3494) Because one day everyone will see a Clex wedding picture
3495) Because it didn’t take time to get used to Clex
3496) Because Lex will never give up on Clark
3497) Because Lex will always be interested in Clark no matter where he came from
3498) Because Lex didn’t want Clark to get in trouble and made sure he didn’t
3499) Because Lex knows that Jonathan doesn’t see him as a role model for Clark but he could care less
3500) Because “that Clark and I…”-Lex

Credit: bigmamag

“Now, what would I do without Clark Kent,
the voice of reason…”

3501)Because Lex wanted to be with Clark all the time
3502) Because the Luthor’s are always involved
3503) Because that day changed people and the world more than they will ever know
3504) Because Lex was Clark’s first friend
3505) Because before they knew each other they were in love
3506) Because from spaceships to soul mates-the story of Clex
3507) Because they saved each other before they knew each other
3508) Because Clark helped calm Lex down
3509) Because it was love at first glance
3510) Because the Kent’s are made to save the Luthor’s
3511) Because Clark was happy Jonathan saved Lex
3513) Because Lex would help Clark without complaining
3514) Because Clark was the bright spot in Lex’s life
3515) Because Lex was always there when he needed to be
3516) Because Lex always looked at Clark as more than a brother
3517) Because the loft is a place for all the Clex memories and still is
3518) Because they can’t move on or forget the past
3519) Because Clark’s memory book needs pictures on Lex
3520) Because Clark should take his own advice one day
3521) Because Lex wanted to know if Clark was his brother
3522) Because Lex will always be good enough for Clark now and forever
3523) Because Lex will be a perfect husband to Clark
3524) Because sometimes the right one has to find you
3525) Because Clark’s nights are lonely without Lex
3526) Because we know that Lex would write romantic letters to Clark
3527) Because their love was never forced unlike other couples, it was always what they wanted
3528) Because they need to live by the Clex rules
3529) Because Lex wanted to lock Clark up to have him for himself
3530) Because we’ve been waiting for the Clex return!
3531) Because we know Lex would write a love letter to Clark…and probably has
3532) Because Clark is a romantic...only when it comes to Lex
3533) Because Clark knows the difference between a stalker and a secret admirer
3534) Because Clark has perfect timing as usual
3535) Because we all know who Clark watches from afar
3536) Because they only eyes Lex looking in are Clark’s
3537) Because they were perfect enough for each other
3538) Because Clark is always a welcome interruption for Clark
3539) Because Lex had to be somebody’s Prince Charming
3540) Because they are normal enough for each other
3541) Because only Clark should be able to have a stalker
3542) Because obsession leads people to do crazy things especially when Lex is involved
3543) Because Clark inspires Lex…since day one
3544) Because Clark already has a boyfriend
3545) Because Clark will always miss what he once had
3546) Because they can’t help but wonder what might have been
3547) Because with Clex it was always what they thought!
3548) Because Lex knew the Kent’s would be a step up from his family
3549) Because Clark understands!
3550) Because Lex will be back soon!
3551) Because they will find a way to be together one day
3552) Because Clark will only get close to Lex
3553) Because they walked down the halls of the mansion together
3554) Because nothing can stop their love... not even history
3555) Because old Clark is who he is and season 8 Clark is who be is forced to become
3556) Because they would have the most fun fan club meetings!
3557) Becasue they will spend eternity together
3558) Because one day they will shout the truth to the world
3559) Because their love isn’t exactly hidden from the world and never will be!
3560) Because they are important parts of each other’s lives
3561) Because Clark would leave the DP for Lex and Lex would be happy
3562) Because they make a better team
3563) Because Clark is not meant to be a reporter he is meant to marry Lex
3564) Because Lex would rather have Clark
3565) Because if Lex can’t handle it he’ll have Clark help him
3566) Because Clark would try and run over Lex
3567) Because Clark often wonders where Lex is when he needs him
3568) Because there is lots to say about Clark!
3569) Because Clark is the only one that can mention Lex
3570) Because when Lex needs to escape he goes to see Clark
3571) Because Clark knows that he wants Lex
3572) Because Clark loves getting emails from Lex and only Lex
3573) Because Clark needs to contact Lex!
3574) Because Clark can’t lie anymore! He needs to tell the truth
3575) Because they have more reasons than any other couple why they are meant to be
3576) Because they will always win the best couple contest
3577) Because Clark would never waste a trip when he goes to see Lex
3578) Because they always have hot stare downs
3579) Because one day they will have a home together
3580) Because Clark could see the world but he’d rather stay in Smallville and be with Lex
3581) Because Clark can’t save the world and he needs someone to help him understand that
3582) Because Clark will always talk to Lex
3583) Because Lex would help anyone but only for Clark
3584) Because Clark can’t help but stare at Lex
3585) Because Lex wanted to leave with Clark
3586) Because Lex will only worship Clark as a hero
3587) Because Lex can only make himself at home when he is at Clark’s
3588) Because their love is not imaginary and it never will be
3589) Because they were destined to be way before other people thought they were
3590) Because Clark has no reason to hide anymore
3591) Because we always saw what was there
3592) Because they were close enough to see each other for who they are
3593) Because Lex loves saying Clark’s name
3594) Because Clark needs to stop hiding from himself
3595) Because Clark needs to know that the people on the show now will never support him
3596) Because Lex knows that Clark will always take his side
3597) Because Lex hates when other people mention Clark
3598) Because Lex wants all his memories of Clark back
3599) Because Clark can run but he can’t hide
3600) Because time is running out for Clark to admit the truth
3601) Because Clark likes only helping certain people
3602) Because we are hoping for a Clex miracle
3603) Because everyone in Smallville knew
3604) Because Clark knows his future and he knows that he wants to be with Lex
3605) Because Clark won’t be alright until Lex comes back
3606) Because Clark was to good for the Wall of Weird
3607) Because Clark knew lots about his friend
3608) Because real Clex fans will always see the truth
3609) Because we will always know who Clark is meant to be with
3610) Because Lex has a thing for younger men
3611) Because we wish someone would have warned Clark about the badness coming in his life
3612) Because Clark really will live forever
3613) Because Clark’s life doesn’t end
3614) Because their day one was way before other people’s day one
3615) Because their friendship was worth a lot
3616) Because we still believe that they are meant to be
3617) Because they gave each other a reason to keep on living
3618) Because Lex doesn’t have to find Clark he always knows where he is
3619) Because they will always be there for each other no matter what happens
3620) Because the laws don’t apply to them
3621) Because only Clark can impress Lex
3622) Because Lex wouldn’t be better if he never met Clark
3623) Because whenever Lex needs help Clark will always be there
3624) Because only love can bring them back together and keep them together
3625) Because Clark will never lose Lex
3626) Because Clark was a hero way before he was a reporter and a hero is who he will always be
3627) Because Clark only wants to touch Lex’s hand
3628) Because Lex is always right…especially about Clark being a hero
3629) Because Clark only needed to let Lex into his life
3630) Because we know Lex has searched online for Clark many times
3631) Because it’s not Clark’s time to leave and its not Lex’s either
3632) Because they will not be fine until they are together again and Clark is Clark again
3633) Because Clark believes he can change destiny
3634) Because Clark has made many wrong choices and he needs to fix them
3635) Because nemesis is an episode you can’t watch too many times
3636) Because at least Clex makes sense
3637) Because Lex knows the truth way before anyone else
3638) Because Lex only would have had Clark keep him company
3639) Because they are far from enemies
3640) Because one day real Clark and real Lex will fly together and the world will see
3641) Because Clark knew he was the only one that wanted to and could save Lex
3642) Because Clark rushed to save Lex
3643) Because Lex doesn’t have an end just like Clark
3644) Because Lex doesn’t believe that the heart lies
3645) Because no one would ever doubt their love...never!
3646) Because Lex knew that Clark was coming
3647) Because Lex’s life is important to Clark
3648) Because Clark wanted lots of news on Lex
3649) Because “Lex could die if I don’t go down there”-Clark
3650) Because Clark’s hate for Lex was just a front he put on for other people
3651)Because Clark has saved Lex so many times he can’t give up on him
3652)Because no one can stop Clex from happening
3653)Because Lex doesn’t need another fake marriage he a real one with Clark
3654)Because Clark has spent more time talking to and thinking about Lex more than anyone
3655)Because their marriage will never be a trap
3656)Because there are so many reasons why they should be together
3657)Because they’ve changed the world and each other
3658)Because Clark didn’t have to be sent he wanted to go
3659)Because even close to death they can’t help but be in love
3660)Because all Lex wanted was the truth from Clark and he wanted Clark
3661)Because nemesis was an awesome Clex episode
3661)Because they can’t help but be with each other
3662)Because love helped them out of the tunnel
3663)Because the power of love is stronger than Clark’s weakness
3664)Because the only stalker Clark wants is Lex
3665)Because Lex wouldn’t have to force Clark to marry him
3666)Because the love of Lex’s life is always going to be important to Clark
3667)Because Lex still thinks of Clark as his friend
3668)Because Lex saving Clark from the rubble was a soul mate moment
3669)Because “don’t leave me here”-Clark
3670)Because when you love someone you should never leave them
3671)Because they are each other’s reason for living and being who they are
3672)Because they can’t die, they have many memories to make
3673)Because they will always be in love
3674)Because in the distance Clark will always see Lex
3675)Because Clark saw love in Lex’s eyes
3676) Because the forbidden romances be the best ones
3677) Because they don’t have to follow the rules
3678) Because the life Clark is leading now is not the best one for him
3679) Because they would do anything just to be together
3680) Because their marriage would have one thing that the other’s in the show didn’
3681) Because they made the worst days better
3682) Because we need a Clex to be resurrected
3683) Because only Lex can help Clark come back together
3684) Because they found each other for a reason
3685) Because we can’t wait until they say “I do”
3686) Because Clark won’t be Superman until he’s with Lex again
3687) Because Lex’s mind will always be filled with thoughts of Clark
3688) Because Lex always thought of Clark as a “man of steel”
3689) Because their memories of each other will always be alive forever
3690) Because someone needs to save Clark and that person is only Lex
3691) Because Clark overhears a lot
3692) Because the most important person in Clark’s life will never be gone
3693) Because Clark is lost without Lex
3694) Because when you love someone they will never be gone for your life
3695) Because they can’t help be in love...all the time
3696) Because Michael will come back and Clex will be together again
3697) Because it’s never to late for them to get back together
3698) Because Clark loves going to the mansion but only when Lex lived there
3699) Because comics don’t know the truth...Clex belongs together forever
3700) Because knowing Lex is out there is what is keeping Clark alive for now
3701) Because the hope that Clark has will lead him to his love again
3702) Because everyone needs Clark especially Lex
3703) Because Lex knows that Clark loves him
3704) Because Clark won’t let Lex go ever
3705) Because it will never really be over
3706) Because they believe in each other
3707) Because Clark likes asking questions but not answering them
3708) Because Clark knew that Lex was there
3709) Because Lex knew that Clark was there
3710) Because they will always remember their times they spent together for 7 years
3711) Because Clark can’t fight any longer he needs to realize the truth
3712) Because their love was always easy to identify
3713) Because Clark didn’t want to keep his distance from Lex
3714) Because Clark may have lied a lot but he always knew the truth about his feelings for Lex
3715) Because they can’t escape the love they have
3716) Because Clark will never forget about Lex
3717) Because the Clark room will always be an important room in the mansion
3718) Because Clark would never want Lex out of his life
3719) Because Clark saves Lex everyday that he knows him
3720) Because they will always be important to each other-every day
3721) Because it’s not a party without Lex
3722) Because Clark will never be the party type
3723) Because they have lots of heat in their relationship
3724) Because Clark knows his type
3725) Because Lex will always keep Clark’s articles and put them in the Clark room
3726) Because Clark already knows Lex’s number by heart
3727) Because Clark has a love of only one person with the initials LL and always will
3728) Because Lex loves hot guys from ice planets
3729) Because they will always complete each other
3730) Because they were the only thing in the show that made sense
3731) Because Lex would buy Clark cereal just to see Clark’s face on a cereal box
3732) Because Clark can’t get past his Lex crush
3733) Because of course Lex came to the farm during the day time but he wished Clark was there
3734) Because Clark hasn’t exactly hid his feelings about Lex a secret
3735) Because Lex was never with the wrong guy
3736) Because Clark’s right guy was always there right in front of him
3737) Because Lex wanted Clark to benefit from his experience
3738) Because Lex will never be to busy for Clark
3739) Because Clark really would have taken Lex with him
3740) Because Lex is Clark’s dream date and vice versa
3741) Because they will always be right for each other
3742) Because they made everything a lot hotter
3743) Because Lex has always been more than a “good friend” to Clark
3744) Because Lex spent many evenings with Clark
3745) Because Clark didn’t need fashion advice before but now he does
3746) Because Clark never wants to leave the mansion
3747) Because Lex loves his small town man
3748) Because Clark would rather not read
3749) Because Lex always picks up the phone when it’s Clark
3750) Because Lex loves his mystery man who was never a mystery

Credit: claudypritz

“Dear Clark: Drive safely,
always in your debt…
the maniac in the Porsche.”

3751) Because the Luthor mansion lights will always lead Clark room
3752) Because they deserve a second chance
3753) Because “everyone is looking for to their soul mate Chloe, it’s not a sign of weakness”-Clark
3754) Because knowing Clark s there makes Lex feel safe
3755) Because the loft is only Lex’s place to hide
3756) Because they make sense to us and Tom and Michael
3757) Because they will have many anniversaries together and Clark will remember them
3758) Because they are like the Harry and Draco of Smallville
3759) Because Clark will only ever see Lex Luthor
3760) Because they can’t be with anyone else…they belong together
3761) Because just Clark and Lex is a small gathering
3762) Because they will do anything just to be with one another
3763) Because Lex thinks that Clark is very brave
3764) Because Clark didn’t like seeing Lex with someone else
3765) Because almost 4000 reasons can't be wrong
3766) Because Lex had to come to Clark’s party...just to see him
3767) Because they will never be perfect people or understand what happens in their lives but they will always love each other
3768) Because Clark is the only one Lex can trust and love
3769) Because Lex is Clark’s number one fan
3770) Because Clark will always be a hero to Lex even when he isn’t being one
3771) Because they are the best people for each other
3772) Because Clark knew he had to go and investigate level 3
3773) Because it will only be Clark and Lex forever
3774) Because Clark wondered where Lex was…always
3775) Because Lex knew that Clark was safe
3776) Because Clark doesn’t need to be like everyone else
3777) Because “Dear “Writers”-we are sick of the lies and the junk! We need Clex!”-the frustrated Clex fans
3778) Because its time Clark looks at himself and he needs to realize what he needs to do
3779) Because Lex had to go in and see Clark
3780) Because they understand each other
3781) Because Lex was worried about Clark
3782) Because “get out of the building Clark!”-Lex
3783) Because we want to show them the truth
3784) Because Clark knew that no matter what Lex wasn’t like Lionel
3785) Because their hugs will always be real
3786) Because Lex will always be happy to see Clark
3787) Because Lex just wanted to be with Clark, that’s all he ever wanted
3788) Because Lex loves Clark more than his family does and Clark’s okay with it
3789) Because Clex scenes are the best ones in the show
3790) Because Clark “forgot” to press record because he was to busy staring at Lex
3791) Because Lex looks forward to seeing Clark whenever he can
3792) Because Clark is only okay with people snooping around the mansion when it’s him doing it
3793) Because Clark thinks of Lex all the time, he can’t help it
3794) Because we want Michael back in the credits again
3795) Because without Clark all Lex has is loneliness and sadness
3796) Because without Lex, Clark feels the same exact way lonely and sad
3797) Because Lex hated when Clark blamed himself for things
3798) Because Lex wanted Clark to “get some rest”
3799) Because you can’t forget where you met your first love
3800) Because Pete hates when Clark mentions Lex but Clark loves to mention him
3801) Because Pete/Oliver are as meant to be as Clark/Lex
3802) Because Clark loves paying Lex a visit
3803) Because everyone knew who Lex wanted
3804) Because Clark knows where he is meant to be
3805) Because Lex knows where his future is headed
3806) Because they will always be forever
3807) Because Clark doesn’t need flowers to know that Lex is thinking of him
3808) Because Clark would rather kiss Lex
3809) Because Clark Kent, Lex’s hero has a better ring to it
3810) Because Lex will always hold on to his memories of Clark
3811) Because Clark could change Lex’s mind
3812) Because Clark is Lex’s personal boy scout
3813) Because Lex never wants to see Clark suffer
3814) Because Lex will always see Clark differently than others
3815) Because knowing Clark was always a challenge for Lex but it was worth it
3816) Because Lex only waits for one person
3817) Because they will always see their love for what it really is
3818) Because Lex gave Clark a ride as always
3819) Because Clark knew that Lex can handle it
3820) Because Lex had only one friend that mattered
3821) Because even Whitney knew that when dealing with Lex, Clark needs to be involved
3822) Because “Clark, you should have called me first”-Lex
3823) Because “I came because my friend was in trouble”-Lex
3824) Because Lex gave Clark a ride as always
3825) Because Clark knew that Lex can handle it
3826) Because its never to late to apologize for everything
3827) Because they are as far from enemies as two people can get
3828) Because when they have each other they are better people
3829) Because the show is better when they are together
3830) Because no one will ever forget what they mean to each other
3831) Because everyone that was in the show saw how they felt when felt about each other
3832) Because they are always worth the risk
3833) Because Clark knew that he had to go and check on Lex live he always does
3834) Because Clark can’t say “Lex” without smiling and being happy
3835) Because Clark will always know which Lex is the right one for him
3836) Because they will always be in love despite what the show did to them
3837) Because Clark was always interested in what Lex was doing especially when it concerned meteor rocks
3838) Because some couples are well worth the wait
3839) Because Clark’s sadness can only be fixed when Lex comes back
3840) Because seeing Lex will be the only thing that will bring joy back to Clark’s life
3841) Because they both have hero sides and evil sides
3842) Because Clark will always be able to hear Lex
3843) Because they both have destines that they need to embrace
3844) Because they will always be connected to each other
3845) Because we all know that Clark is hiding who he really is
3846) Because Clark knows who the real Lex Luthor really is
3847) Because Clark will still use any excuse to go and see Lex
3848) Because Clark always makes himself at home when he goes and sees Lex
3849) Because Lex will love Clark forever and vice versa
3850) Because Lex always had the best of everything and the best person for him was always Clark
3851) Because they belong with only each other
3852) Because it was never an they felt about each other was always real
3853) Because we know that the real Clark is inside this Clark somewhere
3854) Because it will never be to late to tell the world how they feel
3855) Because Clark will always see that Lex is more than what other people see
3856) Because sometimes you never know what is going to happen when it comes to Clex
3857) Because Clark knew what they talked about last night and so did Lex
3858) Because Lex always has more than enough time for Clark
3859) Because “I’d like to think you know me better than anyone after all these years”-Lex
3860) Because “I think I know my own friend, Chloe”-Clark
3861) Because Clark should never keep things from the one that he loves
3862) Because after all Lex has seen Clark still amazes him
3863) Because they will need each other more than the world will ever know
3864) Because they are more than friends...they are soul mates
3865) Because their hearts will always hold a special place for each other
3866) Because we know that Lex will never kill Clark and vice versa…because you can’t kill the person you love the most
3867) Because no one will ever stop them from being in love
3868) Because Clark gets it finally…that Clex is meant to be
3869) Because they have more than a few things in common
3870) Because Clark had to go and find his real dream man
3871) Because Lex knew that Clark would come and save him from his evil side
3872) Because real Lex wanted evil Lex to leave Clark alone
3873) Because Clark gives Lex’s life meaning
3874) Because their love is what drives the show
3875) Because Lex never had to thank Clark for saving him
3876) Because the only desires Lex has are ones for Clark
3877) Because they always has lots of time to spend together
3878) Because you can’t fight and you can’t deny the way that they feel about each other
3879) Because they need to save each other from whom they might become
3880) Because Clark always sees the love in Lex’s eyes
3881) Because the show started and it should end with the only couple that will ever make sense
3882) Because this Clark Kent is not like the others
3883) Because the people that wanted Lex dead are the same people that Clark wanted dead
3884) Because Lex should have been the first Luthor to know Clark’s secret
3885) Because Lex only wanted one thing above everything else and that was Clark
3886) Because Lex’s personal hell is anywhere Clark isn’t
3887) Because their story still isn’t over and it never will be
3888) Because you can’t avoid what happens between them
3889) Because Lex will always been there when Clark needs him
3890) Because their first kiss was way to hot to forget
3891) Because Clark will always help Lex through the dark times
3892) Because Lex knew what Clark was doing at Lionel’s office
3893) Because when they looked at each other it was always hot
3894) Because there are no flaws in Lex’s collection
3895) Because it was never a shame when they were together
3896) Because Lex wanted to find a way back to Clark
3897) Because all Lex ever wanted was to be with Clark…where are no secrets
3898) Because Lex and Clark drove in Lex’s car together
3899) Because they both wait for no one...only each other
3900) Because Clark is only happy when Lex calls him
3901) Because Lex hated that Lionel called Clark special
3902) Because Lex hated that Lionel knew Clark’s secret before him
3903) Because Lex would have sacrificed his life for Clark
3904) Because all we wanted to hear is Clark say “I love you” to Lex
3905) Because Clark will only be better when Lex is closer to him
3906) Because Lex attracts the hero type
3907) Because of course Clark has something to do with saving people, he always does
3908) Because “your still obsessing over him after all these years….”-Lionel
3909) Because when you love someone you will never be able to let them go no matter where the years take you
3910) Because when they get together…it will be a surprise to no one!
3911) Because, for the record, Michael loves gay people
3912) Because we know when Clark and Lex fell in love
3913) Because Clark won’t give up and neither will we
3914) Because their still is only one Lex for the show and Tom and that is Michael, forever
3915) Because nothing can replace the way that Clark feels about Lex
3916) Because they still remember the day that they met like it was yesterday...and so does Tom and Michael
3917) Because unlike some people Clark only needs one man
3918) Because the one Clark wants has been there the whole time
3919) Because we know who they will always want
3920) Because we don’t care what they say…Clex will always be the best couple in the show
3921) Because Lex needs to save the one person who’s always been there for him
3922) Because we will always understand Lex’s obsession with Clark unlike other obsessions
3923) Because they need to be left alone
3924) Because someone needs to save us from the show and that is Lex
3925) Because Clark’s broken heart needs to be healed by his man
3926) Because all the dreams of Lex has of Clark will always be good and memorable
3927) Because Clark will “talk” to Lex
3928) Because Lex will always run to Clark
3929) Because Lex will always remember where he saw Clark (in the middle of route 8)
3930) Because if Lex had a choice he would come back to Clark
3931) Because who wants to think about Lionel when Lex can think about Clark
3932) Because despite their differences Clark will never hate Lex...ever
3933) Because they are much more than friends because they are beyond meant to be
3934) Because the lead box was important to Lex when he was younger and that’s why he gave it to Clark when he was older
3935) Because Clark wanted to know what Lex was up to at Summerholt
3936) Because Lex wants to remember it all, especially when it comes to Clark
3937) Because we miss the days when Clark would refer to Lex has his “best friend”
3938) Because Clark has problems with accepting the truth but when it comes to his feelings for Lex
3939) Because Lex didn’t know family until he met Clark
3940) Because Lex didn’t want his real brothers, he wanted Clark as a brother and more
3941) Because their futures are always going to include each other
3942) Because their paths were destined to cross
3943) Because Clark didn’t want to see Lex get hurt by anyone
3944) Because Clark confronted Dr. Garner to save Lex
3945) Because Lex would have loved to see Clark in just his boxers
3946) Because everyone wanted to know the truth about Clark but Lex was the only one who really cared about him
3947) Because we knew that Lex will always wait for Clark whenever he is ready
3948) Because Lex knew that he was the only one that could save Clark
3949) Because it would have more interesting if Clark screamed “Lex!”
3950) Because Lex knew that it was Clark in the memory tank
3951) Because Lex came to make sure that his man was okay
3952) Because Lionel’s the one obsessed with Clark…yeah, right
3953) Because “I would have never sacrificed you or anyone I care about to bring him down”-Lex
3954) Because Clark is far from happy…especially now
3955) Because Lara worried that no one would love her son, but she had nothing to worry about…Clark is loved more than she will ever know
3956) Because Clex is the most enjoyable couple to watch on the show
3957) Because Lex would come back for Clark
3958) Because Lex would love to have his own Clark Kent stalker website
3959) Because Clark knows that a lot of people deserve to die before Lex
3960) Because Lex would follow Clark anywhere no matter where he goes
3961) Because Clark will always hear Lex’s cries for help
3962) Because nothing’s impossible when it comes to Clex
3963) Because we are still waiting for the Clex marriage proposal
3964) Because Lex only wants a view of Clark when he is at work
3965) Because Clark dreams of and wishes for the day where Lex come back to him
3966) Because Clark and Lex will always be together….no matter what anyone else says or believes
3967) Because we need the memories of Clex to be put back into Clark’s mind
3968) Because we will always miss the good old days…when the show was good
3969) Because it’s a mystery to no one who Lex’s real hero is
3970) Because Lex would never complain as much as Pete did, he’d just be happy to be with Clark
3971) Because we’d rather have Clex bonding
3972) Because Lex better ask Clark to marry him….before he gets involved with the wrong person, again
3973) Because Clark hated seeing Lex’s picture on the cabin wall
3974) Because Clark knew that he had to save Lex from Van
3975) Because nothing can stop their love from going on forever
3976) Because 8 seasons later…its time Clark faces the truth finally
3977) Because Lex didn’t fall for the wrong man
3978) Because Clark hated that Chloe had a file on Lex…he only can have information on his man
3979) Because Lex survives his near-death experiences because of Clark
3980) Because they walked together just like they should always be
3981) Because Clark will only be happy when someone mentions Lex and then he appears
3982) Because life would have worse for Lex if the meteor shower didn’t happen
3983) Because Clark needs to find the courage to confront the truth...once and for all
3984) Because they have feelings for each other that can never be duplicated
3985) Because Clark needs to tell Lex his secret so he can finally be with the one that he loves
3986) Because Clark can’t give up, not until he tells Lex the truth about everything
3987) Because Lex can’t stop watching the video of the day Clark saved him
3988) Because what made and kept Clark human was the ability to love and keep loving Lex
3989) Because Lex would believe that Clark was murdered
3990) Because Clark is Lex’s lover-boy
3991) Because if they have to be least they can be together
3992) Because not everything can be explained with science and logic
3993) Because Clark can’t be long as he has Lex with him
3994) Because the years of love between them will always be worth it
3995) Because Lex’s interests start and end with Clark
3996) Because they will always understand even when the world doesn’t
3997) Because we hope that Lex can forgive Clark for lying to him all these years
3998) Because they fell in love super quickly!
3999) Because this couple deserves more than what the show is giving them
4000) Because 4000 reasons and 7.5 years of love can't be made up or taken away!!!

~ ♥ ~
icon credit: naked art on LJ
Sam/Dean Jared/Jensen Clark/Lex Michael/Tom Holmes/Watson Robert/Jude Sherlock/John
Thor/Loki Charles/Erik Kirk/Spock Zachary/Chris Dexter/Deb Nev/Max Thorin/Bilbo Neal/Peter John/D'avin Thomas/Newt Conrad/Devon Stiles/Scott
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"Lex, have you ever wondered
if you're destined to be with someone?.

Credit: Claudypritz

After150threads and almost 10 seasons later…these are the top 25 things we’ve learned:

1• Clark and Lex are still meant to be
2• The show should have ended after season 7
3• The only LL for Clark is Lex Luthor
4• Coming out of the hero closet will never make you a better person
5• Aquaman is bitter and has jealousy issues
6• A ring on the finger means nothing in the Smallville Universe
7• Someone that can barely graduate high school can get a job at the Daily Planet
8• Clark is a liar…and always will be
9• With Clex it was always love…never loved
10• Clark is incapable of telling the truth
11• The only truth in that show was when Lex told Clark “I love you”
12• The BK only truly loves one person…himself
13• Anyone can be a Luthor
14• People never seem to notice when the only person crying at someone’s funeral isn’t the spouse…
it’s the person’s real one true love
15• Two people can keep a board going despite random annoying posters
16• Zod has a crush on Jor and always will!
17• The Luthor’s and the Kent’s are meant to be!
18• People that make absolutely no chemistry can be together in some people’s minds
19• All the missing people are on an island somewhere mocking the show
20• Jonathan and Lionel went to hell
21• Tom as executive producer does absolutely nothing to make the show better
22• Some people can’t take a hint
23• The Talon should have been blown up a long time ago
24• Soul mates is only a term to be used for Clex
25• As always “Destiny…is another word for not having a choice”

|| S o u l M a t e s? O r Just a D y s f u n c t i o n a l F r i e n d s h i p ? ;

Credit: Bigmamag

Despite what was done to them in the show,
we will always believe that Clark Kent and Lex Luthor are soul mates
no matter what the show and the comic books say.
From day one Clark and Lex were destined to be with each other,
fate lead them to one another and fate
will bring them back to one another.

They are not enemies and they will never hate each other
because they have been through to much together to ever feel
anything else but love for each other.
Throughout his years, Clark has saved many people’s life
but he will always know that
his first of many saves will always be Lex
and they both remember it like yesterday.

Clark and Lex will always be important parts of each other’s
lives and they will always remember their time spent together.

To the fans of Clex, they will always be much more than
the people that the world sees,
they will always be the Clark and Lex that each other saw.

| | F e e l i n g l i k e t a k i n g a walk D o w n M e m o r y L a n e ? ;

Credit: claudypritz

"It's like the German poet Rilke said, a person isn't who they are during the last conversation you had with them
they're who they've been throughout your whole relationship."

♥ ♥ ♥

S e a s o n M e m o r i e s & M o m e n t s ;

" I’ll always be your friend and that’s never going to change"

" Clark, you can't save the world.
All you'll end up with is a Messiah complex and a lot of enemies.
Clark: I saved you, didn't I? That turned out all right.

Credit: claudypritz

• S e a s o n 1 O n e

Smallville came to our screens on
October 16, 2001
and told the story of a mysterious stranger from space
that came to Smallville.

This was the best season for Clex
because this is where it all began from the car accident
to the tornado and everything in between.

There were many great Clex moments in season one
and this was the season where it was clear that both
Clark and Lex were made for something better than small town life.
From the first save at the bridge to the many saves in between
Clark and Lex became closer as “friends.”

Clark worked through his year of high school,
while keepings his powers hidden and
his feelings for Lex not hidden at all

" You can waste your time playing it safe or you can go for it,
But at some point, Clark...
you just know when something is right

" Lex, I don’t think having passion is such a bad thing"

Credit: claudypritz

• S e a s o n 2 T w o

This season started with the residents of the town
cleaning up from the tornado
and trying to recover what was left of Smallville.
This season introduced Lex’s two of three wives,
which were Desiree and Helen; though he was unsure about them
Clark was the best man for both of the weddings.

Through the ups and the downs
Clark saved Lex many times in this season
as many people wanted him dead and would do
anything possible to get that done.

Many episodes focused on the past of Clark and Lex
where we learned that before they came together as friends
after the car accident Jonathan saved Lionel and Lex
from the meteor shower right after they saved Clark.

Clark’s secret still drove Lex crazy
but they still cared about each other as their lives
kept getting more complicated.

" Lex, your father threw you in a mental institution and fried your brain.
If you found that out all over again I thought he might kill you
and I couldn’t live with that

" Three months on a deserted island, was almost worth it
to see the look on your face right now.

Credit: claudypritz

• S e a s o n 3 T h r e e

Season 3 began with Lex being presumed dead
after a place crash while on the way to his honeymoon with Helen
and Clark taking a risk as Kal in Metropolis.
Lex wasn’t dead after all he was just stranded on a desert island and
Clark refusing to accept who he really is
robs, confuses, and upsets the citizens of Metropolis
while on Red Kryptonite.

After much work, Clark and Lex made their way back to Smallville
and as untrusting as ever the Kent’s still looked at treated Lex
the same but
Clark was beyond happy to have him back.

However being deserted on a tropical island can really mess
with a person’s mind, so
this season focused on Lex’s mental heath
and how it slowly started to affect him so much
that he ended up in an asylum.

Following the breakout of the asylum with Clark helped
with Lex became obsessed with trying to figure the
memories that he had lost.
Figuring out Clark’s secret continued to obsess Lex
more than ever
as he got closer
to figuring out what it really was.

The season ended with the loss of a not so important
cast member and the anticipation of what
could be next in the adventures of Clark and Lex...

" In my life, I've learned that you can never give up on something that means a lot to you,
even when you're coming off a losing season, you keep trying,
because sometimes you just need a fresh start

" Just tell me you didn’t do it... "
(having slept with all those 13 women)

Credit: claudypritz

• S e a s o n 4 F o u r

This season was the “beginning of the end”
of Smallville, with Clark and Lex’s friendship in question
and with the introduction of questionable characters and storylines.

As Clark became closer to his true destiny with an induction
of another superhuman that was
“faster than a speeding bullet”...the Flash!

Despite everyone still being against Lex,
Clark gave him another chance

and saw that though he did clearly have an evil side
he still cared about him enough to continue to save him.

The season ended with Clark and his fellow classmates
finishing their time at Smallville High School, and their
lives were forever changed from that moment on.

" You mean the kind of man you’ve always been? "

Credit: claudypritz

• S e a s o n 5 F i v e

Aquaman, Cyborg, and Dr. Milton Fine (Brainiac) come to Smallville
in the season of adventure, and questions as Clark sets out
on his first year out of high school.

Though their friendship ended during season 4,
Clark couldn’t help but stay always from Lex and
Lex couldn’t help but try and figure out Clark’s secret.

There really weren’t any memorable Clex saves in
this season but the episode that we will remember
most is the holiday episode entitled
“Lexmas”where after Lex gets shot
he dreams of the perfect life where
he was married with kids
and still friends with Clark.

It may have seemed that way
but he didn’t want that life if it wasn’t meant to be…
all he wanted was to be friends with Clark again
and that’s what we wanted as well.

Quite possibly the biggest event in this season was
the death of a major character Jonathan Kent,
Clark took the death of his father hard especially
at the funeral were he knew that a big part of his life
was gone even though the most important person in
his life was still there amongst the living.

" -We're we ever really friends, Lex?.
-I don't know. I have nothing to compare it to. You're the only real friend I've ever had, Clark.
And somewhere along the way, you saw me as your nemesis, turned your back on me.

Credit: claudypritz

• S e a s o n 6 S i x

Photographer for the Daily Planet, Jimmy Olsen
and Rich Playboy, Oliver Queen (The Green Arrow)
join the show as Clark gets closer and closer
to realizing who he is truly meant to be.

There were many questionable things that occurred
during this season especially Lex’s third marriage but
the one thing in this season that wasn’t questionable
was how Clark and Lex felt about each other.

The highlight of this season and quite possibly
the entire show was in the episode
this episode showed that the relationship between
Clark and Lex was not gone from their hearts
because Clark risked his life and went through
the meteor rock to save the one person who
had always been there for him since the beginning.

Knowing that Clark would never give up on Lex
he was satisfied knowing that they would always
be an important part of each other’s lives forever
no matter where they were headed.
As we continued to learn more about
the history of Clark and Lex
their connection to each other got stronger
as their feelings for each other stayed the same

because their love will never go away.

" I love you like a brother Clark,
but it has to end this way….I’m sorry

Credit: claudypritz

• S e a s o n 7 S e v e n

This season was the last one to feature Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor,
with the introduction of Clark’s cousin Kara,
Lex found another Kent that he found rather interesting but
despite all that he always will love Clark.

There was a serious lack of Clex moments
in this season but that didn’t stop Lex trying harder
than ever to find out Clark’s big secret.

7 years of wondering, waiting,
and knowing the truth,
in Michael’s final episode entitled
“Arctic” Lex told Clark and the world
"I love you Clark”
though he said it was like a brother
we will always know better and so does Clark.

N o t e : We refuse to accept any other Lex wannabes/doubles.
The actor who portrays Lex Luthor on Smallville
is only Michael Rosenbaum,
and in case he decides not to return to the show,
to the fans of c l e x,
the last appearance of Lex will be
remembered as the last moment he had with Clark
in the Fortress of Solitude.

• S e a s o n 8 E i g h t

" I’d like to think there was a time when Lex and I had a real friendship"

Because we do miss the old Clark...

we want you back Lex... ;

Credit: claudypritz

• S e a s o n 9 N i n e

" -You must have had a friend that you had a connection with, like you were opposite sides of the same soul
-Once. A long time ago...

Credit: claudypritz

• S e a s o n 10 T e n

" Because that's the big relationship [clex] that I believe propelled Clark to become Superman"

Tom Welling, active clex shipper

Credit: claudypritz

N o t e : Are you feeling
about the way the show is ending
without having clex in it?,
We hear you…but just keep in mind one thing…
”it’s not about the ending, it’s about the journey”

Our Favorite Hugs

Credit: Claudypritz

What makes Clex hugs so special...

"Sometimes it's better to put love into hugs than to put it into words.”
~Author Unknown~
Clark and Lex couldn’t always say what they felt,
but somehow they were always able to show how they felt
and even if no one saw it they didn’t care they hug anyway!.

So what made them special was that their hugs weren’t
always expected but always appreciated
because it was a constant sign of their love.

There was never a moment that Clark was unhappy when he was
in Lex’s arms; he was able to feel safe there as if no one could
see them they had their own extraordinary moment in time.

Clark and Lex never felt that special connection with anyone else
besides one another and they knew
that bond was strengthened
every time that they were with each other.

The chemistry that Clex has always had will keep hope alive that
one day that they will be back together to hug again
and get married of course!.

"Clark, I want to say thank you for saving me, but words seem too small.
Without you, I would’ve been lost. You’re a true friend.

Credit: claudypritz

Our Top 5 Favorite Moments

icon credit: naked art on LJ
Sam/Dean Jared/Jensen Clark/Lex Michael/Tom Holmes/Watson Robert/Jude Sherlock/John
Thor/Loki Charles/Erik Kirk/Spock Zachary/Chris Dexter/Deb Nev/Max Thorin/Bilbo Neal/Peter John/D'avin Thomas/Newt Conrad/Devon Stiles/Scott
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B e c a u s e, r e a l l y....

|| S u p e r S p e c i a l & U l t r a S e c r e t Clex F i l e s ;

Credit: Bigmamag

• T h e C l a r k R o o m

" Montaigne said obsession was the wellspring of genius and madness. This is my obsession.
I’m sure you can understand my reluctance to show you this room, I thought you might decide I was a little… eccentric .

Credit: claudypritz

In the episode entitled
“Visitor” in Season 2
we finally got to see
“The Clark Room,”
in this room Lex had his collection
all the things that reminded him of his man Clark.

This room consisted of all the things that
Lex had collected of Clark since he met him;
the largest thing in this room of mystery was
the exact car that hit Clark
when Lex drove into him on the Loeb Bridge.

Along with the car, there were many other things
in the room such as
videos of Clark and the accident,
pictures that Clark drew of Krypton
symbols, other pictures of Clark ,
pieces of meteor rock,
melted bullets, and much more.

There was something quite magical about this room;
it was a room that showed that
the power of love and obsession
can lead people to do some pretty crazy things.

In the episode "Covenant"
in season 3, Lionel gave Clark a key
not just any key…it was a key to Lex’s room of obsession.
When Clark walked in to Lex’s room,
he was shocked at what he saw,
especially since he believed that Lex had stopped
investigating his alien past.

Clark was rather upset about Lex’s room but
he finally realized that the reason why
Lex made the room was to show
that his interest in Clark
will never be threatening,
it will always be the most real room in the mansion.

We have not seen the Clark room since but
we hope that the room is still in the mansion
and through the years Lex added more and more information to it
to make this private collection complete.

" Funny thing about obsession is; it outlives everything...even love. "

Credit: claudypritz

Credit: bigmamag

• L e x’ s F a k e M a r r i a g e s

" I want you to be there on our wedding day... to see what you lost. "

Lex’s first fake marriage in Smallville was
to the power of pheromones in the episode
when Lex laid his eyes on Desiree Atkins it was
what he thought was love at first sight,
and because of the power she had over him
they got married,
Clark was the best man at the wedding
despite his feelings against it
and as quickly and crazy as it began
the marriage ended.

Season 2: While attending an anger management class,
Lex found his next wife, Dr. Helen Bryce.
They had their ups and downs
especially when Helen found
the “Clark Room”
in the mansion
but they decided to marry and
once again
Clark was the best man.

This marriage didn’t work out of course
because of Lionel and Helen working together
to find a way to end the marriage.

Season 6: Lex’s last and final fake marriage
happened in season 6 where to many people’s surprise
Lex married Lana Lang.
Clark was brokenhearted
knowing that once again his man
was marrying the wrong person.

Once again, this marriage didn’t last long
because it started and ended with lies,
it was clear from the beginning
that they weren’t meant to be
like Clark and Lex.

Credit: claudypritz

• F a v o r i t e C l e x’ s S a v e s

" -To be honest, I don’t know why I’m not dead
-There must be someone watching over you
-In more ways than one...
Season 1:x01 ” The Pilot”
(Clark saves Lex
for the first time of many
from the car accident on the bridge and
Lex saves a tied up “scarecrow”
Clark that was out in the field in just his boxers)

(Clark saves a dangling Lex from
a falling off an elevated walkway in LuthorCorp)

(Clark saves Lex from the invisible
attacker at the Luthor Mansion)

(Clark saves Lex from the evil
Desiree after she sets his clothing on fire)

(In a flashback, a young Clark helps to
calm down Lex after the meteor shower,
Clark saves Lex from Rachel Dunleavy
how claimed to be Clark’s mother and
believed that Clark was her and
Lionel’s son Lucas)

(Clark saves Lex from the power of his
father Lionel and new found half-brother
Lucas by providing him a place to stay
and being his own personal superhero)

(Clark saves Lex from a kryptonite bullet)

(Clark saves Lex many different times
from thinking that the mansion was
attacked Clark goes along with Lex
trying to prove that the mansion was
attacked but in the end Lex slowly
loses it and ends up at Belle
Reve asylum)

(Lex asks Clark to break him out
of Belle Reve asylum after he was
put there by Lionel and of course
Clark does it)

(Lex saves Clark from the meteor rock
filled memory tank at the Summerholt Institute)

(Clark saved Lex from his evil
alter ego Alexander who wanted
to take over Lex’s life)

(Clark saves Lex from Oliver's arrow in the chest)

(Clark goes into the tunnel to save Lex
and they find each other in the tunnel.
After finding Lex they worked their way out
despite the meteor rocks and the collapsing
walls and ceilings, despite the obstacles
they were able to save each other
many times which showed that
they still love each other).

" Who needs Warrior Angel... when we’ve got our own Clark Kent?"

Credit: claudypritz

~ ♥ ~

Clex Vids

Credit: Bigmamag
Clex Links

Credit: Bigmamag

Clex Fanfiction

Credit: Bigmamag

"Don’t give up on me yet."

Wellingbaum Gallery
Credit: claudypritz


"You know how many times
we would goof because there'd be a moment...
well, you guys know about the grabbing-ass thing?
You saw those, like I don't think I one cares.
I mean, he's my boy, man!

And yeah, we're grabbing ass all the time,
touching each other's butts. It's okay!
We were buddies and sometimes we'd be in a scene
and it's really intense and it's just....
"you're so friggin' handsome!" (as Lex)
"Forget about all my lies...your lies,
let's just live this moment!
Keep it real, brother. Keep it real..."

Michael Rosenbaum

"I think the Clark and Lex relationship
is actually pretty powerful.

The homoerotic undertones
of that relationship
are just mind boggling".

Tom Welling

"When I tell a joke, he's the first person who laughs.
He's there every day, and it takes a lot.
I'll miss moments.
We had some great moments where we laughed until
we cried, and really enjoyed ourselves.

There wasn't a day that went by
when we didn't have at least one good laugh.
Even with a tough episode,
where maybe we didn't like the story
or the director, we somehow made light
of things and laughed”.

Michael Rosenbaum

"Brando who? To me there's only Rosenbaum".
Tom Welling

"That line....I mean, I couldn't do it because...
imagine me, standing there in this giant leather
I want to say something but I'm not going to
and it was 20 pounds and it was, like, purple and I was all
"Ohmigod, where is my career going?

Kneel before Zod!".
You know that line, it was hard not to...
when Tom got on his knees and I had to goof around.
"KNEEL BEFORE ZOD and" (whispers) "suck it!"
I had to say that on camera!
'Cause we're joking around,
two guys fooling around.....(crowd laughs)
Not like that!
Well, when you're comfortable with your sexuality,
you can say whatever the hell you want!
You know? It's just cool."

Michael Rosenbaum

"Well, the thing is, Michael Rosenbaum who plays Lex....
I actually bought him a car for Christmas.
Audience: Aw!
Host: Did you really?

Yes!, but he didn't get me anything!
He says it's back ordered, whatever it is,
but I think he's lying....”

Tom Welling

"The cast and crew, I mean,
they're like family.
I see them more than my own family.

Like Tom....he's like (*adopts gruff Tom-voice*)
"and yes, I will miss you"
'Cause Tom doesn't really say too much.
He's like, you know,
not as emotional as Lex...."

Michael Rosenbaum

"An important tool I learned from Michael
which I seriously will...will always take with me
is the value of off-screen performance.
Michael does a really good job of keeping it fresh for you.
He'll keep the same cues so you're allowed to....
so you know when it's your turn to speak,
especially when you're not listening to
what he's saying, you're just waiting for his last word...
but he keeps it very fresh and interesting.
He'll throw other words at you.

He'll raise his intensity, he'll lower it,
to really help you get a performance out and it's really helpful....
It's an important thing and
I'd like to take this moment to thank you, Michael.
James Marshall (director): That was beautiful.

Michael: I don't know what to say, Tom.
You're welcome, my friend.
Tom: And you completely...
Michael: You will always be a friend.
Tom: You completely deserve that Saturn award.
Michael: Thank you so much.

Q: It must be strange walking around town
when everyone knows you are Superman.
TW:You know what? People barely notice me!
It's always Michael Rosenbaum who gets the attention.
It's that bald head that gets him noticed.

Last night we were staying at a hotel and
I wanted to show Michael the pool,
but it was fenced off and the hotel security guard
just wouldn't let me past.
Then Michael appears and the guard says:
"Oh it's, go and have a look,
but it's because I love your show ok?"

"One my one day off in Vancouver,
on a rainy, foggy day --no pun intended–
I went and saw 'The Fog.'
When Tom was in the shower scene, I called him.
I go, 'Tom, I'm halfway through your movie, dude.

You look so hot in the shower.'
It was hilarious.
"I'm very supportive. And Tom saw me in 'Sorority Boys'
four times."

Tom: "The craziest thing?
Well, he's just, he's like a five-year-old.
He's always just starting trouble and umm,
but we get him every once in a while.
The other day he had a close up and
he was trying to get out of set real quick
and catch a plane out of town
to go to some party in Vegas with Jerry Bruckheimer.

You know, he lives the high life, Michael.
And just as he's going in for his close up,
for the last shot, the last thing he's gotta do,
he shakes my hand and I'm off camera and
I had a whole hand full of vaseline.
And I just smeared it all through his hand
and up into his arm, and he didn't break
and they said cut and then he freaked out.
And he's screamin' out, and so
who knows what people thought of him
when he got on the plane with a hand
full of vaseline. I'm not sure."

"I'm really sorry. I was back there doing an interview with E!
-which will never air, by the way,-
because my name isn't Tom Welling,-

and I don't have a sexy ass.
Hey, did you guys see that episode last week?
Doesn't he have a great ass?".

Michael Rosenbaum

"Michael brings out a lot of fun in Tom.
Tom has a tendency to get really serious”.
Allison Mack

"The boys definitely play more practical jokes on one another
more than anyone else;

the boys as in Tom and Michael.
And they do it a lot!".

Kristin Kreuk

Credit: claudypritz

-”We love the idea of them kissing"
-"Why not?!"
Alfred Gough & Miles Millar

"I'm doing everything I can to get Michael Rosenbaum to come back.
Michael? Please?

You can't have the show without Lex Luthor,
and there's no Lex Luthor to me except Michael.
He is the best"

Tom Welling

”I would love to have Lex back.

I love Michael
He’s a great guy, fun to work with.
Anybody who knows Michael should tell him he should come back.
We want him back."

Tom Welling

"What do you want to see from Clark in the final season?"
"Clark and Lex. Clark and Lex."
Tom Welling

”We just saw him in the newspaper
[in the season finale dream sequence]
running for president..."

-"Exactly. And whatever we're going to do this year
with Clark being propelled into being Superman,
how do you do that without a Lex Luthor, you know what I mean?
That doesn't make sense to me.
So I hope to see him”.

Tom Welling

"Honestly, I just want to see Lex Luthor again...
I want to see Lex. I want to see him come back.
In the show, he's still alive. He's just not around.
But I want to see Michael and I want to see Lex Luthor.

I want to know how that relationship really turns out…”
Tom Welling

”Because that's the big relationship [clex]
that I believe propelled Clark to become Superman”
Tom Welling

"I definitely want to see Michael Rosenbaum.
I've got to see Lex."
Tom Welling

”Michael, you KNOW what I'm talking about”
Tom Welling

"I have tried a few things with Michael.
I've twisted his arm,
I've taken him to dinner,
I've gotten him drunk...

I've tried to get him to sign papers that he didn't know what they were...
so, I'm trying everything that I can."

Tom Welling

”Yes, he calls me all the time,
takes me out to dinner. I'm like
"Tom's never taken me to dinner before!"

And he's like,
"You're gonna come back!"
after I've had like, six drinks.....Well, we'll see."

Michael Rosenbaum

"So, is there any chance you will return for season 10 the final season?".
“I dont know, Tom has been stalking me
and talks are being had, its not a no,
Lex could come back, crazier things have happend"

Michael Rosenbaum

IGN: "Obviously a lot of people would love to see
Lex Luthor again before the end of the series…"

TW: "I would! I definitely do!"
IGN:"Have you talked to Michael [Rosenbaum] about it?"

TW: "I text him all the time...
I'm directing an episode right now and he was like,
"Hey, what are you doing?"
I go, "Directing. You should be in this episode!"
He's like, "Anything for you".
I'm like, "Ah, go to the airport!"

"A Billionaire and a Farm Boy/Superhero?
Who would have thought?
But when they collided that memorable day two lives changed…forever.
When I first started watching Smallville, not so long ago
I just saw something in this couple that I didn’t see in any other couples
or possible couples...actual feelings.

The most of the possible couples looked like they were forced together
because that’s the way that the Superman comics were written
thought that more people would rather have certain people together.
I really wish that people took the time and took the chance
to see Clark and Lex as a couple;
I mean it was very obvious that they cared about each other
and loved each other.

Despite the secrets and the times
they kept each other at arms length,
I believe that they really did love each other and at the end the
“I love you” was honest and well worth the wait.
They should have stopped over thinking things and
just went with their feelings!
No matter what happens Clex will always be
an important couple to the show and to me”.

Lauren [ocfan27]

"Clex is the reason why SV had me hooked from the beginning…
I never was a Superman fan, in fact, I couldn’t stand him,
maybe because I always thought his life was quite predictable and boring
and never saw anything really exciting in it,
so I was gladly surprised to realize how deeply wrong I had been;

however, I’ve got to clarify that I only find it that way
in this particular version of Clark Kent.
What I think makes this version so special and original
is Clark and Lex’s relationship which is, in my opinion,
the most interesting and well-developed by far,
and also the one that defines the entire show,

I believe they belong together as a couple because
every time they protect one another what they’re really doing is
to prove to the world once again that they’ll never be able to
give up on each other and in my eyes that can’t be any other feeling
but real love. Clark and Lex are also known as
Warrior Angel/Devilicus and Naman/Sageeth not because
they were destined to be “enemies”, but because
they complement/complete/balance mutually.

Each one of them finds in the other what they need
and that’s my definition of soulmates.
Even though their love story doesn’t have a happy Hollywood ending,
it doesn’t make it any less beautiful.
After all, the stories that transcend time
are those with tragic endings, that’s why clex
will always have a very special place in my heart.”

Claudia [claudypritz]

~ ♥ ~

Our Happy Clex-Endings

My Perfect Smallville Ending;
by Lauren

The episode opens with Clark sitting on the floor of his loft packing up his belongings, camera pans out we see a
“For Sale” sign on the Kent Farm, back to Clark again he smiling a little as he continues to puts his memories into
poorly constructed cardboard boxes.

He hears someone…“Your football jacket…I remember that”-says Pete as approaches the loft where Clark was.

Cut to “somebody save me” back at the loft, they exchange a few awkward moments and they approach each other,

“Clark…I know what you are thinking…but its time…its time that she knew how I felt”-Pete
“Pete….Chloe’s dead”-Clark
“Your lying to me…again…I don’t need to hear this….I shouldn’t have waited this long but I guess that you already
know that”-Pete
“I regret the moment that we ever became friends, there was always someone else and you know it”-Pete.

Pete leaves the loft and speeds off. Remembering Clark’s comment he stops at the library to check the obituaries
it turns out Clark was right. He rushes to the cemetery and approaches Chloe’s gravestone…Oliver is there….
Pete clears his throat…Oliver jumps a little…they introduce themselves to each other…

“So it’s true…she’s gone…I wish I told her a long time ago how I felt…back when we were in high school”-Pete

“I’m sorry Pete that you didn’t have the time or the chance to tell her…everyone deserves to be able to tell someone
how they felt”-Oliver.

“Did you love her?”-Pete

“No…I only thought I did”-Oliver.

Oliver turns away and starts walking to his car…Pete look back at him and sighs….maybe he really didn’t love her
the way that he once thought that he did.

Cut to Clark in his living room aimlessly flipping through a real estate magazine on his break from packing and
listening to the TV in the back tuning it out until he hears “The Daily Planet…Fire” Clark drops the magazine and
super speeds to the DP…Clark stands outside the smoldering Daily Planet building knowing that there were no
survivors and that there was nothing he could do….he just stands there…helpless for the first time in his life…
while firefighters enter and exit the rumble with no one…he is numb.

Clark’s cell rings, he ignores it…he checks the voicemail there is a garbled message
“Clark…its Oliver…Clark…CLARK! Save me…He’s here….I can’t get away….CLARK!”
Stunned by the message and the possible sounds of gunshots…Clark sped away from the scene to Oliver’s
apartment; blood was coming through the bottom of the locked office door. He bursts in…

”Clark Kent…just in time for round two” “Now don’t cry at his funeral…it will make you look weak”-Lex

“Lex? Weren’t you…aren’t you?”-Clark

“Dead? Nope…..that jerk wanted to kill me so bad…but once again…his plans were foiled”-Lex

“I knew it…and he knew it but he wanted us to think that he killed you, but all this time….where were you?”-Clark

“All in good time Clark…now how’s the Daily Planet coming along?”-Lex

“Lex…it caught on fire I was just there…”-Clark

“You you know Clark…since I’ve been back…I have been misplacing things like crazy…I went to the Daily Planet…
and must have left my matches there”-Lex

“Lex…innocent people were in there…Tess and Lois”-Clark

“I’m sorry Clark but those two were far from innocent and I can’t take you serious when he’s lying here staring
at me and besides…blood is getting on my good shoes”-Lex.

Cut to the sound of ambulances as Clark speeds off back to the Kent Farm…he didn’t want to tell Lex that
he was thinking of moving…in fact he didn’t know if seeing Lex again would change anything.

Clark returned to his packing and was clearly absorbed in it…weeks went by and then months…
he didn’t go to any funerals and the Smallville Police Department were too dumb to catch on to what Lex did.
The for sale sign remained on the front of his childhood home for a long time….he had a couple offers here and
there…he never thought that his mother would give him such an impossible task…it was nearly the end of
December when Clark heard a car pull up in his driveway. He didn’t look outside…he didn’t want to, the doorbell
rings. Clark gets up…sigh as he looks are the sparse Christmas tree practically dying…

“Lex?” he asks…

“Merry Christmas Clark…it’s a little late but…I’m sure you don’t mind”
Lex hands him an envelope as he made his way inside. Clark opens it

“Lex…what are you doing”

“I’m buying your home Clark…I own it so you never have to worry about it again”

“Lex, you didn’t have to...I perfectly fine selling it and finding somewhere else to live”

“Now you don’t have to…Clark…stay as long as you like”

Being free from the farm Clark was able to come and go as he pleased…and as time went by the loneliness set in.

1 Year Later-Flash-forward
Clark saves a woman from her car that just caught on fire….

“Thank you…um….”
“Clark Kent” he says with a smile. Knowing that he didn’t have to live behind a mask anymore…knowing that if
he was going to be a hero than people deserved who was saving their lives.

During that time of saving lives and making changes

Smallville Cemetery-
“Oh, I wish you could be here to see everything I accomplished you would be proud of me that I finally accepted
who I was” Clark said out loud.

“Clark…are you done” Lex asks him.

“Yes….goodbye Chloe…I miss you” Clark said as he smiled and walked quickly past

“Lois Lane, Oliver Queen, and Tess Mercer” barely glancing back he noticed one that seemed all but forgotten…
he cleared the dead brush and snow so he could see the name “Lana Lang”….
Clark shook his head and climbed into the limo with Lex a moving truck is following the limo
because the Penthouse in Metropolis no longer has to wait for them.

Credit: Bigmamag

My Perfect Smallville Ending;
by Claudia

Outside of the Luthor mansion, it’s past midnight, one week after the Red-Blue Blur and Lex Luthor
joined forces and defeated Darkseid. As anticipated, the news had been filtered like powder through
main newspapers of the world; all of them expressed publicly their admiration for the bravery displayed
by the man who until then had been best-known as the blurred protector of Metropolis. No one scrimped
on praises, they described him as a real “Super- man," whose force and heroism were “out of this world."

In the ample garden of the exclusive castle of Smallville, a gust of wind crosses the shrubs at full speed,
swaying them with smoothness as it rushes by. Inside his study, Lex falls back into old habits, and
seated at his desk, works concentrated on one of his projects, when suddenly the doors are set wide open,
and Clark enters the room.

There is no need to be startled because of the unexpected interruption; Lex knows very well his visitor’s identity.
He simply raises his gaze and for a few seconds observes in silence the person who once had been his best
friend, in fact, the only one he had had in his life, if he were completely honest with himself.
It seemed somewhat absurd to him to realize how a decade had passed from that one first encounter with the
blue of those eyes, and nevertheless in spite of the years but mainly due to his grief it would always be that glance,
the only one in the world with the power sufficient to affect his emotions, the only one capable of demolishing the
barriers that surrounded the darkness of his soul.

However, it was so much more complicated to have to pretend indifference whenever their gazes met,
just like at that moment.

“Clark," Lex says with a bored tone of voice. "As always, there’s still no door to prevent you from breaking into
my property…what brings you here so late? Or should I cut to the chase and ask what villainy did I do this time?"
As he closes his laptop, Lex leans back in his chair, then smiles smugly when notices the confusion in Clark’s face.
"I will not lie to you, seeing you here was the last thing I expected."

Although it had been more than a week since Clark had seen the real Lex again, and not another one of his
so-questionable clones; the reality was that the interaction between the two of them had been limited in its totality
to the construction of a plan of attack against Darkseid; it went without saying that their personal differences could wait.
This time was different, Clark knew that the time for waiting had come to an end.

“Lex… I did not come to fight with you," Clark answers nervously. "I came because we need to talk.”

“And to talk about what exactly?” says a surprised Lex, whose interest had been awakened when he noticed
the confusion in Clark’s voice.

“Eh… about us,” Clark mumbles, and immediately hated himself for sounding so insecure, so unsubtle
and unsophisticated. Such hesitation transported him to a time that seemed so distant, when years ago in that same study
he used to be embarrassed every time his mind became too conscious of Lex’s eyes fixed on him.
It was true: the more things change, the more they stay the same, he thought.

“I was under the impression that there was no more us, Clark.” Lex didn’t like at all the sudden turn in the conversation;
he’d never been fan of surprises, and less of those that concerned Clark. Nevertheless, he distinguished something different
in the attitude of the man standing in front of his desk, something that at the same time was very familiar to him… could it
perhaps be affection, he wondered.

“Lex, it’s for that reason I am here, for us…look, ever since I thought you were dead I haven’t been able to stop thinking about
everything we went through together, not only on the negative things, but also in the good memories… and you know what I realized?”

“That you had lots of free time on your hands?” Lex smiles with open sarcasm.

Clark pauses for a few seconds-. “I realized how wrong I was by taking for granted that you’d always be with me. Even though we weren’t
friends anymore, and in spite of our problems, in my mind I believed we still had enough time to fix them. When I held what I thought
were your ashes, I understood my mistake. For a second, the time stopped and that certainty faded away. I don’t know…
maybe I needed to believe I’d lost you forever to admit to myself how important you are in my life. Now that life has given me a second
chance, I’m not willing to commit the same mistake again.”

"Wow ... this drama worthy of a soap opera is quite new, I hadn’t heard it from you before ... tell me Clark, what am I supposed to do now ...
to get up and give you a hug? Would I make you happy if I’d shed a tear?"

"Please Lex ... put the ironies aside for a moment, we both deserve to have, at least for once, an honest conversation, no more lies or deceit,
would not you agree?"

“You're the one who lied to me over and over again for years, and now you happen to speak of honesty? Do you know even the meaning
of the word? Sorry to break it to you, but at this point it doesn’t suit you, Clark," Lex replies, annoyed.

"Lex, I know I hurt you in the past when I chose not to confide you with my secret and kept lying to you instead. I wish you knew
how sorry I am and how I regret it. If I'm honest, not having faith in what we had was the worst mistake I made in my life. But there is
something you don’t know yet ... how much your friendship meant to me. How hard it was for me to lie to my best friend every time
he asked questions that I didn’t feel prepared to answer yet, and observe how the disappointment and the pain grew little by little
in his eyes." Clark's voice cracks.

"Why are you telling me all this now, Clark?" asks Lex very seriously.

"Because I need you to know that when I lied it was because I was afraid to lose you, because of my own fears and all my insecurities.
I dreaded that if you knew the truth about me, your feelings towards me would change. Then I started to think that your only interest
in me laid in your suspicions about my real origins, and the distrust ended up taking over me. It was not easy for me, Lex, and while
I know it’s not an excuse, it's how I felt."

“No, Clark. I only wanted you to trust me.”

“But I wasn’t ready back then….I wish I had told you.”

“I always knew it.”

“I know.”

“Don’t you think it’s a little late for us, Clark?”

“No… there's nothing that's lost that can't be found again.”

Lex smiled and for the first time the smile reached his gray eyes-

“How can I be certain that you will never give up on me ever again?”

“Because you can never give up on something that means a lot to you, even when you're coming off a losing season…
you keep trying because sometimes you just need a fresh start.”

“Is it one of your super-powers to memorize with accuracy every word everyone’s ever said to you?"

Clark laughed. “Not really…I only remember what interests me.”

"Good. You start to convince me that this could work."

Lex gets up from his chair and walks until stopping a few inches away from Clark. They look at each other without speaking
for a brief moment. Their eyes exposing their true feelings.

"Once you promised me that our friendship would be a fulfilled it," Clark murmurs.

"A Luthor always keeps his promises".

"Lex ... one more thing, about the I love you that you mentioned in the Arctic...
you should know that I know the feeling quite well."

He didn’t know for sure who made the first move. The certainty is that the next thing he knew was that the remaining distance
between them had narrowed considerably, and that they had wrapped their arms around each other in a hug.

Honesty, Clark thought, was a value that he definitely should start practicing.

The End.

~ ♥ ~

Clex Soundtracks

♫ Clex Music ♫

▬ Current Soundtrack ▬

Credit: claudypritz


1) I See the Light-Mandy Moore
2) Sincerely, Me-Hellogoodbye
3) I miss you-Incubus
4) Someday When I Stop Loving You-Carrie Underwood
5) Inside Your Heave-Carrie Underwood
6) Cry-Jason Walker
7) Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know-Britney Spears
8) Perfect-Hedley
9) Sick as my secrets- Backstreet Boys
10) Cut- Plumb
11) You found me - Kelly Clarkson


Now, we’d like to take a brief moment to say a few words to certain someone whose presence has been required way too many times in this thread…
Dear BK ,

I’m sitting here thinking what could I say
that didn’t sound stupid or pointless but then I remembered
that’s exactly what you are, you are not my hero and I’m sorry.
I’m sorry that you were once lead into a false sense of security
in the belief that you needed power, money, and a name to
make people want to look up to you. I hope that you will finally
find your justice one day and get everything that you deserve and more
because it will happen. You never meant a thing to anyone and you are
incapable of feeling empathy for people that you have done wrong to.
The only time you have ever felt true human feelings was
for a moment in time…and it still gives me shivers to this day you can love
but you refuse to accept the truth behind it.
You have no one to blame but yourself for the way that you are and I will
always believe that because you made those choices a long time ago.
I hope that one day that you find someone that will love you even though
you have many men…they always run away from you I wish that you would
take the hint and run away with them! You maybe a fictional character
living in a fictional town but somehow the hate that I have for you is all too real
because I chose to watch Smallville and you came with the show.
I guess it can be said that for someone that hates you so much I do talk
about you a lot but it’s only because you are entertaining and
not in the good way…in the way that makes you so easy to mock for anything
and everything that you do or don’t do. So…where am I going with this?
You may mean nothing to me or anyone that’s left but always remember
that someone loved you…once upon a time.

Love Always and Forever,

L, and co-signed with C
Past Threads

Credit: claudypritz

Vid of the Moment

Credit: Bassair
credit ;
¤Claudia (claudypritz) [Arts/Organization]
¤Lauren (ocfan27) [Writings]
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Great title!! I agree...they are the real JLA members!

Okay, where's the b-day boy?
In the middle of the journey of life, I was in a dark wood,
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your welcome

yes they are! and always will be!

he needs to join the clex party!
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yes b/c Clark and Lex are so meant to be they are destined to rule the world together! go ahead and rule us all!

please...join the fun BK!

Maybe it's just time to put on our respective crowns...take yours

In the middle of the journey of life, I was in a dark wood,
For I'd lost the true path, and so, we came forth,
And once again beheld the stars.

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we don't mind at all!! b/c we know it will happen!

love it..thanks hun!
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yeah, sooner or why can't it just happen now?

anytime! I found the birthday queen...

In the middle of the journey of life, I was in a dark wood,
For I'd lost the true path, and so, we came forth,
And once again beheld the stars.

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now is sounds good to me!!

there she...oops...he is!
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they have been waiting for so's only fair! tell Lex you love him too Clark! looks like a typo but we know it's not!

BK, it's your darn birthday! wake up already! do you want us to sing Happy Birthday to you or what?!
In the middle of the journey of life, I was in a dark wood,
For I'd lost the true path, and so, we came forth,
And once again beheld the stars.

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yes thats what we want!! we know that he feels it!!

not its not! at all!

i think that he does!
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Deep down you know you're a big fat liar Clark! the reason why Lex left is because you never said "I love you" back...stop making Lex and us suffer!

Now I feel like a queen!! SO SCARY, I KNOW.

I figured...and by any chance do you want us to sing it dressed as Marilyn Monroe?
In the middle of the journey of life, I was in a dark wood,
For I'd lost the true path, and so, we came forth,
And once again beheld the stars.

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couldn't agree more...we know thats the truth! he just wants him to say "i love you" ands it!

that would be hilarious! but i'm sure he's rather have the JLA sing it to him!
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that's all!

oh of course, I'm sure of that! we weren't going to anyways! I'd love to see that special moment between them!
In the middle of the journey of life, I was in a dark wood,
For I'd lost the true path, and so, we came forth,
And once again beheld the stars.

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not to much to ask at all

me 2! who wouldn't want to see that!
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