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Old 01-31-2008, 04:59 AM
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Kelly G aww nice fic thanks
this is my favorite fanfiction board and here are many Chlark fic
Elly's Fanfiction
LucasღPeyton ChloeღClark JackღLiz
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Originally Posted by orsi998 (View Post)
Kelly G aww nice fic thanks
this is my favorite fanfiction board and here are many Chlark fic
Elly's Fanfiction
Thanks, orsi998! I haven't been to this thread in a long, long time. I always have a hard time finding it.

Wow! Over 180 fanfics! That's impressive. I haven't written very many. They're pretty much short, one-shot stories whenever I feel inspired and have the time.

I wrote a new Oliver/Clark (not romantic) one-shot inspired from "Siren". Oliver once again kicks Clark's you-know-what to get over Lana.

I'm going to post it seperately.
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Title: Moving On
Author: Kelly G
Pairing: Oliver/Clark friendship
Spoilers: none
Summary: One-shot. Oliver kicks Clark's you-know-what to get over Lana and move on.

“I thought I’d find you here.” Oliver Queen said, as he climbed the stairs to the loft of the Kent’s barn.

Clark Kent was standing over by the window, holding a framed picture of Lana Lang. “Oliver. What brings you here?” He set the picture down on the table.

“I’m sorry to disturb your moping over Lana, so I guess I’ll see if Bart’s available…”

“I wasn’t moping over Lana.” Clark protested.

“Sure looked like it to me.”

“You still haven’t answered my question, why are you here?”

“Well, Clark, there’s this project of Lex Luthor’s – maybe you’ve heard of it-Project Gemini? He needs to be stopped. Just thought I’d ask if you’d like to help, but I can see that you’re busy.”

“Project Gemini? I thought that was taken care of.”

“My sources indicate that there’s much more than we’ve realized.”

Clark eyed Oliver suspiciously. “What are you planning?”

They may not agree on their methods for handling crime but they were on the same side after all. “Nothing illegal, if that’s what you’re worried about.” Oliver assured him. “Come on, Clark. With your abilities….we could sure use you on our team. Stop Lex once and for all.”

“Somehow, I doubt that. Look, Oliver, it’s not that I don’t want to-”

“I can hear a ‘but’ coming….”

“I can’t just leave the farm. There’re things that have to be done.”

“Ever hear of hiring workers? It’s an interesting concept- they do the work for you. You’re just making excuses. It’s a shame really, to be stuck on the farm, when you could do so much good out there-” Oliver gestured out the window. He changed the subject. “Where’s Lana? I thought she was staying here with you?”

“She was. She, uh, went to stay with Chloe for a while.” A wistfulness had crept back into Clark’s voice.

Oh, no. Oliver could see that Clark was slipping into his “Lana melancholy” again. It was time for Clark to get over it and move on. “So, Clark, how long have you and Lana been going in circles over this whole relationship thing?”

“That’s really none of your business!”

“Maybe not. But as your friend, who wants to see you reach your full potential and not waste it pining over something that just keeps making you miserable, not to mention everyone else….”

“Get off my back, Oliver. You don’t understand-”

“Don’t understand what? About wanting to find a love that will last forever?” Oliver’s tone softened. “I understand more than you know, but we’re different. You and I were meant for so much more. Look, if things haven’t worked out with Lana by now, then maybe they aren’t supposed to. Did you ever think of that, Clark?”

Clark was silent for a moment.

“Well, maybe you have. Some things just aren’t meant to be- like Lois and me. But do you see me moping about it? No. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. It does. It hurts a lot. I’m just not going to let that stop me from doing what I have to. Many innocent people are out there who need our help.” Oliver paused. “Maybe it’s time that you ask yourself what’s really holding you back from fulfilling your destiny? Or should I say who?”

Oliver turned to leave. “There’s always room for you, if you ever want to join with us. You know where to find me.”

Oliver was halfway down the stairs when Clark called out, “Hey, Oliver! So, what’s your plan….?”
Avi by TW1977

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Kelly, this was awesome! I loved seeing Ollie tell off Clark and telling him to move on . Now if only he would do so on SV.
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Okay, I'll rec a fic that I read this week and it's really good. It's a Clois one but Chloe is also in the fic. It's kinda of a inside joke with the fandom. Very funny.

Shipwrecked, Clois, PG
"It was so typical. Whenever Blair did anything nice for someone else, she usually regretted it. Which kind of explained why she was such a bitch most of the time."

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Old 02-12-2008, 04:46 AM
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I just posted my first Dinah/Oliver solo fic. It's a missing scene from "Siren"

New Bird in the League
"It was so typical. Whenever Blair did anything nice for someone else, she usually regretted it. Which kind of explained why she was such a bitch most of the time."

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cool thread. I will surely read some of your fics

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Old 02-14-2008, 03:45 PM
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Kelly nice fic
Fred Pryce I liked them thank you!
LucasღPeyton ChloeღClark JackღLiz
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FIC: Archer's Pretty Bird CH:1-One rainy night

Title:Archer's Pretty Bird
Pairing: (if any)Oliver And Dinah
Warnings: (if needed) The Violence and bad languge might be present in the future chapters
Spoilers: (when applicable) None
Short summary: The different apporach of the first meeting of Green Arrow and The Black Canary

CH:1-One rainy nght

Driving rain pelted the rooftops, while the howlling wind carried a hint of winter's bite. A grotesque stone gargoyle, oily black and slick with rain, perched on the crumbling ledge, an imposing five-story apartment block adorned by eleborate stonework. The edifice whose ground floor now housed an art gallery, a cafe, and various stylish boutiques, overlooked a busy hub of pedestrians and auto traffic located near the heart of city. Buses, trolleys, and taxies zipped along the cobblestone streets below, braving the torrential dowpour. Another figure crouched beside the petrified gargoyle, very nearly as still and silent; a beautiful woman, clad in lustrous black leather, with short golden-blond hair and albaster skin. Heedless of both storm and her own precaious roost upon the narrow ledge, she gazed grimly from the rooftop as her striking blue eyes were fixed on the teeming streets beneath her.

The tail of her glossy black trench coat flapped in the wind as she leaned foward over the edge of the rooftop,defying gravity. The icy rain sluiced down her face and form, forming sooty puddles on the ornate rooftop. The smooggy night air smelled of ozone, presaging thunderbolts to come. The Black Canary ignored the firece wind and rain, maintaining her stakeout upon the ledge. She shivered beneath her leathers, the inclement weather beginning to get to her despite her snug attire and intenser resolve. It was tempting to give up and call it a night, but no, that was not an option. The Green Arrow and his team were out tonight, she knew it, and she wasn't about to let them get away, even if it meant crouching in the rain until nearly sunrise.

"What is Bart?" the Green Arrow asks into his communicator, his voice reverbarting through the comlink strangely. He holds back the itch to scratch his head as he makes a scan of the area with a chip, Cyborg recently put into his dually enhanced sunglasses/night vision/countless other tools.

"Don't know boss man, but something isn't sitting right here," Bart returns, running around the Watchtower like a mad boy hopped up on sugar and pills. Ollie shakes his head, continuing to scan the area both above and below the building.

"I'm not seeing anything stand out, but that's not to say that it isn't there," Ollie returns before jumping a rooftop and landing hard on his boots, his metal longbow hitting the concrete with a scratch. "Then again boys I maybe proven wrong."

Her keen eyes searched the hectic streets below. At first, she spotted nothing suspicious. Then wait! Over there! Her eyes narrowed as she saw the figure on the rooftop on the building across from cathedral. An angry hiss escaped Canary's pale red lips. Even in a slight distance she could see easly dark emerald green color and her eyes narrowed slightly so the Archer was back on the street again and it was just very nice indeed. Holding her breath in anticipation, she waited a beat and without a moment's qualm, she stepped confidently off the ledge. Like leather-clad specter, she plummeted a full five stories toward the stony, unyielding floor of the rooftop the building below. The death defying fall almost certainly would have killed her, or very least left her broken and bleeding upon the stone, yet Canary landed with the nimble elegance of a jaguar with the grace and smooth way as she appeared to be striding briskly away before her black leather boots even touched down upon the rain-swept cobaltstones.

She was thanful that the punishing weather had cleared this particular side of the street of humanity, unlike the busier thoroughfares nearby. No startled eyes witnessed Canary's descent or heard the stealthy rustle of wet leather as she continued to move around even closer to the figure that was few feet away still back to her.She was on her own now and she could not wait to make a right time to strike as she watched the figure before her. Does he really realize that he was no longer alone and that he was being watched and yet did not see her at all. Still, Canary had learned to wait and not to rush lets watch and see what he was about to do and then she will strike him down when he least expect it happen and the would be indeed an icing for the cake. A smirk appeared on her delicate rose colored lips as she thought of apporaching battle and possible victory against the Emerald Archer.

He moves slowly, each and every step taken with care. His mind running through training with one of the countless monks, who helped him further his skills with his arrows. As he moves forward, he hears a crackle with his comlink.

"What is it A.C.?" Ollie asks at a whisper, his hand very close to his automatic crossbow if need be.

"There seem to be multiple signals in the area. It's like something is drawing our tech away from any attacker or outside threat," A.C. says almost demandingly through the speaker. "Get Bart to those signals A.S.A.P. Luthor has to be onto us."

He shifts slightly, reaching an alley, lifting his hands up in the air.

"Alright, whoever you are. I'm right here with my hands up!" He shouts, his hands high above his head, waiting for whatever threats await him. His automatic crossbow not more than a few seconds away from his hands if need be.

A quiet laughter came out from her delicate lips as she heard him speak now and shook her head. Does he really believe that she would fall for that that he was armed? Try better than that she noted as she moved one with the shadows keeping her eyes closer at the Archer as she moved slowly and soundlessly like the cat behind him until she was sure that she had a good view of him and his weapon that was near by. "Do you really believe that I would fall for that kind of the game?" She spoke from her hidden place not allowing to find where she was and she continued to watch him." Do you really think I do not see that you are not armed?"

She could not help herself but to laugh slightly as she finally gave him a chance to see with whom she was dealing with now if he really had the guts to use his weapon against her.The Canary stepped out and lean her back over the nearest wall as she watched him. She was clad in glistering black leather from her neck to her leather boots revaling the long legs in the black fishnets the pale skin was the startling contrast with the blackness of the clothing she was wearing. A long black trench coat, belted at her waist, failied to conceal her lithe, athletic figure, while her porcelian features bore a timless beauty and glamour.

Through his lenses, he could see her move into the light. "Good god lady, aren't you a beauty?" He asks, dropping his automatic crossbow to the ground, then his gloves and then his longbow and arrows to the ground. No other weapons but his hands and his team.

He takes a small breath, not turning around. His hands returning to the air despite the situation at hand. He's not giving in now or ever for that matter, it's not in his own nature. His breath falls to a steady pace, placing his hands firmly behind his head.

"You wanna fight fine, but who send you exactly? I don't recall any women that hate me more than a previous ex last I checked," he says it, keeping calm, the ice cold rain of the night cold against his own hands. His mind running through alternative options if need be, but not doing anything to prove the beautiful attacker. His eyes scanning the wall as Cyborg appears in his lense. Ollie not saying a single word at the action at hand nor revealing the situation.

The Black Canary titled her head slightly as she watched him someway she did not trust him either for she was not falling for his words either. She knew for sure that he was not alone and others were close to him as the part of his team. She felt her body tense and she was ready to strike him down weapons or not she did not trust him not yet and at the same time she was facinated and curious of him as well. Terrorist or so she had been told by Lex she hardly could not believe and now it was time that she would not let him do any more of the damage and she felt her body tense enough to release her sonic scream when he least expect it and now it was a right time to do so. She just wanted to see the the way he would react for a fun.

"Cut out the sweet talk for I am not here for the chit-chat with you I have more serious business to work and I believe you are part of it." She told him her voice was cold as she spoke and she held her distance and ground aware of being not alone with him at all. She might not seen her watcher but she was sure that he was there. For a moment their eyes met she felt herself drowing in enigmatic and quite outspoken archer, but her forzen, neutral expression divulged litle clue to whar was going on behind her perfect face or or what she was about to do. The blue eyes examined the archer franklym and just for a split of the second there was a glimer of the interest mixed with perhaps a trace of ineffable sorrow and regret. Then she looked way look in her eyes was once again frozen to reveal any of emotions again.

He remains in place, still keeping his hands behind his back.

"If you want to keep me down then I'll stay down," he says it bending down and dropping to his knees before removing his sunglasses and tossing them on the ground as well, knowing full well that he's losing some sense of communication except for his ear piece. "I'm entirely unarmed Pretty Bird. Nothing else up my sleeve. If you would prefer you can do a strip search," He says it almost playfully winking despite having his back to her.He doesn't move beyond the asphalt, his knees planted firmly there. His eyes closed...waiting for his own fate.

"Strip search can wait and when it is done it won't be happening here at all that is for sure." She replied back and slowly began to move as she finally reached him she stood there only few steps lurking above himn a small smile appearing on her lips as she watched. He was acting helpless to her now and like she was in the charge and almost had won but she had learned to be catious just to keep the on him for she did not turst him one bit at all. She reached out with her gloved hand and touched the side of his face that was easy noticable as the rain continued to fall." I am quite disappointed that you won't fight me Archer." She told him then stepped back again as the lightining hit above and its silver light showered the place around them. It was then that she noticed that she was not alone and that she finally pinpointed the location of her watcher.

Stepping back few steps and avoding the archer she finally allowed her body to tense as the anger reached to the breaking point then she unleashed her sonic scream destorying anything that was on her path. The scream was loud enough to be heard all around even to cause the windows of the buildings neary by to shatter in the shower of the falling glass and the alarms to be see off of the parked cars nearby. She was aiming her attack at the one that she knew was here because of the Archer and she did not like the people playing dirty behind her back and that was what they are about to get payback from her as she concentrated to knock him off completely forgetting about the Archer not far from her and the danger that was there already.

He moves forward, but not fast enough as the scream rattles his ear, causing him to clutch his ears for his own life. If this is the cost of the error of his ways, he'll suffer for it. Suffer for it for the Pretty Bird. He grits his teeth deeply, his own voice not even applicable to his own ears.From a safe distance, Cyborg stands watching things happen. His eyes scanning everything, taking in everything he possibility can via a diganosis.Ollie finds himself on the ground, his ears bleeding, shaking. His communicator on the ground, his eyes closed. Defeated...for now. Defeated yet now deeply interested in his attacker.

The Canary glanced at the fallen Archer now at the floor of the rooftop and slowly approached him titling her head slightly. It was not of her nature to hurt him but she wanted to see and shook her head to know the just did not want to fight him at all. She knelt on one knee before him leanign slightly over so she could see his face but the part of it was still hidden under the shadow of his hood that he kept on." You disappoint me so bad Archer." She told him shaking her head her voice was soft as she spoke as she began to rise up still keeping her eyes on him," We can do this all night but I am afeaid that I can leave you deaf but that would be shame won't it?" She was sure that he could hear her expecially from the aftermat of the scream that was still ringing in his ears and stood up ready to leave him. "Some other time darling when you are more prepared we could do this game again."

She turned around and was ready to leave nor she was interested to take him as the hostage either. Again, Lex played her wrong and she was very much furious on being played this way. One way or another she will find way to get her payback and Lex would suffer soon enough. She turned around and glanced one more time at the fallen archer and shrugging her shoulders slightly she turned around and prepared herself to leave the place. Tonight he might be safe and sound and let go to live another day but if he crosses her agian next time she would not be that easy to let him go that willingly.

Cyborg moves quickly, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, catching up with the Canary as fast as he can. His eyes not looking beyond each and every step he takes. When he reaches the rooftop, he freezes and lifts his hand up.

"You'll have to pardon me, but I've a taste of your own medicine," he says lifting his hand, a vocal repeat coming from his own wrist, the sound focusing back on her.

In the distance, Ollie began to climb to his feet, struggling for his own balance.

"Cyborg! Don't!" Ollie tries to shout as loud as he can.

Too late she had not seen it coming and she had let guard down once again and now she had did pay back by the bastards backup. She was about to get her knife and attack him then it hit her her own scream hit her back sending her flying backwards in the such strenght that she lost the balance and hit hard the nearest wall. For a moment she stood still pinned to the wall then dropped face down on the ground passing out her ears screaming with the aftermath of the hit. She raised her head only a bit to see her attacker then it dropped down as she passed out not moving on the floor. Too late even to hear the warning coming or even now to fight back either for she was defeated and that was something that she just did not like at all. She let him go and this was how she was repayed him. Damn the Archer damn him to the hell.

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Thanks, missingOTH and orsi998. Glad you liked it. Sorry it's taken awhile to respond. I always have a hard time finding this thread again and RLS has kept me busy.

Great start, Elena1 Are you a fan of the comic versions of GA/BC?
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FIC: Archer's Pretty Bird CH:2 The Clash Of Minds

Title:Archer's Pretty Bird
Pairing: (if any)Oliver And Dinah
Warnings: (if needed) The Violence and bad languge might be present in the future chapters
Spoilers: (when applicable) None
Short summary: The different apporach of the first meeting of Green Arrow and The Black Canary

CH:2-The Clush Of MInds

"Stop Cyborg!" He shouts back before reaching for his comlink, putting it into his ear. "Stop now...."

Cyborg pulls back his hand and looks down as Ollie struggles to get towards the Black Canary, his balance failing still as he tries his best to keep moving forward.

"What the hell was that?" He shouts, reaching the Black Canary.

"Her own tricks against her," Cyborg says, still remaining in place.

"Don't! Ever! Do! That! Again!" Ollie shouts lifting the Black Canary up into his arms, carrying her away, trying his best to get her back to HQ.

She had no clue how long she was out and when she finally stired and tried to break her way through the darkness she did that with the best effort and the pain still there faint but still strong to her ears. At moment she was weak even to do anything or even make herself move and as she finally was able to do so she forced herself to move her head and open her eyes. No longer she felt the rain and all she felt was now something soft and warm where she was lying on some sort of the couch or was it the couch she could not be sure for no longer her body was feeling cold ground of the stone floor of the rooftop. Disoriented she tired to figure out where she had ended up now and slowly tried to force herself to seat up.

The memory hit her back again and she easly could still faint flashblack of the scream in her ears and this was not good she had let her guard down the bastard had won this time and she really was pissed now and wanted to kill him if she saw him again. She forced herself to seat up and found that was on some sort of the couch that she was lying and that she was in it what supposed to look like elegantly furnished room a part of the apartment that she had not seen before. Canary forced herself to stand up and move but again dizziness took over her and she stumbbled back on the couch again. "Damn it." She whispered. "I feel like I had been drugged."

Ollie stands completely in front of her, watching her. His eyes scanning her form.

"No drugs. You're just feeling the same after shocks as what I've been feeling," Oliver says bending down in front of her, his eyes scanning her own. "Cyborg used your own abilities against you. Nothing more and nothing less...except he neutralized the hit. Took it down a bit."

He takes a small breath.

"Who sent you Dinah Lance?"

What in the devil's name he knew her real name? She was getting angry again and said nothing. For endless moment their eyes met. Dinah found herself drowing in enigmatic chestnut-colored pools that seemed to hold unfathonable depths far beyond her ability to probe or comprehend. She was lost in his eyes and she wanted to tear her eyes away from him and found herself unable to do so and futher she looked futher she was loosing her anger and it was melting away from the sight she felt once again weak and tried to get the hold of herself but failed again. So the Cyborg was one that did the hell of the job knocking her off and she knew the real cause of the damage if he had used the real tone and the sonic level that she had been able to produce and for sure it would kill her.

"He has done the hell of the job but still had not been able to capture the real tone of the sonic cry." She replied back and the looked way when she heard him speak asking her who had send her after him? She simply refused to speak the answer and turned silent agian after saying in a cold tone not looking at him." Why should I tell you who had send me? It is none of you business. I am only been there to do my work and sadly you just had not played by the rules of the game." She did not give damn if she is going to angry him at all for there was no way that she was going to tell him everything she knew and who was paying her in the first place.

"You wanna know why?" He asks softly, shifting slightly before activating an adjacent computer screen. "Lex Luthor has been running an illegal operation, where he's been testing on human subject under Kryptonite induced radiation. These subjects of his are going under more than unusual testing. He's killing some of them, Dinah."

He pauses for a second, looking towards her.

"F.Y.I. Pretty Bird, I'd say you might wanna get a better cover the next time. Luthor left a paper trail and it's highly possible that he would have used it against you if he could." He takes another small breath. "Like it or not, we're the good guys."

"And you have something better to offer me than Luthor?" She asked again and had not pressed the button to callt the elevator and turned around to face him crossing her arms at her chest. "Do you really think that it was just for you to reveal me the truth how bad Lex is or was it just because you want something of me to be around so you could gaze and make me underess with your eyes? Let me tell you something I am not that kind of woman to fall for your charms pretty boy." She told him firmly keeping her gaze focused back at him. It was very much amusing just by saying this to him.

The headache was coming back to her and she was getting annoyed it should stop soon but she was still weak to force herself to move faster and leave this place soon as she was able to. Slowly, she made back toward the table and lean over placing her hands on the edge of table and lean foward slowly and by doing so she was sure that she giving a quite display of her clevage. She as aware of her figure but she was woman that know that she would use it for her advantage but to get someone to her she would need more from him to impress her not just by the cute comments and the sexy looks that he was placing just by looking down at her.

Oliver shakes his head defeated before putting his feet up in a chair, watching her ass within the confines of the leather boy shorts. His eyes scanning her back side a few seconds before resting his head against a pillow.

"I'd chase you, but I don't have the energy and frankly neither do you," He says it almost a bit too knowingly. "Even if you gave me a full minor dosage. I can only imagine how it scrambled your brain as much as it did mine."

He takes a few deep breaths.

"Why did I bring you here?" He asks aloud. "Because I needed you to see the truth...see that Luthor was using you."

"I can take care of myself I do not need to be protected nor I will shatter down as the frigile looking glass doll." She glared back him coldly her eyes were glowly deep blue fire now and all this thing about the protection really did go on her nerves. She did not need to be watched or protected she was grown woman and independent and no one's plaything or the to be desperate damssel in the distress."I an not afraid of Lex and I will find my own way to deal with him even without of you being present there." She answered back stubbronly.

Noting his eyes swept down her own face her eyes narrowed again and she stared back him her pale face revealing no emotion other than being quite angry and not amused all this thing of being protected."If you think that you can get me for one night stand there you are defentely wrong for I am not going to fall for your charms." She repeated agian trying to breathe normal rate but with him that close she could not help herself to have her breath caught in her throat and it started to get a bit shallow now as she felt strange rise of heat bruning down her face that came out from nowhere now. What the hell was wrong with her?

He watches her breathing for a few seconds. God, she's as hot as he is for her. "I never said you couldn't handle Lex by yourself, but he knows what you're capable of and he can use it against you."

When he hears the mention of a one night stand, he freezes and then moves up closer to her, meeting her eyes a bit more.

"Third off, I'm not a one night stand kind of guy. Dinah Laurel Lance, queen of the Metropolis talk show circuit, I'm ashamed," he says smiling. "If I want you in my life, I want you entirely. No other woman is going to matter beyond that. Simple as that, Pretty Bird."

"What I had said about the sweet talk would not get me fallen for you at all. Try something different not just to impress me with the sweet words that would not work at me." She spoke back not even offened by his words at all though it had to admit she was slowly falling back under his spell again and did not want to give him any possible satisfaction on that part either. She wanted to know more what he could offer to her not just by the empty and sweet words that he was trying to gain her attention somehow. She was not impressed for she wanted more to know about him and to find out what man he was really and what could make him different from others to get her and her alone.

Then with unexpected move she sat up and as she did so she came in the contact with him in much more intimate way than she ever expeceted it would happen. Their noses bumped at the contact and she found her own upper body slightly pressed to his chest and for a moment the contact was too perfect to feel and unable to control heself a small gasp of the suprise came from her crimson colored lips and she forced herself to do her best to regain her posture and forget what had just happened and for sure she knew that her face was now glowing with the crimson blush of the shame and she did not need a mirror to know that it has been there on her face.

He feels her pull back but catches her mid-stride, his hands falling to her back, holding her since she had fallen against the wall. His eyes scanning hers.

"Sweet words may not be the trick Dinah, but I'm more than willing to fight for you," he says it softly, whispering to her. "You're well worth fighting for."

He leans in and kisses her lips softly. His hands gently massaging her back, not forcing her to do anything. When he pulls back, he whispers to her softly.

"This isn't about one night stands. This is about what maybe love."

Her arms wrapped themselves tightly about his neck as her own heart began to race. She was suddenly lightheaded, but then instinct took over. She pressed herself against him, and her lips softened beneath his soft kiss. She was getting dizzy with this feeling and more feeling him closer to her would only lead her to more of the downfall to her and she knew it that she could not go agianst it and very soon would succumb to this temtation he was placing her in.It was going out of hand. Dinah sensed the desperate desire in both herself and in this cute-face archer. She must be the one to stop it and quickly. Her hands went against his chest, and she pushed hard against him." No more,"she said huskly." No more!" She moved quickly breaking away from his embrace as she lay herself back on the couch. She was amazed that she was able to control her body not succumb back to this temtation.

He comes back up gasping for her, his heart hammering in his head. She's definitely got a hold on him now, even she won't allow herself to think as such.

"Alright, Pretty Bird..." he gasps still watching her. "I'm not forcing you to do anything you don't want to. If you want to leave you, you can leave. I'll just have Impulse keep an eye on you if things get out of hand around you," he says still gasping.

"But I can't deny the fact that I'm crushing on you like some high school kid, without a clue. You run, I'm going to find you one way or another because....I want you safe...and I'm starting to care for you..."

"Would that be considered as the stalking?" She asked once her breathing was slowly regaining to its normal pace as she looked back at him. Something about him told her that there was no way that she could be on her own that she is not watched but it does not have to be him but one that works for him would be around and she did not need the damn bodyguard around."As I had said before I am really not in the need of bodyguards." Slowly she forced herself to seat up and was ready to leave. To some point she wanted to stay here and talk more with him but she knew it was not right and she was going too soon now when it comes to be that close to him in the first place. It was almost amusing to watch and see that he was getting head over heels when it comes to her.

Dinah was not that easy woman to get at the first night of the meeting. She just have to wait and see if he can do more to impress her not just that way he was kissing her and talking to her to gain her own attention agian." Try something different to use to impress me now, Archer."She told him for she did not know his name real name and it was better this way for she would fall for him not just yet. The pain came back to hunt her and it was not from the sonic cry in her ears that had faded away but from the hit she got crushing back into the wall. She did not realize how much it hurt now and for sure her muscles were sore from the hit.

He sits down beside her, watching her ever the intently.

"My real name is Oliver Jonas Queen of Queen Industries," he says it being as forward as possible with her. "I'm one of the richest men in the world. Amongst other things."

He scans the room for a few seconds before facing her, his hands at his sides.

"How you holding up, Dinah?"

It hit her back with total suprise. She had heard about him the celebrity around the city of Metropolis and the stories that she had read about him and then it dawn to her for she had just kissed the hot looking rich guy that newspapers were hunting about for quite some time and it was quite shocking for her to admit that she was now alone with him. "You still had not answered my question Oliver?" She asked agian for she wanted to know if he was paying attention what she told him before when it came of him haveing her stalked around by one of his team members?

"No, my team would be looking out for you. It would only be stalking if I was the one doing the leg work....if you wanted me to," he says it softly, his eyes scanning hers curiously, not certain of what to make of their current situation.

"I've seen what damage you can do back there and I'm impressed to say the least and if you ever gave us the chance, we, the Justice League would bring you aboard," he says it full well meaning it. "To fight the good fight against other threats besides Lex Luthor and such."

"Not just that,"She told him as she placed a hand on her side she was getting worse with the pain now and it will take while before the painkillers would work their magic on her. All upper part of her body was sore now and it was difficult for her to do anything now even to lay down other than seating was only thing she was able to do and not having anything pressed to her back. She ran her fingers down her sider to feel the ribs and hoped that none of them were broken but it was possible that they could be cracked but it was hard to tell now.

He lifts her up into his arms, carrying her towards the med room. His scanner running an X-ray over them both.

"Looks like everything is fine. Just a lot of sore bone tissue...nothing that I would worry about," he says gently. "I can give you a room for the time being until you're healed if you like or I could get one of my doctor's to check you out."


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amazing guys!
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Hi! We just wanted to invite everyone to participate in the latest fic challenge on the Fan Fiction / Writing board

banner by Kay (throwawaythekey)

check out the music video here

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Title: Sweetest Guy
Author: Emily
Rating: G
Category: Romance.
Pairing: Lois/Clark
Spoilers: Committed
Disclaimer: Obviously, I don’t own Smallville or its characters. No infringement intended.
Summary: A very short one shot about Lois' phone call to Chloe.

What's a place like this doing in a guy like you."

Clark Kent looked around and glanced at Lois. "Lois I thought you had stopped drinking?" Lois smiled. "This is a Party isn't it?" Clark stared at her. "It must be because you are a party pooper." Lois started giggling.

Clark yanked the glass out of Lois' hand and placed it down on the counter. "I'm going to take you home. You'll at least be safe there." Lois smiled and placed her head on his shoulder.

"Clark, you really should have let me drive," Lois says as she exits the truck almost missing the step altogether,"i'm a much better driver." Clark exits the truck and helps her up. "Sure, Lois,because you're doing such a great job walking." Lois grinned up at him. Clark looks at Lois while unlocking the door. Opening the door up He takes Lois by the hand into the kitchen. "Stay here, I'll be right back, I'm going to get you something to change into."

Lois quickly nodded.

Clark runs up the stairs and get's his high school Jersey, it's better than nothing, he says to himself. He starts his way down the stairs, "Here you go Lois i-. Why are you sitting on the counter?"

Lois flashes a smile. "I love you Clark." Nerviously Clark smiled giving her the jersey. "I love you to Lois. I'm just going to be in the next room if you need me. I'm going to be fixing up the couch for you."

Half an Hour later..

Sitting on the couch Clark looks at the clock. "How's it going in there Lois?" "I'm almost done!" Clark shakes his head. "It's only a Jersey Lois, how long can that take?"

Having had finished, an hour later. "Now here's a bowl if you feel the need what ever you have the need to do and if you need anything I'm just upstairs." Lois smiles at him. "Thanks for taking care of me Clarkie."

"Urm...Your Welcome Lois." He makes his way up the stairs glancing back at Lois.

She picks up the phone and dials Chloe's number. "Chloe...It's your cuz! Guess who came to my rescue last night? Not Oliver Queen but Clark Kent! He's just the sweetest guy I've ever known. He's my best friend and guess what I love? Clark Kent. Don't tell anybody though," Lois laughs into the phone, stopping and holding her stomach, "Sorry, I've got a bowl with my name on it." She hangs up.

It was going to be a long night for Lois and Clark.
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Anyone have any favourite fanfic to share?
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