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Destiny (Clark and Lois) #50: B/c "Lois and Clark would be great together" and we have 50 threads to prove it!

Welcome to the Clark Kent and Lois Lane appreciation thread!
This thread is dedicated to the fandom of the characters Clark Kent and Lois Lane as a couple.

banner by Cris

Lois Joanne Lane. Lois is one of the most complex and riveting characters on Smallville.
She’s strong, smart, independent and self-sufficient. This woman is no damsel in distress. As an army brat, her father taught her to take care of herself and once her mother passed away when she was young, she became like a mother to her sister Lucy. She practically raised her little sister which fostered some strong sibling rivalry between these two. As seen in her relationship with Lucy, Lois is fiercely loyal to her friends and family and will always do whatever she can to be there for them and protect. She usually keeps her emotions under lock and key, so the times we see her vulnerable are rare, which makes them have that much more of an emotional impact on her fans. While Lois is an army brat, and a tomboy at times, she’s also been shown as a stunning woman who can use her feminine charms to her advantage, like when she’s posing undercover for a story. Lois’s job as a journalist at the Daily Planet has really turned her life around. She’s proud of her work and that she’s doing something productive with her life, and she’s now driven to uncover the truth and report on it. Her style of reporting is of the “no holds barred” variety. There’s a popular expresion, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” and that fits Lois to a “T”. She doesn’t run from trouble, she’ll run right into it. Lois has come a long way from her days on Smallville as a floundering college student, to a competent campaign manager / chief of staff, to a well-respected reporter for the Daily Planet. She’s grown up and matured into a lovely young woman and she’s proven over the past five years why she is Clark Kent’s soulmate and his future wife, which bring us to….

Clark Jerome Kent. Sent to Earth by his biological parents, Jor-El and Lara, to save his life before his home planet Krypton exploded, he was found and raised by Jonathon and Martha Kent. The Kents immediately embraced Clark into their lives and loved him like he was their own. In the past as Clark was growing up and discovery all of his powers and realizing who he really was, Clark struggled with accepting himself. He often said that he wished he was normal and this desire to be a normal human being has often led to disastrous consequences for Clark as seen in the episodes Mortal and Reckoning, when Clark was stripped of his powers by Jor-El and it ultimately ended up costing Jonathon his life. However, after spending time with his cousin Kara in the seventh season of Smallville, Clark seems to be embracing his Kyrptonian heritage much more. Getting to know Kara gave Clark a sense of belonging and the feeling that he had someone who truly understood what he was going through. Now in the eight season of the show, Clark is fully embarking on his destiny and becoming the person he was meant to be all along. He’s letting go of his past, which is no small task for Clark, and showing that he’s finally willing to move on with his life. He’s saving more people than just his family and friends and doing everything he can to make Metropolis a safer and better place. Also he’s on the right path with regards to his future career in journalism, since he’s now working at the Daily Planet directly across from Lois Lane. Clark’s greatest fear is to end up alone, but as he’s now starting to realize with his growing feelings for Lois, as long as he has her in his life that won’t happen.

Manip by Visiongirl

Lois and Clark’s legendary love story began on Smallville in the premiere of the show’s fourth season when these two literally collided. Lois came to Smallville to investigate the supposed death of her cousin, Chloe, and went looking for Clark to help her with her investigation. While talking on the phone in her car, she was struck by lighting and her car veered off course into a cornfield where she came across Clark after he’d been reborn as Kal-El…buck naked. At this point in time Lois had no idea who he was, only that she had a strong attraction to him and very hard time keeping her eyes on his face. It also didn’t help matters that Kal-El had amnesia either. Lois took Kal-El under her wing and brought him to the hospital, where they eventually met up with Martha. It is significant to note that after this ordeal was over and Clark regained his memory, he only remembered two things that occurred while he was Kal-El, which were flying and Lois Lane, and both are integral parts of his future. Once all of Clark’s synapses were fully firing again, he found Lois mourning Chloe’s death in the cemetery and let her know that she was not alone. Establishing their partnership from Lois’ first episode on Smallville, Clark told Lois that together they would find out what happened to Chloe and that she could stay with him while they figured things out.

While these two worked together well, they did have a somewhat antagonistic relationship early on where they enjoyed pushing each others buttons. Lois took to calling Clark “Smallville” and frequently got her jollies by teasing the ever-living daylights out of him, while Clark gave as good as he got and let out his fair share of verbal zingers at her. One would think that their relationship dynamic would only serve to drive each other crazy, yet it worked extremely well for them. Clark finally found someone who could challenge him, and if the grins on his face when Lois was around are any indication of how he felt about this challenge it’s plain to see that he liked it a lot. In turn, Lois found someone who was a bit of mystery to her, but she sure as hell enjoyed figuring out what he was about and flirting with him while she did so. Along the way, they’ve had their moments of undeniable chemistry where the people around them picked up on the spark between them. For instance, the sexual innuendo during the shower scene in Gone is very clear, and their attraction to each other and the playfulness in their relationship was beautifully evident in the dunk tank scene in Façade. However, in spite of this attraction that they both felt, they chose to bury it way down in favour of a more adversarial relationship. Fortunately, what began as a forced partnership and an adversarial relationship blossomed into a secret friendship as these two got to know each other more. When Lucy came crashing back into Lois’ life, Clark was treated to a side of Lois he’d never seen before. Lois let down her guard around Clark and told him how hard it was for her having to raise Lucy after her mother’s death, and about the sibling rivalry their unique situation fostered. Clark’s sympathy and helpfulness during Lucy’s tumultuous visit marked the start of a genuine friendship between Lois and Clark. When Lucy ran away after deceiving everyone, and Lois was left to deal with the General, Clark gave her the space and support she needed. Clark’s understanding of Lois during this hard time in her life culminated in the secret friends scene at the end of Lucy, where they admitted to each other that they were friends and Lois let Clark know that she appreciated his support.

Unfortunately, the development of Lois and Clark’s relationship seemed to stall for the most part between seasons five and seven. During these seasons, Lois and Clark were in relationships with other people, so the scenes they shared where limited at best. However, when these two did have scenes together their material was golden. Even though they were with other people, their attraction for each other still bubbled beneath the surface. When Lois became romantically involved with AC in Aqua, Clark behaved like a jealous boyfriend, even though he was in a full-time relationship with his high school sweetheart, Lana Lang. Also, when Lois went undercover as a stripper in Exposed, Clark could not take his eyes off of her. If Clark only saw Lois as a friend, he would have immediately turned away once he realized who she was. Instead, Clark was mesmerized by her performance and could not look away. The powers that be also gave a playful nod to their future relationship in this episode, since Lois wore the glasses and the red boots and Clark was unable to recognize her until she removed the glasses. Additionally, who could forget the look on Clark’s face when he saw her naked in Fade? The man looked like he’d just seen the Promised land and stared at the door for a good 5-10 seconds after she slammed it in his face.

In season six, their unspoken attraction continued to grow, as Oliver immediately picked up on it in Arrow, and in Hydro when these two shared their first kiss, Clark was exhilarated and Lois readily admitted that it was the best kiss she’d ever had. Unfortunately, Lois still does not know that she kissed Clark, since he pretended to be the Green Arrow to throw her off of Ollie’s trail. But on the bright side, the kiss clearly affected both of them and upped the level of UST even further. By the time Crimson rolled around, the sparks were flying everywhere. Lois put on some red-k laced lipstick and the fun began when Lois fell madly in love with Clark and Clark did his best to resist her…or did he? When Lois first approached Clark after applying the red-k lipstick, Clark immensely enjoyed her attentions. What’s more, when she put her arms around him and made him wrap his “big, strong arms” around her waist, he really got into it for a moment before he pulled away and realized that Lois was acting bizarrely. Once Lois had her way and laid one on him, the red-k transferred into his system and a very turned on Kal emerged. Kal was very affectionate with love-struck Lois and even sought to comfort her after she realized that Ollie was the Green Arrow by putting his arms around her and hugging her from behind. This in itself was monumental, because Kal usually does not stick around when a woman moves away from him, but then to add to this, Kal freely revealed his secret to Lois and jaws around the world dropped. Kal/Clark NEVER revealed his secret to anyone before, so the very fact that he willingly told Lois the truth about himself spoke volumes about how much Clark actually does trust Lois, even if it was only on a subconscious level. Once the red-k was removed from both of their systems, Lois was left with a very fuzzy memory and Clark alone remembered their Valentine’s day adventure. However, they were both forced to admit, at least to themselves, that they were strongly attracted to each other.

On the friendship front, their relationship deepened in seasons five to seven. Clark often confided in Lois about his relationship woes with Lana, as seen in Oracle. After Lana and Clark had broken up again for the bazillionth time, Clark expressed doubts after seeing Lana and Lex together. Lois told Clark that he had to trust his gut and believe that they broke up for a reason, leading to the famous bike vs. Harley metaphor. The bottom line of the conversation is that Lana’s the bike and Lois is the Harley that Clark’s been saving up for. Clark realized after this conversation that Lois “knows him better than anyone” and Lois told him, “That’s what I’m here for, Smallville. One save at a time.” In season six, these two readily admitted to being good friends who look out for each other and in season seven the audience saw the payoff for their friendship after Lois broke up with Ollie and Lana left Clark. Lois and Clark were there for each other when they were at their lowest. They allowed themselves to be emotionally vulnerable in front of each other, because they trusted that the other person would support them unconditionally and put the broken pieces back together. When the people they were not meant to be with exited their lives, they turned to the people they were meant to be with for comfort. It’s important to note that Lois only lets herself go and gets to the point of tears around Clark and Clark only cries in front of his parents and Lois. Subconsciously speaking, Clark has already embraced Lois as a member of his family and knows she will always be there for him. Lois and Clark’s relationship is unique, because they can find everything they need in each other. When one of them needs a shoulder to cry on, the other will freely offer their shoulder for support. When one of them needs a partner to investigate a story with, the other immediately offers his/her services. When one of them needs a way to blow off some steam, the other will be there with verbal stingers and quips so that he/she can release his/her pent up emotions. And now when one of them is looking for love, they’re both coming to realize that they can find the love they’ve been looking for in each other. This brings us to season eight.

In the eighth season of Smallville, Lois and Clark’s relationship is finally taking off. With Clark’s entrance to the Daily Planet, the legendary reporting team of Lane and Kent is in full force. These two have a very symbiotic relationship and can anticipate what the other is thinking before their thoughts are verbalized. As seen in Instinct and Committed and Bloodline, Lois and Clark are a team. When Maxima comes to Earth and leaves a trail of fallen lovers behind her, they work together to find out what happened to the deceased. When Chloe and Jimmy are kidnapped, they team up to find them and pose as an engaged couple. When they get sent to the Phantom Zone, they look out for each other and protect each other and Clark makes sure to tell Lois that, “No one is going to mess with Lois and Clark”. The way they talk to each other by always referring to each other as “we” or “us” clearly indicates the strong partnership they have and other characters on the show have also picked up on this by constantly referring to them as “Lois and Clark”. Furthermore, Lois and Clark’s romantic relationship is now being explored. At the end of Instinct, after Lois’ encounter with Maxima, she realizes the deep connection that she and Clark share and that she does have intense feelings for him. In Committed, Lois is forced to confess her love for Clark, which she quickly retracted when Clark gives her an out. However, the point is her love for him is now undeniable. Also, Clark is starting to realize the depth of his feelings for Lois. When Lois retracts her confession of love in Committed, Clark is visibly disappointed, because he realizes for the first time that there was a chance for them to become something more before Lois took that away from him out of a sense of self-preservation. In Bride, Lois is totally in love with Clark, and she wears her heart on her sleeve, while a light seems to dawn on Clark. He discovers that Lois does love him and that he can no longer deny the way he feels about her. When they see each other in their formal attire they are stunned and he drinks in her features while she helps him with his cufflinks. Later in the episode, Clark confidently pulls Lois into a dance and then initiates a kiss with her when he gazes at her tenderly and leans in. Sadly, just as their lips are about to touch, Chloe calls out and they are jerked away from their moment of bliss, but the important thing to note is that their feelings for each other are now mutual. They both leaned in to the kiss. They both wanted it. And when Lois tells Clark that she’s leaving Smallville to go to Star City with Jimmy, after Doomsday crashes the wedding and Jimmy is injured, Clark is visibly torn. When she starts to break down in front of him, he pulls her into a hug and promises her that they’ll get Chloe back. When Lois’ response is one of doubt and she pulls away from him, Clark watches her with a distraught expression on his face as she walks out of his life for god knows how long. He’s lost and confused without her and he does need her more than she knows. Now that Lois and Clark have reached this point in their relationship they cannot turn back. Lois’ feelings have been made crystal clear and now it’s Clark’s turn to show Lois what she means to him. Once she comes back into his life, his super speed will come in handy, because the chase will be on. Bring on the rest of season eight, we’re more than ready.

Lois and Clark character summaries and relationship summaries submitted by missingOTH

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Our Favourite Moments

-4.02 Gone Bathroom Scene (CJG18, CJ)

Why do you love SV’s version of Lois and Clark?

I've always loved this two characters in any media. These characters always have the spark between them that makes drama, action or even comedy absolutely awesome. Still, I love that the characters when they are not in "love" they are always there for each other, & are always the ones they can talk to about something.

What’s your favourite episode and why?

This is hard, it would be a tie between Arctic & Siren. But if I had to choose one it would be Arctic. In the last scene of the episode Lois does nothing but comfort him, no words are needed, she shows that she knows him well enough here. I also feel that this plants the seeds for next season's arc between the two, and hopefully they will start to have feelings for each other then.

What’s your favourite moment and why?

There is a lot of good moments between these two, but I must say when Lois & Clark are got in the bathroom by Martha and she says something about already seeing Clark Jr…its priceless.

-CJG18 (CJ)

-4.03 Facade Dunk tank scene (Alex, Pink77)

Why do you love SV’s version of Lois and Clark?

I love Clois, because they are have not just grown as people over the years; they have grown together. They have evolved in their relationship. They allow each other to grow and change, to be strong when they need to be but vunerable when they need that too. They make such great friends, lovers and co-workers. They make the ultimate team.

What is your favourite moment and why?

My fav ep/moment is the dunk tank scene in Facade. It was fun and flirty. It was so great to see Clark happy for a change. It was such a contrast to his usual brooding. I love that Lois can bring out that playful happy side to him.

Plus I love the way that they did the colouring. So that they stand out with a sea of red behind her. Like nothing else matters but them in that moment.

By Pink77 (Alex)

4.16 Lucy Lois and Clark are secret friends (Kassandra, kassandrajones)

Why do I love SV’s version of Lois and Clark?

On Smallville, they are only at the very beginning of their future relationship but it is already one of complete acceptance of each other. They've never asked the other to be anything other than what they are. Even in season 4 when they annoyed each other more than got along, they recognized that the banter was a natural part of their friendship and accepted it at face value. They have a connection; a way with banter and dealing with each other that is light hearted yet sincere.

What’s your favourite episode and why?

I love Recruit because it has some classic, iconic Clois interactions:

1. Lois and Clark investigate, with banter!
2. Lois gets in over her head (literally).
3. Clark rescues Lois.

But beyond just those basics I love the nature of the interaction in this episodes. Clark doesn't even skip a beat when he discovers Lois at the sorority house. He slams the door in her face and then they later proceed to bicker over the situation and what to do next.

But the best part of the whole episode is the rescue. Clark's reaction when he finds Geoff is so amazingly intense and determined. I can't even describe the emotion in his voice. I don't think I've ever seen him react in such a way before. And when he finds her he picks her up with such care, pulling her close and almost hovering over her. Even then, before either is willing to admit to being friends, there's a closeness.
Plus, at the end, Lois once again takes over Clark's life, and his bedroom. Classic.

What’s your favourite moment and why?

What a great scene! It starts with Clark challenging Lois on her beliefs about telescopes and geeks/stalkers. What could've been a banter-filled lighthearted scene turns into one of the best heart to hearts Lois and Clark have had on the show.

Lois is vulnerable and honest about her mistakes. Clark is kind, reassuring and sympathetic. Lois gets to see one of Clark's best qualities, his ability to always see good in people. And Clark shows how well he knows Lois and her loyalty to those she loves. There's also the second Lois arm punch.

And, of course, the best part: secret friendship! They finally admit that after all they've been through, they've come out of it as friends. But being Lois and Clark, they won't admit it to anyone. Just smile at eachother with their little secret. Even if it's only a secret to them. It took them time to reach the point of recognizing their friendship, but those watching would say they were friends long before this moment.

And as Lois leaves and Clark looks through the telescope, we get an image of two stars colliding. How very fitting for a couple as destined for eachother as Lois and Clark. Inevitable and with sparks flying.

I think nothing sums up this scene better than the lyrics to Mark Joseph's "Fly" - which plays over the end of the scene.

Can I be a friend
With you to the end
Cos I know that's written in the wind

by Kassandra (kassandrajones)

5.06 Exposed rooftop scene (Fay, Titch22)

Why do I love SV’s version of Lois and Clark?

I love the Clark and Lois relationship for so many reasons. They have amazing chemistry but they can also be so sweet and playful too. They are so understanding and supportive of each other too. They know the other person will always be there for them no matter what. Which is why my fav scene between them is when she is comforting him about Lana. He tells her sometimes he feels like she doesn't know him but other times she knows him better than anyone. It showed how much they had grown in their relationship, how much they understand each other and why they become the legendary couple that they become. I think of one fav episodes for Clois interaction is 'Gone' because it shows several levels of their relationship. Their is attraction, fun, flirty banter but also shows them working together toward a common goal. Which shows the great team of Lane and Kent.

What’s your favourite moment and why?

Exposed - Their scene on the roof is my favrioute because it is a glimpse at the future. The two of the working undercover. Him saving her life. Them working with local law enforcement. And the bringing down a bad guy. All things they will do together when they work together and he is Superman. It was the perfect way to show team Lane and Kent.

Fay (Titch22)

5.18 Fragile"Clark/Lois(and Martha) talk after Clark brings her home from the hospital (Pemberly21)

Why do you love SV's version of Lois and Clark?

Lighting striking is a fitting analogy for this unique and beloved fictional relationship. SV touches on the reasons why Lois and Clark work so well together as a couple, why despite their differences, they are soul mates. It’s about understanding why Lois loves her Smallville, not the hero he’ll eventually come to be, and the reason why I love this version of this iconic couple so much. Clark isn’t just an angsty teenager, dragged down by pain, guilt and hiding himself from the world. With Lois in his life, he comes alive and he rises to the challenge she provides – he becomes the man he’s supposed to be. There is a spark from the moment they first meet (and it’s just not the lighting!) and while there is an instant and powerful connection between them. It’s unexplainable but it makes sense. It’s like two puzzle pieces fall into place. In the past four years, they have been there for each other through the best and worst times, and deep down, they both know that the other will always be there when they needed each other. Tom and Erica are a joy to watch. They have it and with every scene, they remind us what makes Lois and Clark so special both as a couple and as individuals.

What your favourite episode is and why?

It’s a tie between Krypto, Apocalypse and Committed . Krypto is filled with some wonderful Kent family moments and the banter which makes Clark and Lois so much fun. There is so much life between them, a spark, while still rooted in being each other’s thorn in their side, brings out a side to Clark which is rarely seen with other women in his life. Apocalypse touches on something Clark craves: acceptance the two sides of the man (Kal-El and Clark). In the AU, when Lois accepts him as both her superhero and as a man, as a person she immediately trusts and wants to help him in quest to save the world. Even in another reality, it’s Lois presence, which reminds him he’s not alone, he has an ally and a partner to help him when he needs it’s the most. A theme which is echoed in their final scene at the DP when Clark is back where he belongs, and she offers him support and her friendship, wanting to help alleviate some of the loneliness and helplessness she knows he’s feeling with Lana’s condition. Committed is a Clois fan girl’s dream – it’s like reading your favorite fanfiction and realizing it’s still really happening. The banter, Clark taking care of a hungover Lois, a drunken voicemail, angst and hero!Clark, and an elevator scene filled with telling looks and denial. Clois at their finest.

What your favourite moment is and why?

There are so many but the scene in Fragile when Clark brings Lois back to the Talon after being released from the hospital is one of my favorites. It is a scene with a quietness to it; a simple moment between the two and Martha, yet filled with so much meaning. Their conversation weaves effortlessly from Clark’s playful banter about Lois taking it easy, and not engaging in arm wrestling, to Lois admitting she was wrong about Maddie, Lois’ line about his parents not having to worry about him destroying the house. They are comfortable together in this domestic scene; Lois is injured and allows Clark to take care of her. Clark reassures her in one of her rare vulnerable moments. The icing on the cake is Martha’s presence. There is a real sense of family here, a bond between these three characters, one built on trust and respect, which is never more evident than when Martha asks Lois to be her Chief of Staff. Martha has a beautiful line, when Lois is taken aback by the job offer, “Lois, it’s pretty clear your destiny lies far beyond a cappucino maker,” a sentiment which is echoed by Lois in Arctic when she gives Clark an application to the DP (“Clark don’t you think you are destined for greater things than working on a farm?”). But it’s the look Clark gives Lois after Martha offers her the job which says so much without any words. A burst of emotions from Clark which Lois response to with her typical flare – a small but proud smirk. A moment which captures the essence of this dynamic couple.

By Pemberly21

6.01 Zod Clark goes to see Lois in the hospital (Lisa, lisagslack14)

Why do you love SV's version of Lois and Clark?

They both care about each other. I also like the way their relationship is progressing, how it began, since they did not like each other that much, and how they slowly but surely began to become friends and then began to fall in love with each other.

What your favourite episode is and why?

My favourite episode would have to be Committed because this is the episode that made me a Clois shipper. Because they were so cute, and when she said that she loved Clark, I yelled “Yes!” in happiness.

What is your favourite moment and why?

It’s the hospital scene in Zod, because despite the fact that Lana was also injured, the first person that Clark visited was Lois. Also, there is the fact that while they were talking Clark’s hand went on top of Lois’ without either of them noticing. Also, they wait a few moment after finding out they were touching before they take their hands away, and they looked cute embarrassed.

By lisagslack14 (Lisa)

6.10 Hydro Lois and Clark's first kiss (starryeyed15)

Why do you love SV’s version of Lois and Clark?

Because it's a good rework of the mythos. Of course I enjoy when Clark (in other versions) falls in love with Lois at first sight and begins to chase her, however I find that this version is more poignant and true to life. They begin by disliking each other, and slowly over time come to realise they’ve misjudged the other and that they something special and unique to offer each other. And of course their friendship turns into the most special of love. Of course it's just plain fun to watch Clark get frustrated and annoyed by a girl, when he's used to beautiful damsels in distress fall all over him.

What’s your favourite episode and why?

I’d have to say Committed. Never have I enjoyed an episode of Smallville this much. I mean it was packed with (20 minutes to be exact!) Clois being flirty, angst, domestic stuff, gah, just everything. Of course the highlight of Committed was when Lois's walls were torn down and was forced to be at her weakest in front of the man she loves. That scene had me in tears, because Lois was so broken, and so scared.

What’s your favourite moment and why?

My favourite scene is Clois’ first kiss in Hydro. This scene is one of the best, because it’s classic Clois. Clark dresses up as the GA to help Ollie, and to get one over on Lois. He does, but at the same time, the kiss sends him reeling, and he has to stop and gasp for his breath and to collect his thoughts. I can only wait when he tells Lois that it was him who kissed her, or she finds out on her own. That confrontation will be gold.

by starryeyed15

7.11 Siren Clark comforts Lois (Jessica, youvegotwings)

Why do I love SV's version of Lois and Clark?

I’ve loved Clois in every single one of their incarnations so I'm pretty biased, but SV's Clois are my favourite for many reasons. You know they're going to end up together but when they first meet they're so not ready for that yet. The journey that will lead them to a romantic relationship is even more interesting. They bicker a lot, can get on each other's nerve but they’ve always respected each other. As they have gotten to know each other better I think that they’ve learned to appreciate each other even more. They have a lot in common, but they're also different enough to be complementary. They also challenge each other, in a good way of course. And of course, they're pretty.

What's your favourite episode and why?

Committed for sure. Clark taking care of Lois, Clois pretending to be a couple, Lois admitting she loves Clark, Clark being all bothered when she takes it doesn't get better than that, until they finally become a couple that is.

What's your favourite moment and why?

My favourite moment is the end scene of Siren. We see Lois at her lowest, she's vulnerable, fragile, lonely, afraid of being left behind. She usually doesn't let people see her like that, but this time she lets Clark be there for her. They don't realise this yet, but soon she won't be second best to someone who also has a great destiny ahead of him. I love how Clark listens to her, tries to comfort her and when nothing works he just takes her into his arms. More importantly she lets him do it, which is very unLois like. As usual she ends up using sarcasm when she's sharing a moment with Clark, but the fact that she doesn't let go anyway kinda makes up for it.

By youvegotwings (Jessica)

7,18 Apocalypse Clark saves Lois (Evie, evielost)

Why you love SV's version of Lois and Clark?

I think…no, I’m sure that this version of Clois is my favorite. For me they are the best of all the times till to day. First, I’m in love with Tom Welling, second, no one could be better for the Lois Lane role than Erica Durance, third, since the first time I saw them together on screen, I fell in love with Clois. In fact, I stared watching Smallville more since Lois appeared on the series. My fourth reason for loving them is because I think this is the first time that in some way we could see how they met, how they became friends and how the chemistry between them was inevitable even when “other persons” were there. Finally, my fifth reason is that Tom & Erica are fabulous!!

What your favourite episode is and why?

It’s hard to decide just for one!! I think it is Instinct because for me, it was the episode where Lois really showed her feelings about Clark, I mean the jealous scene and the end scene in the farm were so sweet! And all that tension and the way they looked each other as well. I really liked it because when Clark was asking Lois about what if he never finds his soulmate I feel like maybe he was trying to say something to Lois, not intentionally, I mean from the bottom of his heart, from deep inside of him he knows that she’s his real love, that she’s the love of his life. I really loved this episode and is definitely one of my faves.

What your fave moment is and why?

I have so many fave Clois moments and one of them is when Clark saves Lois in the Apocalypse episode and the way they looked at each other!! Awww I also love that epi because even Clark doesn’t exist in the world, Lois was there and Lana wasn’t, I mean it’s destiny!! You know what I mean.

-evielost (Evie)

7.18 Apocalypse Lois dresses Clark (Chrissi)

Why do you love SV’s version of Lois and Clark?

The reason why I love SV's version of Lois & Clark has a lot to do with the actors. They do an incredible job and the chemistry between them is a great bonus to their performance of the characters. Another reason is the way the storyline is written. We have sassy, smart and strong (at first sight) Lois on the one hand and the quiet & sometimes shy man of few words on the other hand. No wonder this promises loads of funny scenes between Lois & Clark who seem to be so different and similar at the same time

What’s your favourite episode and why?

My favourite episode is actually hard to say because it's changing from time to time. Now that season 8 is out, I'd probably say Committed because it has so many iconic moments in it including banter, sparks, Clark saving Lois, Lois and Clark investigating together...PLUS: Lois confesses that she loves Clark (we can see that she's a bad liar afterwards). It's just the best Clois episode so far and beats all my "old favourite Clois episodes"

What’s your favourite moment and why?

I took the "Lois helps Clark to dress up" scene from 7.18 as my favourite Clois scene, because it's such an iconic moment. First of all, Lois thinks that Clark is "an android" and takes it pretty well. She's neither shocked nor frightened, but she is rather interested. It's no problem for Clark to tell her about his secret and he can see Lois' reaction concerning his origin for the first time which is why he seems to be relieved and surprised in a positive way. Another great moment of the scene is when Lois, after forcing Clark to change his outfit, realizes that something's missing: glasses (as we can see in the next scene). If that doesn't scream SUPERMAN, I don't know what else does. Apart from that, banter plays an important role as well. Would you like some examples? Well there’s Lois trying to catch a glimpse of Clark while he's changing; Lois saying "Don't stand around - strip"; the typo; Clark = android etc.

By Chrissi

7.20 Arctic Lois comforts Clark (Katie, TVJunkie22)

Why do I love SV’s version of Lois and Clark?

There are so many reasons why I love these two together. For starters, they have an undeniable chemistry. They both light up the screen, and I find myself enjoying their scenes together the most. I also love how they compliment each other. I love that Clark brings out the softer side of Lois, and Lois brings out the edgier side of Clark. Their tongue-in-cheek banter is always fun. However, all joking between them aside, they are close friends...and they would be there for each other in a second, and have proven that. Which is why...

What’s your favourite episode and why?

As for my favorite episode...of course I’m going to have to say Committed. It’s hard to go into detail because there are sooo many wonderful moments. It had everything wrapped into one episode...every kind of moment. It had humor, comfort, love, name it, and I loved every second of it! I think that episode was a big step toward the future of Lane/Kent!

What’s your favourite moment and why? favorite scene is the last scene from “Arctic” (7x20) where Lois comforts Clark after Lana’s “goodbye” video is shown. I feel like that scene really spoke volumes because it showed how far they had come in their relationship. It showed that as good as they are at teasing each other, underneath it all they just want to see each other happy. You don’t see that side of Lois very often...whenever she would comfort him in the past it was more of a “tough love” sort of situation. Here, however, Lois was almost as equally upset as Clark because she could tell how hurt he was...and no words needed to be spoken. She immediately and instinctively ran to him and wrapped her arms around him, and was there for him. It was a beautiful moment.

8.01 Odyssey - Clark informs Lois he'll be working at the DP (JR, JR Abraxas)

Why do you love SV's version of Lois and Clark?

Well I have been loving the Lois & Clark relationship for a long time, but in Smallville
Its really amazing and magical the natural chemistry both Tom & Erica have when acting out a scene, meaning if its comical, or emotional, or just any regular scene I see the sparks, and their characters together are written very well and have been enjoyable throughout the whole series.

What your favourite episode is and why?

My favorite episode up to now will have to be Odyssey because I've never been more excited for such a phenomenal premiere of a season. This episode centered very much on how far Lois & Clark have evolved and gotten more comfortable around each other. Also, having the Daily Planet Lane & Kent scene at the end was a great touch and symbolized how big a part these two play in Smallville and how important their storyline will be for this new season.

What your fave moment is and why?

Well since Odyssey is my favorite episode, the ending scene was made of awesome. Clark was extremely playful and may I say flirtatious with the way he annoyed Lois and her reactions were hysterical. What's more, just the way Clark referred to Lois as “being closer to home” was a very nice touch and powerful statement,. Lois in the end smiling knowing Clark Kent will be with her side by side from now on because of his new Daily Planet position, just made her emotions stronger.

-JR (JR Abraxas)

8.04 Instinct Lois freaks out on Clark (Nora, *Nora*)

[Why do I love SV’s version of Lois and Clark?

Many reasons. First off, SV is a drama, so it allows the relationship of L&C to be a lot more emotional and realistic. Prior I'd always been a fan of the Dean/Teri version and I still am, but it being a romantic comedy beared certain limitations on the drama aspect. It was always very light and upbeat. L&C's relationship on SV was also kept very light and upbeat. It was mostly comedic and therefore felt a little too one dimensional for me. But now that they've started to FINALLY explore the emotional parts of their relationship I'm completely in love. Now it feels like L&C to me.

What’s your favourite episode and why?

Well, Committed. Hands down. It has everything a fan of Lois and Clark could ever ask for: 22 minutes of comedy and 100% emotion at the end. I think it was a milestone for every fan.

What's your favourite moment and why?

My favorite scene (next to the thud-worthy 'Yes' scene) is Lois' jealousy tantrum in Instinct. I'm gonna analyze the scene second by second, which I'm sure none of you will mind? Thought so. Here we go.
I'm gonna try and get into Lois' head here as soon as she sees Clark with Maxima. It completely stops her cold. First of all, who she sees isn't the innocent, dorky farmboy anymore, but a very very VERY passionate MAN, who also happens to be her partner and friend. No punch on the shoulder, no jokes, no nothing. Just a woman completely exposed to feelings she never even knew she'd had. And it's written all over her face. She shakes her head to clear it and closes her eyes briefly before she finally ends Clark/Maxima's make out session.
Clark immediately snaps out of Maxima's spell, a fact that's amazing in itself because no other man was able to do that. He looks up.
"Lois...?" His voice sounds confused, like he just woke up from a dream.
Lois tries to move her lips but nothing comes out. She just stares at Clark and Maxima. Hurt, confused, shocked. Clark stares back at her, trying to make sense of everything. Maxima looks from Clark to Lois and immediatedly knows what the deal is.
"I'll take the stairs," Lois finally manages angrily and stomps off.
Maxima turns to Clark and grabs his face forcefully. "Let her go." Literally and emotionally, no doubt. Clark looks down at her in confusion as if he'd just remembered that there was another person present besides Lois. He disentangles himself from Maxima and runs after Lois.
Lois is marching down the Daily Planet hall, breathing heavily with tears forming in her eyes.
She keeps walking.
"Lois wait!"
Lois rounds on him.
Now here's the interesting part IMO. Some people speculate that Clark simply ran after her to explain who Maxima is and what she does to men. However when Lois gets in his face, he doesn't say anything, which leads me to believe that he doesn't really know why he ran after her. Instinct, maybe?
"Oh sorry to rain on your orgy, Smallville, I think I scared off your date!"
Clark turns around. Damn, villain escaped. "Where'd she go?"
Lois misreads this. "Probably to find you two a motel room!"
Clark starts buttoning his shirt and starts to get a little angry himself. "You don't understand."
"What's not to understand?! You were pulling a 9 1/2 weeks in the elevator! I mean it may not get you a membership in the mile high club but hey! You gotta start somewhere!"
Clark raises his voice. "Just calm down!" He rarely ever gets this emotional so this was great. And HOT.
Lois feels caught because he noticed how freaked out she is. She gets angrier to cover her feelings.
"I am calm! I am PREFECTLY! CALM! Why wouldn’t I be calm?! Dial down the ego, Smallville! I don't care what you do with your love life!" She turns on her heels and storms off, leaving Clark completely confused. He stares after her, breathing heavily, a "Wha..." forming on his lips (which I assume was supposed to turn into, "What the hell just happened?!").
She's fallen in love with you, Clueless, that's what happened.
What makes this scene so amazing for me is that while Lois and Clark had their emotional moments in the past, it was always because of someone else. Her breaking up with Ollie, Lana sending Clark DVD's. But this fight was about THEM, about THEIR relationship. A passionate kiss in there and it would have been something Clois fanfics are made of.
And so the mythos unfolds.

By *Nora* (Nora)

8.04 Instinct Loft scene (Emily, eiluvial)

Why do I love SV’s version of Lois and Clark?

I love this version of Lois and Clark because they have so much chemistry. They have this understanding of each other. They might not always say it or you might not always see it in there scene's but you can just tell. You can tell that Lois cares and loves Clark, and in many ways at this moment Clark cares and loves for Lois. Erica and Tom potray this so well you can actually see the emotions on there face.

What’s your favourite episode and why?

One of my all time favorite episode's is Spirit in Season 4. I don't think any episode to this date has made me laugh more that that episode. The whole episode is hilarious, but at the same time sweet. From Martha Kent booging to La La by Ashley Simpson to Lois asking to go to the prom with Clark, there's everything you'd want for a great enjoyable episode. My favorite Clois scene in the episode is when Lois finally comes out of it. She's got the greatest scene with Clark.

What’s your favourite moment and why?

The Loft Scene in Instict is everything that a Clois scene should be. Caring, foreshadowing and thoughtful. After the whole episode (i.e. Lois telling Clark to get back on the horse, Maxima) it's almost clear as crystal that Lois cares more for Clark than she wants to say and this scene just blows it out for all of us to see.

The scene starts with Clark looking up to the sky, now usually this would be a great moment for Lois to come up to the loft and right away say something, but something has changed and you can feel it. Rather than speak first she gazes at him for a moment, you can feel the love that resenates off of Lois. Clark finally turns around and notices Lois there.

But what really makes this one of my favorite Clois scene's ever is when they start to talk about Soulmates. Lois get's all choked up and you can almost see the tear's in her eyes, because deep down I think she knows that Clark is hers.

by Emily (eiluvial)
You won't believe it and strange as it sounds
E x t r a o r d i n a r y m a g i c follows you around...
But I see it, I see it, I swear I do
I see e x t r a o r d i n a r y m a g i c in you

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8.05 Committed Lois and Clark tell Ollie they're getting married (Lessie)

Why do you love SV’s version of Lois and Clark?

Lois and Clark have always been my favourite characters; both individually and as partners. As a little girl I loved the story about the quiet, sensitive reporter with an amazing alter-ego -- Superman -- who loves this brash yet caring and kind woman named Lois Lane. The wonderful thing about Lois and Clark is that before they were lovers, they became best friends, which in turn set the strongest of foundations for a love that would become the stuff of legends. For me, Smallville's Lois and Clark are both fresh, young and burning with chemistry, ready to face the world head on -- together. They're rivals yet share an intense attraction for each other. They make the best of a dynamic duo committed to their cause -- and one another. Their relationship is unconditional, one of true friendship and mutual understanding. They started as strangers on a journey that will take them both to legendary heights and the discovery of the greatest love of all -- each other. They are soulmates in every sense of the word. They're wonderful as individuals and even more wondrous as a team. Erica and Tom give this generations' Lois and Clark a breath of life that is both flirty & modern, yet brimming with feeling and sincerity. No matter the circumstances, we all know that these two people are meant for each other, and come what may, even through the fire, they'll be the last ones standing, together, by each others side, where they belong.

What’s your favourite episode and why?

I have too many favourite episodes, but one that stands out is Pariah when Lois stops Clark from killing Tim. Why? Because this is one of the first glimpses we get into the future dynamic of Lois and Clark's relationship. Lois can get through to him in ways others can't. Even at such an early stage in their relationship, we saw how Lois is the sound of reason, and the role she'll later play in Clark's life as a moral compass.

What’s your favourite moment and why?

I have many favourite Lois and Clark moments but if I must choose, it'd have to be in Committed when going undercover they pose as a happily engaged couple in order to save their friends, and end up telling Ollie that they're getting married. Initially he doesn't buy it, but after he sees that they're serious, he’s astonished, to say the least. Erica and Tom play off each other in that scene very well, and make Lois and Clark's ploy believable while keeping it humorous and light-hearted. Their chemistry is totally perceivable and alluring, revealing the sensational ability they possess to work as a team when the circumstances call for it. The fact that they're both extremely comfortable around the other makes it even better.

I personally can't wait to see how both Lois and Clark move forward, discover that they're falling for each other, and continue developing their unforgettable love story. Their transformation will be something incredible and awe-inspring to witness.

By Lessie

8.05 Committed Lois admits she loves Clark (Rachel, missingOTH)

Why do you love SV’s version of Lois and Clark?

There are so many reasons to love Lois and Clark, so I’ll just give you a few of mine. These two just seem to click together. Their scenes together sparkle with an undeniable chemistry that everyone notices. As Jimmy Olsen once said, “You gotta admit, they’ve got chemistry.” On the surface they may seem like “hot fudge and halibut”, but once you really get to know their characters and examine their interactions you’ll see why these two work together so well. They bring out the best in each other, since Lois makes it her mission to stop Clark from brooding, and Clark makes it his mission to keep Lois alive. They also support each other unconditionally and are there for each other when one of them needs someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. As frustrating as Smallville can be with its constant use of love triangles, one thing that keeps me watching is Lois and Clark and the knowledge that no matter what these two are endgame. They’re meant for each other and destined to be together in any reality. There is a Lois and Clark for each generation, and Smallville’s Lois and Clark are mine and I love how their story is developing in season 8.

What’s your favourite episode and why?

Well my favourite episode used to be Apocalypse but now after seeing Committed, Committed has taken that slot. Committed was the perfect blend of comedy and angst and it was definitely the episode that’s had the most contact between Lois and Clark so far. Their chemistry sparkled in all of their wonderful scenes together and we got to see them in almost every aspect of their relationship. We saw them as friends in the engagement party scene and in the morning after scene when Clark was looking out for Lois and preventing her from complete and utter humiliation and when he was taking care of her while she was hungover. We saw them as a reporting team that works remarkably well together, while they were trying to find out what happened to Chloe and Jimmy. We saw them as lovers, albeit pretend ones, when they posed as an engaged couple, and seeing them together at the jewellery store provided us with a delightful glimpse into their future relationship. Finally, we saw them as soulmates, when they were captured by the jeweller from hell, who would do anything to save each other, even admit to feelings that they weren’t ready to acknowledge just yet. Friends, co-workers, lovers, and soulmates…I’d say that pretty much sums up Clois for me.

What’s your favourite moment and why?

My favourite scene is now the scene in Committed when Lois is forced to admit that she loves Clark. This scene packs an emotional punch from the start when Clark bursts into the room and gets knocked out and captured, due to the whack jobs kryptonite laced watch, in his attempt to save Lois.
The psycho calls Clark gallant for storming in the basement after Lois and Lois calls Clark stupid for doing so, while sharing furtive looks with Clark. She didn’t want him to come and save her if it meant he was endangering himself. Clark’s also concerned about Lois’ well-being and just wants the psycho to let Lois go.
Psycho then informs Clark that after Lois gets her turn he’ll get his and Lois wonders if it’s some kind of game that he’s going to put them through. He lets them know that it’s a test to reveal everything they’ve been hiding from each other. At this Lois and Clark share panicked looks. There are certain things about themselves that they don’t want the other to know yet.
Psycho asks Lois if she’s ever cheated on her “fiancée”, and surprisingly, Clark is electrocuted when Lois answers, “Of course not! Don’t be ridiculous!”
Clark’s pain is Lois’ pain so she begs psycho to stop hurting Clark, “What are you doing???!! You’re killing him!”
Psycho tells Lois that he’s not the one hurting Clark, Lois’ lies are. She immediately apologizes, “Okay, okay, I take it back then, I’m, I’m sorry. Just don’t hurt him again!”
By this time Clark’s realized the psycho has a k-nite watch and knows that he has to get it off of him. He tries to reason with him but to no avail and Lois is forced to reveal their cover in hopes of ending the torment he is inflicting on them. Psycho ignores them and continues. And now we come to the heart of the scene, the reason why this scene has become my favourite Clois moment. Psycho asks Lois, “Deep down underneath it all, do you love this man?”
Lois’ eyes nervously flit to Clark’s, “Answer the question, Lois. Don’t out think it. Just tell the truth.” He breathlessly gets the words out while he’s still heaving with pain.
Lois looks cornered and lost. She only just realized how deep her feeling for Clark go recently and she’s not ready to voice them aloud yet, but she doesn’t want to see Clark get hurt again either. Psycho heaves a sigh and asks again, “Do you love him?”
Lois is visibly shaking in her chair and again glances at Clark, “Just tell the truth.” He assumes that Lois is worried about hurting his feelings, since he has no idea that she loves him like that.
Psycho asks one more time, “Do you love him?”
Lois is left with no other option than to tell the truth. She sobs and looks Clark in the eye then lets out a soft, “…yes.”
Clark braces for the pain, but none comes. He glances at the lie detector and realizes that she was telling the truth. Lois Lane loves Clark Kent. Clark looks at Lois in amazement and Lois can barely look at Clark. She’s been emotionally raped and is left naked and trembling before him.
Now it’s Clark’s turn to answer the same question, but before he does psycho comes close to him and gives Clark the opportunity to escape by literally using his head to get out of the situation. Clark head butts psycho and grabs his watch, throwing it down the drain. Then he uses his heat vision to blast the pipes and create steam to cover him while he uses his abilities to take down their tormentor. Once he’s finished with him he decides to look after Lois.
Clark calls her name from the shadows and she responds with a confused, “Clark?”
Clark asks her if she’s okay and she tells him that she isn’t sure, so he proceeds to kneel down in front of her and says, “Let’s get you out of here,” while she avoids his gaze.
They can barely hold each others gaze after the enormity of what Lois just revealed. This scene delivered it all, angst, UST, amazing performances, everything. If this is what the PS3 have in store of us for the rest of S8, I say bring it on!

by Rachel

8.05 Committed Elevator scene (Makry)

Why do you love SV’s version of Lois and Clark?

I love them because first of all Erica/Tom have such an amazing chemistry that just blows you out, besides their journey through season has been amazing.

What’s your favourite episode and why?

My favorite episode has to be Commited, it has everything, comedy, romance, drama, also It was acted so great by both Tom and Erica, for me this ep is an stepping stone for Clois.

What’s your favourite moment and why?

My favorite scene is the elevator scene in Commited, because you could feel the tension between them, also Erica´s facial expressions are priceless, it is also their first scene after Lois revelation so it was nice to see how Clark behaved around Lois after hearing that she loved him even though she make it seemed as she was lying which we know she totally meant the I Love You.

by Makry

Now it all Begins: The Lois and Clark 50th Thread Soundtrack

art by Poupa (Sally), compiled by missingOTH (Rachel)

1. Fly - Mark Joseph

Can I be a friend
Lead me to the end
Cos I know it's written in the wind

Take me to higher ground
Come on! Steal a sound
Cos I know it's written in the wind
Written in the wind
Written in the wind

2. The Best Thing - Relient K

Cause when I looked into your eyes
And you dared to stare right back
You should've said "Nice to meet you, I'm your other half"

3. I'm Only Me When I'm With You - Taylor Swift

And I don't try to hide my tears.
The secrets or my deepest fears.
Through it all nobody gets me like you do.

4. One Step at a Time - Jordin Sparks

We live and we learn
To take one step at a time
There's no need to rush
It's like learning to fly, or falling in love
It's gonna happen, when it's, supposed to happen
And we find the reason's why
One step at a time

5. Must Have Done Something Right - Relient K

We should get jerseys cause we make a good team
But yours would look better than mine, cause you're outta my league
And I know that it's so cliche to tell you that everyday
I spend with you is the new best day of my life
Everyone watching us just turns away with disgust
It's jealously, they can see that we've got it going on

6. Homeless Heart - Amanda Stott

Open close me
Leave your secrets with me
I can ease your pain

And my arms will be
Just like walls around you
Come in from the rain

7. I Won't Disagree - Kate Voegele

'Cause lately you make me weaker in the knees
And race through my veins baby every time you're close to me
Take me away to places I ain't seen
They say you've got a hold on me'
And I won't disagree

8. Realize - Colbie Caillat

If you just realize what I just realized,
Then we'd be perfect for each other
And will never find another
Just realize what I just realized
We'd never have to wonder if
We missed out on each other now.

9. I Dare You To Move - Switchfoot

Welcome to the planet
Welcome to existence
Everyone's here
Everyone's here
Everybody's watching you now
Everybody waits for you now
What happens next
What happens next
I dare you to move

10. Collide - Howie Day

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide

11. Need to be Next to You - Leigh Nash

Been running from this feeling for so long
Telling my heart I didn't need it
Pretending I was better off alone
But I know that it's just a lie
So afraid to take a chance again
So afraid of what I feel inside
But I need to be next to you

12. Look After You - The Fray

There now, steady love, so few come and don't go
Will you won't you, be the one I always know
When I'm losing my control, the city spins around
You're the only one who knows, you slow it down

13. May I - Trading Yesterday

All that's made me
Is all worth trading
Just to have one moment with you.
So I will let go
All that I know
Knowing that you're here with me.

For your love is changing me.

14. Won't Let You Fall - Fergie

I’ll never let you go
So, never let me go
I will be your journey
And you will be my road
Down the stormy path
Love will never come to pass
It will be an anchor
Although the winds may blow

And through the depths of high and low
Wherever you will go, I’ll follow
To the end, back again
You know

15. Beautiful Love - The Afters

Maybe a greater thing will happen
Maybe all will see
Maybe our love will catch like fire
As it burns through me

16. Love Remains the Same - Gavin Rossdale

A thousand times I've seen you standing
Gravity like lunar landing
You make me want to run till' I find you
I shut the world away from here
I drift to you, you're all I hear
As everything we know fades to black

Half the time the world is ending
Truth is I am done pretending

17. I'm in Love with a Girl - Gavin DeGraw

I'm in love with a girl who knows me better,
Fell for the women just when I met her,
Took my sweet time when I was bitter,
Someone understands,
And she knows how to treat a fella right,
Give me that feeling every night,
Wants to make love when I wanna fight,
Now someone understand me,
I'm in love with a girl

18. You Fill My Heart - Jason Walker

Oh, love of mine
Why did it take so long to find
Your touch
Hope was never gone
Even though it took so long
To find you

19. Unintended - Muse

You could be my unintended
Choice to live my life extended
You could be the one I'll always love
You could be the one who listens to my deepest inquisitions
You could be the one I'll always love

20. On Fire - Switchfoot

And you're on fire
When He's near you
You're on fire
When He speaks
You're on fire
Burning at these mysteries


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Fanfic Recomendations

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow - Tailspin by Sunrei
A World Without Lois Lane by Jade
Thanksgiven Wishes by Rachel
Questions by Rachel
New Year's Tradition by Rachel
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Lois Gone Wild by Rachel
Inklings by Rachel
Fooling by Rachel
Crimson by Rachel
Breaking Traditions by Rachel
Selective Memory by Visiongirl and Sunrei A new version of the episode "Blank"
Rivers of Red by Scribe
Two of a Kind - Black Canary cames to Smallville during season 6.
Date Interruptus by Fred Pryce Set during "Justice"
Season's Greedings by Fred Pryce The Smallville version of the Lois & Clark christmas episode.
Serendipity by Fred Pryce Inspired by the movie with the same name.
Split personality by Fred Pryce Black Kryptonite splits Lois in two and Clark have to deal with them.
Intoxication by Fred Pryce Version of "Crimson" inspired by spoilers.
Definition of Bliss by Fred Pryce Version of "Promise" inspired by Spoilers.
The Incredibly Dense Mind of Lois Lane by nonjon
Red Hot Peaches by Ferdykins
Seven Days by gretelbug
Contingency Plan (takes place after s6 Reunion)
Hurt (takes place s5 after Cyborg)
Mystery Man (takes place after Fragile s5)
Fools In Love - by Louise, "inspired after I read the "Harley Quinn" comics"
Metropolis Confidential by Louise




This departure opened the door for some new characters to come into the Smallville series, and the new Lois Lane played very effectively by new comer Erica Durance stepped into the role and won viewers respect almost as quickly as she did the cast and crew of the show.Welling when talking about the actress is very quick to point out how much he enjoys the onset chemistry between his character of Clark and Erica [Durance] as Lois Lane.
"What I particularly enjoy about her character is the side of Clark that she brings out. I love the sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek humor that we're able to portray in that relationship, and haven't been able to in the past because of the heavy, dramatic situations that Clark often found himself in with the other characters."
- a recent Tom Welling interview - taken from

Total Stars: Did Lois Lane bring a lot of changes in Clark's life?
Tom: She came into his life in a totally unexpected way and even though she doesn't change his life radically, she still has a strong impact on it. Lois does not behave with Clark as others do. She's natural, has no problems and she's got a knack for getting into trouble! Clark doesn't have a clue that she's going to be the love of his life (smile)

- a recent Tom Welling interview - taken from DTS.

Tom Welling: "I know that Lois isn't exactly a romantic addition, but you're right, there's a spark, a chemistry between Clark and Lois where they can't stand each other but at the same time, they can't stand not being around each other." - Tom Welling, December 2004

Laura Vandervoort is a Clois fan!
As a 'Smallville' fan, do you think Clark should be with Chloe, Lana or Lois?

I would have to say Lois Lane. Chloe is kind of the best friend and there isn't really that kind of chemistry there. Lana has been there for so long on and off that I think it is time for a new woman.
interview link
Taken from an Erica Durance Interview on the direction of Clark/Lois relationship in S7 and beyond.
"What is also interesting for me to see is these two fighting with each other and finding out why they love each other."

The 25th Celebration on Livejournal
Post One
Post Two

1. B/c she went to Smallville to look for him (Crusade)
2. B/c she had a hard time just looking at his face (Crusade)
3. B/c she has a soft spot for stray dogs and naked guys (Crusade)
4. B/c "give [her] a nerd with glasses anyday" (Crusade)
5. B/c she's not alone anymore (Crusade)
6. B/c he invited her to stay on the farm with him (Crusade)
7. B/c he only remember her and flying (Crusade)
8. B/c she thinks his mom's cool (Crusade)
9. B/c she calls him Smallville
10. B/c he was impressed by her kung fu fighting skills (Gone)
11. B/c he checked out her legs (Gone)
12. B/c they just shower together (Gone)
13. B/c she finishes his thoughts (Gone)
14. B/c they found Chloe together (Gone)
15. B/c "the best ones always start that way"
16. B/c he does check her out (Facade)
17. B/c they saved each other (Facade)
18. B/c she wanted to see him in a wet t-shirt (Facade)
19. B/c she ruffled his hair (Facade)
20. B/c he wanted her opinion on his letterman jacket (Devoted)
21. B/c she checked him out (Devoted)
22. B/c they make a good investigative team (Devoted)
23. B/c she'll visit (Devoted)
24. B/c they planned Chloe's party together (Spell)
25. B/c she can calm him down (when he was about to kill Alicia's killer) (Pariah)
26. B/c she makes him laugh
27. B/c they cover for each other (Recruit)
28. B/c he freaked out when he found out she was missing (Recruit)
29. B/c he saved her life (Recruit)
30. B/c he said that she could stay with him (Recruit)
31. B/c she named Shelby "Clarkie" after him (Krypto)
32. B/c even Lucy noticed the sparks between them (Lucy)
33. B/c he listens to her (Lucy)
34. B/c she opens up to him (Lucy)
35. B/c they tease each other (Lucy)
36. B/c they're secret friends(Lucy)
37. B/c he knows when to give her her space (Lucy)
38. B/c "now it all begins" (Lucy)
39. B/c they're written in the stars (Lucy)
40. B/c they "keep it quiet in public but mack on the downlow" (Spirit)
41. B/c going to the prom together wasn't in the realm of possibilities but they ended up going together anyways (Spirit)
42. B/c he visibly gulped and was impressed when he saw her in her prom dress (Spirit)
43. B/c "a little close to the boob don't ya think?" (Spirit)
44. B/c she tells it to him like it is (Blank)
45. B/c she knows how to deal with memory wiped Clark(Blank)
46. B/c she guesses that she can't call him Smallville anymore (Blank)
47. B/c he cradled her in his arms and tenderly looked at her when she was about to be broken (Forever)
48. B/c she dreams about a guy in a red cape (Commencement)
49. B/c he'll try not to miss her too much (Commencement)
50. B/c she knows that she's always welcome in his home (Commencement)
51. B/c even his parents love her (Commencement)
52. B/c he suggested a career in journalism for her (Commencement)
53. B/c with her luck she'd end up partnered with the most bumbling reporter on the masthead (Commencement)
54. B/c she tied his tie for him (Commencement)
55. B/c he "actually looks handsome for a change" (Commencement)
56. B/c when she sees him going up on the stage she'll be thinking one thing, "Dear God please don't let him trip." (Commencement)
57. B/c she slugs him in the arm
58. B/c he smiles more around her
59. B/c she whistled when he got his diploma (Commencement)
60. B/c they hugged and it was awesome! (Arrival)
61. B/c she went back to help out his parents (Arrival)
62. B/c he thanked her for helping his parents (Arrival)
63. B/c he wanted to be the one to save her (Aqau)
64. B/c if Lois didn't know better she'd say he was jealous (Aqua)
65. B/c "someday she'll meet someone even more special" (Aqua)
66. B/c Clark couldn't tear his eyes away from her when he saw her dance (Exposed)
67. B/c she gave him a lap dance (Exposed)
68. B/c "dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like [Lois]?" (Exposed)
69. B/c "give me a twenty and meet me out back" (Exposed)
70. B/c he super jumped and brought down a helicopter to save her life (Exposed)
71. B/c she called him "007" (Exposed)
72. B/c "love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction" (Exposed)
73. B/c he was disappointed to see her leave (Exposed)
74. B/c he helped her move out (Exposed)
75. B/c they congratulated Chloe in unison (Exposed)
76. B/c she thanked him for being a good friend (Exposed)
77. B/c she tell everyone about his Elmer Fudd nightlight if he tells anyone about the lapdance (Exposed)
78. B/c "Aye, aye sailor" (Exposed)
79. B/c Lois understands his family (Fanatic)
80. B/c she became his dad's campaign manager (Fanatic)
81. B/c Lois has a thing for heroes (Fanatic)
82. B/c when Clark said he couldn't imagine loving someone else, who should drive up but Lois? (Lockdown)
83. B/c "turn that frown upside down, Skippy" (Lockdown)
84. B/c she'd "be lucky to end up with someone as honorable as Clark Kent someday" (Reckoning)
85. B/c when Clark turned back the clock he almost lost Lois (Reckoning)
86. B/c Clark immediately noticed when Lois wasn't there (Reckoning)
87. B/c she realized right away that something wasn't right with him (Hypnotic)
89. B/c when she found out what was wrong she immediately went to his farm to snap him out of it (Hypnotic)
90. B/c if it's necessary, she'll take him down (Hypnotic)
91. B/c he gave her a love tap (Hypnotic)
92. B/c his mom called Lois when she thought Clark needed help with Maddie (Fragile)
93. B/c he went to see her in the hospital when she was injured (Fragile)
94. B/c he brought her back to her apartment and told her to take it easy after she was hurt (Fragile)
95. B/c he got her a glass of water without her asking him for one (Fragile)
96. B/c Graham assumed Lois was Clark's girlfriend (Fade)
97. B/c when he saw her naked he was stunned and amazed (Fade)
98. B/c long after she closed the door he couldn't stop staring (Fade)
99. B/c they both take marathon showers (Fade)
100. B/c he feels the need to lob a grenade at every guy she dates (Fade)
101. B/c when she found out her was in trouble, she frantically tried to save him (Fade)
102. B/c she wants to meet a decent guy from a decent family (Fade)
103. B/c he's her Jonathon (Fade)
104. B/c "maybe you have to get through all the wrong men to recognize the right one" (Fade)
105. B/c she threw him a birthday party (Oracle)
106. B/c she made her world famous rum cake for him (Oracle)
107. B/c she bought him a journal to let out his feelings (Oracle)
108. B/c she gave him the tough love she knew he needed (Oracle)
109. B/c "Sometimes you have to tuck your feelings away until it's the right time. Like stuffing dollars into a piggy bank for a bike you can't quite afford." (Oracle)
110. B/c she's the Harley he's been saving up for (Oracle)
111. B/c "there are times when I think you don't know me at all...and others when I think you know me better than anyone." (Oracle)
112. B/c "well, that's what I'm here for, Smallville. One save at a time." (Oracle)
113. B/c they have the best deep and meaningful conversations (Oracle)
114. B/c he asked her how she was feeling (Zod)
115. B/c the fortress of solitude is her heaven (Zod)
116. B/c "I'm glad you're back" (Zod)
117. B/c he held her hand (Zod)
118. B/c Lana is his past, Lois is his future! (Crimson)
119. B/c he has abs of steel (Combat)
120. B/c he comfort hers and she comforts him (Siren and Arctic)
121. B/c they care about each others happiness
122. B/c he was there when she needed a shoulder to cry on (Siren)
123. B/c she doesn't want to settle for anyone else! (Siren)
124. Because they will always be there for eachother no matter what happens (Siren and Arctic)
125. B/c they make the best partners ever! (Apocalypse)
126. B/c they literally collide (Apocalypse)
127. B/c she thought he was "clumsy but cute" (Apocalypse)
128. B/c he swept her off her feet (Apocalypse)
129. She tried to sneek a peak (Apocalypse)
130. Because she helped him into the suit and glasses (Apocalypse)
131. B/c he thinks she's a good friend (Apocalypse)
132. B/c nothing says I love you like a punch on the shoulder. (Apocalypse)
133. Because she bought him a drink (or more hopefully) (Apocalypse)
134. B/c they're destined for each other in any reality (Apocalypse)
135. Because she knows he can do better then be just a "farm boy" (Arctic)
136. Because in his darkness, she was his light. (Arctic)
137. B/c she calls him Kent and he calls her Lane (Odyssey)
138. B/c he's going to be a little closer to home (Odyssey)
139. B/c he recognised her voice (Odyssey)
140. B/c team Lane and Kent kick butt like no other (Odyssey)
141. B/c we know that he actually does appreciate her feminine charms (Odyssey)
142. B/c she brings out his sense of humour (Odyssey)
143. B/c if he sticks with her, she'll protect him (Odyssey)
144. B/c he checked on her to see if she was okay (Odyssey)
145. B/c he wanted Chloe to watch over her (Odyssey)
146. B/c they're going to be neighbours (Odyssey)
147. B/c he'll see her bright and early Monday morning (Odyssey)
148. B/c the legendary Lane and Kent partnership is just beginning.
149. B/c they appreciate each others attempts at heroism (Odyssey)
150. B/c she gave him points for punctuality, but "what's with the wardrobe malfunction?" (Plastique)
151. B/c she got him dressed appropriately (Plastique)
152. B/c he got changed in a phone booth (Plastique)
153. B/c she wanted him to make a good impression on his first day at work (Plastique)
154. B/c he wanted her opinion on how he looked (Plastique)
155. B/c she visibly paused and gulped before she told him he looked good (Plastique)
156. B/c their scene paralleled Apocalypse (Plastique)
157. B/c he caught her when she fell (Plastique)
158. B/c their gazes lingered on each other (Plastique)
159. B/c he thinks she is the Goddess of Journalism
160. B/c she asked him if he was okay and what happened when he got back (Plastique)
161. B/c she took him under her wing and taught him the rules of journalism (Plastique)
162. B/c she wanted to know how his meeting with Tess went (Plastique)
163. B/c she thinks he has a charming smile (Plastique)
164. B/c he thinks she sounded like a jealous girlfriend (Plastique)
165. B/c when she can't get the info they need, he can (Plastique)
166. B/c he went to see Bette, since he knows she doesn't do well with kids (Plastique)
167. B/c he told her everything he knew about the story (Plastique)
168. B/c "You want to share a by-line with me?" (Plastique)
169. B/c she got him the obit (Plastique)
170. B/c they investigated the story together (Plastique)
171. B/c he looked slightly impressed by all the cards she had for breaking and entering (Plastique)
172. B/c he covered for her (Plastique)
173. B/c she allows him to think for himself (Plastique)
174. B/c he can recite her rules
175. B/c she got her first front page article while working with him (Plastique)
176. B/c she gave him encouraging advice (Plastique)
177. B/c she’s more proud that they uncovered the truth than she was with getting a front page story (Plastique)
178. B/c "Thanks for helping me break the story, Clark." (Plastique)
179. B/c she thinks he has a long career ahead of him at the Daily Planet (Plastique)
180. B/c now they're officially team Lane and Kent (Plastique)
181. B/c they're attached at the hip (Toxic)
182. B/c they see each other more than Chloe sees Jimmy (Toxic)
183. B/c she underlines his typos (Toxic)
184. B/c he offered her the silent support he knew she needed (Toxic)
185. B/c she stole his coffee (Toxic)
186. B/c he wanted to know where she was last night (Toxic)
187. B/c he knew giving up the story wasn't like her (Toxic)
188. B/c he knew she was burying her emotions in work (Toxic)
189. B/c they can talk to each other about their past realtionships (Toxic)
190. B/c he wanted to give her advice and in the end she gave him some too (Toxic)
191. B/c she needs him (Instinct)
192. B/c he took on some of her work load for her (Instinct)
193. B/c she can dish out the tough love (Instinct)
194. B/c she wants him to "look outside his wheelhouse" (Instinct)
195. B/c he needs to "try another scoop of the 31 flavours" (Instinct)
196. B/c she's the "little less sweet vanilla and a lot more wild cherry" that he needs to try (Instinct)
197. B/c she was flirting with him when she mentioned an activity that two people share with repetitive motion that builds to a climax (Instinct)
198. B/c he made her giggle (Instinct)
199. B/c he held her coffee for her (Instinct)
200. B/c he just learned to dog paddle so she's not going to throw him into the deep end without a floatie (Instinct)
201. B/c he's lucky she came along (Instinct)
202. B/c when she saw Clark with Maxima she couldn't believe what she was seeing (Instinct)
203. B/c she was able to break the hold Maxima had on Clark (Instinct)
204. B/c their eye contact alone in that scene was electrifying (Instinct)
205. B/c she chose to take the stairs (Instinct)
206. B/c he couldn't just let her go (Instinct)
207. B/c he ran after her and tried to explain (Instinct)
208. B/c she rained on his orgy and sent Maxima away (Instinct)
209. B/c she was angry with him for making out with Maxima (Instinct)
210. B/c he wanted her to calm down (Instinct)
211. B/c she "was perfectly calm" (a.k.a she was jealous) (Instinct)
212. B/c despite how much she protests she does care what he does with his love life (Instinct)
213. B/c after their argument he looked stunned (Instinct)
214. B/c she really does care who he "sucks face with" (Instinct)
215. B/c she didn't think that "****ty-anna" was his type (Instinct)
216. B/c Maxima couldn't kill Lois in front of Clark (Instinct)
217. B/c Maxima was threatened by Lois (Instinct)
218. B/c they have a deep connection (Instinct)
219. B/c he would never have been able to pull away from Maxima if he wasn't drawn by his attraction to Lois (Instinct)
220. B/c there's a bond that they don't know about yet (Instinct)
221. B/c he came back to stop Maxima from killing Lois (Instinct)
222. B/c he was concerned about what would have happened to Lois if he hadn't stopped Maxima (Instinct)
223. B/c he knew his destiny was on earth and that Maxima wasn't a part of it (Instinct)
224. B/c he thanked her for showing up when she did and for saving his life (Instinct)
225. B/c she looked nervous when she heard that Maxima said some weird things to Clark (Instinct)
226. B/c he realized that none of the women he's be interested in before were his soulmate (Instinct)
227. B/c she thinks he "can do a little bit better than a man-eating meteor freak" (Instinct)
228. B/c his soulmate has been right in front of him all this time (Instinct)
229. B/c she thinks that "when the right girl walks into his life he'll know" (Instinct)
230. B/c he wanted to know what Maxima said to her (Instinct)
231. B/c she couldn't tell him what Maxima told her (Instinct)
232. B/c he offered her her old room back (Intinct)
233. B/c she winked at him (Instinct)
234. B/c she didn't want to tempt fate (Instinct)
235. B/c For a guy who is invincible, Lois Lane has the power even now to knock him off his feet (Instinct)
236. B/c he came to check on her at the party (Committed)
237. B/c she ordered ‘a Shirley Temple for the lady’ (Committed)
238. B/c He thinks she should pace herself (Committed)
239. B/c "Are you sure your not just jealous your little cousin is beating you to the altar?" (Committed)
240. B/c Clark think she should show support. (Committed)
241. B/c she’s not going to get married until she meets her soulmate (Committed)
242. B/c you can’t always predict who you’re going to end up with (Committed)
243. Because he grabbed her off the chair (Committed)
244. B/c he saved her from completely humiliating herself (Committed)
245. Because when he mentioned meeting someone special he looked at her (Committed)
246. B/c she spent the night at his place (Committed)
247. B/c she woke up in his football jersey (Committed)
248. B/c he took care of her when she was drunk (Committed)
249. B/c she thought that maybe they had sex (Committed)
250. B/c it echoed Crimson (Committed)
251. B/c he was up for the Whitesnake sing-a-long (Committed)
252. B/c he held her hair (Committed)
253. B/c he’s her designated driver (Committed)
254. he drove her back to the Talon (Committed)
255. she wore his plaid shirt (Committed)
256. B/c he came to her rescue (Committed)
257. B/c he’s the sweetest boy she has ever known (Committed)
258. B/c they work together so effortlessly (Committed)
259. B/c he was concerned that she could have been kidnapped too (Committed)
260. B/c she’s one step ahead of him (Committed)
261. He saved her from being hit by a car (Committed)
262. B/c he knew what she was going to say before she said it (Committed)
263. B/c “Clark Kent, will you marry me?” (Committed)
264. B/c they held hands walking into the jewellery store (Committed)
265. B/c ‘A smile now and then won’t kill you’ (Committed)
266. B/c who’s the luckiest girl in the world? Lois is! (Committed)
267. B/c “what about this one, Pumpkin?” (Committed)
268. B/c “anything you want, muffin” (Committed)
269. B/c “don’t get stage fright, Poodle, you’re going to have to do this in front of a packed house sooner than you think” (Committed)
270. B/c “he has performance anxiety” (Committed)
271. B/c he shoved the ring on her finger (Committed)
272. B/c the ring was a perfect fit (Committed)
273. B/c “tell him, Cupcake!” (Committed)
274. B/c “Lois and I are- we’re getting married” (Committed)
275. They left Ollie speechless (Committed)
276. B/c they were friends for so long before one magical night (Committed)
277. B/c they couldn’t deny their feelings any more (Committed)
278. B/c “she has great taste” (Committed)
279. B/c he’s “a very lucky man” (Committed)
280. B/c she called him when she didn’t know what to do (Committed)
281. B/c he was freaking out when she was missing (Committed)
282. B/c he must really care to storm in here like this (Committed)
283. B/c he wanted the madman to let her go (Committed)
284. B/c she begged for his life (Committed)
285. B/c she couldn’t stand to see him get hurt (Committed)
286. B/c he wanted her to just tell the truth (Committed)
287. B/c she couldn’t deny that she loves him (Committed)
288. B/c she looked him in the eyes when she said that she loves him (Committed)
289. B/c he braced himself for the pain, then looked shocked when he realised that she was telling the truth (Committed)
290. B/c “are you all right?” (Committed)
291. B/c he wanted to get her out of there as soon as he could (Committed)
292. B/c they had a hard time looking at each other after her confession (Committed)
293. B/c she was avoiding him (Committed)
294. B/c he forced her to deal with him (Committed)
295. B/c she didn’t trust herself in an elevator alone with him (Committed)
296. B/c he gave her a way out (Committed)
297. B/c he was disappointed when she said she was lying (Committed)
298. B/c they make a great team (Committed)
299. B/c “who knows where we’d be if [he] had answered that question”? (Committed)
300. B/c he wondered where they’d be if he had answered that question too (Committed)
301. B/c it was the single most Clois packed episode ever!!!! (Committed)
302. B/c she complimented him and said he was "no hack"(Identity)
303. B/c she was nervous about Clark going to dinner with her and Jimmy (Identity)
304. B/c his first photographed save was with her (Identity)
305. B/c he doesn't mind being in her shadow (Identity)
306. B/c the UST in that zipper scene was palpable (Identity)
307. B/c she loved every minute of the zipper scene (Identity)
308. B/c he was obviously jealous and she was obviously trying to make him jealous (Identity)
309. B/c he zipped up her dress (Identity)
310. B/c the flashback was even better (Identity)
311. B/c he was staring at her bra (Identity)
312. B/c she makes him stutter (Identity)
313. B/c she makes him nervous (Identity)
314. B/c she put her hand on his chest (Identity)
315. B/c ‘sometimes when a guy likes a girl he asks her out’ hint, hint (Identity)
316. B/c their chemistry is so hot we're surprised it doesn't burn the bullpen down (Identity)
317. B/c she was so flirting with him (Identity)
318. B/c he kept checking out her butt (Identity)
319. B/c he went all Alpha male on her (Identity)
320. B/c he gets so protective of her (Identity)
321. B/c ‘behave your self (Identity)
322. B/c he cleared his throat so as to break up the moment between her and Sebastion (Identity)
323. B/c she didn’t allow them to shake hands. (Identity)
324. B/c she's destined to fall in love with a man who flies and likes to wear tights (Identity)
325. B/c she called Clark when she was in trouble (Identity)
326. B/c he dropped everything to come to her rescue (Identity)
327. B/c she wanted to protect him by not telling him her secret (Identity)
328. B/c he thanked her for looking out for him (Identity)
329. B/c she's a true believer in the red and blue superdude (Identity)
330. B/c it's her new mission in life to get the first worldwide exclusive interview with him (Identity)
331. B/c she wanted to move back in with him (Bloodline)
332. B/c them living and working together would be a carpooler's dream (Bloodline)
333. B/c they have Guitar Hero weekends (Bloodline)
334. B/c he pulled out the crystal and was looking at it right in front of her (Bloodline)
335. B/c he told her to run but she couldn’t leave him (Bloodline)
336. B/c they went to the Phantom Zone together (Bloodline)
337. B/c he ran to her as soon as he saw her (Bloodline)
338. B/c he cupped her cheek in his hand (Bloodline)
339. B/c when she was getting tired he told her, "You're doing great" (Bloodline)
340. B/c he was worried about her when she fell (Bloodline)
341. B/c "All we have to do is keep an eye out for each other ok? We’ll be fine" (Bloodline)
342. B/c he calmed her down (Bloodline)
343. B/c "No one is going to mess with Lois and Clark" (Bloodline)
344. B/c they talked about each other as a unit (Bloodline)
345. B/c he tenderly wiped the blood off of her face (Bloodline)
346. B/c he wanted to send her back no matter what the cost was (Bloodline)
347. B/c he said he'd guard the gate, but Lois was going home (Bloodline)
348. B/c she wanted to stick with him and his right hook (Bloodline)
349. B/c he told her he'd be right behind her and she said he'd better be (Bloodline)
350. B/c when she heard that Clark was in trouble she wanted to go back for him (Bloodline)
351. B/c she wanted to wait for Clark (Bloodline)
352. B/c her first thought after being released from the Phantom Zone was of Clark (Bloodline)
353. B/c he immediately wanted to know if Lois was okay after he got out of the PZ (Bloodline)
354. B/c he can handle Lois (Bloodline)
355. B/c he desperately tried to reach out to Lois while she was possessed (Bloodline)
356. B/c Faora realized that Clark has feelings for Lois (Bloodline)
357. B/c he never said Faora's name once, while she possessed Lois (Bloodline)
358. B/c he wouldn't fight Faora b/c all he could see was Lois (Bloodline)
359. B/c she collapsed on top of him and he hoped she was okay (Bloodline)
360. B/c Clois spend all their time together and everyone knows it (Bloodline)
361. B/c the best part of Lois living on the farm was that Clark could keep on eye on her (Bloodline)
362. B/c he was disappointed that she decided to move out (Bloodline)
363. B/c he's her "knight in shining armor" (Bloodline)
364. B/c he thought that Lois got in trouble b/c she didn't know his secret (Bloodline)
365. B/c Kara thinks that Clark should tell Lois his secret. She said, "Lois is strong. She can handle it. You wouldn't have let her get so close if you didn't think so, too." (Bloodline)
366. B/c Clark agreed with Kara (Bloodline)
367. Because they belong together.. end of freaking story.

Organization of thread done by missingOTH, all of the favourite moments arts were done by JR_Abraxas and eiluvial
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All right in the words of Teri Hatcher's Lois, "It's up! It's good!".

I would like to thank everyone who contributed arts/songs/write-ups to make this event special. Huge thanks go to JR and Emily for all of the work they put into this thread over the past month (or two?). Most of all thanks to all of you fellow Cloisers for making this board/thread a wonderful place to post in. I'm enjoyed all of our discussions and all the insight you give me into our beloved couple. So take time to congratulate yourselves, and peruse this lovely thread. Also take a look at all the icons that have been made and feel free to use them, I especially love the split ED 25th/Clois 50th icons that asiangurl408 (Ha) made. Lastly, don't forget to download the soundtrack. I did my best to compile songs that spoke to their relationship and the amazing journey they've been on over the past five years.

Enjoy everyone.
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We so rock. Congrats to us!!! Ahh! How I love to be a Cloiser.

The OP; it's so gorgeous. Thank you to Rachel, JR, and all the people who've made this happen. I sound like I'm accepting an award.

Seriously, though, look how far we've come. Since the very first moment that Lois and Clark laid eyes on each other back in s4, I fell in love with them as a couple even more, and this is all a dream become reality. And here is to hoping we get so many more swoonworthy and Clois moments.

Long Live Lois Lane & Clark Kent!!!!!
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Thanks everyone, this is beyond beautiful
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Can barely speak at the moment...

It's... BEAUTIFUL!!! Drop dead GORGEOUS! I can't take my eyes off of it.

To everyone who contributed, CONGRATS! You're amazing and sooo talented. Thanks for giving us this joy. THANK YOU!

ETA: Yeah!!!!! 50 threads!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The OP looks amazing , I´ll change my icon later
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Makry, thanks for submitting your icons hun. Oh and just so you guys know, the next thread is going to end up being #55, since we had to use the point system and went through 4 threads.
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hey everyone

WOW the OP looks so gorgeous
and congrats on the 50th thread
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averything is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanku so much Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know the reason...

i love everything, the art.. all!!!!

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You're welcome everyone. Please don't forget to thank JR and Emily for all the work they put into the OP as well. Okay well I have to go eat dinner now. Organizing a thread takes much longer than one would think, but it is so worth it. Ttyl everyone!
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Originally Posted by missingOTH (View Post)
Makry, thanks for submitting your icons hun. Oh and just so you guys know, the next thread is going to end up being #55, since we had to use the point system and went through 4 threads.
Fair enough. Thanks Rachel!

*resumes staring at the OP*
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thanks JR & Emily!!!

all the art its amazing!!!!!
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Emily and JR, you rock! Thank you!
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Thanks everyone so much!

Big thanks to Emily for submitting the in-between arts
that are amazing, and for all the others submitting icons

and Rach, it was a blast putting this all together with you!
We made it!

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